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Topic: 2007 Arctic Fox 811 fit long bed?

Posted By: TNeustadt on 07/19/09 08:57am

Considering purchasing a 2007 Arctic Fox 811S, owner says it fits short or long bed. I don't see how that is possible. It is about 3 hrs from me so I'd like to know if the 811 will fit properly before driving there. I have 2002 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 Duramax crewcab long bed.

Posted By: djweiser on 07/19/09 11:01am

Call the seller and ask him/her what truck platform it is currently in. The 811 model has a 9 foot floorplan in it.

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Posted By: 00Buck on 07/19/09 11:03am

I have the Arctic Fox 811 on my one ton drw long bed. They make two versions of this camper. One for the long bed trucks and one for the short bed trucks. The only difference is the short bed version has a compartment for a generator so it will not fit on a long bed truck.

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Posted By: TNeustadt on 07/19/09 11:05am

Thanks for the replies...This particular 811 does have a generator included. So, will that keep it from being able to go all the way to the front of a long bed?

Posted By: 00Buck on 07/19/09 11:09am


Posted By: TNeustadt on 07/19/09 11:29am

Got hold of the owner and he's going to measure distance from generator box to front of camper floor later today, but it sure sounds like it only fits a short box...due to the generator and storage compartment. Thanks Buck

Posted By: TNeustadt on 07/19/09 11:35am

Well he had someone measure it just now. Indeed, 6 ft from generator box to front. So short bed only. If anybody wants a good deal on a 2007 Arctic Fox here it is....

Posted By: Catch This on 07/19/09 12:18pm

I came close to purchasing this model camper a year ago (not this unit). I personally measured it becuase I had a 6'bed in my f250. The owner was assuring me it would fit either a 6 foot or 8 foot bed. While reading where the Center of Gravity was on this unit, something didnt feel right so I called the Manufacturer with the serial number and they told me that camper was made for an 8 foot bed, despite it being short enough to fit in a 6 foot bed.

I hated to walk away from that deal, but sure am glad I made that call before writing the check.

Again, it was only the same model number, not this unit.

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Posted By: TNeustadt on 07/19/09 01:11pm

So just to be sure,should I call the manf with serial number?

Posted By: Catch This on 07/19/09 01:47pm

Yes Call the Mfgr with the serial number, they will clear up any confusion.

Posted By: SoCalDesertRider on 07/19/09 02:10pm

Sounds like the question has already been answered. Trying to keep the dream alive a bit longer??

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Posted By: TNeustadt on 07/19/09 02:43pm

Thanks all.

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