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Topic: Define "Mild Soap" For Me

Posted By: SETenn on 08/01/09 07:03pm

The instructions for cleaning my TT roof say to use a "mild soap" and water mixture. The instructions for cleaning the sink and shower say to use a "mild soap" and water mixture. Just call me either paranoid, stupid, or both, but as soon as I wash my roof with something other than "mild soap", it will probably fall apart. I know not to use anything that contains petroleum distillates. The book states that the roof material is brite ply EPDM.

We bought our TT new in 2007 and I have cleaned the roof several times with the rubber roof cleaner from Wally World but it just doesn't seem to get the job done. I have what appears to be some mold on the roof that I just can't get rid of. Would something like Dawn dishwashing liquid be OK to use?

BTW, the TT stays parked under a shed that is open on both ends, with plenty of ventilation, when we are not camping. I don't think this is the cause of the mold-like stains on the roof.


Posted By: curt12914 on 08/01/09 08:19pm

I have used Spic-N-Span for years. They used to recommend it in their website. It is getting hard to find Spic-N-Span, but it does a good job.

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Posted By: mockturtle on 08/01/09 08:34pm

I translate 'mild soap' as 'dish soap', as you suggest..Dawn, Joy, whatever you use to wash dishes.

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Posted By: SooperDaddy on 08/01/09 09:24pm

Any good automotive/car wash detergent will do, as the Mesa Aluminum siding is painted with acrylic automotive paint. Same with wax, but make sure NOT to wax the vinyl graphics.

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Posted By: K&R on 08/01/09 09:30pm

I dont care how dirty my roof is...I cant see it
Im too short!

Posted By: bradyk on 08/01/09 11:00pm

When I bought my KZ in 2005 Murphys oil soap was a recommended soap and that is what I have been using. Works real well.

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Posted By: BIKERK9 on 08/02/09 01:13am

I use DAWN dish soap as it is biodegradable and safe for lawns, plants and fish.

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Posted By: LarryJM on 08/02/09 03:04am

K&R wrote:

I dont care how dirty my roof is...I cant see it
Im too short!

LOL, I never wash or clean my rubber roof now ... no reason to unless enough dirt gets caked on it to start growing grass because then I would have to mow my roof.


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Posted By: Bumpyroad on 08/02/09 04:58am

mockturtle wrote:

I translate 'mild soap' as 'dish soap', as you suggest..Dawn, Joy, whatever you use to wash dishes.

that is what I was going to guess myself. anything that you can stick your hands in like that.

Posted By: trailertraveler on 08/02/09 06:44am

It was always my understanding that Dicor, who manufacturers most of the rubber roof materials, recommended Spic-and-Span until they came out with ther own product Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner. Dicor recommends not to use products that contain petroleum distilates, chlorine bleach, or citrus extracts as they can damage the rubber membrane . The bottle of Spic-and-Span that I have says it contains no chlorine bleach. I would be sure that any new Spic-and-Span product or dish soap did not have lemon, orange or other citrus extract as is so popular these days. This recommendation for Removing Mildew is on the Dicor website.

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Posted By: nithriver on 08/02/09 05:54am

I can see no reason not to use any of the dishwashing detergents like Dawn of Joy, although I believe their basis to be detergent rather than soap. I have, for years, used a cold water wash liquid by the name of Woolite. I also use that to wash, sporadically as that may be, the vehicles.

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Posted By: bradyk on 08/02/09 07:28am

Also remember that you will find if you keep your roof cleaner you will have less black streak issues to clean. I do mine a couple times a year and find as it gets dirty there are more streaking. When it is clean nothing down the side.

Posted By: eric james on 08/02/09 07:55am

I use plain old car wash soap and an RV extended handle brush.

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Posted By: pacificnw on 08/02/09 09:26am

We use Murphy's Oil Soap on our Jayco TT roof.

Works great.

Posted By: fish0821 on 08/03/09 07:05am

Tide powder and water take the dirt and black right off.

Posted By: renopker on 08/03/09 07:27am

By saying mild soap it take the responsibility off the MFG.1 you have to wash it and you didn't, 2 the soap was to strong causing the damage.

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Posted By: thib2722 on 08/04/09 08:06pm

Dish soap is actually pretty harsh. My instructions suggested Spic N Span. I have used it with good success. I've also used Simple Green. It works well and doesn't streak the sides of the RV as much as other cleansers.

Be careful up there on the room. Both of those soaps make for some mighty slippery situations.

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