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Topic: ONAN FUEL FILTER (changing of)

Posted By: kg5388 on 03/14/10 06:29pm

replacement fitting part number A026E529
the part number for lower filter has been changed to 0149-2341-01

Product Support Bulletin
Date: October 9, 2008 Bulletin No. 712
Subject: HGJAx family secondary fuel filter elimination program for gasoline
carbureted models only .
Effective: Immediately
Model(s) or Series: HGJAB, HGJAC, HGJAE, HGJAF
Purpose: To inform the field of the elimination of the secondary fuel filter and to
provide instructions and kit information
to support the field population .
Cummins Power Generation is implementing a program to eliminate the secondary ,
redundant fuel filter on all carbureted
HGJAx model gensets. This fuel filter is located just before the carburetor and will
be replaced by a fitting .
The part number of the current filter is now obsolete and the part number of the
replacement fitting is found below .
The primary fuel filter (ahead of the fuel pump ) shall remain in place , however the
part number has been superseded
to a different filter.
These parts are to be changed out at normal service intervals , or when the genset
is brought in for a fuel filter changeout .
The installation of the fitting replacing the secondary fuel filter is a one -time event.
Please take care in ordering the correct quantities and part numbers .
Obsolete redundant fuel filter part numbe: r149-2629 (refer to figure 1 )
Replacement fitting part number : A026E529 (refer to figure 2 )
Replacement primary fuel filter part numbe: r 0149-2341-01
Instruction to remove old secondary fuel filte: r
1. Remove clamp at the fuel hose at the inlet of the fuel filte.r
2. Remove fuel hose from the fuel filter.
3. Use an 11/16-inch deep socket to remove the fuel filter.
Instruction to install new fitting:
1. Thread a replacement fitting part number A026E529 on by hand (until thread sealant
engages) and
then 1-1/2 turns more.
2. Reinstall fuel hose and install a new clamp part numb e5r03-1951-08 or similar
Figure 1


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