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RE: canyon de chelly

We were at Hubble's Trading Post(a must visit) and the DW talking to several of the Navajo women and they said that it is very funny that Mesa Verde gets so much attention when they have more sites, sites with less damaged and you get to meet a few really nice First Nations people while visiting them. Most of the guides are sort of robotic at first but if you are attentive and talk to them respectfully and ask sincere intelligent questions they warm up very quickly. I had purchased a book about the Navajo's relocation and return but it left me with many questions. When a silversmith (Dennis by name)working at Hubble's felt I was really trying to understand what happened and how they managed to reclaim their lands, he opened up and he explained a lot I didn't know. I like to pass on to young kids what he said and other things I have learned about our First Nations People. Dennis figured this out and really opened up to me. My wife said she saw a change in his attitude while we were talking and noticed he was answering very thoughtfully and with great respect. I have found this is true in many places in "Indian Country", they want you to know who they are and how they survive in what appears to be a vast desert. I feel Canyon de Chelly is as spectacular in it's own way and any place in this country. By the way the roads are good but the real Canyon is out of the way, it's not just another turn off on the interstate.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/15 11:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: New LED's

I am changing as many incandescents as possible to LEDs and I love the ones in the 2700k range.The little spots R20's are great for our recessed but not for the DW's spot on the couch. She wants a spot not a flood. I also changed all my track lighting at our condo and in two years, no burnouts. I'll try the 48 LED panels you mentioned as we don't like the 5000K panels I got from China.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/15 09:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is a former rental motorhome with 150K miles a good buy?

Google El Monte RV Sales, they might not be as close to you as CA but they include a lot more than CA. They have a list of things they do before selling and new mattresses are one of them. I agree with renting first and seeing what you like. My DW(Forum talk for Darling Wife) thinks smaller would be better and I think a little longer is better. Now if we could afford a Winnie VIA, I could go smaller, I think. To me 32 feet bumper to bumper or the average 30 foot model is what I like. I'm hoping to get her in a smaller rental for a week. Most small "C"s have corner beds or only the cabover bed. It's not for me but She who must be coddled thinks it would be okay. Look a lot and rent a couple times, then look a lot more. Come back and ask more questions.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/15 09:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: National parks visited?

Of the current 59, we have seen 50. We have no intention of visiting AVI's or PR so we'll never see them all. I no longer fly commercial airlines which is my reason for not visiting. We still have to return to AK for three of their parks. We did go to Pinnacles with the DGD when it first opened.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/15 07:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The 'Deviled' is in the details

I pretty much use yolks, mayo(only Hellmans or Best Foods) pepper, sweet pickle relish. I fill the whites using a pastry bag and star tip. Because my pastry bag and tips are small I don't use bacon bits but the DGS loves them. I use paprika if dinner is fancy, if just us'uns not needed.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/15 07:36am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Humming from Progressive Industires EMS 50 amp system

I am not saying that what we did at work to reduce armature hum in relays is feasible in RV converters, I'm just relating what we had to do. All of our 120vac relays had a thin piece of steel welded to the armature where it touched the coil core. We had thousands of relays in use on the street and we had complaints from folks living nearby. It seams that some folks are highly susceptible to the 60Hz sound.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/15 06:55am Tech Issues
RE: Reflective Tape Source

I have never found anything regarding a source for the reflective on our rigs, so I thought I would post it here. Tape Jungle I have an order in for 1" orange, 150 yards at +/- $42.00. I don't have the invoice handy. Our Bounder has two rows of orange tape and it is really sunburned so I bought this to replace it. The yellow tape is okay but some of the painted stripes need repainting, but tha's for another day. I believe you are only going to get about a third of what you think - 150 FEET or 50 yards. Reading the ad again you are right, it says 50 yds. I am so lazy in reviewing what I wrote, thanks for mentioning it.
D.E.Bishop 03/27/15 08:05am General RVing Issues
Reflective Tape Source

I have never found anything regarding a source for the reflective on our rigs, so I thought I would post it here. Tape Jungle I have an order in for 1" orange, 150 yards at +/- $42.00. I don't have the invoice handy. Our Bounder has two rows of orange tape and it is really sunburned so I bought this to replace it. The yellow tape is okay but some of the painted stripes need repainting, but tha's for another day.
D.E.Bishop 03/26/15 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Packrat damage- even worth fixing?

Not to be a spoiler and bring up another negative thing, but, if PR are in there field mice are too, both can and do carry Hanta Virus which can be transmitted by breathing in the dust from having to clean up. Be careful and check with the vector control in your area. Sorry, didn't head page two.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tailgaters

The hitch cover on the towed reads "Pardon me for driving so slow in front of you". A couple weeks ago my wife rand into some traffic that was stopped. Someone moved over to her lane and made our towed about a half inch shorter. It cost $5230.32 to fix and it looks new. Even got to install backup sensors(on my dime of course) and have a lot of new parts on the Suzi.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 06:36pm General RVing Issues

Yesterday one of my toweds died, at least it seems dead, today I went to the storage yard to get the MoHo and our utility trailer and the key for the padlock on the trailer is in the towed in the hospital, left the trailer and drove the MoHo home. About five miles from the yard I noticed the right side mirror was flat against the side of the MoHo. Stopped and got out to adjust the mirror which required I get off the freeway and then get on an on ramp to adjust the mirror. Finally found a open end wrench and managed to tighten the mirror enough to get home. Got back in MoHo and started up the on ramp, engine died when I floored it to get up to speed to merge onto the freeway. Engine was a problem all the way home and died going up the hill to the house. I had to stop on a very steep hill and restart the engine. Tried to floor the engine and it started sputtering. Backed off on throttle and got home. Went to move the other towed and when I returned to the MoHo, there was coolant dripping on the pavement. Turned out to be the vacuum actuated control valve for allowing hot coolant into the heater coil. Thought it was the hose clamp. No such luck it is a $25 valve. Not enough yet?, we were suppose to leave for the desert with the DGKs for a few days to fix up their Mom and Auntie's cabin. The five days of prepaid camping is non-refundable. Called our mechanic and he said not to hurry bringing it in as he can't get to it until next week. I'm going to check the spark plug wires tonight in the dark, mechanic said the fuel system is in great shape(after I spent about a thou to have two new fuel pumps and all new hoses installed. At least my GP approved a refill for my allergy inhalant medication. Wife called, she is at the DD's house and they are all going out for diner so I'm on my own for that. Wish I still drank SMW but DW made me give that up. Waiting for commiseration and woossa-wossas.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 06:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: portable water softner yea or nay

My wife has heart problems and won't use a softener. If is uses salt in the regeneration process, it's a no no for folks with heart problems.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: portable water softner yea or nay

My wife has heart problems and won't use a softener. If is uses salt in the regeneration process, it's a no no for folks with heart problems.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: some people's kids

I'm going to keep my 75 yo mouth shut and just laugh at all you youngsters who are questioning the OP's subject line.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Leak Detector

Kit, if you have a Safe-t-Alert, detector, they recommend replacing at 5 years. For me that would be $263 just for a propane alarm. I have the solenoid shut off type and the control system of the new ones is reversed from mine. I test mine before trips as I am in the process of lighting off the refrigerator. It is still working and I am feeling pretty safe with it. If you do not have the solenoid control feature the detector alone is $94.19 in my 2014 catalog.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 09:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

Hello Dean, I applaud you systematic investigation and analysis, now comes the fun part, putting it to the test. To avoid a very expensive experiment, look around for rental agencies, maybe someone on the Forums can help, and try out a few different rigs within your desires. I am saying this because the actual use of the ideal rig may show you chose something strictly on data and not on usability. We are looking at the maximum space with the smallest footprint. The DW's favorite (and we've looked a lot) is the VIA by Winnebago. But her ideal thing is to buy something that has good fuel usage like the VIA and travel extensively for about two years and then sell and buy a roomy rig with a bigger chassis that will allow us to drive to and park. We are older than you by a ways and for personal reasons we are caring for our DGD. She is fifteen and every bit the girly-girl/tomboy/Goth/high soprano/dreamer and no trouble at all, but, she is still in school and therapy and so short trips are all we can do and she needs privacy. Therefore, the current rig is great. The point is, all your plans sound great but as someone mentioned, children or grandchildren can change your needs. Another point is I think more members go from small to larger and even huge than go from Huge to mid-size to small.
D.E.Bishop 03/24/15 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cape Kiwanda RV Resort, Oregon

Google the Otis Café in Otis OR for directions, it is a little east of 101 and just north of Lincoln City. Town isn't much but the Otis Café is. German Potatoes, breads and pies. Breakfast there is wonderful.
D.E.Bishop 03/23/15 12:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How long will fridge go?

Ours was new in 1990 and is a typical more or les in that is driven about 3200 miles on average. OP on put 13,000 on in the first 10 years and we were locked to the S&B for seven years caring for MIL. Some times it is impossible to level and while it is only for 10 to 24 hours at a time, supposedly the damage is cumulative. My feeling that the older units had fewer bells and whistles(mainly, no electronics) and will last longer than todays units.
D.E.Bishop 03/22/15 11:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cabinet over head door hinges come loose

Had same thing happen to a cabinet door strut. I got a wooden dowel that fit the hole where the plastic one was and cut it flush with opening. Used wood glue to secure the dowel in the hole. Screwed the screw into the wooden dowel and so far no problems. This is a great idea and as was said earlier, times changes and new ideas come foreword. I am a sawdust maker(home woodworker) and I found that using my dull pencil sharpener to sharpen dowels like a pencil, but to a very dull point, the pointed end about 1/8" diameter, makes a really good plug for a stripped out screw. There are tapered reams available that are very close to the angle of a sharpened pencil. I use a sharpener with dull cutters because of the whiskers created on the taper. They increase the area that glue adheres to and provides more glue deep in the hole. I have been using this system for years and in most instances no hole needs to be drilled in your face frame or other work. Just reaming out the screw hole will work well. I know it is another expense and lord knows our lifestyle requires buying many things but this is an everyday tool I use for other things as well.
D.E.Bishop 03/20/15 09:32am Fifth-Wheels

My youngest had a iPnone with the GPS and it was wrong most of the time, we had both with us on a trip for comparison. Not a good option. We have AAA maps and a reconditioned Garmin I purchased from Fry's with a 5" screen that cost $113.00. Everything has been good so far. Only traveled 20,000 or 30,000 miles with maps and our Garmin without incident.
D.E.Bishop 03/18/15 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
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