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RE: Removing the old TV (With photos) Tropical by National RV

msmith, I removed the CRT sets from my Bounder and while it is not of the quality of a National, it was a bear to remove. I looked at a lot of articulating arm mounts and couldn't find one that locked in the stowed position, so I just added one to the mounts I did buy and used a patio door lock to hold it in place. This year I saw several locking mounts in new units and a neighbor but one in his Southwind. I found them on Google by searching for locking flat panel tvs or something similar. I ran a HDMI cable to the rear TV and have a splitter box on top of the old splitter box, No Ducted A/C I or conduit in my rig so routed it under trim pieces and along the frame rails. I also removed the plywood panels from the cabinet doors and had smoked glass installed so I could use the IR remotes for the splitter and for the BluRay player, without opening the cabinet doors. So far your conversion looks pretty good, wish I had real wood in mine instead of vinyl covered luan. I see if my pics are still on PhotoBucket.
D.E.Bishop 12/18/14 12:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: hello. im new here. I have a sailboat....

Going from a 27 foot boat to a 27 to 30 foot powered RV is somewhere between Mars and Venus. I favor powered RVs and whould suggest renting both a Class "A" and Class "C" for a week and see how you feel about the features of each. I assume and maybe wrongly so, that quality impresses you and look a lot of different manufacturers different models. With a little one along, the A has advantages in that the kid's bed is lower, in a C, it is up high and in a few years will be an advantage. Creeping occurs in land based RVs too, so maybe a 30 or 31 foot rig would be nice in case if a second percolation to have the extra room. We have two grandkids(DGKs) a boy and a girl, girls is fourteen and a very adult 14 but still a kid trying to have fun. The boy is 13 and knows that the sister needs her privacy. We are thinking of taking them out one at a time because while they get along they have different interests. For us with the DGKs going along a Bunkhouse model is good. One kid at a time and one friend or when necessary, both DGKs. We also have drooled over Class C's in the 30 to 32 foot size. Overhead sleeps one and sofa sleeps one. With the entertainment center there is still room for one and is nice when we are alone. It's really hard to be specific except for the rent one of each and decide which format you and the little crew member like best. After that look for floor plans. May not be much help but there isn't much to give until you know more about the different makes and models. Congratulations and I hope the percolation brings you a great cup of happiness.
D.E.Bishop 12/17/14 01:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: GPS stand/mount question

I have tried the bean bag type that the others have said they liked but I found them bulky and and hard to store. If you go with a Garmin. I like This One better,it is lighter smaller, more flexible and more compact, it can be folded for easy storage. It can be molded to fit anywhere on the dash and it doesn't slide around. I put it in One of These with the Garmin and it is easy to store or take along. I have a semi-rigid Garmin bean bag type and may buy one of the new ones. Looks much lighter than the old style. We have a very big flat dash and it will work well there. I would like one of the very early bean bag type too, they make great camera rests too.
D.E.Bishop 12/17/14 01:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Battery Maintainer for Diesel Truck

While not small enough to lay on your dash a Deltran 15amp Solar battery Maintainer is more than adequate and has a three step controller attached to the panel's frame. It keeps my house GC2's topped off.
D.E.Bishop 12/09/14 12:16am Tech Issues
RE: Bears!!!

Would something like a empty pop or beer can be enough to attract a bear? What about a empty bag of chips? A gum wrapper? A candy bar wrapper? Remember there are no bears in my area I'm just curious and that's why I'm asking. Not only the above but toothpaste can be a problem. ONE french-fry lost between the seats will result in a couple of thousand in repairs to your car or truck. A thousand years or so ago when we tented camped with our young children at Charles V. Stanton County Park in Canyonville OR and the DW left a Jolly Time Popcorn fryer on the picnic table next to our tent. The residue of the oil was viciously attacked by a Banana Slug. In fact there it sat gorged into a food coma on the table the next morning. You've got to be careful with those guys, get their slime on you clothes or skin and it is terrible to get off. Seriously though, bears can cause terrible havoc and damage to not only ALL vehicles used in camping but while uncommon, with campers too.
D.E.Bishop 12/09/14 12:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Macerator question

We were in Pheasant Run in Portland OR and they prohibit the use of macerators due to trouble with the septic system. It seems there may be a problem in the leach field plugging up with solids that do not have a chance to break down while sitting in the septic tank. I have no independent knowledge of the validity of their claim and they didn't prohibit Sewer Solutions so I kind of figure it was questionable. I didn't like the hoity toity attitude of the staff and only stayed one night. A nice enough park and it is in Portland proper, not outside the city.
D.E.Bishop 12/08/14 11:49pm General RVing Issues
Ideas, Plans, Parts and Info on Tear Drops

My wife and I and our youngest DD and both DGKs were in Redding for Thanksgiving and we stopped by Grant's shop to learn about his kits and plans. The DGKs want to build one and Grant seemed our best bet for a builder and close to the SIL in Redding. Well let me tell you, Grant Whipp is one nice guy. We were there about two hours, long enough for the DW and DD to get bored but, the DGKs and I had a ball talking to him and looking at his work. I mentioned the possibility of using an old StarCraft for the Tear Drop's chassis and he gave me lots and lots of great information. Anyone interested in tear drops and needing help or info should call him. Grant Whipp Li'l Bear Tag Alongs 530 242 6452 www.Teardrops.net He also has a facebook page or two and is currently videoing his girlfriend as she builds her very own Li'l Bear. He also contributes to the "e" magazine, Cool Tears and tiny campers(www.cooltears.com).
D.E.Bishop 12/08/14 11:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: VHS to DVD converter

We had a great collection of VHS tape prerecords and wanted to convert what we could to DVD. We never had a VHS camera so no home movies. I bought a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 converter. It will copy most VHS tapes including copy protected tapes. I found one of the secretes is having a good VHS player and another is a good quality tape. My daughter bought a high end Sony recorder for 7 bucks on line and I found that it reproduces the VHS signal better than anything else I had and therefore my recording is better. The Roxio was about $50.00. For the copyright police on here. If the Feds or the Movie producers want to hassle me for doing this for my own use, so be it. I feel it is just like music CDs, it is okay to copy those for personal use and a movie like "The Mouse That Roared" is over 20 bucks on DVD on line and most of them available are bootlegged anyway.
D.E.Bishop 12/08/14 05:24am Technology Corner
RE: Have the Police stopped enforcing our traffic laws?

To answer the OP question about enforcement, it is obvious that less and less attention is paid to general enforcement. In our community the LAPD Captain in charge stated publically that he has given his officers instructions not to enforce stop sign violations and other violations by cyclists. It seems that here at least if the bikes slow down traffic, all the better. I have been a California resident for over 70 years and most drivers understand that the CHP and to a great extent local LEOs do not enforce the motor vehicle code. The CHP does , however, sit in place before most highway construction projects with their engines running, lights flashing and doing nothing but sitting there. I don't know why anyone would drive 80 miles per hour to get out of a pack of trucks going over the speed limit and then complain drivers were going too fast. I do cruise at 58 to 60 on CA freeways in my rig and I never have any trucks hassle me. I don't give a Rats whatever about how fast the sprint car drivers go. If they flash their lights or tailgate me in the far right lane for going too slow, the most I do is turn on my flashers for a few seconds to the jerk behind me know that I know he's there and that I'm not going any faster just to make him happy. On two lane roads I try very hard to use pull outs and allow traffic to pass but, there are far to few pull outs that a rig over 5ifty feet long can use safely.
D.E.Bishop 12/08/14 05:04am General RVing Issues

Gee, I'm a little older than that and have been retired for 19 years and I read and re-read that and I thought that it was an ad. I've been that way for a long time, it's always time to move on to the next experience and for new scenery. I love having a permanent place but can't find the ideal place due to the location of the DGKs being here in SoCal. I'm part of the forgotten generation, everyone knew we were there but nobody knew what we were doing and no one has missed our passing. To bad too, we put up the façade that we would bomb the he!! out of who ever made a move on our homeland. I say façade because we could have won any race we got involved in and we did. Highways from Eisenhower and the collapse of the USSR from Reagan. Not bad for a generation that no one remembers.
D.E.Bishop 12/01/14 02:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Info on Starcraft PUPs

Well thanks for the info on the brakes, pretty much what I expected. Some trailers we used at work had automatic brakes that engaged with loss of power. The info from Ryanicc is what I needed and I think the trailer is a early to mid 70's. The article for the Starmaster 6 listed 5.3x12 for the tires and I'll bet that is what it has. I have some info and about a dozen photos but we are refurbishing our S&B and most stuff from my office is in boxes in the garage. I may have located the box with my Portable DD and I'll look after I get back from the paint store. Thanks again and any more info would be great.
D.E.Bishop 12/01/14 12:26pm Folding Trailers
Info on Starcraft PUPs

I know I'm asking an open ended question but I don't know much about this trailer and my Brother is on the road working. His wife has a StarCraft that IIRC is a Starlight. IIRC the top of the camper is 6' X 11' and it had, two batteries, electric brakes, breakaway system and two 30# cylinders. I'm not sure about much other than it is in the back of their 20 acre lot and partly dismantled. I am thinking about picking it up for use as a chassis for a 5' X 8' or 5' X 10' teardrop. I am asking for a best guess answer to questions. It has small wheels and tires(both flat) and electric brakes. What size tires is most likely on a 1980's PUP and do the electric brakes lock when disconnected from the TV? I don't want to replace the tires with OEM if they are on 12 rims as I want to go to a min. of 13" rims for the teardrop. From what I've seen I don't think 13" wheels and tires would fit with out modifications I can't make till I get it home. I plan on stripping off the pop up tent part and salvaging what I can for use in the TD and sell off the remainder of stuff. I'm sure the tent and bedding is shot but some parts may be reusable. Any info will help as well as links I can search. TIA
D.E.Bishop 12/01/14 09:28am Folding Trailers
RE: Screw In Tire

I know that this will give the California haters more ammo but, here the use of plugs by a second party is prohibited. Owners can do what they want but repairs by tire shops or mechanics cannot. I've used all three methods and only had one problem and that was when a plug was used and I think the hole was too big for a plug alone. I'm to old to do repairs now but if I were to carry one or the other I'd go with the combined plug/patch. In fact I may just buy three sets of them one for the DW and myself and one for each DD. If a flat occurs in a remote area a respondent may not have either and at least we could offer our own.
D.E.Bishop 12/01/14 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Any ideas for keeping bears out?

Okay, now that we agree it is a bear, is it wrong to remove the bear and possibly kill it to stop the break ins? I don't think so, my eldest DD is a Cal. D of F & W biologist and believe it or not lives in Pasadena Cal where bears in her yard are an almost daily event and they have never called the local LEOs and none of the bears have been relocated or killed. In most areas of the country, law enforcement personnel are sworn to protect PEOPLE and not animals, whereas, Wildlife Officers are trained to handle the bear situation. Sometimes deterrents are not effective and bears must be killed. In my daughters situation, the use of lockable trash cans and the removable of most food sources has contained the bears and homes and vehicles have not been damaged. There are two things that the community has decided not to remove from their properties, fruit trees and contained (penned up) pets and poultry and one of the most difficult things to get rid of, the water features in their yards. It seems to me that you have to decide to what extent you will protect this bears life. Several deterrents have been suggested and I don't know which ones are effective and I cannot make a knowledgeable suggestion beyond what you have already done. This bear has learned that there may be food inside your trailer and will keep coming back until it learns that there is no longer food available or that it can no longer get to the food or it is destroyed. I don't know how you classify the situation, it being immoral to kill the bear or that it is a quality of life situation where you must spend large amounts of money to keep repairing you trailer or use other deterrents. Your call, not the bears. Good luck and I hope you solve the problem before you run out of money to repair the damage.
D.E.Bishop 12/01/14 08:05am General RVing Issues
RE: The "Milky Way" test of a boondocking site

Just a quick note about what you can see. M42 is the Orion Nebula and can be seen with the naked eye if you're in the proper location. We were at Hi Jolly BLM campground near "Q" in Feb last year and got an email from an astrologer from the Los Angeles Planetarium telling us to look near Orion's belt. It was the dark of the moon and it was spectacular with our 50 power binoculars. The best star gazing we have ever experienced was on a lake fed from the Napo River in Amazonia. Actually too many stars to tell what was what.
D.E.Bishop 11/30/14 10:30am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Any ideas for keeping bears out?

While it may not look like a bear intrusion, it may well be. If the door and screen are still latched, the culprit may well be a bear. As far as claw and teeth marks, that is not always in evidence. In Yosemite and other parks, bears open cars without biting and clawing. It is typical for a bear, if it finds food in a silver Ford Explorer, to cruise the parking lot or campground and look for a silver Explorer and peel back the top of the door and not really leave any marks or bite the door. The OP did not mention that there was any damage inside or if things were thrown around. Maybe he considered that to be minor in comparison to the door being ruined.
D.E.Bishop 11/30/14 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Step doesn't work

What type of steps do you have? If they are Kwikee, there is a complete set of trouble shooting instructions in the installation manual which is on line if you don't have one. The step by step instructions are very good and include all safety instructions. Personally I think the convenience of the electric steps are worth the work involved in repairing them. They are probably the simplest system on your rig to maintain and repair. There are a lot of posts in this forum regarding them, just search for Kwikee steps for endless hours of reading if you search the older posts.
D.E.Bishop 11/24/14 07:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Where did you get your Electrical knowledge?

To many pages here for my tired old mind to comprehend, so I'll just list what a lot of others have said. Elect Apprentice at 14, TM on a submarine with a stint in ET school, OJT working for City Of Los Angeles in the traffic signal field, augmented by some classes at a Community College. I still don't know much about batteries and chargers but I can repair a disk type synchronous motor or install and repair FO cables. I guess some of the more important things applicable here were learned here.
D.E.Bishop 11/24/14 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Class A Generator and Battery ??

Another thing that could cause those symptoms is, lack of fuel. My Bounder had a very weak in tank fuel pump and the engine would loose power after running at high speed for awhile. Could be the fuel pump on the generator can't keep up with the demand if the engine is off, with the engine running the in tank pump would be helping the generator pump. If the problem continues after replacing the batteries(if needed) it would be something to look at.
D.E.Bishop 11/24/14 09:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trailer Plug Won't Stay In

I have to agree with donn0128, fix it or replace it. No one has suggested fixing it, so I will. Take the vehicle socket(male)and disconnect it from the vehicle and the cable, then take the cable plug(female) and disconnect it from the trailer. Now sit down at your work bench or any well lit place and plug the two parts together and try and observe where the problem is. Often it is a lousy casting or a socket or maybe a foreign object in one of the sockets in the trailer plug. There is something wrong with one of the two mating parts. If your truck came with the seven wire connector and the trailer with another brand, could be they weren't meant to mate. And yes in my 60 years working mostly in the electrical field, I have run across this problem more than once where there is no "Written Standard" like the NEC. Even in the four wire flat connectors, there is a huge difference in plug ends. I'd take both ends to NAPA or U-Haul or some company that has several makes of connectors and try and mate up one of the connectors to a new one. It may require spending some of your hard earned money but those bungies cords or what ever it is you jerry rig your connection weren't free. By the way we're talking about less than twenty dollars and in most cases less than ten.
D.E.Bishop 11/24/14 09:11am Towing
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