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RE: Wanted: Stock Radio, Ford E450

I don't know what went wrong with your OEM radio but when my DW's 2002 Explorer, 6 CD changer went south last Christmas, I found a fix on YouTube. Following the video I removed and adjusted the changer. It is working fine now and if it goes again I'll probably fix it again or maybe buy her a new SUV.
D.E.Bishop 08/23/16 09:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: leak life!

brdprey, in answer to your questions, "it depends on quality of construction, type of construction and a whole host of environmental issues. You're not likely to have significant damage before the area dries out, it is possible to have damage and mold or mildew but not to likely if you take care of it ASAP. Our prior Class A had a design and construction problem in the rear. It was virtually impossible to locate the leak, final (the rig was over 20yo) I found the problem. There was not one shred of evidence outside but the vinyl wall covering inside a series of cupboards was coming off. I did not have to reconstruct any interior or exterior walls but I did need four tubes of caulk and a whole bunch of work to fix the design error. I have tried to stop a leak during the rain and never been successful. I try, if the leak is bad to cover the area but just to keep water away, not to repair. That I do when it's dry. Preventive maintenance is absolutely imperative, but, it is not always the answer.
D.E.Bishop 08/22/16 09:00am Beginning RVing
RE: Why do I always get Connection Reset errors?

I have had problems like this during the last two weeks and I have gone so far as to delete all punctuation marks and still received the reset message. I will say that the Woodall's site worked flawlessly. Now for having to retype, "SAVE" your message before you try to send it. That Floppy Disc symbol in the tool bar above the message box is for saving what you have typed. Better yet, type it out on your word processor program before you try and send it. You can save and then use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste to the message box. Sometimes it is easier to type online so you can refer back to the thread but if you are going to be long, do it off line and that way you aren't rushed and can be more careful of your wording.
D.E.Bishop 08/22/16 08:44am Forum Technical Support
RE: gun laws in New York

Wow, I don't think that CA DMV has the information regarding CC permits tied to our license plates. I've never been asked if I am carrying. "IF", MI has that info in their DMV data base, that is not cause to stop you and search you or your vehicle. As RLS7201 posted, I think you can carry a weapon in your vehicle when stored in accordance with Federal Law. If each state could limit your activities in such a manner as to stop you from traveling interstate and enjoying your freedoms, then we would have 50 separate countries and not one country divided into 50 states. I am not a LEO, lawyer or judge, I know that it is not legal for any state to restrict your constitutional rights.
D.E.Bishop 08/21/16 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ac/DC tv cables

I have never had a TV set with two cables but I have had several that had the 120vac to 12vdc converters that plug into a 120vac outlet and I have run the on 12vdc in the RV. Never had a problem, in fact I even have one in the garage workshop I run on 12vdc from a power supply.
D.E.Bishop 08/18/16 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Mugged by California DMV?

Dale, Thanks for letting us know about the outcome of your problem. It seems, at least to my family that going to DMV recently has been a much better experience than it was five or ten years ago. We use their appointment scheduler and just zip through our visits, even the folks behind the counters seem to be more responsive. I did have one long time employee that was not up to speed on the courtesy side of things until I noticed her purple Kings jersey behind her on the chair back. I mentioned that both my daughters had them and had been hockey buffs since their teen years. Couldn't get her to shut up after that. She finished the paper work and just held it and talked about the Kings pre and post The Grape One(Gretzky). Thanks again for the follow up.
D.E.Bishop 08/18/16 09:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2017 Thor Compass a/c works on generator but not 30 amp

Major DAD, It seems you have ruled out the usual suspects and as noted the problem is perplexing as it is the opposite of the normal complaint. I am not HVAC knowledgeable, so I am assuming that the AC unit does not have a auto reset CB on the circuit from the panel to the unit and that is none inside the unit, so that leaves the line from the shoreline connection to the output of the transfer switch. That of course is assuming there is a transfer switch. If you have a shoreline that has to be disconnected from the 30 amp outlet and connected to an outlet in the service bay, then the wiring from that outlet to the CB panel needs to be tested. There is a guy on here that has Golden in his forum user name who is a really knowledgeable HVAC guy, in fact it is/was his profession. Try searching for him. Also Chris Bryant is an outstanding source of knowledge. Good luck with your problem and sorry to read about the reason you downsized. It just so happens that we are doing the same thing for the same reasons.
D.E.Bishop 08/18/16 09:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Letting Logging Trucks Pass

Okay here is my two cents worth, I have been driving for over 60 years and can remember going up OLD highway 99 in the CA central valley back in the folks '36 Chevy Deluxe. Back then there was a system of trucker light signals, the few I can remember are, if you were trying to pass a truck and it was safe the trucker would turn off his headlights(only his headlights), if it was not safe he flashed his brake lights. When you were passing and in front of the truck, the driver would flash his headlights or his DOT lights twice, this was usually trucker to trucker. The other one and I do know a lady who was stranded in a desolate portion of 99, flashed her headlights on three times at approaching trucks. That was the truckers signal that there was an emergency in the stopped vehicle. She did get the help she needed. With the advent of CB radios and much faster cars and trucks, and the aging of the old time truck drivers these signals were lost for the most part. I still try and use the signals for everyone while I'm on rural highways and roads and I get a lot of response from OLDER folks. I use CC a lot and so I have a little leeway to think about things including observing different drivers and I have developed several categories of drivers. To me, drivers in their 60's and 70' try to indicate their intentions more than those in their 40's and 50's and drivers in their 20's and 30's and sorry ladies, women in millennium age group are the fastest and most dangerous drivers at least as I have observed. I did feel that women in years past were better at driving defensively and more cautious than most men, but no longer. So my philosophy is, drive in my comfort zone and get out of the way as required by law. When encountering aggressive drivers, I pull over and hope I won't have to stop down the road to pull them out of the wreckage of their vehicle. As my towed's hitch cover says, " Excuse me for driving so close in front of you". On edit, the advent of rear and side view cameras has also given those of us who are passing and edge.
D.E.Bishop 08/17/16 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: oregon coast

We have not stayed in many of the State Parks on the OR Coast but we have found most of them to be more sandy than grass. Our new favorite is Winchester Bay RV resort and there is quite a bit of grass at the sites but the big dog walking area is hardpack and sand. They do have monthly rates and I look at what I have on file for prices. Hold on for a minute... Well the DW has the current rates and she is school clothes shopping with the DGS. My old prices were from about $250 to $575 a week. I seem to remember something like starting at $300 now. There are four price levels for sites and NONE of them are undesirable. There is a Rec. Cent. with big screen TVs for your use or rental. Florence is less than forty miles away, Newport is another half hour and are not to bad a drive. The Light house above the bay is a great museum now, there is an oyster packing plant in town as well as an oyster farm in the mouth of the bay. It is a great point for travel for 50 miles either side of the coast. Scope all those mentioned here online and you'll find something for all you needs. I forgot to mention that at the public dock on the Alsea River at Waldport the crabbing does not require a license. You can rent rings and buy bait at the head of the pier as well as have your catch cooked and cleaned, if you want they will also put your catch in a bag with ice to take home.
D.E.Bishop 08/13/16 12:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
What place has made you Blush, cry, make you proud...?

I'll start with a couple of mine. I cried at the WW-II Memorial when I saw a very young, black NPS Ranger crying over her grandfathers service and death. I was so proud to represent the US Navy Submarine Service at the flag lowering at Mount Rushmore when the Ranger conducting the ceremony called us to the stage to lower our National Flag. I was so proud of my fraternal brother from the Masonic Family when I visited the Modern Graveyard at Gettysburg and saw the Masonic Memorial to the Brothers who served and died there and the improvements made to the graveyard by my Brother Masons. I blushed when I visited the Submarine Memorial for those of us who served in the Submarine Missile Forces during the Cold War. I blush, cry and my heart swells every time I salute with pride at my Grandsons BSA Troop Flag Ceremony.
D.E.Bishop 08/12/16 03:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do I need new steps? Help me decide

Okay David, here is what I believe to be true either totally or at least in part. Your steps are probably powered by a AM Equipment motor. It could be a window step motor from earlier than the AM Equipment motors but without a photo or description from your manual I cannot say for sure. If your steps have been maintained but are sluggish it may just be the motor. If you will post a picture of the motor and send me a PM telling me that it has been posted I'll identify it and tell you how to proceed. I difficult part of this is deciding who designed it and what motor it is using. I'll bet you that it is the motor. David
D.E.Bishop 08/12/16 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Removing the antenna

It seems to me that if there is a hole in the roof near the front of the base and the elevator rod goes through that hole all the way up past the mast arms to that black hex cap which acts as a centering bearing. Looking at the manual and remembering what it looks like inside as I replaced the masts that hit a tree, your going to need the rod and everything but the masts and the bat wing. So all you should remove are two clevis pins and then pull out the masts and the elevating gear in the end of one of the masts. A lot of work for no real benefit. I'd just leave the antenna down and not worry removing anything. Just put a weather cap on the male "F" connector,if you are going to remove the antenna.
D.E.Bishop 08/11/16 07:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Total knee replacement issues.

After my second TKR, at the one year follow up we were talking with my surgeon and the subject of kneeling came up. I was not having subcutaneous pain but a friend was, I asked the Dr. why neither one of my knees hurt when a friends. His reply was that I should look at the scar on my knee(6.25" w/32 staples for closure) and then friends scar. The Dr. explained he cut as far off center to the outside of the knee as possible and he would bet my friends scar was in the center of the new patella. Sure enough, about 3/4 of an inch off. He said that was far enough to keep the pain to a minimum when kneeling.
D.E.Bishop 08/10/16 07:58am Beginning RVing

Will your trip involve climbing the "New Priest Grade" ? on 120? You do NOT want to. Very, Very steep, no guardrails in most spots, and for sure to overheat if it is hot out. According to Cal Trans, New Priest Grade is 4 percent. Old Priest Grade is 17percent, also according to Cal Trans. I would think even with the many curves, it is doable and probably a little slow, but faster than going around and up 50 or I-80 and then to Lee Vining. Tioga is steeper than NPG so just gear down.
D.E.Bishop 08/10/16 12:24am Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon Coast- From Medford

To the OP, unlike many I don't see 199 as a great route to Coos Bay, we prefer 138 to 38 from Sutherlin. There is a fair grade just before the junction with 38 but easy to climb. It is scenic but scenic is different for everyone. It is mostly small towns and farmlands with 38 following the Umpqua River. Coos Bay is just thirty minutes down the road from Reedsport. Winchester Bay RV Resort is not a high end resort. Their prices are reasonable and the Bay is beautiful. Sea Perch is HIGH END and they are SNOBBISH and they are PROUD OF IT. Having lived on the Oregon Coast, visited family and owned a home there, I think I can speak from experience about a few things you will experience but, I will stick with, as stated 101 is best seen North to South, there are a lot of places to camp but very busy in summer and the only real fast, direct and wide highway in Oregon is I-5 and the highways in and around Portland, and that is a good thing. Much of the asphalt from I-5 to anywhere else but especially the coast is much the same as it was in 1949 when I first went to Florence to live with some friends and my older brother for summers. Those roads are to be enjoyed and savored, not sped through and ignored, they all have difficult spots but as a wise man once said, "Getting there is not half the fun, it is all the fun". He was talking about making a business successful not road trips but it is good advice to truly get into the drive.
D.E.Bishop 08/08/16 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: advice to install 30A RV Receptacle in garage to power RV

I have two comments regarding your proposal, first and no one has mentioned this but they are all over it when it comes to high resistance connection of the shore line to the campground pedestal. Connecting the cable to a hot outlet can and does causes arcing and should not be done. Install a disconnect between the outlet and the circuit breaker or install a switch type circuit breaker. Doing this allows you to hook up to your rig and then connect the power to the rig. Second, most folks forget to consider the length of the run from the power panel to the outlet plus the length of the shoreline when calculating voltage drop. If you have a 100' shoreline and a 35' circuit, you have 135' of wire, not 100'. This may seen miniscule but remember that most outlets are loaded within 10'. Most RVs have 25' to 50' shoreline. In my garage it's just under 30' from the CB to the outlet and the rigs permanently attached 30amp shoreline is 25' and it I need about 45' of shoreline so I use a 25' extension for a total from the CB to the converter of 80'. Is this a little complicated, sure it is but it is accurate.
D.E.Bishop 08/07/16 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: On Board Water Pump Question?

I'm going to go along with the air cushion and slight leak in the check valve. I had the same problem and rather than go thru the hassle of R&R the pump and replace or clean the internal check valve I bought a Shurflo check valve with 1/2" barbed hose fitting on both ends. No more burp. Cost about the same for the two valves, about $15 for the add on valve.
D.E.Bishop 08/05/16 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Refrigerator and Bathroom Questions

Hello, the DW and I just(in Feb) bought a Winnie Adventurer 32V and last week decided it was just beyond my capabilities to care for it the way I want and so we have decided to downsize to a "B". This is my first time to browse thru the "B" forum. This thread has some great info for me to give my DW. We too do not often shower in the rig and it is mostly used for storage. We like twin beds as our needs differ for getting up during the night and using the head and my bride is almost always too hot and I'm too cold. So reading threads like this are very informative and will surly help us in making our choice and letting us know what to look for in our next rig. Great information and thanks.
D.E.Bishop 08/05/16 09:02am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I made a big mistake

Thanks to all of you with your kind thoughts, we feel we have made a good decision and are anxious for fall and the chance to be on the road again. The decision was had to make, but it has sure changed the dynamics of our live already. Other than off loading all our personal stuff and culling that down to a reasonable volume which is really a lot more work than we thought it would be, there is a lot less tension about travel. Bless all of you and we hope to see many of you in our wandering around the USA and Canada. If you see a Class B with the inscription "Not All Who Wander Are Lost", stop and say Hi. West Beachhouse, the DW and the DDs and many of our friends graduated from 1956 through 1960 and then 1980 through 1982. I'm a Panther but they forgave me long ago.
D.E.Bishop 08/05/16 08:28am General RVing Issues
I made a big mistake

Back in February my wife and I bought a 2002 Winnie Adventurer 32V. Don’t get me wrong, the Winnie is not a problem, I just bit off more than I can chew. The Winnie is so much of an upgrade from our 1990 Bounder 27D. Everything about it is an improvement over the Bounder. It’s a lot newer, it has the V10 with a Banks Power Pack, a better trans, there are two slides and it was the right color, size and most importantly it was low mileage and priced below NADA’s Low Average Retail Price. So what is wrong you wonder? Well at 76 six years of age, many years spent in physically demanding work and the onslaught of arthritis and sever lumbar stenosis, I can’t work on the things that need doing like replacing a leaking hydraulic hose for the front slide, building cabinets to replace the bezels for the boat anchor TVs and even a little thing like polishing the outside skin are physically too much for me. I knew these thing needed doing when we bought the RV, I didn’t think much about that at the time and with the price being so good and knowing that there wouldn’t be the crawling around putting the old 2” X 8” X 3’ ramps down to level and other problems of owning a 27 year old rig, I let my heart and desires do my thinking. This past week was a real revelation for me, we took the DGD with us for a week at the beach and when we got home after the very strenuous drive that should have been 2.5 hours that ended up 4.5 hours and then having to off load and prep it to go to storage, which by the way I enjoyed five years ago, I couldn’t think straight I was so tired. Outcome! After a long talk with the DW and getting her input we decided that a 5 or 6 year old Class B would have been a much better choice than the Winnie. Neither one of us can face ending our camping days at this point, the camaraderie of camp grounds and the places we’ve been, and all the places we have yet to go, we just can’t give that up yet. Told the Family on Monday and Tuesday and our daughters are so excited for us, the grandkids are relived that “G” Dude won’t be getting up on the roof to work and that they will still be able to camp with us, it is so great. We’re going out to the storage yard this morning and talk with the owners about consignment and making arrangement to sell and OMG, off loading everything we have put in there since February. The daughter of one of the owners runs the office and is making sure that we will have a place to keep the “B” when we get it. It is such a big relief to know we will still be camping but won’t have to maintain a big ol’ RV and the toad. One car and one RV that can be a backup daily driver, how sweet it will be.
D.E.Bishop 08/04/16 07:53pm General RVing Issues
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