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RE: Problem with furnace...

Larry, the suggestion about the sail switch is a good one as is the one about needing to bleed the line. My suggestion is to first search for a manual for XXX Brand, XXX Model (you didn't include that info) read the manual and learn the names of the different parts of the heater and then come back with a request for help. The first thing I would suggest is make sure you have gas at the heater control board, then check the burner tube for cleanness, then check the operation of the sail switch. If there is proper air flow down the tube and the gas valve opens when the sail switch is closed, the problem most likely is the control board. This is pretty much generic info for most heater but the manual will show you where to look for gas, and electrical test points. Give us a shout back and let us know what is working and what isn't and maybe we can go deeper into the problem.
D.E.Bishop 10/25/14 09:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heater core removal

First of all Flyboy, welcome to the forums and yes we have the answer you need, look no further. The first lesson newbys learn is the guys and gals on here are notorious for wanting details. As someone said, "The devil is in the DETAILS". The year, make, model are always good to know, most of us put that in our signature, a description of the problem or info needed, "how do I remove my heater core", good question. If you have a 1990 Bounder, there are about 6 clamshell clips that hold the heater core housing together. Of course if you have a Holiday Rambler, not so much help. Pictures are often good in showing the current condition or problem. Creating and Modifying Signatures are in a separate folder and no I don't remember how to get there. Not much help eh? Don't know how to do something, notify a moderator and one of them will help you. Contact the Mod in the Forum Technology Support. It's in The Section Called Technical Resources. Contact 1492 if you need help but remember he is a kinda Funny Guy. Never know just what he going to say. All seriousness aside, he is great and make sure you read the stickys there. Once again, Welcome and stick around and soon you'll be answering questions.
D.E.Bishop 10/24/14 10:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting expensive

I think camping is the cheapest way to see America and the most relaxing. Nothing better than a 2 week vacation traveling out west. So for my money it is worth it. X2, except for that out West part;), we prefer back East, or Mid-West. We're like a few others, we're getting a new States Visited map, we're on our second time around. Yes it is very worth it.
D.E.Bishop 10/23/14 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting Places to see and do

Just a few spots, Scott's Bluff and Chimney Rock NE, Hubble's Trading Post AZ, Isle Royal NP in Lake Superior, Cape Disappointment WA, Ho Rain Forest WA, all the Slick Rock areas in AZ. I could go on for hours but the DW is calling.
D.E.Bishop 10/22/14 09:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cheap bath faucets "stripped out"

There is nothing in your post to say what type of shower control you are replacing and if it is an inside or outside wall or what the center to center measurement is. Mine for instance is a cheapy thing mounted on the adjacent cabinet and is also used for filling the tub. A picture or good description would be nice, in lieu of that, there are four listed in the current catalogs for shower only, two Phoenix and two Catalina, all four have 4" centers, they run from $20 to $50. If you have a Phoenix fixture, there are repair parts listed. There are six more that are tub/shower fixtures. I would guess that you could find fixtures at any of the big box stores for anything with wider center to center measurements but I don't know about the 4' center to center fixtures.
D.E.Bishop 10/20/14 09:14am General RVing Issues
Outside TVs and Propane Quick Disconnects

This is not a post on the use or non-use of anything, it is just trends I believe are starting, and are from my observations at the Pomona Show last week. rvnoob had a post on outside TVs and Muddydogs had one on outside propane fittings. We noticed that both those things are becoming standard equipment on the mid and entry level motorhomes. We also found a 27' model of a class A with a 50 amp service, 5500 watt generator and two AC units. That has been common on rigs larger than the 32' class but not a small rig. I also noticed that there are WFCO converters in most rigs in the less than $100k range and several in the over $200k rigs have WFCO converters. There doesn't seem to be any change in the use of inconvenient locations for the power centers, most still put the fuses and breakers under something like the dash board or fridge. I guess things change and sometimes the manufacturers listen and try to give us what we want, if it doesn't cost too much.
D.E.Bishop 10/20/14 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: 12 V or 110 TV

My TV also runs on 110vac with a transformer or also known as the power wart. This plugs into the TV as 12vdc. So I also have a cigarette lighter adapter and run the TV on 12 volts. This is just like my laptop; I can run it on 110vac or from the power port on the car at 12volts. I find 12 volts draws .5amps for the TV. The inverter draws .7amps just idling so why have the inverter and more current draw when the TV runs on 12 volts anyway? X2, in my case the OEM inverter used to power the OEM 13"/CRT TV and the VHS recorder draws more power than my 24"/Insignia flat screen TV and BluRay Player. I do have to use the inverter for the HDMI splitter that I installed to play BluRays simultaneously on the front and rear TV's. All three HDMI capable devises came with "wall bricks" and rather than cutting the cords, I made my own power cords. The wall bricks are rated as 12V/5A, DC, those work really well with LED lighting strips up to 16'. If you have any further questions as to the suitability of using battery power vs 120 VAC, look at the powersource on most entry and mid level rigs. Most have "off brand" TVs that are built for the RV trade and 12volt only. I bought a couple of surplus bricks from an RV surplus and salvage shop just for LED lighting projects at home. As an after thought, I have not looked for a large screen TV with a power brick. You may find those harder to locate than the smaller sizes. I looked recently for a BluRay player at BestBuy, and found many of the players, including Sony's with bricks. I will continue to look for a splitter with a brick or using only 12 volt and change over when I do find one.
D.E.Bishop 10/20/14 07:36am Truck Campers
RE: Current Status of Holiday Rambler

I looked at the HR line on Friday past at the Pomona Show. Nice looking coaches. Show prices ranged from 100K to 500K. Fit and finished looked the same just different chassis.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/14 07:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Protecting Your Browser Against The HTTPS SSL Flaw

Done...thanks (mod) X2
D.E.Bishop 10/19/14 01:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Cost of staying connected.......

We're on the cheap end: Over the air TV-free Old flip phone with 450 minutes - $40.00 Mobile hot spot with 5G - $50.00 Total with taxes and fees - $100.00 a month We don't talk on the phone very much so our out-of-date phone is fine. Every so often we go over our data allowance. Each extra G is $10.00. Both AT&T and Verizon have a special that ends at the end of the month - double the data for the current cost. If you buy now it continues indefinitely. Be aware though that you probably use a lot of data at your house and these plans might not be a good fit. We can almost always get connected as we're traveling however when traveling in very remote areas like Alaska cell service is iffy, usually you won't get it except in the cities. We are about the same with out the useless and boring TWC Cable. With the cable it's almost $200. And we still have our old dumb as a stump phones, Mine $30 for three months and the DW's for $100 a year.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/14 10:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Medical and veterinary needs while full timing.

We only took our cat with us for any distance from home twice. The times he stayed behind, our girls took care of him. Even when he was restricted to the house due to hearing and sight problems the eldest girl took him out to play. When we were in AK we had to board him and we knew this in advance and ask Vet for help with referals. Turned out we decided to take a whole day, or longer if need be and find him a hospital type environment in Anchorage. Took most of the day and about 8 Vets before we found THE ONE. Other than those two things, I can't add anything.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 06:37pm Full-time RVing
RE: 1968 Travel Queen Resto Mod - 1. Acquisition & Evaluation

Ahh, the enthusiasm and flexibility of youth. Or is it that you're my age and just have less need for body work?
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Millenicom Customer Accounts Acquired by Verizon

Thanks bcsdguy for the reminder about old age.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 06:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Manslaughter charges for improper towing equipment.

Boy1 what a response. All I can say is that's what we pay the CHP for, they're earning their money.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: stay a while lp problem, I think

WOW!, I can understand your confusion, and my answer is find a professional. If the mobile repair guy is good and solves the problem so much the better, but, if he doesn't, go to a suppliers, not a refill place at the local gas station but Amerigas or Ferrelon or whom ever and have it checked out. I understand you are set up for the season but if they cannot send out a gas tech, go to them.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping with Electricity along HWY 395 California

Double post :o :o :o
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 10:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping with Electricity along HWY 395 California

While we don't RV in the area, we are second home owners in Mammoth Lakes and have heard a lot about Bounder Creek being a good place to stop overnight or longer. You did not mention Reno or fuel, I will add in Reno there is a campground on 395 within view of Hwy 50 and next to COSTCO. Best prices for gas are COSTCO and the two ARCO stations in Gardnerville and Minden, fill up at one of those. if possible. Mammoth Lake as mentioned via a clicky is in a great recreational area and our second home. My one admonition is to drive a little slower than else where. Walker Canyon is not bad but is can be tricky. There are pulloffs and you should be careful to use them. When you drive through Bridgeport, be mindful of your speed. It is not a speed trap, there have been several problems arise in town with all the travelers speeding trough town and RVs are very easy to spot and stop. Take a look at the back in angle parking as you drive through town. I don't know anyone who has figured that out yet and I worked in the traffic industry for over thirty years. It's just plain weird. If you want info on attractions in the area, post your interest and when you'll be there and time table. If you post, PM me and I'll be sure to read and reply. David
D.E.Bishop 10/18/14 10:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
New So. Cal. RV Show

The So. Cal. RV Show in Pomona is adding a show in April. Next year it will be April 15-19, 2015. This will be a RVIA sponsored event just like the one in progress thru this weekend. I put the info here because there is nothing going on in the Meetings, Gathering or what ever its named in the section.
D.E.Bishop 10/16/14 07:18pm General RVing Issues

Got to go with a Suzuki, I have two both set up for towing. The 1995 Sidekick is lighter but the 2006 Grand Vitara is more comfortable. No alterations required. No charge line with normal hookup. Going Thursday to check on ReadyBrake installation.
D.E.Bishop 10/15/14 10:02am Dinghy Towing
RE: HWY 395 California

There are only two of what I would call steep grades from Bishop to Reno. The first is Sherwin Grade out of Bishop about 6 miles of 7%. It is a four lane divided road, there are a couple of big pullouts if you want to let the truck cool. The second is also four lanes and mostly divided, it is just north of Mono Lake, Conway Summit is not too bad in my opinion. They realigned the road 20-25 years ago and is longer but not as steep. Walker Canyon a little further North is windy and a lot of it is two lane. Other than that not much to slow you down. From Hwy 203(Mammoth Lakes turnoff) to Reno is about 120 miles and take 2 to 3.5 hours in a car. Lots of interesting places along that stretch.
D.E.Bishop 10/14/14 06:40am Roads and Routes
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