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RE: RV rental in Alaska

We have rented from both ABC and Great Alaskan Holidays, the rental from ABC was before we had an RV and long story but the DD's and DW wanted to go to Dutch and I wanted to go fishing and then a week in the RV. At that time is was extra for everything except the basic linens and towels and meager kitchen equipment. A couple of years ago we took the DGKs for three weeks because driving would have taken up all our time. For that trip we went with GAH and could not have been happier. Well stocked with linens and towels and plates and silverware. New 31 foot Winnie Class C. Same thing as noted by someone else, the flights are almost all late night so they left a key for us and the beds were made. Check in and out were easy. Only problem is any left over food has to go in the trash unless someone checking in wants it. We were interested in going to the ARCTIC Circle and that was permissible and even up to the town above the circle. By the way on the Summer Soltice the sun is visible above the horizon from the BLM campground a mile north of the circle. I would recommend GAH to anyone they are great. By the by, they do run specials so check them out before you rent.
D.E.Bishop 08/02/15 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for merging

There are two laws that I noticed as we did a ten week trip around the USA that I think should be part of Interstate regs. In one state the have a fairly long stretch between the far right lane and the adjacent lane where changing lanes to the right is prohibited. I also saw a lot of people change to the right because the off ramp preceding the on ramp has space due to drivers exiting. I think it opens up a lot of real estate for merging vehicles from the on ramps. The second is a law that says when you get to a merge right or left, you are suppose to do that as soon as it is safe, not speed up and force your way in at the last minute. Those are just two of many laws that are really just common sense IMHO.
D.E.Bishop 08/02/15 05:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does A/C turn off automatically climbing hills ? Ford F53

Nonsense. Mine does not leak. Any tech worth his pay can find and fix the leak in the a/c. Leak was a wrong choice of words. I should have stated that when the engine goes to zero vacuum, the demand on the vacuum from the After market AC systems uses up the small amount of vacuum in a few minutes. I state this from working on Dash AC motorhome systems for 36 years and after numerous various manufacturers attempting to replace actuators/hoses/vacuum reservoirs, they ALL stated, this type problem is NORMAL. If you want to eliminate the problem, you install the 12 volt vacuum pump on Gasoline Class A chassis. Even Diesel chassis's, you will get customers that come in and complain about this buzzing noise they hear while in transit for a few seconds all the time. That noise is the 12 volt vacuum pump replacing the used/lost vacuum. It runs for about 1 minute after the RV has not been driven to vacuum up the system and then runs a few seconds whenever the vacuum has dropped down. BUT, IT IS A NORMAL PROBLEM. Especially on Ford Chassis's. For the cost to use as mityvac and troublshoot the actuators and hoses to find a possible leak at a shop is way more than just purchasing a 12 volt vacuum pump and installing and eliminating the problem. Doug dougrainer, I am not a professional RV HVAC repairman and I've never knowingly has a vehicle with an aux pump. I can see in a flash that there are assist pumps from as low as $50 to as high as $500. I do, however, have a question for you, how do you hook the pump up to the vacuum system? I see pumps with a single hose connector and some with two. I kinda figured that the one connector pump needs a tee and is between the reservoir and the HVAC selector switch, the two line, I figured was an inline and would go in the same place. Second question, there are several pumps available for Ford trucks, is there anyone better than another. I want to file this away for future use as I have a Chevy based rig an I mine fixed and I don't have problems at this time. TIA Dave
D.E.Bishop 08/02/15 11:55am Class A Motorhomes
General information of replacing Kwikee step motors

Back on 10-11-12 I posted a short history of Kwikee Steps. It included a rough timeline for the different lift motors used by Kwikee and the post can be located at; Time Line If you are having any problems with a Kwikee step made by either Kwikee or Power Gear this is a pretty good source of information. What is missing is any part numbers for the IMGL motors made by AMEquipment in Jefferson, OR. Would anyone having that information please PM me with the part numbers and year of step manufacture. I would also like to know if Lippert has continued using AMEquipment motors and that part number if different than the motor used by either Kwikee or Power Gear. It would also be nice to know the timeline for the ownership of both Power Gear and Lippert. I have not read much about the Lippert produced steps and maybe they are too new to have had many failures. They did change from the link arm system Kwikee had back to the exposed gear that Kwikee dropped in 1999. Just interested in keeping up to date and all new info will be included in my timeline.
D.E.Bishop 08/02/15 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical cord wrapped in a circle cause problems?

This has been very informative. I never fully understood theory of drift or EMF and Counter EMF and while I still don't I now understand the theory of the pain in my side being directly proportional to the creative humor of a bunch of guys who like to extrapolate and confuseigate (I just made that word up) a truly important issue that had been logically answered in plain English. Thanks to the Mods on this page for letting the thread go on forever or at least until the tears in my eyes made me quit reading. It has been fun.
D.E.Bishop 08/01/15 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: Does A/C turn off automatically climbing hills ? Ford F53

Nonsense. Mine does not leak. Any tech worth his pay can find and fix the leak in the a/c. Ductape is correct, they do not leak inherently leak. Back in the days when I was a newby, I had the same problem with the A/C on a P32 chassis mounted MoHo. I spent a bit of money on a RV repair shop "fixing it" with absolutely no luck. I was doing one of my infamous sit and ponder things when I decided to look into the vacuum system. Without doing a tedious step by step test description, I started with the source and tested every hose and actuator and selector switch in the HVAC's vacuum system. I have a MiteVac hand held vacuum pump. I finally found a actuator(motor) for a door that opened and closed the inside/outside air had a hose from the plastic vacuum tube to the actuator that sorta, kinda. almost maybe fit the tube from the actuator. In other words, I found that the installer used the wrong size hose in a very inaccessible place that neither fit the plastic supply line nor the actuator. Replaced the hose and, no more leak and therefore, no default to defrost when climbing long grades. On most systems there is HVAC panel that usually has about 6 or 8 vacuum hoses attached to it. One hose, usually the largest, is from the reservoir and the rest are to the actuators. Vacuum test each line to and from the reservoir and the actuators until you find one that won't hold a vacuum. When I called the shop that "fixed it", and told them that what took them a couple of weeks to fail at, I found and fixed in about three hours. I asked for the money backed that they charged for "fixing" my system because my troubleshooting durned up absolutely no evidence of any testing or repairs. There was dirt and dust on parts they suggested they had removed or replaced and tested. and finally when I told them to forget it, I would just let a Small Claims Administrative Judge decide, they returned my money. When I told the owner that I would be happy to come to his shop and without charging him a cent, teach his HVAC guy how to trouble shoot a problem like mine, he told me in some very vulgar terms to never darken his doorstep again.
D.E.Bishop 08/01/15 08:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical problem

I would go to Chris Bryant's blog site and see if he has the info you need. He has a great library and is a frequent poster on these forums. The info may not be there but reading the titles of what he does have is really cool and you may want to know later about a trouble that develops.
D.E.Bishop 07/31/15 09:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Border crossing with children

OMG GM, that's great, there were a couple of times I wished I had done that. Now that they are happy well adjusted human beings in their fifties, they're pretty cool. Now for my belief, we travel with our DGKs and follow to a "T" what our government says about taking them out of and back into the country. We have AAA insurance and their agents have always done a good job too. We got their parents together and sent them to the PO with the kids, photos of the kids and copies of their birth certificates to purchase Passports. Saves time and trouble on the ID side. In addition to their PPs, we use a Immigration Service online form that gives us permission to travel out of the country with them. Even when we flew up to AK with them we took PPs and non-parental travel forms, did not visit Canada but gives ID for our convenience.
D.E.Bishop 07/31/15 08:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How often do you cook in the RV

We cook most of our meals at our campsite. Our oven is well used and looks unused because we seldom cook something uncovered unless it requires browning the top. For splattery stuff I usually cook outside either on flat top over the fire or using our SS electric skillet. It's our home, not just a hotel/motel room. We use the facilities we bought and paid for, shower and toilet included. Actually I am more at home in the Bounder than stuck in the S&B.
D.E.Bishop 07/31/15 08:41am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Motorhome Entry Steps

I think that for a 2008 RV that the motor will have a phenolic housing over the motor gears. I don't know anyone that has identified those motors as being window lift motors or at least not for a Ford. They may be available from Amazon but none of you have given a specific part number. How about an little real help here. APOLOGY; Some of the step motors listed on Amazon are Ford specific. COMMENT: I suggested and feel it is fair to ask the OP to state what brand of steps, mfg and any part number on the motor. Also is the gearing on the motor in an aluminum or phenolic casting. Who really manufactured the steps. More later I'm being called by she who must be obeyed. (Edit) All this information would have helped. I believe in 2006 that Kwikee changed from Ford type lift motors and went to AM Industries step motors, they were very helpful at AM Ind. Then Kwikee sold to US Power Gear and they sold to Lippert. I would bet that Lippert is still using the AM Ind motors. Perhaps Chris Bryant will step in if he knows. My point is if you bought a motor from Amazon, which one for what set of steps manufactured in what year. Maybe yours are the same as the OP. By the way, the 888 manual is still the manual for the Ser. 32 steps and others. In answer to at least one question here, I wouldn't even attempt to order one of these, based on just a part number given. I in fact carefully matched it up by laying the old one on the floor next to my computer and studying it's every detail. Found there was more than one manufacture of this same motor ass'y as well, so it then came down to price and the reviews. Here' the one I went with for a single step Kwikee model step and it seems that one person ordered one of the same for his 1994 Ford Thunderbird power window.... Motor That is the same window lift motor that my steps use. I bought mine from Autozone and spent a little more than I think you did but my motor wasn't for a Thunderbird the one I bought was for a Ford F150 and it is also advertised for Ford F350's. The part number could have aided in finding the correct motor. I happened to look through a local parts store's catalogue and doing what you did compare what I had to a lot of lift motors.
D.E.Bishop 07/30/15 07:51pm Class A Motorhomes
Testing new photo posting

D.E.Bishop 07/28/15 12:58pm Forum Technical Support
RE: ATT GoPhone ----Anything Better??

I can say that if you want something cheaper your pretty much OOL. There are some weird ones that are sold on line or in Walmart and one of those may be cheaper but I carry one for emergencies not to save money. I thought I get the "Unlimited" plan from Verizon because they seem to have the best coverage. Now I have a proprietary phone I hate and can't even give it away. If you come up with an e inexpensive plan to compliment the AT&T plan, please let me know.
D.E.Bishop 07/27/15 04:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer - any good?

I had an Oregon Scientific unit with Atomic Clock and Indoor/Outdoor and memory. It died due to extremely high temps while RV was in storage for a couple of months(maybe 5 or 6 months). Loved that unit but OS added features to it and added features to the features and all I wanted is time and i/o temps with memory. Switched to Lacrosse and have the one mgirardo linked in his post, model TS-9160TWC-IT and transmitter(included with above model)TX29U. Actually I have three receivers but I only have two transmitters. I had mounted one transmitter in the propane bay, and during heavy rains and on a rough Missouri road and transmitter fell off the factory mount. So now I have a new Model 9160 and transmitter at home and I took the old receiver and a new Model 9160 and transmitter setup to our condo. One receiver upstairs and one receiver downstairs and one transmitter under the cover over our balcony, which feeds outside temp to both receivers. I also have a ACU-RITE model 00754W4 which I purchased from a Walmart after losing the transmitter during the storm. I use it on the road and do not mount permanently on the RV. It's like the antenna, listed on the pre-trip checklist, BRING IN TEMP SENSOR. DW wont't let me sit down until the check list is complete and we have a green board. That's submarine talk for having all the hull valves shut so we don't flood. For home I bought a white housing that looks like a bunch of paper plates stacked upside down and about an inch apart up on our old OTA antenna mast. Temp is much more accurate than mounting the transmitter anywhere else.
D.E.Bishop 07/27/15 10:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fridge hose on outside?

I don't want to start a controversy but what make, model and year of your fridge and do you have a manual or have you looked for one? My Dometic is older than most and the drain tube is also hard and brittle, mine terminates with the plug to keep bugs out and in a plastic cup. I was in an RV store someplace and saw the plugs and bought a package of two for about $5.00. I can't find Dometic fridges in my catalogs so just for kicks I'm going to Google them or look them up on Chris Bryant's site to see if any have the tube with a "U" trap bend in the hose.
D.E.Bishop 07/26/15 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Was having trouble with Frig.

I have a 1990 Dometic and it is bulletproof if you keep all connections clean. This is not to say it can't or won't fail, it is just in my experience with my fridge and a lot of Servels from the 40's and on that don't have processor based boards. I've had two "failures", both were contact failures. One required replacing a corroded faston and one just cleaning stuff. If one is not experienced with or not interested in learning trouble shooting, then the OP's decision is best with the exception of buying the board first.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/15 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator on Propane and stopping for Gas

I' guess that I'm lucky, I have three ways to turn off the propane to the fridge and use the simple on. I shut off the solenoid controlled by the propane detector and then just relight the fridge because my DW can hear it clicking if I forget to relight. I have to agree that there are those that don't and those that use common sense.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/15 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Selling my RV

sure sell it to them at 10% per day compounded. You have as good a chance of getting that deal as them sending you a check.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/15 11:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Largest RV Showers? Your Shower Size?

I don't know the measurements but it is bigger than the one on the submarine I was on.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/15 11:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Palo Duro canyon area campground

Don't miss the Petroleum Museum over in town. It is very interesting. Also the town is dry due to the College. In Amarillo is Seizemore's Travel Land, Jack and his son have built a really nice RV museum behind the store and sales lot.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/15 11:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Utah National Park tour

I hope the shuttle system has improved since we visited several years ago. The shuttle was so jammed we couldn't see anything. The purpose of the shuttles was to allow you to see the canyon without driving your own vehicle so why would they pack them so full there was absolutely no more standing room. IF, BIG if, we ever go back we will get a NP handicapped permit and sc#w the shuttle.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/15 10:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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