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RE: so is 29 ft the cutoff for not towing a toad ?

The DW and I are retired and we may be a little different in that we travel in and enjoy the four seasons. We do not do much when the weather is extreme, especially high winds or heavy snow. We hardly go anywhere without a towed. Even if we were "avid" cyclists, we would take a towed. There are too many examples of adverse conditions to list here but I get the feeling from your responses you don't care and really don't want an answer to your question that includes using a towed. You are able to bike and will. By the way, if I was still able to ride my Cinelli in a century that was above 7500' and had a total of 5400 feet of elevation change, I'd take my towed.
D.E.Bishop 06/26/16 07:11am Beginning RVing
RE: Water filter you change filter material

Hate to use the std response but how about some photos of housing and material?
D.E.Bishop 06/25/16 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: Use home sewer cleanout as dump station?

So many theories, so little information. If the OP wants to do it correctly, and not on the sly, he should contact Fresno Building Dept. nor RV.NET. I never thought of most of the possible problems, I ran a line to the outside of my home and use a SS because it uphill from my tank. Due to the draught I have not dumped at home for over a year. I go camping and the dump at the campground and contaminate their system with Los Angeles City water.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/16 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Favorite scenic drive?

Could we do this in 49 separate threads? I took us years to visit each continental state and it would take as long to list favorites in each state. Skyline Drive and BRP, are really big experiences but just itsy bitsy portions of more than one state. If I would have to pick one, I would not try.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/16 07:44am Roads and Routes
RE: Horn suggestions?

I put the Wolo Bad Boy from HFT on my bounder in place of the factory GM horns. Loud enough but lacked depth. Rewired the Bad Boy with a relay and reconnected the OEM horn. With both horns the sound is deeper and loud enough that some of the idiots that enter freeways without speeding up or letting cars doing freeway speed pass, do take notice. I have recorded the reaction of some of those jerks that are busily talking to a passenger or their non- hands free devices, they can be funny. Seeing a passenger's head whip around so hard he probably got whiplash and the back end of the car drop dramatically as the driver floored the accelerator when he saw me 10 feet away was priceless. The DW doesn't believe in honking for many things but when she is doing her best at defensive driving and folks just keep doing stupid things like talking with their hand held devices or texting and they make her lock up her brakes, she loves the horn.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/16 06:59am Towing
RE: cancer is back

I am so sorry to hear about your wife, there is an ever growing fellowship of folks that are free and considered survivors, so take heart. We have been living with IT for nine year with our eldest. Thought it was uterine cancer, turned out to be stage 4 colon cancer, five operations and several rounds of chemo and nothing for 24+ months. In the middle of the DDs treatments, I developed prostate cancer. Forty days of radiation. Now a survivor. I cannot talk(type) any more, I can feel the tension building. Keep Calm and Carry On, take trips when you can and study, study, study about what's new in treatment and what has helped slow the growth like diet. Sorry I have to go.
D.E.Bishop 06/17/16 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disney! be careful!!!

I thought that the youngster died at a hotel. Was the hotel actually a part of DW?
D.E.Bishop 06/15/16 11:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: My noodles have failed!

I know they're not fashionable but try the half or three quarter pipe insulation with the pre-split and with the adhesive on one side of the split. Put the adhesive on the outside, remove when storing slides. At a buck or so when purchased in ten packs you'll have some for a long, long time.
D.E.Bishop 06/05/16 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Total knee replacement

I have two TKR and one hip replacement, not yet mentioned is doing the PT as the key to success. I would ask the Therapist and or the surgeon if stair climbing,ie, your fiver steps canbe classified as PT. That is kind of a joke as I already know that most respond with "just be careful and have a ggood grasp on a hand rail. I was asked the evening after the surgery if I had any pain and how severe. I told my surgeon that my only pain was from laying in bed and that I had not been allowed up. His response was wait until tomorrow morning and the you can resume normal activities, such as you can in a hospital. So it all depends on your attitude, skill of your orthopedic surgeon and how badly you want to get out and about. I was only about 65 when I had the last knee done.
D.E.Bishop 06/05/16 10:29am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Kwikee Steps Won't Extend

I guess that I would start by disconnecting the linkage with the steps blocked so they can't extend. If the step motor works then you have a maintenance problem. The steps need to be lubed regularly. If the motor does not operate, refer to the section of Kwikee Manual #888 for trouble shooting procedure. If I remember correctly, your step motor will have the phenolic gear housing and I would bet it ain't a window lift motor but one that is proprietary to Kwikee. I forget the name of the mfg but they are in Oregon and are mentioned time and again in the Tech Issues. Check back more than 12 months. Sorry tp answer so late, we are on the road and the WiFi has been sketchy at best and usually non existent. If you have fixed your problem or at least identified it, would you let us know along with the solution. The previous post has the name for the motor supplier. Cheaper to deal direct than with Lippert if, they are still the owners.
D.E.Bishop 06/04/16 07:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: California smog RV surcharge

I'm a relative newby only had an RV since 1998 and I've never paid more for a smog check than was posted on the wall as required. Nothing about a surcharge for it being an RV.
D.E.Bishop 06/04/16 12:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Norcold refrigerator not working despite propane burning

We have a 14 year old Model #N842IM, I removed the ice maker because it is better to have the space all the time rather than make ice a few times a year when we sit still. It freezes ice cream in round containers very well. As of today I haven't had any reason to learn about absorption refrigerators so I cannot suggest a course of action. I did read here that it is possible that some scale caused by over boiling or out of level could come loose and block or partially block the tubing anywhere in the system. Maybe so, maybe not, I just read that.
D.E.Bishop 05/28/16 07:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holding tank odor

I have a feeling that your waste pipe from the toilet may be too long and the only thing that should do is reduce your time between dumps. You may have to measure your black tank height and the compare that figure with the distance from the bottom of the waste to the bottom of the tank. I had a similar problem with my newly purchased Winnie and I did a really great flush, cleaned and lubed the flappers in the AAVs, replaced the seal in the toilet(the bowl wouldn't hold water)and no more odor. I have a Tornado flush system. I also have a hose flush fitting on the elbow from the knife valve. No odor. Good luck.
D.E.Bishop 05/28/16 07:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Memorial Day - Where are you camping?!

We're in Blanding UT at Blue Mountain RV Park. We've been exploring around here down to Moki Dugway and Valley of the Gods. Explored the Needles area of Canyonlands yesterday. One more day here and then on to someplace else.
D.E.Bishop 05/27/16 09:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing 30 amp cable.

This summer will be my 62nd year since becoming a electrical apprentice and I have found the non-contact voltage detector really handy and have them in the RV, tool boxes and the kids homes for their safety. Both my daughters will change a switch or outlet before trying to get husbands to do anything electrical. I wanted them safe.
D.E.Bishop 05/19/16 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Black water tank flush

I'm a newby at this built in flush system and found it to be really easy and cleaned out the tank very well. I drained the tank first, Then connected the garden hose to my "Y", connected a second hose to the "Y":, I had to use a Sewer Solution to reach my home cleanout, 1" hose, Clear elbow on knife valve and then the SS, Left valve open, Ran water into the Tornado Flusher, Water started to clear, shut off hose and let it drain completely, Checked tank by looking through the toilet, Re-flushed tank, Checked tank with a dip stick, found to be really empty, Rinsed all SS parts, let sun dry, Rinsed and sanitized hoses attached to "Y", Sun dried everything and stored in appropriate bin. With two Fantastic Vents fans running on high in exhaust mode and toilet valve open, little or no odor from tank. Added requisite five or so gallons of water. I'm now ready for the dump stations using only the 3" Stinky Slinky and flushing at home. We're still on water restrictions so I hope all is well with how much water I sent to the treatment plant. I posted earlier about how bad the odor was when we bought this rig, got several hints from you'all and now we're clean and fresh and no additives.
D.E.Bishop 05/19/16 09:50am General RVing Issues
Follow up to "Blank tanl Odor Solution"

Back in mid April I posted about the horrid smell when vent fans were on and when dumping the tanks in our new to us RV. Following suggestions found here and after replacing the ball valve seal I solved the problem. Today was the first time I had a chance to dump and flush the tanks. Using my Sewer Solution so I could reach the clean out and the Tornado flush system, I now have a very, very clean Black Tank and a pretty darn clean Grey Tank. During the dumping processes, no order, after flushing, even with the vent fans on and the ball valve open no odor. Good think I didn't try to do this at a campground dump, it took about an hour and a half. It is amazing what in the case amounted to a lot of water can do to a black tank. There wasn't any POP as I had feared but there was a lot of crud. We leave Sunday or Monday for a couple of weeks without the embarrassment of that horrible odor when dumping. Thanks again to all of you.
D.E.Bishop 05/18/16 12:05pm Tech Issues
RE: America Lost a True Hero Patriot and My Friend

Thank God I had men like him to look up to and show me the way. I didn't know him as an individual but men like him were my idols. Bless him and his family.
D.E.Bishop 05/17/16 12:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Newbie mistake......

At my age I just roll with the punches and use my check off lists (If I remember) You know, I've got to add the water heater to my setup check list, if I can find the file on the hdd.
D.E.Bishop 05/17/16 07:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Off to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore

Angela, If you are at all interested in the history of the Indian Wars and would like a great read for your trip, buy "Voices of Wounded Knee" by Coleman. There is a place in the Badlands called "The Stronghold" and was important an locale during the wars, he mentioned it in his book. My DW and I loved the whole Badlands area and thought how beautiful it is, we stayed in the NPS campground there and really enjoyed the visitors center which is not to far up the road. All of the places mentioned so far are great and deserve to be viewed at a leisurely pace. Don't rush, take time to learn how important these places are. As someone said, "There ain't no place like this place anyplace".
D.E.Bishop 05/17/16 07:23am Roads and Routes
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