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RE: Costco GC2 spec

Good info...but I'm challenged. So....make it simple for me. Are these Costco batteries any good? X2. For those of us who do not need to analyze everything in mystical numbers, what does it mean in terms of performance. Will the performance be significantly less using one over the other?
D.E.Bishop 10/22/16 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

The beat goes on, the beat goes on Drums keep pounding A rhythm to the brain La de da de de, la de da de da :Z
D.E.Bishop 10/22/16 06:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Rest Areas in NC and ONP

Due to the lack of rest areas in California and the fact that many are closed for the foreseeable future, this may be a moot post, but the State of California does not allow ONP in their rest areas. They are intended to provide an area where drivers can relieve themselves and take a break from the road. That said, the question of how long does one need to rest to be an alert and safe driver comes to the forefront. This is not addressed by the MVC and is up to the interpretation of the LLEOs. For the most part it has been accepted that if you are not "camping", you can stay as long as you need to, be that 15 minutes or 8 hours. My recommendations is not to spend too much time in one but if you need a couple of hours sleep to be alert and safe driving on the highway, take the time. I don't think you'll be harassed. Any CHP officers out there that want to comment?
D.E.Bishop 10/21/16 08:50am Roads and Routes
RE: Wiper blades

I have a 2002 Winnie 32V and buy whole blade assemblies from any discount place that sells them. There are different mounts from different makers. I think I had to remove one rivet to install mine. Bought one replacement set for our first rig at full dealer markup(roughly 500 percent), never again.
D.E.Bishop 10/20/16 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wind and road noise in late model class A gas?

In reply to the comment, "Simple question", no it isn't. I doubt anyone has done a noise level/cause study, the answers you are getting are "opinions". For instance our Bounder with a 454cid V-8 was extremely noisy, our Winnebago with the V-10 is not bad. So in essence my experience validates your experience. But I wear hearing aids in part due to those da** Marine Cannons used in ceremonial 21 gun salutes and I can't hear all my wife can hear. So however unfortunate it is, it's going to be a tough decision just using other folks opinions. We love our Winnie and the noise is minimal in our opinion. We listen to music, make phone calls and talk to one another with ease. But maybe after having owned the Bounder our expectations were lower than yours are and the Winnie might drive you nuts.
D.E.Bishop 10/20/16 08:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Buy Class C with Delamination if price is right?

I'm of the opinion that it is a real gamble and your being asked to pay a very high entry fee to the game. I think the repair bill will be $5000 dollars and several months in the shop. So from average NADA deduct the repair cost(get a couple shop estimates) and if acceptable(I can't see it being) go for it. But Running Shoes are cheaper and better that damages and repairs. I'd keep looking.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/16 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What would you do differently "next time"?

We have had two motor homes, a 1990 Bounder 27D with twin beds and the Adventurer 32V in my signature, the Bounder was the first and became the love of our life, the Adventurer is obviously the second and it is great but we really miss the Bounders bedroom. So what would I(we) do differently, not much, the Bounder was great except for the lack of room in the front and sunburned exterior plastic parts. So perhaps look for a somewhat shorter model than the 32V with twin beds and a front slide. The DW wanted a sofa and a dinette, I wanted something that had less plastic tacked onto the outer skin. Not that is any longer important as they are teenagers now, but the DGKs love the Adventurer. They love the mechanized convertible sofa and the DGS kicked me out of the swivel rocker/recliner. We can take that for the benefit of having them in our lives. The adventurer has so many features we didn't have before and changing much would make us pine for it just like we did for the Bounder.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/16 09:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Yellowstone Madison CG to Cody Day trip

I do have some compassion for you regarding steep assents and descents being as how the highest point on the FL Penn is only 312 feet. Our home in Los Angeles is about 900 feet in elevation and most folks feel it is a steep and windy drive up here. I also think you're going to miss out on a lot of fantastic locals without learning to drive in the mountains. Brakes and compression will keep you safe and the speed down without any odors from the car. Come on you can do it.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/16 07:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Affordable Monthly/seasonal RV park recomm. in Oregon?

McKinny's Marina and RV in Waldport. But that depends on what you consider a big town. I forgot to mention, they do have a grassy tent and dry camping area.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/16 07:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Light bulb ohms. What the heck is going on here?

I worked as an electrician in the field of traffic signal systems. In the city of Los Angeles there are 4500 intersections that have TS controls and use about 350,000 light bulbs(lamps). As you can guess there are a lot of failures most of witch are caused by powering on the individual lamps at full voltage. Hitting the filament with 4 amps(+/-) creates a lot of damage and is where lamps usually fail. In the eighties we decided that the technology was advanced enough that using a "Soft Start" switch was feasible and would pay for it's self in a short period of time with lower failure rates. Today there are about 125,000 solid state switches that are used to turn on the lights at signalized intersections in L. A. City. Very basically what happens is that the 5vdc switch is energized and it starts applying ac voltage from 0 volts rising very rapidly to 120 volts and it starts a "0" degrees on the AC cycle. I'll be honest, I can't for the life of me remember how the decrease in failure rate using a "Soft Start" solid state switch saves in power consumption and lamp failure over the use of coil and armature relay switches. Another bit of useless information brought to you courtesy of a stuck at home RV owner, stuck in a S&B doing Honey does and refurbishing said S&B.And you're welcome.
D.E.Bishop 10/19/16 06:59am Technology Corner
RE: Winnebago Vista 30 vs Thor Ace 30.1

Sorry, double post.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/16 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Vista 30 vs Thor Ace 30.1

I have never owned a Thor product but we have looked at them and I'm not impressed. My wife really liked the 27.1 when it was introduced, more honestly she liked the "U" shaped dinette. When I showed her the short cuts in construction and then showed her the way Winnie did the same thing, she agreed that there is a great difference in the two. Now several years later, the Thor rigs have some of the features Winnies have and look much better that three or four years ago. I would still put the quality of my Adventurer up against the Thor. But then again I still think that the 30.1 is an entry level MoHo where the Adventurer is definitely in a higher class. Still, the floor plan of the 30T may not work as well for you as the 30.1.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/16 08:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Resolution to previous post 're fuses not working

ricelake922, I guess you tech is right but it seems pretty extreme and I can't believe there are 18 items causing parasitic draws on the batteries. Good luck on what ever you do.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/16 07:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: sawing stainless steel ?

Bumpy, you could try the hack saw with the scrap your going to use to test the using your dremel and 4.5 angle grinder. I just cut some 1/4-20 all thread for battery hold down bolts and did it with a 12 point hacksaw blade. Of course I buy good quality British or USA made saw blades. If it works, it'll be faster than installing the 4.5" grinder disk. All thread ,and stainless are worlds apart in what it takes to cut them. Good quality stainless will eat saw blades up. BTDT I guess that I just assumed as we were talking about Stainless, that everyone would figure out so was I. Bumpy didn't state he was using cutlery grade stainless, and I just figured he was using something he could buy at a good hardware store. So I will say, I'm sorry for leaving out stainless in my description and I will agree with you that some stainless alloys are harder than the hubs of he!!. Sorry. By the way what does "BTDT" stand for?
D.E.Bishop 10/18/16 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: Radiator heater hose to hot water tank?

I guess I've got a classier rig than I thought, not only does mine have "motoraid" but it is bigger than that 6 gallon thing the Bounder we use to own had. Now we can get in one 7 minute shower with out turning on the water heater. Just teasing some of you, we can both shower upon arrival at campsite, too bad we can't both fit in the shower at the same time though.
D.E.Bishop 10/18/16 07:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: For all our norther friends

What is this "WINTERIZING" you speak of. Why do you stop camping when the temps drop to seasonal lows. Why do you put that minus sign in front of temperature numbers. If I wanted cold temps today I'd go to Buffalo where it will only be 80 degrees today. After all that is normal for Rose Parade viewing. I guess we can't all live in the Los Angeles Basin(also called the Mojave desert west).
D.E.Bishop 10/18/16 07:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Class A advice

Well Al, I've owned only a bounder and a Winnie, I have loved them both. Neither is perfect but both had/have great features and accessories. I have heard great things about both Tiffin and Newmar and in my opinion it boils down to floor plan first and price second. If price is of no great concern, it boils down to floor plan and even though not mentioned earlier, the bright work and upholstery. I think I would look at Newmar first, just because I have read far fewer negative things or problems with Newmar. That doesn't mean the other two are not great.
D.E.Bishop 10/17/16 10:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Resolution to previous post 're fuses not working

Ricelake922, I think there is something missing from the equation, perhaps it is a relay or something else very simple. I can't examine the fuse block but if one side is working and the other is not makes me wonder. I'm sure you're going to find the problem and I would suggest a little piece of test equipment that might make it much easier. With the maze of wires and how tightly they are bundled(in my rig at least)into a loom, following the wire is near impossible. And with all the various ways they are held together, like zip tys and abrasion guards to cut through it is tedious. These might help: Wire Tracers I like the Sperry Model ET 64220 by Gardner-Bender. They range from about $50 to $60 including S&H. There may be some crosstalk if your wire looms are as tight as mine but the signal is clear at the end of the wire. They are really easy to use getting to the terminus of the wire is the hard part. On most fuse blocks there is a common buss bar to all the fuses. Did you look for that? If you have power to one side and not to the other I would look into that first. You could have two separate inputs to the block. Lots of fun questions.
D.E.Bishop 10/17/16 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tongue jack issue

Now is the point in time where you gain a personal knowledge of the fuse, wires, switches and motor of your tongue jack. You get to start by removing the fuse and reinserting it. Check the tightness of the screws from the fuse to the motor. Check the cleanness of the wire lugs and switch terminals. Check the switch for an odd feel when actuated. Check the gears(if any) and lubrication. When everything checks out okay is when you find out why some of us are bald, some to white hair and some to whipped out the plastic so often it melts. Sometimes the problem will manifest itself and stops forever but more often you will end up checking everything over and over until you find the problem. Changing out suspected bad parts is sometimes the easiest procedure but it can be very, very expensive. Mechanical switches are a weak link fortunately they are usually inexpensive and if you can't find the problem, it may be worthwhile to change it out. Motors are most often the next weakest link. And ask anyone who has purchased a motor from a dealer to replace a Ford window lift motor used in a Kwikee step. All you can do is persevere.
D.E.Bishop 10/17/16 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: Owners Info Package

Joe, welcome to the forums, it's always nice to greet a new member. It is pretty hard to find full owners manuals for Rigs that old. It's uncommon for owners to keep it all together and leave it when selling. Some specifics of what you want info on might get us headed in the right direction. If you haven't tried searching Google for the whole package you might try that. Ebay also has some stuff for sale. I know that my 1990 Bounder didn't have any really helpful stuff for the house. All the appliances were in the package but nothing else. Good luck. David
D.E.Bishop 10/16/16 10:22am Class C Motorhomes
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