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RE: Water pump not working

I'm on my way from Tahoe to Mammoth Lakes on Saturday, if you are near 395 I might be able to stop and help. PM me.
D.E.Bishop 09/16/14 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: Water pump not working

I'll go along with All58Parks, either there is a valve or a plugged line somewhere. I'd start by disconnecting the output line from the pump and run the pump. If the problem continues, remove the pump and disassemble the pressure switch section. If you don't find a blockage after removing the switch, replace the pressure switch assembly. They are available on line I'm sure or from an RV or Marine Store. If the problem disappears after removing the output line, then close the valve from the tank to the pump and from the pump to the system and pressurize the system with your water hose attached to the city water inlet and check all the fixtures. I know that visually following the lines is hard but we all have that problem, you just need to be persistent and try. Almost all systems have a series of valves to shut off the water or by pass the WH and or the pump and isolate the fixtures. I wish I was at home where my system drawings are that show typical configurations, not locations(no one can show all of those)but configurations. Sometimes that helps make the job easier just knowing how things are configured. The system is very simple it's the confined spaces we have to work in that makes things difficult. Good luck and let us know what you find.
D.E.Bishop 09/16/14 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Rant about Rants

x2 I think it's also due to the fact they have dropped so many classes in schools that teach the simple basics of how to read and write the English language! :B I was going to ditto and then I remembered I have a college degree and thanks to our friend dyslexia and my SIL's computer, I have edited this post several times. Sort of kidding, but not really.
D.E.Bishop 09/15/14 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: What 1 Thing Should Every RVer Have

VOLT METER IMO, best serious answer so far! Jerry I agree.
D.E.Bishop 09/15/14 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical Problem

I'm going to make a suggestion here that will definitely reduce the problem or at least help find one if one should occur. When you buy a rig, look at the the converter/distribution panel and using a DMM determine what each 120 volt breaker and each 12 volt fuse controls and write the information down and keep it with your manuals. The original owner of our rig did this and he identified each wire and cable attached to the house batteries. I have used the list and it makes trouble shooting easier. I have also done this for the breaker panels for every house or condo we have owned. It's a simple and easy thing to do.
D.E.Bishop 09/15/14 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Purchased-Delivered out of state not for use in California

Jon, I think that in eliminating all the confusing legal speak and just figuring out the meaning of the tax code, "Yes". There are or were several caveats, one being the vehicle or vessel cannot be purchased, put in storage and left unused for at least 365 days and then brought into CA without paying the use tax. Many if not all adjusters require proof of use, i.e., fuel receipts, campground receipts etc. The tax code has been carefully crafted to confuse and deter the average buyer from evading the use tax. Very wealthy can however buy a boat in lets say Mexico and keep it there for a year and use it (or not) for a year and then bring it to CA. The provisions, however, do deter RV buyers from doing the same unless they are fulltiming. I usually don't add disclaimers, but this time I feel the need to say I am not a professional or experienced tax consultant.
D.E.Bishop 09/15/14 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Park between Pismo Beach & Los Angeles, CA

Halfway in between could be Ventura or Lake Casitas. Personally given your schedule I'd stay in Pismo Beach for a couple days ( RV parks to choose from), then move to Dockweiler (near Torrance for a couple more). If you do stay halfway, you'll have to contend with traffic at times on the southern leg to Torrance and some traffic through the heart of Santa Barbara going north. X-2
D.E.Bishop 09/14/14 11:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping World, must be pre qualified to look?

I don't like the prequalified or preapproved gimmick on any purchase. A lame a$$ sales jerk wanted my SS# before he would give me any info on a rig at the Pomona show, I don't want any jerl---- running a credit check when all I want is info. Besides, he told me the new TV's in the Georgetowns didn't need an antenna, the TV's were digital and no antenna required. Not too smart we spent a hour with the Winnie salesman and he had us sit down and have a ice cold bottle of water and asked uf for questions, he didn't give us a big spiel.
D.E.Bishop 09/14/14 07:45am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Big car, big cigar and no gas.

I don't classify spending 500K for a rig and having 150K a year income modest. That would allow us to fulltime in luxury. Well maybe adding in a towed would drop us down 1200 a year in available cash. You have most folks dream budget.
D.E.Bishop 09/14/14 07:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: kwikee step issues

I hate to get into this so late but to hopefully answer your question, in 1999 Kwikee changed the whole system. The three biggies were the controller, for instance the new one had the last out feature and the old colored ones did not; they changed motors, several were tried and there are several different lift motors in about five years; the third biggie is they changed the magnetic door switch from normally closed(door open) to normally open(door open). I would guess that you had a pre-2000 system and while it may look the same it isn't. When you told your supplier you had a 2000 model MoHo the supplier didn't ask for the number of the controller and sell you the door switch. This happens a lot with anything like a motorhome whose manufactures buy individual components from outside vendors and don't make them in shop. Monaco may have bought more than they needed for the 1999 production year and instead of sending the old style to surplus used them until the old model was exhausted and you ended up with a brand new out of production model.
D.E.Bishop 09/13/14 07:41am Tech Issues
RE: Hidden Camera's in campgrounds

updated link; link Our daughter works for Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, she says that they use them to monitor certain areas where illicit activities are occurring. And yes someone does scan the memory for images but that is done by LEOs or scientists and they don't watch the videos per say. It seems that most of their recordings are made in specific areas of illicit goings on and not a general, Lets set up a trail cam and see who we can catch. I think that if asked, most LEOs on here would say the same thing and, that they would not give you any information specific to and investigation. It has been my experience that most folks using the DVRs, trail cams or what ever you want to call them are not on fishing expositions. A lot of them however are not very open and won't say anything at all. They have a misplaced sense of their own importance and that you don't need to know anything as important as their operations. Others will just say I can't tell you the exact purpose but it is part of an ongoing investigation. That is SOP. There have been many times the media gets hold of stuff like this and blow it out of proportion !and! expose an ongoing secret investigation and ruin it. Like I said this is my experience.
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Which Garmin? 560, 2757,2797

I don't know what model of our first Garmin was but we have a 2555LMT and we haven't had any problems with that one either. The DW said she didn't think we needed the bigger screen but has since changed her mind. It has the 5" screen and split screen showing interchanges and multiple lane splits and the audible is great. The directions are great and even though it only has a female voice, we're very happy. I like the computer, mostly useless info but it is interesting to see how much delay time you experience each day. We're not fond of the setting for secondary or non interstate roads, now that we know it's a pain and will direct us off onto city streets when passing through a small town we plan ahead. Biggest thing for us is the 5" screen.
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 08:24am Technology Corner
RE: TV Not Getting Signal/TV reception.

To check the amp in the batwing(about all you can do), disconnect the cable from amp to antenna and there should be 12.5 to 13.9 or so between shield and core. Here is how I would start. You know general direction thanks to Old-Biscuit, so aim in that general direction, turn on set, run through menu, select ANTENNA, run search and when it asks if you want to run again, select yes. If you do not get any stations, go somewhere and have it checked. My bet is you somehow missed the select input where you choose Antenna or Cable. Our new LG set at home has several choices when you select INPUT. Earlier set had just two, cable and OTA. Both sets in the MoHo have signal strength meters, I set the batwing close to where others in the campground are pointing and then run search and when first channel locks in I fine tune the direction.
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 07:54am Technology Corner
RE: HDMI to coaxial cable for DTV and surround sound system.

Well Paul, I'm glad to see you,re up and running. It is so nice when these little projects stay small and do what we want.
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 07:32am Tech Issues
Another CCA(cold crank amps) ?

I have a battery analyzer and the first thing it asks for is the CCA of the battery. Like many I have two 6volts, so do I double the CCA or use the CCA as if there was only one battery. Seems logical to use the single CCA figure rather than double it but I'm not a battery guru. I know most say the CCA isn't important but everything the analyzer does starts with the CCA. TIA
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: Fresh water hose kinking

Valterra makes a flat white water hose without the reel for $25. Instead of a $50 reel I coil mine up and put it in a heavy duty plastic mailing envelop from Boc City for $1.89. Had it since 1990, had to replace the end fittings but the hose is still good.
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 07:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full-Timing...what's your opinion...

Like Snomas, we have some roots that are hard to cut, DGKs being the most important. My wife in particular loves her quilting groups and the camaraderie, and I really like my garage/workshop. We found we could be gone for 10 weeks and not have many withdrawals but we still have them. The other thing is, we would have to sell off real estate in order to purchase a rig we feel we could fulltime in. DW just can't part with her home in the Sierra or her home here in Eagle Rock. For me, I need a break from the constant moving around. I am basically lazy and love sitting and watching but without a garage/workshop with a view to putter around in, I'm lost. I am finding with a couple of exceptions I don't want to see another DR. every time I do there is a major change prescribed in lifestyle. Sometimes the illness is better than the cure. The DW has heart problems and her DR keeps tweeking her meds and installing stnts and she's ready to go again, me when I have a problem there usually isn't any real permanent fix. The PRO however, is very enticing. We did a spring trip this year that coincided with the big Quilt Week Celebration in Paducah, KY and visiting the last five states on our map. Been to all 49 road available states in our MoHo. Now I have a list of 49 states that I must revisit. Most of those are places that I want the DGKs to learn about and to visit.
D.E.Bishop 09/12/14 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help planning SW trip please

You have a undefined period of time here, are you leaving Seattle between Christmas and New Years? If you are, I would head south into Arizona and New Mexico from Seattle. Sequoia and Yosemite can have freezes from Oct thru June. I don't mean one overnight, I mean days of freezing. We have been to Bryce NP in April and stayed at Ruby's when they had to plow the campground for six rigs coming in. This May and June we were in AZ, NM an TX and used mostly KOA's, easy to find etc... Places to visit should include, Quartzsite in Jan for show and to see 100,000 or so RVs spread over 18,000 acres of desert with little or no facilities. White Sands, the entire area is interesting, lots of testing of missiles and bombs there in the valley and the Monument is very unusual. Looks like Mammoth in winter(but flat)even the berms look like a snow plow had made them. Carlsbad Cavers and Guadalupe Mts NPs are fantastic. Lots of open area and lots of developed camping. I forgot about Sonora Desert Natl Mon. Really neat place as is Organ Pipe Natl Mon. I'd save the big ditch for returning home, also Canyon de Chelly Natl Mon(pronounced de shay) and all of Navajoland. Lots and lots of Indian Dwellings that more than rival Mesa Verde NP in CO. Must see there is Hubble's Trading Post. Say hello to Daniel if he is working and to the ladies in the gift store. Most are First Nations People and love their heritage. Texas is to big for me and takes days of driving to get anywhere. Going north later in the spring hit Grand Canyon, Page and Lake Powell the Grand Staircase - Escalante Natl Mon and then into Utah for the other Canyons and Arches NP. Don't know what rig you have and what you want except for 50 amp and I don't really know about that. Bryce Cyn NP is not a Canyon at all but is one of the most beautiful of the red rocks area. Zion for us was disappointing, no real handicapped buses. The buses were so jammed that sitting down you can't see anything so if you need to sit, get a handicapped sticker from rangers and drive yourself. You miss the narration but get to see things. From there it's I-15 south to Orange county and DL. St George has some great areas too and if you want to see Vegas, Oasis RV park has full facilities including a desert oasis type swimming pool. Well at least it has sand around it. I believe it's Valley of Fire St Pk north of Vegas, nice park. Then from DL going north you can hit Yosemite and Sequoia. The north rim of the GC NP opens after May 30 so you would probably have to save that for another trip. There is another park in Nevada to see and that's Great Basin NP. It's kind of out of the way but there is a loop from I-15 back to I-15 between Payson UT and Beaver UT. Now that you're worn out and ready for rain head home.
D.E.Bishop 09/10/14 07:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Palo Dura Canyon

Our preference is the Mesquite campground which is the furtherest down the Canyon. The Park has several good day hikes with The Lighthouse being the one not to miss. The Panhandle Plains Museun in Canyon is well worth a visit. Hope you enjoy your stay. I agree that the Panhandle/Plains Museum is well worth the time. The entire town of Canyon is very nice and is a college town but it is dry. In Amarillo is Siezmore's RV Land and RV museum. That is also worth a stop. Jack and his son took us on a tour of the new section and their plans are fantastic. No Charge and a good RV store too. They have the converted bus from the movie RV and the first ever Itasca. There is a RV park on the east side of the highway and north side of Palo Duro Cyn Rd, very close to the hwy but lower and pretty quiet. That time of year you will have pleanty of elbow room and full hookup.
D.E.Bishop 09/09/14 09:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Thor ACE ahead of the competition

I am just a little confused regarding posters names, so I will just say what I see here. There are the Pros and the Cons and for whatever reasons each has, this post is really a bad read. I think that the OP screwed up by writing he didn't want to hear from the bashers and that brought the most virulent bashers out. I don't like the low end Thors, just my preference. I want a little more of a status symbol and ego feeder. There I said it, anything above the ACE level is ego feeding. If one can afford it fine, but not everyone needs to feed their egos or has the money to do so. The ACE series is selling and there aren't many used for sale so they must be reliable, and what folks like and want. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Good luck to you ajsrangelo and keep the shiny side shiny and most of all keep it up.
D.E.Bishop 09/09/14 07:18am Class A Motorhomes
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