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Bought some hearing aids today

I have tried hearing aids three time in the last 20 years and never could stand them. Last night I went to Costco and was tested and given a demo of some brand new ones. They are Quintra models from Rexton(Siemens) and after the test and programming I was sent out into the store to see if they helped. I almost left without returning them. One of my biggest problems was highly amplified background noise, not with these. I could talk on my cell without using the speaker, hear individual voices in a crowd and a host of other good things I haven't know for decades. I have a great HMO but they own the distributor that you have to use and I am entitled to free aids and disability due to service related problems. Pass on the HMO, not good people dispensers, Passed on VA, I have a great plan and a great retirement and there are other that don't and need the VA money more than I. These aids are fantastic, can't wait for delivery of mine in the next two weeks.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 05:58pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Trip to Quebec - french translation things

one in particular that I approached gave the height the height only in meters All measurement in Canada are METRIC. Lenght, height, speed, distance, temperature..... all metric .... and you do not need any specific translation tool... just start with a smile, try one or two french words (even if it sounds awful...and you will generally be treated courteously. Welcome to Quebec I agree about the smile and a cheery hello. As far as speed, temp, distance, I can do those in my head, volume(liters of gas to gallons use pencil and paper but at 90 kph on a blind curve, you better have your height memorized in meters. Met two guys who were so much fun, one selling propane and one running a RV park in Sheddiack(I can't spell English words don't hold me to French). They were helping us with pronunciation and laughing at our speaking French with a Mexican accent. We're from LA what do you expect. We correspond regularly with a young French girl we met in Joshua Tree National Park and her parents. She is our adopted French Grand Daughter and we were her American anchors when she was an intern at an Arabian Horse Ranch in CA. She is working in Australia on an Arabian ranch. She would rather be here in So Cal. she feels there is a better work ethic. Her parents were thrilled to have someone she could visit with and get a home cooked meal or who she could cook one for. One day our Grand Daughter will visit them and be treated like royalty. Just plain folks.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 05:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Kwikee steps

Brick, I'll tell you what I would do to make life easier. If you remove the cotter key from the clevis pin that connects the gear assembly to the steps and then remove the four 1/4 - 20 nuts and lock washers that hold the entire assembly to the steps. Of course you should follow all the safety procedures and all those things people tell you about as disclaimers. Once the two cables are disconnected and the clevis pin and nuts are removed you can sit comfortably at your workbench and start dis assembling the motor gear assembly. There will be three cap screws holding the motor to the gear assembly. After you remove the motor, test it to see if the drive gear is rotating. If the gear is rotating, assume for a minute that the motor is okay and take the cover off the gear assembly and check the gears in there. Of course if the gear doesn't rotate or if is is jerky and skips disassemble the gear housing that is part of the lift motor and see what is bad. If it is the big gear in the gear housing, you can buy a kit to rebuild the gear assembly. If it' the gear in the motor assembly you will probably need a new lift motor. There are several different motors that have been used and I wish I knew where you can get one for $30/40. Most are in the 50's. There are several posts regarding what the numbers are from AZ, NAPA and others. Just make sure that the motor you buy is an exact duplicate for the one you are removing. Chris Bryant has great info on here and his website. I have written a couple that I think are very accurate and there are others. Search back a couple of years. Judging from age of your rig the lift motor will have an aluminum gear housing attached to the motor and there are several different ones that were used by Kwikee. If the gear housing that is intrigal to the motor is phenolic it is from a company in Oregon and you can buy directly from them at a reduced rate. I don't have the print outs of who the company is or the guy in parts to talk to but it is in several posts on the forum. I just want to reiterate that removing one clevis pin and four nuts and having the entire assembly out on your work bench makes it so much easier than laying on your back working overhead in a cramped space. Good luck and let us know what happens.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 02:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trip to Quebec - french translation things

I will make one very important suggestion. There are underpasses and tunnels in several spots and one in particular that I approached gave the height only in meters. If you do not know your height you should and going to Canada you should know the metric conversion so you do not have to do math in your head while driving in a strange city. To convert, multiply the height in feet, times 0.3048 to get meters. My rig is 11 1/2 feet so multiply 11.5 X 0.3048 = 3.51 meters. I allow 3 to 4 inches extra to compensate for uneven road surfaces.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 11:28am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Door won't close without slamming it

Kwikset came out with a strikers plate years ago with a button of nylon where the latch hit the plate. Not the best set up but a good idea. What I have found over years of building, remodeling and using these latches is that money helps. High quality equipment generally works better than spec stuff. But lets just assume you have a mid range setup. Smoothing the unfinished edges of the parts that side against one another and applying a film of lubricant can make all the difference in how things work. TriMark door latches are notorious for having crappy finish on the potmetal casting. Some 1500 or 1800 wet or dry paper will polish the parts and make them slide. When I buy a wood plane iron, I polish it until it is mirror like. You need half the effort and get a better cut if you do.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: How to clean microwave turn table

Howard, the caramelized/baked on grease on the bottom is probably grease that vaporized and then condensed on the plate. Happens on skillets and other appliances used for heating grease or oil to higher temps. I don't think there is a magic solutions to cleaning these items, elbow grease and some type of abrasive is one answer but my fav is replace the darn things. This does not apply to cast iron cook wear. It's supposed to look that way.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 08:10am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: cost of storing your RV

$155/Mo in Simi Valley CA for a 34 foot back in space. I have about 2' on either side for clearance. Pretty average for a park and lock space within a say, 50 miles radius of the RoseBowl in Pasadena CA. Ours, however, is gated, video, IR and laser sensors. Pretty clean area, not much airborne crud. Full concierge service available, as well as some maintenance procedures. A couple good outside repair guys more or less on call. Price for applying sealant on roof joints, 6 tubes of caulk and one hour labor $120.00. Full service wash or do it yourself. Prep for trip including wash exterior, clean windows inside and out, check bodily fluids, check battery charge, fill water if you wish. Less than $100. Currently $10 septic charge for renters and $20 for non-renters. They are installing a septic system and greenbelt at which time renters can dump free, currently on a tank. Propane, ice, certified insect free firewood and bottled water available. When you return your rig you can park it and the staff will dump and flush, clean inside, vacuum, and in general make it ready for next trip and then park it for you. That's about $60/hour. Some services are really cheap some seem to me to be pretty steep. My seams on the roof need some touch up and that $120 quote seems really good for six tubes of dicor and application. $60/hour to remove old dicor if desired. Buff and wax a clean surface, $10/foot. Heavy oxidation and sunburn is a lot more but competitive. A full battery service for chassis and house batteries is available. Pretty much everything you would want done is available and like I said at a competitive price. Since they installed the recorders, the gate is never locked. Office is open 5 days a week and o some really busy weekends as they also rent, TTs, A's, B's and C's with setup in several campgrounds including a couple of State Parks. Nice folks good service and it's only an hour away from our home. Better than the $265 a month with limited services available near the house.
D.E.Bishop 07/24/14 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Heater inop when on battery

A check from point to point will quickly point out the place where the current flow is restricted. You may have adequate voltage but the current is too low. Remember P=IxE. If the voltage is there the current is missing. Here is where a high resistance test lamp helps or a direct current reading DMM is handy. Not all DMMs can read current flow by paralleling the load, some require placing the meter in series with the load.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/14 11:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1999 Ford V10 Cooling Fan Clutch problem

I'm not familiar with Indiana but our clutch fan froze near Granite City(East St. Louis) and we found a truck shop with a really great owner who got us in and out in half a day for about $250 or maybe $200. I don't remember(CRS) or Old Timers Disease, your choice. The Chevy dealer recommended him.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/14 07:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: LP tank testing itasca 1992

I have to agree with all suggesting a full service dealer. There is one near us and while the owner is a grumpy old f@rt, he becomes very concerned if you mention leak. Very diligent and good prices. Drove by last week and propane was $2.09 if you got 20lbs or more. Don't know how much for a single cylinder as I always get more than the 20lb min.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/14 07:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Funny noise coming from ?

Poor QA.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/14 07:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 454 Running Hot

turbojimmy, I have a real question, I'm not trying to be a smart a$$. Why is the clutch fan irrelevant at hwy speeds? Mine cycles on long grades and there is a noticeable drop in temp when it kicks in. It is new and was put in just a few weeks ago, the old one froze up on us in Indiana. My MoHo is Chevy based 454 also. On edit, read about the filler tube and possible new radiator. I had mine recored rather than replaced, it was cheaper and according to the radiator shop owner the tanks were brass and not aluminum or plastic which seems to be the way they are going. Anyway, recoring takes care of the filler tube location, mine is extended too.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/14 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Personalized plates

SEEUSA for the MoHo and RVPSHR for the towed. Not too original but we've been to all 49 continental states in our rig, just like many others. Also it is a take off on an old Chevy ad that Dinah Shore used to sing during commercials on her variety show, "See the USA in your Chevrolet, America is asking you to call", we did in our Chevy powered Bounder.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/14 11:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Macerating/dumping into septic system vent stack.

Just a suggestion, why not contact a system installer and ask, hypothetically of course. You might get the answer you are looking for or one that could save you money and an unsanitary mess in the future. I can see no reason to involve a government official that may or may not know how your system is constructed. If you are worried and feel the need to notify the local building department, go to the contractor and find out what he would do, then armed with that knowledge go to the Building Dept. As far as dumping your tanks occasionally being considered as adding a bedroom, HUMMMM.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/14 10:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wind generators not common?

We were at the Panhandle... museum in Canyon TX, that's about 13 miles so of Amarillo almost on the University campus. They had several exhibit of windmills, mostly for water pumping, including one made by Fairbanks-Morse. In one corner of the upper floor I believe was a couple of wind turbine generators. There was one that was specifically for 12 volt DC. It is still being built today and with TX as big and empty as it is there are quite a few places that aren't wire for 120 AC. It was a small rig with a fairly slender mast. That said, it still may not be workable for RVing. Wish I had my camera with me but alas it was in the MoHo.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/14 02:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Bacon Jam

OH my!, my DGS is going to love this. It wasn't until Scouting that he really developed a taste for bacon and now he loves almost anything bacon flavored. I think if he could put bacon on his bacon and double the flavor he would. I'm going to find a recipe and give him a pound of thick sliced and the rest of the ingredients. He has passed on a bacon flavored soda that his favorite sweets shop carries and I pass on the bacon flavored beer.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/14 08:25am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: 10 year rule

Thomas, I'll put my two cents worth here. If you only plan on being her a few years, how about a recycled rental unit. They may have high mileage but most have been well maintained and look good. Ask IAMICHABOD, he posted about his experience on 05/07/12. I have talked to him a couple of times and he is very helpful. As far as the 10 year rule. The only places we have found that are very strict about the rule are in Oregon. Both on the coast and both are RESORTS where you buy the right to park on their property and they only allow COACHES. I'm sure there are others all over the country but I've never been asked. At the Oasis in Las Vegas, we were asked if we had any broken or cracked windows. Seemed weird but in retrospect, I can think of a few reasons. Don't know zippedy do dah about Eugene but there are quite a few places from Westlake north to Lincoln City that have year round full time residents. Some are very nice and some are seedy. To paraphrase a friend, "Living at the beach is a lot like sex, When it's good it's very, very good, and when it's bad, it's still pretty good". I'll bet near Bend are a few and down as far as Roseberg off I-5.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/14 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Need recommendations: Drinking/RV/Boating Hose

Drive over to Thousand Oaks to Coast RV and pick up what you need/want. Nice store, nice folks. I have a flat white hose that the OP bought in 1990. Coils about 1" thick and 12" diameter. I replaced the ends with Gilmore repair ends and other than scratches on the surface of the hose it's fine. Unless we are staying put for three or more days, I use the water from the tank. I agree about the regulator going on the spigot and then the hose. Only problem I know of is you might forget the regulator and then it gets sold for $2.00 as used in the store. During the last year or so I've seen a lot of "Y"s and regulator in campground stores. Never seen an adjustable regulator with a gauge in the store. Maybe for >$50 folks remember those.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/14 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Expense , money etc etc

We're not "Rich" but we do travel a lot and use every mode available, we took the DGKs to the Galapagos and Amazonia, eight days in the islands and seven days on the continent. Cost a few years back was $20K. In contrast, ten weeks in the MoHo going to 37 states and seven Canadian Provence's was less than half of that. That included overhauling the furnace back in Elkhart. My point is, our budget allows for these things and I don't even know what the costs are unless someone asks the DW and I overhear the answer. It is our lifestyle and we enjoy going there to do that and buy the T shirts. It's hard to quantify the costs for RVing as we all are a little different and go for so many reasons, only fuel and camping can really be estimated. The rest of the costs are costs that you incur living at home. Buy the rig, fill the tank and turn the key, then go and make memories.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/14 08:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Windshield Washer Nozzles

I too think they are adjustable but in my experience you will need a paper clip to fit in the hole and turn the little ball. We have an Explorer and that is the nozzle they use as does my Sidekick and Grand Vitara and most of the late model vehicles.
D.E.Bishop 07/20/14 03:46pm Class C Motorhomes
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