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RE: Out West whirlwind 2-week trip report

What a lovely way to "Smell the Roses".
D.E.Bishop 07/24/16 06:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: $30 mini batwing at Fry's electronics

The description and picture looks like a non-amplified batwing of old, only smaller. I wonder if the booster will work with this one. If it will, I think I'll buy one for our friends home on the OR coast and see if it will bring in any stations. Didn't see a couple of the links, says it has a preamp if I read correctly. For $16, I'll pick one up tomorrow and try it where we camp next week.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/16 01:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Do shops ever fix something on the first try?

I had taken our Bounder(now for sale)in for the same problem to some very highly acclaimed shops here and even in Hesperia. I have no idea how much I spent and finally found the correct diagnosis on the forum and IRV2. It cost me less to buy tools and materials to verify and fix the problem than any of the shops charged me to repair things that weren't broken. A very reputable shop told me over and over that it was an electrical problem and not a lack of fuel as I kept insisting it was. I finally put a temporary fuel pressure gauge on the dash and drove around and found that I lost fuel pressure intermittently. The part needed cost $18 dollars and was almost impossible to find. I installed a relay of my own choosing and that was in my tool box as a spare and have not had any problem since. When I stopped by and told the owner of this very reputable shop what I found, his reply was, "See it was an electrical problem". Two months he had the RV and couldn't find it, I found it in four hours by doing what he said would prove nothing. No I do not feel they are very good the first 20 times around. If the vehicle doesn't have OBD port where they can plug in their computers, they are lost
D.E.Bishop 07/23/16 10:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Produce inspection California

pira114, The inspection stations existed long before the Mediterranean fruit fly. I remember then when we were still driving a 1946 Chevy. We had that car until 1953. There have been restrictions and inspections since the 1930's or early 40's
D.E.Bishop 07/23/16 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you answer when a stranger asks about MPG?

I'll tell them that we get about 6.5-7.0 mpg and then say 'what does your house get'? (stole that from somebody as I thought it was a funny answer). They usually laugh. MM. I like your answer for those I think are really interested, anyone who is against our life style wouldn't care what I answered. A nice guy next to me at the Burbank Costco asked and my answer of my true mileage surprised him. He didn't think that pulling a car we could get up to 8.5 mpg. We ended up talking about the lifestyle and where we went last month and he seemed really interested in looking into RVs. After all, when you're at the Beach or in the Mountains or what ever suits you, I bet your BP and PR goes down from your regular work week levels. It's a healthy lifestyle.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/16 07:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Produce inspection California

SCVJeff, not to change the subject but, knowing your live up North from us, are you near the fire? We ate out at one of the trendy restaurants here in ER last night and it was like we had a few snow flurries the ash was so thick. I assume you are actually in SCV to the West of the fire and not in the Aqua Dulce area but thought I check. More in line with the direction this thread has taken, I got to thinking about all the CA Bashing on here and it is kind of comical. I did a little research on facts presented here and with the exception of the AG inspections, you can find several states that have the same or bigger problems as does CA. Pick a complaint and Google it in the context of "What State Has..." and you will find someplace worse than here. I am still upset by being called a communist, we had dinner last night with a friend from a former Communist Block Country and she loves CA. She follows our travels and can't wait to follow behind us to our favorite spots with her friends visiting from home. She feels our State is spectacular and people who live here are so happy and carefree. I guess it is a matter of life experiences and where you were raised.
D.E.Bishop 07/23/16 07:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Can we talk toilet paper?

Some time ago I did the half a jar of water and TP, shake for thirty seconds test with baby wipes, next morning it had changed a lot. It did not dissolve but it did turn to a gelatinous mess that wouldn't pour out of the jar. I did report it here and there were a few then that agreed, now it seems the rest of the world has caught up with RVers in that respect.
D.E.Bishop 07/22/16 09:07am Truck Campers
RE: Produce inspection California

It is amazing, someone who does not know when to capitalize or how to spell has to bash California. We have our problems, but, we have more people living in this state from other states... Got the idea. Like Mom used to say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".
D.E.Bishop 07/22/16 08:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Parking in front of my house

sorry computer is ending operations on it's own accord. Lost my thread.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/16 01:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: Sewer smell from roof vent (UPDATE)

When we bought our Winnie we got some horrible odors from the black tank and probably some from the gray tank. I repaired the biggest culprit, the worn flush ball valve seal and installed two new AAV's. They are mini-vents by Studor. Not cheap but work better than those $1.89 Camco things. We're taking the 16 yo DGD to the beach next week and I'll dump every other day and see if I still get any odors when dumping. I inadvertently opened the flush valve yesterday while the exhaust fan was running, there was almost no odor. I think all the flushing and cleaning I did to the black tank was partly the reason it does not smell very strong.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/16 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Produce inspection California

California's produce inspections are basically a waste of time and money. I am sure that sixty or seventy years ago they were of good intention. Today most States follow the same procedures in planting and growing produce and fruits. The Agricultural Inspectors may target some vehicles from certain states but I doubt it. A bigger hazard for all states are pests that infect our forests and woodlands. Dimensional lumber and bark/leaf free wood is acceptable going from state to state and from the US to Can and vise versa. Federal inspectors are a different story however. They can be set off for any number of clues and are prone to searches for pests. In all of our travels to all 49 continental states, Canada and Mexico we have been stopped for forbidden fruit twice. Once coming from Seniota into the US. Had a bag of California grown and labeled apples for our girls and once when my wife complained about having to pay $1.85 for A lime in British Columbia to be used in my V&T. Inspector spent about 10 seconds looking in the fridge and fifteen or twenty minutes just looking at the features in our rig(after asking if he could just look). It could have been a ploy but he asked a lot of what I felt sincere questions about RVs and RVing in general. So don't get to worried about the inspection stations.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/16 08:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Repair Outside Kitchen Door

FYI, Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue is a waterproof glue and bonds better than Titebond Original. I know, waterproof wood glue doesn't seem truthful but it is an exceptional glue for indoor and outdoor applications. We use it for gluing HardieBoard to wood sub-flooring prior to setting tile in kitchens and baths as well as fine household furniture. Great stuff.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/16 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: Can we talk toilet paper?

Just a quick note about SEPTIC SAFE TP. There may be a few unknown brands that can damage your septic systems digestive process but I bet that you wouldn't use it anyway. The "non-septic safe" TP of old is, "of old", the paper making process no longer uses the chemicals that slowed or stopped the digestion process. Labeling a particular brand as SS is a sales ploy. There are more brands of additives that use harmful chemical than there are TP's that use them. Motion, water and ventilation are your friends in an RV waste storage system not useless ads.
D.E.Bishop 07/21/16 07:30am Truck Campers
RE: Steps stopped working

Here are a couple of photos of the location of the circuit breakers. Most folks don't know there are some between the floor and top house step. The black tab in the picture is used to pull a cover off the cover over the CBs. The battery disconnect is also there. http://i.imgur.com/2OGf3I9l.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8 http://i.imgur.com/PNiGdkBl.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8
D.E.Bishop 07/20/16 04:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My "new" $2000 RV

nuget102, you have a couple good parts store close, both DeMartini and Camping World are pretty good if in a hurry for parts. By the way, welcome to the forums and for some reason your pictures aren't coming through in the correct size. Read the sticky in the "Technical Support" forum. I've found it easiest to have a short cut to the posting site and to put your fotos on your desk top, that way you can "drag and drop" them and when you attach them they resize them automatically size them. If you've got a Chevy chassis, several folks say the quadrajet carb is easy to rebuild. Anyway good luck.
D.E.Bishop 07/20/16 07:09am Beginning RVing
RE: '99 Bounder Front Door Lock

Sorry, I quoted the wrong info. I looked at the wrong page. I'd give you the number from mine but I'd have to open mine up and you can do that to yours. The new catalog only has the new style of lock and doesn't list many replacement parts. Sorry again. Try this site, you'll need your key numbers; Site Link
D.E.Bishop 07/19/16 08:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converting Sony CRT to flat screen TV

Flat panel TVs all seem to have at least one F type connection for the antenna or cable input or if you have a video control center or B.O.M.B.(box of many buttons). I would assume that your HR has GR59 or GR 6 running from the external antenna and cable connections and/or to the B.O.M.B., that is all you need for cable and antenna signals. The HDMI cables are for Blu Ray and satellite connections to carry the HD signals. So if you have a satellite or BluRay player or a Digital Adapter on your campground cable line you do need HMDI cables for true HD.
D.E.Bishop 07/18/16 06:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Things you miss from sticks and bricks?

While we do not full time, I miss my office sometimes when we have been gone for a month or two. Oh sure you can go outside and go for a walk or go to McDonalds or a hardware store and get away, but I miss the privacy of my office. The work shop area in the garage is a close second.
D.E.Bishop 07/18/16 08:20am Full-time RVing
RE: My Wifi Posts have been wrong!! I admit it.

First off let me say I am not an expert on the subject but I have heard of system add on's that allow the system to throttle individual users who are being hogs. I know there are system throttles but somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember the staff at one of our favorite parks talking about being able to single out a user and reduce their bandwidth. Come to think of it, it may have been talk about using a hard wired system and not a wireless system. I agree with NCWriter, 5 or 6:00am good speed, 7:30 to about 10:00 am slow speed. Creeper posted while I was typing. All you need is the user name it appears if you have a supported system.
D.E.Bishop 07/18/16 08:12am Technology Corner
RE: RVs With External Gas Hookup

JoeH has the best answer I think, there are several makers of "extend-a-stay" propane kits. Marshal(MEC), "Sturgi-safe"(MB Sturgis), JR Products and Camco also make similar kits. I would buy a deluxe kit with the brass "Tee" that connects directly to the tank or cylinder and then the house system is connected to the other end. In the middle of the "Tee" is a fitting that is the same as the connection on a 1lb cylinder, a hose to connect your BBQ and a hose should you wish to have a extended stay (100# cylinder) to feed the house. There are a variety of ways to hook these adapters up to your RV and a large variety of fittings to hook hoses up almost any way you want, including quick disconnects. If you would like more specific information, I would be happy to copy the pages of a catalog and post in this forum. PM me with the request. Of course you can Google any of the names I listed above and get the info direct from the Mfg.
D.E.Bishop 07/18/16 08:00am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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