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Sisemore's TV Museum

We stopped to get a replacement for a defective Winegard Crank handle(darn thing was only 25 years old) at Jack Sisemore's RVLand in Amarillo TX, we were told that if we stopped there to see his RV Museum. What a kick, he has a big dealership and has opened a small but growing museum. He even has the first Itaska built, the Flexible bus conversion from the movie RV and a lot more. Spent about two hours there with Jack himself and his son Trent. They took us into the new wing of the museum and explained all the displays that will be there. It's free and it's fun if you're passing through. I'll post somemore in a couple of days with pictures.
D.E.Bishop 04/16/14 09:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kitchen Matches

My 12 year old grandson carries safety matches, waterproof matches, magnesium stick, flint and steel and wants a butane lighter. On a multiple day backpacking trip with all the tossing and jostling and bumping together those fire starters get and no spontaneous ignition. Every member of the Journey of Discovery carried a Possibles Bag with flint and steel and no accidents. I guess I'm just too worried about other things like whats for lunch, does the store at our next campground still carry the fabulous ice cream they did the last time we were there. Oh yeah, one last thing, lighting an old sulphur match required a lot of heat, therefore, the denim pants of old were used because they didn't break the heads off, boots did.
D.E.Bishop 04/16/14 07:06am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Were you checked for tire chains last winter?

Concerned about chains myself for an upcoming early spring trip... but I wonder? What do the police do when your car maker has it in bold letters DO NOT USE TIRE CHAINS ... for example my Subaru Outback, the manual expressly states several times Subaru does not condone tire chains. Pretty sure the manual for my new RAM recommends tire chains only for 2wd models, will double check. Chains are usually not required on 4WD vehicles. I have not used chains since 1980, I hate them and they are not absolutely required when the signs say "chains required". Almost all states are now going with "traction devices required", this includes all three Pacific states. I have two different style cable sets, the old standard simple straight across cables like most chains and the "Z" type. Both are accepted in CA and I bet in most states. Chains work on Subaru and a lot of other small cars with minimal clearance. I don't know about the other 48 states but CA and OR do have requirements for 4 X 4's. I have been checked in both states by highway patrol. The minimum requirement is M&S tires, traction devises for all wheel and 2 wheel drive vehicles and ALL VEHICLES. I have been checked in both states. While I live in Los Angeles where chains have not been needed since 1949, the DW and I own a home in the Eastern Sierra and believe me when I say 4X4's are required to carry traction devices when the basic requirement for chains is posted and use is required when the NO EXCEPTION sign is showing and normally in our little town that of Mammoth Lakes.
D.E.Bishop 04/15/14 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Famous sightings... almost

During our fall trip in 2011 we set up in Cherry Hill Park and disconnected to go shopping. Drove toward the entrance and saw a rig with the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice guys on the side, got to the end of that street and parked there was the "Porn Star Road Trip Bus". DW would only let me take pictures from the towed. There were a few guys standing around looking, but no porn stars.
D.E.Bishop 04/12/14 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Supplies for Seasonal Camp

We have a seasonal(for us) condo and have almost the same stuff for it as for our S&B. I would do my A the same way.
D.E.Bishop 04/07/14 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Fried Eggs in Bread

When I worked as a camp counselor, many, many years ago, we cooked them on a tincan stove and used a quarter slice of bacon to make the grease. Make a tincan stove with a number 10 can, build a small fire inside the can, fry the bacon, put the bread and egg on the stove after setting the bacon aside. Place the bacon back on the egg and flip to finish cooking. Have to do that with the DGKs next time out.
D.E.Bishop 04/07/14 12:24am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Trip To Newfoundland Via Labrador

Two and a Half years ago we drove through Quebec and found the roads to be the worse in Canada, we were very happy to get to New Brunswick. Tunnel and bridge clearance signs were in French and meters instead of feet, I hadn't converted my height to meters and was scared leaving the COSTCO store in Q City when we encountered a tunnel. Just our $0.02 worth.
D.E.Bishop 04/04/14 11:46pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Suzuki Security System but no remotes

A few years ago I bought a beater towed from the third owner. The security system module was in the side pocket and the remotes were missing. We bought a newer Grand Vitara when the trans went out on the Sidekick and we were going to sell it rather than put two or three K into repairs. Couldn't sell it so I had the trans replaced and I detailed the Sidekick and we decided to keep it for the DGD who gets her learners permit soon. Now I want to get the security system working and everyone who I've talked to wants to sell me a new super cool system and of course they will have to rewire everything to install the system. The system I have is a factory system and has a standard 12 pin connector and a two pin connector. I have all the info on what is what on the connectors, can a standard Viper or whatever system use the same connectors. All I really want is to lock and unlock the doors and have an intrusion alarm. Don't need anything else. I worked is both the electrical trade and in electronics and I can wire it in, I just wonder if there is a standard pin assignment that is used from system to system. Any ideas??????
D.E.Bishop 04/02/14 09:37pm Technology Corner
Conversion to HDMI for two TVs

A while back I asked about using a splitter from the BluRay player to service both the front and the bedroom TV, I got basically the same info from all who responded. The answer was get a active(powered) splitter and good cable. I ordered a 35' HDMI cable and a one in, two out, 12VDC splitter. The cable came and boy is it a heavy duty cable, BluRay, 3D, and so on. Then the splitter came and I was skeptical, the wall brick weighed more than the splitter. The RV was in storage and we were leaving for Maui with the DGKs for spring break, so it sat for the last three weeks or so. We're leaving Monday for the mid-west via Big Bend and the gulf coast and I have the rig at home. I don't have time to do a proper installation so I just laid out the cable and hooked everything up and power up. I slipped in the comedy/spy movie RED and tried all possible hook ups and the splitter/booster and cable are giving me as good a picture as I get in the house. Once again you folks were spot on and eBay had the gear at a great price. I'm happy, the DW is happy and I'm sure the DGKs will be too. Thanks again for the outstanding replies and help.
D.E.Bishop 04/02/14 09:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Home dump station

Okay, Gardena CA is not on septic. I live in LA proper and just added a 1 1/2 " clean out to the 3" toilet line and it works great. I have a sewer solution so 1 1/2 " works great for me.
D.E.Bishop 03/31/14 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where to go in the Far West for a week in early May?

Why not check with the BLM office in Bishop and ask if camping is permitted in Adobe Valley. There is a herd of about 200 to 250 wild horses there. Back side of Mono but darn few travelers on dirt trails and road.
D.E.Bishop 03/31/14 01:07pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Looking for info re; chinese fuses causing fires

Thanks RoyB and nomad297, both threads are interesting but not the one I was looking for. I'll keep trying.
D.E.Bishop 03/30/14 03:18pm General RVing Issues
Looking for info re; chinese fuses causing fires

Earlier this month or maybe as far back as last month, there was a post about an electrical problem and fuses blowing, someone warned about using the Chinese fuses sold on eBay as they have been know to cause fires. I have searched Fuses, Fire, Fires and Chinese Fuse with no luck, anyone remember of able to find the thread?
D.E.Bishop 03/30/14 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toad Advice

budbon, I know you said you said you wanted a pickup and I'm wondering why, I have had pickup for a DD almost all my adult life and bought a Mazda B4000 w/stick shift and 4wd. Great towed, AC went out cost more for repair than selling price of another. I settled for a 1995 Sidekick and now have a Grand Vitara. I miss the bed of the pickup often but really love the GV. On top of all else it is a real kick to drive off road. It is a real 4wd but I hardly ever get to the point where I need it. It's not as versatile as a pi8ckup but it well under 5k and tows great.
D.E.Bishop 03/29/14 10:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: kwikee step

joe0508, The best suggestion I can make to you is download Manual #888 from the Kwikee Library and follow the trouble shooting procedure for the steps. There are a lot of posts on Kwikee steps and none of them have ever mentioned the door being out of adjustment. Sunday when I'm home and have my file on the steps I could give you all sorts of help, but tonight I'm on Maui and getting ready for bed, we leave fairly early for the eastside and then fly home. If Sunday morning you're still stuck, PM me and I'll get in touch with all the help I can give.
D.E.Bishop 03/29/14 02:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Kansas travel

it is amazing the things you folks can come up with. I've heard of the round barn but imagine, a pet tarantula. There is so much fun available here, and I'm very serious, you can travel the width and breath of this fantastic country looking at all the fantastic, silly and obscure things that you all known about. Keep it up and keep it posted, we're still planning trips for the next few years.
D.E.Bishop 03/28/14 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery charging issue

Somewhere either here or on line I saw a block diagram of the typical RV 12VDC system. While a block diagram doesn't show individual components they are usually detailed enough to determine test points. If you are DIYer, get the block diagram and an inexpensive Digital Mulitmeter(DMM) or an analog meter, and learn how the system works. I am far away from my rig, over 5 hours by air so I can't send what I have at home. Checking stuff out is pretty easy if you know were to look. There are a lot of places to visit and get a load check on the batteries for free. You should do that too. I use the shop that services my rig or AutoZone, both are in my opinion trustworthy, if batteries are dead, I go to Costco for new ones. Good Luck and let us know how you faired.
D.E.Bishop 03/27/14 10:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1984 P30 Chassis - Gas Cap?

I have a 1989 P30, one day it wouldn't run, turned out to be the pressure regulator near the tank leaked so bad that the intank pump wouldn't keep up with the demand. If you have an in tank pump and it isn't working that could be your problem. Thanks, but it's an old-school on-the-block pump. The generator has its own electric pump with an internal filter. I don't *think* there's a regulator anywhere. I had wondered about that, though. The generator pump doesn't have a return line so I guess it regulates itself somehow. I'll know for sure when I put the engine back in whether it's truly a supply problem or if it's limited to just the generator. Mine has an on the block pump and the intank pump. The generator also has a pump. I thought all the P30's had in the tank pumps. Sorry.
D.E.Bishop 03/26/14 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1984 P30 Chassis - Gas Cap?

I have a 1989 P30, one day it wouldn't run, turned out to be the pressure regulator near the tank leaked so bad that the intank pump wouldn't keep up with the demand. If you have an in tank pump and it isn't working that could be your problem.
D.E.Bishop 03/25/14 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing at 75mph

I'm not a trailer owner but this post intrigued me so without reading the entire thread, I am going to comment. In California we have a law regarding "driving at the speed that is safe for the conditions", it means conditions may allow you to drive a higher speed or require that you drive at a slower speed than posted. For me at nearly 74 years of age and piloting around about 14K lbs of MoHo, cruising on an open interstate doesn't exceed 60, except to pass. With the towed attached, 58 except to pass. Two reasons, I don't want a ticket and I feel like I'm in control at 60 or under. On local roads I usually drive slower than the speed limit but fast enough as not to impede traffic. I'm new to RVing, started in 1998, I have never had anyone show me their IQ or have to honk to get me to pull over because I'm blocking traffic. I also feel that the one or two unsafe situations I've been in were due to someone not knowing that I can't stop on a dime. This has been a long way around for me to say to you, be reasonable and prudent and you will be safe. Right now I am sitting in a hotel watching the sunrise with my granddaughter on the balcony asleep a, my grandson on the sofabed, my SDW(super darling wife) handing me the paper and imagining in the captains chair on my way someplace with friendly campers and good fishing.
D.E.Bishop 03/25/14 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
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