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RE: Hot water tank plug never seen one like this

"You must not have a Atwood?" lol Heck, I've never set foot in any RV. Just a dumb retired Submariner that has come to this site for 3+ years to learn about portable electrical generators... and I've learned a lot! Sorry I butted in with the suggestion of using an open ended wrench - actually the correct tool but if there is no room, of course it was a dumb idea on my part. If you think your RVs are cramped and sometimes hard to work in, I could swap Submarine access stories with you I suspect. Heck ol' SaltiDawg ain't exactly right but damm close. On my old diesel powered boat we had a set of open end wrenches that were I believe called "crow's foot" wrenches. Instead of a handle the open end had a 1/2" drive socket to put a 1/2" drive ratchet or 1/2 drive extension in. I'll look that up and edit post in a few minutes. Try this link. There you go.
D.E.Bishop 04/29/16 08:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Got rid of Blk Tank Odor and more

I just did the GEO method on my black tank and it worked very well. Also I called Calgon regarding liquid vs powder and I was told that 1 capful of liquid is equal to 1/2 cup of the powder. I ordered the liquid from Wally World and it was cheap, with in-store pickup, so no shipping charge. Thanks Gonzo42, I think I'll do the Calgon method just once to help clean off the surface of the entire tank, heck, I might even do the Ice Cube thing. I am not worried about keeping it clean once I'm sure it is clean, I kept my Bounder order free for over 16 years and only used deodorant in it during exteeeend storage periods. We use a loot of water and never really let it go very lond. With the Adventurer we have a Tornado Flush system and I will use a wand I made on top of that. I like clean.
D.E.Bishop 04/29/16 12:57pm General RVing Issues
Got rid of Blk Tank Odor and more

Okay, first I have to say we bought our first self contained RV in 1998, a Bounder 27D. We have traveled to all 49 continental states and lots and lots of short trips. We never had a tank that smelled like the one in the Adventurer "DID". Meaning it no longer does. Following the advice I received here I cleaned and applied a little plumbers grease to the AAValves, replaced the toilet seal and now I can run the vent fans with the RV buttoned up and no odor. As soon as I get a clear elbow for the dump valve, I will flush the crud(not an intended pun) out of both tanks. I will use some of the ideas found here to help remove whatever is in the tanks and then I will use a little odor control liquid to the tanks when I return the RV to storage. As an added benefit to replacing the seals and getting the toilet to hold water in the bowl, I found a liquid cleaner in a spray bottle that removed the hard water deposits on the flush ball and cleaned almost 15 years of unpleasant stuff on and around the toilet. I now have to look twice to see the water in the bowl and the surface odor that I hadn't noticed before is gone. Boy O'Boy is the DW happy I cleaned the WC and that she didn't have to get on her hands and knees to do it. Now to the cleaner, it is Bar Keepers Friend brand spray and foam cleaner for "hard surfaces", not for fabrics or vinyl upholstery. I did have to apply it three times before the water scale was gone and I did use a couple bar towels doing it, but, with out a scrubber or scraper the scale is gone. That does not mean it was effortless The second thing that I learned here on the forum is how our day/night shades and valences are mounted. We're taking an afternoon off from the kitchen remodel tomorrow and going shopping for new window treatments. It was the DGS's responsibility to open and close the shades during our shakedown cruise and now we'll have to get a new chore to replace that one. Contrary to his attitude about doing chores at home, he really wants to be helpful to Nana and "G"dude, Could it be the locales he visits and the fact that we can't easily do all the things he can do and he is respectful, to us at least. We folks, it's been a pleasure to sit and talk to all of you, but, there is cabinetry to be done before we can put the RV in storage and get busy selling the old one. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions.
D.E.Bishop 04/28/16 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: driving speed

Thanks! I rarely pass someone unless they are going way too slow, We also enjoy the scenery, After all we have this huge windshield, might as well get the pleasure out of it! Another question, Do you put a "car in tow" sign on your towed vehicle? No, my license plate says RV PSHR. Besides the average person can tell, big old towbar hooking the two together or a big old trailer or dolly.
D.E.Bishop 04/26/16 07:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pendleton, OR to Burns, OR via US-395

That's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
D.E.Bishop 04/24/16 10:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Kwikee Steps - only work when battery charger is applied

Your best bet is to follow the trouble shooting guide in the manual. Simple and concise "and" almost always solves problems. Manual is available on line search for #888.
D.E.Bishop 04/24/16 05:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Did you dump your refrigerator and pantry before crossing?

When we lived at the coast we periodically shopped for groceries in Bellingham WA. The only thing we were temporarily not allowed to bring back was poultry due to an avian flu outbreak. Normally they only wanted to know about tobacco and alcohol. Going south was another story. No fresh produce, we had a forgotten tomato confiscated (I hope she enjoyed her lunch), the dog food had to be sealed and contain no sheep or goat products (I am serious here)and on and on. :R I hope that emoji is a tongue in cheek symbol. If not I guess your response is another good reason for folks from the great white north to change their plans and not winter down in this draconian country. Personally, I love your country and have never had a problem with following your sometimes ridicules laws. It's just the price you pay for freedom to travel.
D.E.Bishop 04/24/16 05:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Don't be this person--PIC

I have said it over and over, no, absolutely no reasonable truck driver wants to replace a windshield. Their windshields cost as much or more than ones for an "A". I believe in the make eye contact rules, make contact with approaching truck operators and move to the right as far as you can. Try it and see how many of them move to the right also. My point is they are pros and need to roll, not stop for a police report. Give them the benefit of your driving for recreation and let them roll. The old Treat them the way you want them to treat you, rule. I have received help from some and unless the truck on the shoulder doesn't have a driver on his cell, I slow down and let them know I will stop if needed. Of course they could clean up the CB chatter a bit.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/16 09:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Renting an Rv

Try El Monte RV Rentals.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/16 08:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: You can't fix stupid

Back a few years we were in Yellowstone NP with our DD's. We rented a cabin to make life safer and went for a walk on the boardwalk near Old Faithful. Lovely but weird place, bubbling springs at in excess of 212 degrees F and people letting their dogs off leash. Seems one of those dogs fell in a 212+ pool and was being boiled alive when the owner went in after the dog. The survivors sued the NPS for failure to protect their dog and the Husband/Father who was also boiled alive. However the survivors needed to win the Darwin Award too, evidential photo of the pool with a very clear and distinct warning sign was presented to bolster their case. Asked about the picture, a survivor said yeah it was there but no Ranger on site to enforce it. They lost and had to pay court costs and emergency crew costs for those that retrieved the bodies.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/16 08:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Update dash air

Not to put a damper on your happy but our 1990 Bounder had a cobbed together dash unit. My biggest problem was the cheapo plastic vacuum lines that disintegrated. I think you will find that hard as it may be in your area, that repair is cheaper than conversion as is total replacement. Conversion is okay and pretty cheap initially but beware with extended non-op time the system will fail again. The 134A refrigerant will not work as well as the original R12 in a system designed for R12. Look up a guy on here I believe his handle is GoldenHVAC. He is in CA but is really happy to help and is very truthful. Whatever you do, DO NOT let a mechanic screw with your AC....... We just bought the Adventurer in my signature and after a week the AC was dropping out on hills. Had it happen before, cheapo vacuum line in front of firewall was bad. Bought some GATES vacuum hose and replaced the plastic. World of difference.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/16 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: Keys! Really People?

I guess I lucked out with our Adventurer, it has three keys, Ignition, Dead Bolt and all compartments have the same lock. There may be a lot of RVs out there with my key but they are few and far between. I have the TriMark One Key system, I don't have to use the dead bolt if I don't want to.
D.E.Bishop 04/19/16 12:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Things that I wish I had said !

From our DGS while on one of our first long trips, "Life is Different in the Motorhome!" It was an observation of need to be neat and tidy and doing simple chores like keeping the fridge stocked with Nana's Pepsi and all the cool things we did as we spent three weeks on the road. The DW's favorite, "Adventure Before Dementia"
D.E.Bishop 04/17/16 11:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Black Tank Ordor Solution

Well thanks guys, as an experienced RVer I checked everything that has been suggested with the exception of removing the Vent Check(Air Admittance Valve). As I stated, they look new and have not sign of overflow stains. I will remove them this AM after I run a couple of checks to locate the source of the odor. I am going to leave all windows closed and turn on the vents and do a sniff test at the three Vent Checks. I'll report if I find anything. As stated I've traveled a bid without problems in prior rig, I just bought this one and did not check for problems in the black or grey tanks of piping. I do not have a ground level sewer drain and have to use a Sewer Solution or a macerator pump. I will got to the yard where the Bounder is located and remove the SS. I'll buy the new owners a stinky slinky kit instead. On Sunday I hope.
D.E.Bishop 04/16/16 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Ordor Solution

Thanks everyone for the answers. I guess I did not word my question correctly. We were on a shake down cruise and at a campground at Lake Powell. Before heading to Las Vegas for a night and then home, I drained the tanks, black tank first, very strong odor both inside and outside the RV, entry door open, windows open. With a slight breeze blowing and several windows open and the entry door opened and screen door shut, odor cleared in a few minutes. No odor from the grey water tank when drained. Later, at home, I ran Fantastic Vent fan with all windows and the entry door closed. When I returned after lunch there was a very strong blank tank odor inside only. Fan could have caused a vacuum, but where could the odor enter the RV? Once again at home I had the fans on and had to go inside the house, with 2 windows open there was once again a strong order inside RV, no odor outside RV. It is my understanding that the vent system is a closed system inside the RV with the actual vent termination being outside through the roof. So how would the very strong odor enter the RV? I checked the vent checks and they look new without any indication or backflow from tank, I assumed last night they were working. I understand that if the tank is not clean and there is a pyramid of poop on the bottom, excessive paper hanging on sensors or any other problem caused by lack of good maintenance of the interior of tank, that there will be an odor from the vents. The vents terminate outside the RV not inside the RV. In our previous RV, purchased in 1998, and driven to every continental state in the USA and all but three Canadian provinces without this problem ever occurring inside, that there are two problems, poor cleanness and an opening in the vent system someplace inside the RV. Lack of cleanness alone should not allow the system to vent inside the RV, unless there is a failure or damage to the vent system. If these are not correct assumptions, please let me know what else could cause the problem, by the way, there was a water seal in the toilet and as far as I know, in the shower and the two sinks as they had been used lately.
D.E.Bishop 04/16/16 05:20am Tech Issues
RE: Black Tank Ordor Solution

I have used all fixtures, we did take a shake down cruise and drained and flushed the tanks but I didn't use the wand to see if there was a pyramid of poop there. The smell was so bad all I did was drain, back flush a little and drain again. I'll use the Tornado and the wand and see if we get more solids out. With the water restrictions we have and all it can be very expensive. I did find a dealer across the street where we bought our tile and wood flooring just 7 miles away. Nexr week.
D.E.Bishop 04/16/16 12:42am Tech Issues
Black Tank Ordor Solution

We have a 2002 Winnie Adventurer 32V. Last week when dumping before heading for home, there was a very strong odor from the black tank both outside and inside the rig. A day or two ago, I had the vent fan on outside the WC and all the windows closed and once again the odor. Turned off the fan and opened a window, odor gone in a few minutes. This evening I had both vent fans running and the kitchen window open and the window behind the swivel rocker open. Came out a couple hours later and the same odor but, much less strong. Both tank vents have vent checks adjacent to the vent riser. Both risers have roof caps. The kitchen sink is separated from the WC by some cabinets and the range and I can only find one riser on that side. This leads me to suspect the sink drains to the black tank. I have not had a chance to rinse and clean the sanitaries as we just bought the rig and I am unable to do much due to a Lumbar Epidural this morning. I usually only use water in both tanks, except when storing and have not had this problem with the Bounder we had. I will flush and try the Calgon method to clean the tanks when I can but in the mean time what can I look for? A broken vent pipe, dislodged or broken pipe fitting in the vent system. Plugged vent pipe. Make sure the vent checks are sealing. This evening when I turned the vent fans off the odor when away very fast. Just checked again, there are 3 Roof Vents Solution. Following to suggestions here, one of which I was kinda thinking about last night and one that I didn't realize was so bad. I pulled both Vent Check(valves) removed the valves and cleaned the seat and valve face covered with waterproof plumbers grease, the other is the water is draining out of the bowl, just not at the rate I thought. It drains very fast. I cleaned the ball and tighten the gaskets and that slowed it down a little. I can now run the Fantastic Vents with door and windows shut. Thanks for the suggestions, I have ordered the seals and will remove, clean and polish the flush ball, lube well and hope t holds, otherwise it's another $38 for the flush ball and fittings.
D.E.Bishop 04/15/16 11:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Everything works until I....

Do not discount any of the answers given here, One may work very well for you, however, either before or after you trouble shoot your problem, got to this link and read up on what the system components do. Without fail read the 12 volt side of RV Life. There are three items that will help you testing for electrical power, a DMM (Digital MultiMeter), 120 VAC and 12 VDC test lights, and a Non-contact voltage detector. As mentioned 3 hands for one, 2 or 1 hand for the two and one for the non-contact detector. The DMM is for MULTI functions 12 and 120 volt reading is one and the test lights are single function, the test lights are usually single voltage testers and the detector is 120 volt only. I will say that in all the manuals and RVs I looked at I've never seen the Battery Disconnect switch labeled Salesman Switch. Than is really out dated now you'll seldom if ever hear it called that.
D.E.Bishop 04/15/16 10:12pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I check cable TV signal strength?

Assuming that you have a BOMBs, the antenna makes no never mind. Sounds like bad connector or cable.
D.E.Bishop 04/15/16 01:14am Tech Issues
RE: Headed West From NC

Okay I tried to post more than one photo and I only got one in two formats. I'll contact the Admin for more instructions. More to come later. Sorry
D.E.Bishop 04/11/16 08:14am Roads and Routes
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