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RE: What are these wires for?

I'm with Jeff, it seems like someone has rewired your rig and you now have 6vdc supplying your trailer. My question is do all the DC circuits in your trailer work? It looks to me like the battery cables were home made. Look at "The 12 volt side of life" website. It will give you all the information you need to set things up properly. I suggest this site because it is what everyone will tell you anyway and because for me having the drawing in hand is easier than having this thread printed out and in hand. Everything is on one page. Good luck and try using some quality cables from NAPA or high end part store or automotive electrical shop.
D.E.Bishop 05/02/15 06:01am Tech Issues
RE: exterior US map stickers - protocol?

We just wing it. If we're in a hurry and don't, we usually count it any way. Next month we're heading out for the Grand Canyon and we will be doing so with our second map on the side. Maybe we'll camp in some we didn't before, maybe not. Time Will Tell.
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 11:20am General RVing Issues
RE: one again wife proves she's smarter than me

Not RVv related, but "doing things simply" related. I recently had cause to copy information from a dry erase board to my note app on my phone. Showing how Techy I have become (at 67) I opened the app and typed in the information where I could find it again. Feeling pretty smug, I turned to see my son-in-law snapping a photo of the same thing with his phone! Duh!?! Well, I never claimed genuine "techiness" only a desire to struggle valiantly to keep up with electronics we use so universally, now. oldtrojan, X2 what you said. I'm almost 75 and a few months ago I got a "Smart Phone", now there is something beyond me. I asked my 13 year old DGS a question or two about what do I tap on the screen to do what I want to do on my phone which he had never seen and he did some magic things and said, "GDude, technically you don't tap the screen, you touch and drag". Who knew.
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 06:59am Truck Campers
RE: Black Hills

All of the above. The black Hills are mostly national forest, with Wind Cave national park, Jewel Cave and Mt. Rushmore National monuments, and Custer State park within the national forest boundaries. No pass is needed to pass through the cave properties, there is a fee to tour the caves. Mt. Rushmore is free to visit, but there is a parking fee. Custer State park requires a pass. Actually, Mt. Rushmore is a National Memorial. Not a big distinction but it is a difference. As far as Campfire Time's Disney comment, come on...
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 06:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Macerator vs Sewer Solution

How do you dump with Sewer Solution if no water hook up? If you are driving a lot, the waste usually breaks down enough to us just like a slinky. If you have been parked for several days then you find a place with water.:S Come to think of it, I've never been to a dump station without water.:W How do you dump and flush if there isn't any water and just so I can avoid it, where did you find a dump without water?:h
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 12:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snake Bite Kit

Forty five or so years ago we were rock hounds and ventured into some remote areas with our kids when they were under ten. Snakes bites were on our minds constantly and we contacted our family DR, she recommended an Anti-Venon kit. Her take was that it would give us a few minutes more getting the kids to a hospital. It was not a total solution and would just help gain a few minutes. Our pharmacist said the same thing. For the DW it was something she could do, and hopefully would help calm her and the person bitten. Staying calm and limiting exertion are the two most important things if bitten, that and getting to a hospital as quickly as possible of course. I don't know if the anti-venen kits(a single injection) are now up to $2000 apiece or if it is just the total cost of emergency treatment, but regardless of the costs, it is worth it.
D.E.Bishop 04/30/15 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling with cats

Spike did well on a three month 13K mile trip to AK and home. Never tried to get out and never fought when I had to hydrate him due to renal failure. Oh yeah, he was 16 then and lived two more years. He hated being boarded but in AK he was for 10 days and loved his nurse. Gained three pounds. Great traveler.
D.E.Bishop 04/29/15 11:02pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Couple of questions,lights and stove hood vent

Danny I don't mean to be a smart a$$ but how about just getting a new lens? Your is 11 years old and it probably is pretty brittle and replacing it might be a good idea. Good luck with your quest and happy camping.
D.E.Bishop 04/28/15 08:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Travel souveniers

D.E.Bishop 04/27/15 11:43am RV Lifestyle
RE: 4,603 miles 8 states 1 month some reflections

We took the Shafer trail road a few years ago and the DGD was a little nervous but her brother, the DW and I loved it. We took our Sidekick which is stock and didn't find any need for four wheel drive. That road is a blast to drive. The next time we go, I'm going to stop and take lots of pictures. We did meet a tour driver as he was headed out in his big ol Burb and we said high and then he sniffed the air. He commented he didn't smell brakes so I asked him if had been having trouble and said we'd help if he needed it. He was not amused but his tour group was. If I still had it, I'd take our 1971 VW Class 2 down there just to see the look on folks faces.
D.E.Bishop 04/26/15 09:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Heading Home" checklist

I just use the Pre-Trip inspection that came with the Bounder with a few additions. We go through it every time we move the rig. If I'm just going out for a half hour to exercise the engine, drive train and generator, I go through the list. That way I don't haft to have the DW along to remember everything. Just kidding. When we're together she reads, I check. Sometimes she double checks if I answer too fast.
D.E.Bishop 04/26/15 09:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Watch that bridge!!!

There are about 5,000 bridges under the height of 13'.6" I have seen a couple 13'.6" on Interstate highways. The federal limit was set to 16' in 1960. Discovery Owners publishes a website with the Low Clearances that can be downloaded to GPS as POI. HERE What does limit mean? Max Clearance or minimum clearance?
D.E.Bishop 04/22/15 05:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Watch that bridge!!!

That is why when I measured the height of our rig I laid a 2X4 on edge and measured to the ground on both sides. Averaged the two measurements(11'6" and 11'5") and figured 11' 6" would suffice, until I got to Quebec, ON, CA and the clearance was in meters(just meters, no feet and inches). A very friendly(not) French-Canadian highway worker yelled and screamed until I entered the tunnel. He was right, it was higher than my rig. My appologies but I was worried and not thinking straight.
D.E.Bishop 04/22/15 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: dingy

How about a Suzuki Grand Vitara? X2. We have a Sidekick and a GV, both are easy to tow and fun to drive. Our GV has a lot of features that I consider luxery items and for the price it sold for new is a deal. Both are fun to drive off road and we get a lot of comments about getting it so far off paved roads. Neither car is a rock climber but they do get around and draw lots of looks from the jacked up Jeep crowd. The best was down below Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands. Tour driver wanted to know what route we took and why our brakes weren't smoking. The DGKs said I gave him a really incredulous look and ask him what would cause brakes to heat up driving around in that area.
D.E.Bishop 04/22/15 12:47am Beginning RVing
RE: Positive or Negative to Battery switch

It looks like this has pretty well played it's self out, however, I have a question. I have looked for a description of a Torx box without luck. Being that the discussion is about a TH and I'm more familiar with MoHo's, I kindda figure it has to do with towed RV's rather than powered RV's. Anyway, searches provided nothing but ads for TOXR wrenches. Try TorkLift Power ArmorTorklift Thank you Bill&Kate, Cool looking functionality. Like I thought it is more trailer oriented that MoHo oriented.
D.E.Bishop 04/22/15 12:36am Tech Issues
RE: Caller Locator Technology?

I do not have GS services but I do have ACSC(AAA) and while stranded due to a very weak battery out in the desert, we called ACSC and someone somewhere said help was on the way. To make it easier to state, they never found us, the dispatcher wouldn't take Long. & Lat. coordinates and would not have the service truck operator call us. She told the DW that was unnecessary as he was a local and could find us from the street address. He was from a town 25 or 30 miles away and didn't know where the heck we were. By the way, we had recorded our route in our GPS and had exact street names and distances from the highway to the kids cabin. And we knew landmarks to tell the truck operator about where there were no street name signs. The address is for a one room cabin on five acres about four miles from a paved road and six miles from any town. There are no street name signs and our Garmin, logically I might add, doesn't know from squat about the Lucerne Valley Quadrangle and the real routes that are available. Many of the roads on the USGS quad maps are no longer there and some never did connect to other roads that are on the maps.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/15 08:06am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Help With Car to Tow

the only valid final source for that information is in the owner's manual of the vehicle you select out of those referenced sources. use them to cull the information, the OM to confirm. pay close attention to automatic/manual transmission, 4WD/AWD/FWD, etc. bumpy X2
D.E.Bishop 04/21/15 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Alabama to close state parks.

This topic is all of the negative things mentioned here, but you folks that live other than in CA really have it pretty good Parks wise. Don't get me wrong, California has an awful lot to offer, our coastline, tall mountains, deep valleys and spectacular places in between. We also have the likes of our governors, who are without question centered on entitlements, being the pocketbook of the left and political legacies. Our parks , however, are run by out of state companies that make a great profit without really doing much if anything to improve our recreational outlets. One of the prime examples was the wisdom of the Parks Comm. in putting out to bid the concessions contract for Old Town San Diego St. Pk. The contract went to a legal firm from the right coast and they raised rents for park businesses and brought in out of state maintenance companies. The original lease holder built up the park from an old mission site to a bushelling money maker for the State and who hired local folks to work and improve the park. Now most of the profits from the park go out of state and the services we still have are really poor. But, they reduced the drain of hiring and paying state employees from the General Fund. Of course there are benefits for RVers, in the few parks near Los Angeles, a dry no hookup campsite "near" the beach only runs $60 a night or more and there are several county parks on old outdated state highways that are head to toe asphalt parking lots called campgrounds. Prices are a little cheaper than St Parks but really an old highway turned into a campground and sites are only in the $30 to $40 range. Oh yeah, no hook ups and porta-potties. And of course they did close a lot of campgrounds too which cost tens of thousands if not millions to repair after they were shuttered and left without caretakers to prevent vandalism. Yeah, most of you have it pretty good.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/15 07:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Positive or Negative to Battery switch

It looks like this has pretty well played it's self out, however, I have a question. I have looked for a description of a Torx box without luck. Being that the discussion is about a TH and I'm more familiar with MoHo's, I kindda figure it has to do with towed RV's rather than powered RV's. Anyway, searches provided nothing but ads for TOXR wrenches.
D.E.Bishop 04/21/15 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: Quick connect adapter

Buddybar, I looked at all your posts and can't find out what type of RV you have, therefore, I'll assume you have a motorized rig. Many, but not all rigs have a Tee coming from the tank to the side for external grills. If this is the case you don't need to remove the regulator, in fact you need it. If you have a tow behind and you have cylinders, you most likely have regulated LP already and all you need is the adaptor that replaces the grill regulator. There is a stock adaptor for almost all configurations. Most supply houses have copies of the catalogs available, or try looking up MB Sturgis or Camco.
D.E.Bishop 04/19/15 07:31am General RVing Issues
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