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RE: Propane..unlawful to have fridge on while moving

In reply to Oregon's " Safety Law and Pumping Your Own Gas", that might be what it is called but it's not for safety, the law was and is to create jobs, Period. It is also a "Safety Law" that prohibits crushing aluminum cans and then trying to redeem them for the nickel deposit. If you believe that those are safety laws, I've got some excellent ocean front property for sale.
D.E.Bishop 02/10/16 12:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do electric RV steps work off of shore power if plugged in?

I'm not sure what make of steps you have and I do not have a schematic for wiring other than for Kwikee steps, which is now owned by Lippert. The CONTROL voltage come from the ignition switch side of the chassis battery and the OPERATIONAL power comes from the HOUSE batteries. At least that is the way they are supposed to be wired and it is for safety. Google, Kwikee Manual #888, for wiring diagrams.
D.E.Bishop 02/09/16 10:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New community forum

We have a rather loose knit community here, one young couple is sort of the coordinator for disseminating information around here. They also have a list of everyone who has a video security system and if and when something bad goes down hey let the PD have the list so they can check the recordings. We talk to everyone we can, some of the hipsters don't open up as much as say the Xers or Boomers but they are getting the community spirit too. Try walking around and talking to anyone you meet on the street and say hi. Makes for fun too.
D.E.Bishop 02/09/16 10:18pm Technology Corner
RE: I'm getting tired of El Nino.

Oh cr&p, can I come visit you guys? It is supposed to be 88 degrees on Wednesday. Where is our share of cold and RAIN?
D.E.Bishop 02/07/16 09:41pm Snowbirds
RE: Babyboomer RV'ers Have Experienced it All!

What a hoot. I was a War Baby and spent part of the fifties and sixties in a Cold War strike force, you can't believe the applause that went up in the mess when we picked up a station that was playing " Rocking Robin", along with stuff from the Everly Brothers, Elvis, and some of the other cool songs. Came home and got married and had kids, never did like our kids music, couldn't make out the words.
D.E.Bishop 02/07/16 09:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

We drove much of BRP and all of Skyline Drive. Our only problem came when the Rangers at one of visitors center failed to tell us the road was closed due to snow. We passed a possible turnoff and rounded a corner to find the gate across the road. Of course we had to disconnect the towed to turn around and then down a very steep twisty road and somehow ended up getting to the end of the Parkway. We will return and take the towed and drive all of the BRP, this time from South to North. I've got to see the Viaduct.
D.E.Bishop 02/07/16 09:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Litter box.. were to put it?

We took a green turf door mat and set the LB on it in the shower. In two and a half months he traveled with us no mess.
D.E.Bishop 02/07/16 09:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it normal for the PD pendant to be on when not charging

Cool, it just wasn't in the manual I got.
D.E.Bishop 02/07/16 09:11pm Tech Issues
Is it normal for the PD pendant to be on when not charging

The charging pendant for my PD 9245 goes to rapid flash when the shore power and the generator are off. Is this normal?
D.E.Bishop 02/07/16 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Eating Out

We are basically week end warriors for a couple of years and the a huge 10 week or longer trip and then week ends for a couple. We're retired so a weekend can be anywhere from 3 days to two weeks. The more we travel and the older we get, we eat out less and less. Our favorite local campground has fantastic Take-Away foods and we really long for it when we're not there, but lately after one lunch and one breakfast, we eat in. Our favorite places while at home are local specialtiy place. There is a local steak place where we treat ourselves, a fantastic Chinese place where we eat every week, a Mexican restaurant I've been going to for over 45 years and an Italian place we love due to the old country menu and have been going to since we were dating. I am a Cheeseburger junkie, we do have several places for that in a five mile radius(not McD's or BK or any big chain places).
D.E.Bishop 02/06/16 07:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing our television

Dennis, as mentioned many TV sets are using the wall brick instead of a std 120vac cord. This will work to your advantage, all you have to do is buy a cigarette lighter cord with the correct plug and you're set to go. You said you are changing out from whatever and I'll bet there is a antenna connector with a 12vdc socket. If there is one, nothing else is needed for OTA reception. If you don't have a 12vdc socket they are really easy to install. Another feature is the flat panel uses less power and eliminating either an inverter or the need to run the genny. The mounting is an added expense but if your clever it's easy.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/16 07:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: We're looking at "C"s and have Questions.

My reason for wanting levelers is that after 75 years of working in the underground construction field and home construction, I wore out some parts. I have new factory knees and one hip, stenosis of the lumbar spine and I hate crawling around on the ground and toting those wooden ramps which I prefer over Legos. If we're lucky about half of our camping is done off the beaten path so to speak. The other half is in commercial campgrounds and as stated usually have levelish sites. Most of the rigs that we are looking at are on Ford E chasse's, not much choice but I do look at the CCC for everything we look at. So at this time, I feel like we going in the right directions and the 2009 and later look good and levelers will be included. Thanks for the help. We did have our 2015 taxes done today and the news was pretty good. We got 50 or 60 thousand more to keep from selling our condo even with the pretty heavy capital gains taxes of about 40 grand. The DW gets her recycled glass counter tops to match her resurfaced cabinets and I get a younger rig.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/16 12:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Planning trip through NM and AZ any cool points of interest?

I have not visited WSMR but we did go to WS NRA, on the list for next trip to the area.. Take the night time hike with a Ranger. Much of the area looks like the Mammoth Lakes area after a few snow storms, there are even plow berms and drifts. Really Cool.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/16 12:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Small Class A or Class C

I will put my two cents in about the 24 or 25 foot rigs, they are "small" for four people and there is NO privacy. If you continue to camp you'll find you will be buying a larger rig in a couple of years. We have traveled with our DGKs and after a few weeks I'm in need of a rest from the kids. Also some of the campgrounds you mentioned have very crowded parking areas for RVs and very heavy traffic. You'll be renting cars a lot. This is of course JMHO and I have two toweds and we get out in the boonies as much as possible.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/16 12:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Visiting the Redwoods - suggestions

Sequoia NP is in the Western Sierra foothills and the Coastal Redwoods are South of Eureka. Near the town of Meyer Flat is Myer Flat Unit II which is a Federal campground. If you can get one of the larger spots, it's a great place. Ave of the Giants is just South of Town and up North a ways is the Eel River. There is a great beach and very slow moving river that our DGKs love. Lots to look at and explore, Ferndale is a great day trip, the Roosevelt area is lovely, the remnants of an old apple orchard at the Ranger Station, a couple of demonstration forest. Not too far is Redwoods SP and that has camping and family oriented programs. All the area parks are a great respite from the heat of the valley and south. As John Denver said, "Cool and Green and Shady".
D.E.Bishop 02/05/16 11:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Feral cat in 5er

When using a Live Trap approved by the L.A. City Animal Services for trapping feral cats, I used the scraps from making fried chicken wings. The smell of those tips drive the cans nuts.
D.E.Bishop 02/05/16 11:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Range hood fan speed control

Very nice instalation I changed mine to a 160mm computer case fan. Very quiet and moves tons of air. Did it at the same time I changed out the lights to a different base light for better visibility.
D.E.Bishop 02/05/16 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: We're looking at "C"s and have Questions.

I feel as does avan that if it was a problem of any magnitude the manufacturers would not make them and not finding any negative comments in Tech Issues or on this forum, I pretty much assumed that there wasn't any problem with the frames. The reason I'm looking toward levelers is that I have certain old tired body issues that make using blocks or ramps painful. I guess I didn't explain fully about the cost, it seems that we have a certain amount of money to finish the house and buy the RV. Somehow, while the DW is concerned about how much the house is costing, she seems to forget that it effects how new a rig we buy. 5K less means a year or so older. That is all. We have looked at rigs on Chevy chassis and so far have not been happy with the floor plans, but the DW like the added foot room. Now that I have some more logical info, I am looking toward adding levelers. An added positive is that the current issue of MoHo magazine has a significant article on doing just what I want to do. I am going to go to the shop that was mentioned in the article and talk to them too.
D.E.Bishop 02/04/16 11:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Great Video on Quartzsite

Yes you can but remember it is the desert and there are things that bite and things that stick you, so wear your Kevlar sock when hiking. Oh yeah, don't take your sixteen year old grand daughter to the book store.
D.E.Bishop 02/04/16 09:38am General RVing Issues
We're looking at "C"s and have Questions.

We have just started traveling to dealers and owners to see a variety of Class C's. My wife had thought that we should go smaller and I very wisely let her drag me to look at a number of short C's and Class B's. She takes a lot of clothes and currently has almost all of a 4 foot wardrobe to herself. Most small rigs don't have the space we need for extended travel and now she see's why I started looking at rigs over 28 feet. We have pretty much settled on a manufacturer and two floor plans. The choice is between either Jamboree or Tioga in the 31N or 31M configurations. So my two big questions are, what years are better and can levelers cause chassis problems. It was suggested that we look at 2009 and above because Ford made some big changes in the V10 between 2008 and 2009 that helped increase efficiency and durability. The other suggestion was that we stay away from levelers because the Ford chassis has a tendency to get tweaked by the levelers. Both these suggestions came from a salesman and while I tend to think about how to tell if a salesman is lying..., I feel the one who made these suggestions is pretty reliable and honest. We're only talking about a couple three grand in price without levelers in an '08 and a '09. Finding a "C" with levelers already installed is difficult, so there is $4500 to $6000 cost in adding them. So what do you folks think is the difference in engines significant and are levelers a bad idea? To complete the picture, we have just spent a fortune refurbishing our house and have another $12,000 to spend on the kitchen. We are retired and in our early 70's but still like to travel and I'm very tired of all I have to do to keep the Bounder on the road due to it being 26 years old. Mostly it is plastic parts giving out and aluminum rivets failing. So every time the S&B refurbishing needs another five grand, my buying power for a new rig diminishes.
D.E.Bishop 02/04/16 09:33am Class C Motorhomes
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