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RE: Teenagers getting bored

Just a quick PS; Aren't you glad you have thousands of years experience to draw from? There are some really great solutions to choose from, Bless the Parents that have responded, so experienced and intuitive.
D.E.Bishop 06/30/15 01:06pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Teenagers getting bored

Perhaps you're looking at it the wrong way. They obviously don't look forward to camping. Rather than forcing them to do something you enjoy, why not ask them what they want to do? You'll only have them in the house for a few more years. Make the most of it. Plenty of time for you to camp after they move on with their lives. X2 We Have two girls, they are now 53 and 52, the DGK's are 14 and 15 1/2, all four of them became bored at the same age. We were tent campers with the girls and when make up and the teen scene became part of our life, no more tent camping. We chose to give up camping for awhile and started renting beach houses and letting the girls each take a friend. With our DGK's, the boy is 14 and verrrrry active in Scouting. His summers are taken up by activities with his Troop and working at various day and residence camps. At 12 he received his BSA Archery Instructors Certification and several Councils use him as an instructor for Cub Scouts. No time for "G"Dude and Nana's trips. During school breaks is different. The DGD, oh boy, that is fun. Never know what's going on in her head. Boys, girlfriends, some day camp counseling and if she can fit it in, she loves travel for travel's sake and loves the MoHo. We're just coasting as far as they are concerned, they have a life now and are welcome for most trips but they are growing up and need to experience the Teen Scene and their friends. Just my experience. Good luck no matter what you do.
D.E.Bishop 06/30/15 01:01pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Regulated propane quick connect -who connects what?

My 1990 Bounder has a hose connection before the regulator. It does not have a QD.
D.E.Bishop 06/29/15 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: No lp

Hey Old-Biscuit, see how nice it is when you take your meds?
D.E.Bishop 06/26/15 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a car

We use a Roadmaster tow bar with a Roadmaster 5000 tow bar. I love it and it is easy to attach, hook up and unhook. I had a dolly but my Mazda B4000 wouldn't fit so I can'tcomment on tow dollys.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/15 02:02pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing a car

We use a Roadmaster tow bar with a Roadmaster 5000 tow bar. I love it and it is easy to attach, hook up and unhook. I had a dolly but my Mazda B4000 wouldn't fit so I can'tcomment on tow dollys.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/15 01:55pm Dinghy Towing
RE: So Cal to Victoria (via Oregon and Washington)

With your kids in tow I would suggest Ft. Clatsop as a stop for a few hours. The Jr Ranger program and the reproduction of the actual fort is way cool. Short drive from Ft. Stevens campground. Cape Disappointment has been one for the DW. She love the OR coast in the winter and wanted to see the bar with storm waves. Every time we've been there it has ben a big calm disappointment.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/15 01:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: So Cal to Victoria (via Oregon and Washington)

With your kids in tow I would suggest Ft. Clatsop as a stop for a few hours. The Jr Ranger program and the reproduction of the actual fort is way cool. Short drive from Ft. Stevens campground. Cape Disappointment has been one for the DW. She love the OR coast in the winter and wanted to see the bar with storm waves. Every time we've been there it has ben a big calm disappointment.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/15 12:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: What is a Tinker?

According to several sources I checked today, Tinkers were Irish or Scottish. They were itinerate, unskilled and nomadic. As the trade moved to the mainland, the Gypsies started tinkering, some say not so much to make a living but to see what was in a house. Originally the designation was tinker, as time past, tinkerer came into use and is an accepted form. The modern form is Techno Tinkers. I sort of assumed that everyone knew that changing the DIY Forum to Tinkers Corner was a joke.
D.E.Bishop 06/23/15 12:27am General RVing Issues
What is a Tinker?

I struggled with this post and the best forum for it. What is a Tinker and are RVers more likely to be a Tinker than someone in the general population? I looked up Tinker and Tinker's dam before putting pen to paper and found that they are or more correctly were traveling repairmen of household utensils, with pots and pans being high on their repair capabilities. I remembered reading about Tinker's dams in a Navel training manual some years ago and the description was basically the same as what you will find today. Tinkerer is also listed and acceptable but grammatically not correct. In Europe the tinkers of today have been called Techno-Tinkers. I think that is a good name for them. I believe that there is a higher percentage of Techno-Tinkers in the RV population than in the general population and that the "Do It Yourself" forum should be renamed "Techno-Tinkers Corner". What say you? Should we petition the Administrators to have the name changed?
D.E.Bishop 06/22/15 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: I am terribly sorry

My cat Spike, who shared me with the DW and who really loved her too, traveled with us on one biggy, 12000 miles to and from AK. He had to be euthanized in 2005 at 18 yoa and we decided no more. That was so we could mourn and there wasn't anyone at our home to care for another while we were on the road or flying around. Very hard thing to do. Lately there have been a lot, maybe hundreds of Rescued Pets shown on local TV stations and our youngest and her kids each got one. Now I want one. I need an adult guy, we just finished refurbishing our home and we don't want a kitten learning to be a grownup doing it on our drapes and furniture. I'm finding it hard to think of replacing spike, would any other cat play fetch with me, he wore me out throwing those balls and making me go get them. Sleeping next to me, never on me, just touching me as he laid next to me. God Bless, Naio, it's so hard to deal with the trauma and you weren't rude just expressing your love and frustration at a senceless trauma.
D.E.Bishop 06/22/15 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: from La ,anahaim go grand canyon doubts

I had the DW(Forum meaning is Darling Wife) look up campgrounds on the obvious route, I-15 to I-40. Here are three; Victorville Shady Oasis Kampground 16530 Stoddard Wells Road Victorville, CA 92395 tele, 760-245-6867. Located between River Ranch & Outer Hwy I-5. Some reviews OK, others awful, homeless living in river bed by campground. Hesperia Lake Park 7500 Arrowhead Lake Rd Hesperia, CA Not bad. Hesperia and Victorville abut one another but the campgrounds are maybe five miles apart. About 30 minutes past Victorville is; Barstow/Calico KOA N/B exit 191, Ghost Town Road, left under highway, left at gas station, 1/4 mile to KOA. There are signs. Lots of stuff to do and the Calico Ghost Town is an okay attraction. Reservations; 800-562-0059, KOA office is 760-254-2311 There is a Walmart on the west side of the freeway in Victorville at Bear Valley Road exit. This would be my choice for shopping. Nice and not crowded. The KOA would be my choice because it is going to be hot and lately the KOA chain has been trying hard to make sure the owners make camping good. Barstow is about 1.5 to 2 hours from our home by the Rose Bowl so just add an hour for travel from Santa Fe Springs to the Rose Bowl. The RV place will give you help on best route if needed. By the way, I'm not saying go to the Rose Bowl, I'm saying take fastest way to I-15 from I-5 in SFS. There is a nice KOA in Kingman that was mentioned earlier and the Campground next to the Grand Canyon Railroad in Williams is also nice. I assume you know reservations are necessary for Trailer Village and Mather Campgrounds in the Park. We are members of the Grand Canyon Association and love it there, it's hard to recommend things to do but go to the Park Service Visitors Center for info on hikes and tours. Be sure to see the Kolb Studio, it is newly refurbish and lovely. It was the first business on the rim and the first non-Indian home on the rim. You'll have a great time and you will see some great stuff.
D.E.Bishop 06/22/15 07:10am Roads and Routes
RE: So Cal to Victoria (via Oregon and Washington)

Dennis forgot to mention Olympic NP. You would have hard time in Kala Loch but there is another campground on the west side near the turn to go to Port Angelus. Really nice state campground e/o Port Angelus. Hurricane Ridge up into the Olympic NP road is not far from Port Angelus. Ho Rain Forest is where they film Mick Dodge and it is a really beautiful spot. If there is a space in the HO it's a nice campground but DO NOT drive in to find out, Call the Park or stop at the visitors center on the Coastal part of the NP or look up on the National Parks website.
D.E.Bishop 06/22/15 12:20am Roads and Routes
RE: from La ,anahaim go grand canyon doubts

Danny, There isn't a lot to do driving the I-15 to I-40 to Williams route. There are some local attractions but to be honest, I don't know about them. There is a campground on East(right hand) side of I-15 in Victorville near Dale Evans off ramp. You can see it from the highway and take the first off ramp and double back. Other than that I don't know of anything along the way. If you can make it to Needles it would be better. We second the KOA in Kingman, good facilities. If I had read this a day or two ago I could have given you some help, we just live up by the Rose Bowl. I'll ask my wife as she has a better memory and reply as early as possible tomorrow. I'm pretty sure El Monte RV Rents has wifi so be sure and check on line before you hit the road. David
D.E.Bishop 06/21/15 11:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Beer!

I had found that my tastes had centered on all things(beers) dark and creamy, one of my all time favorites was Shakespeare Stout from Rogue Brewery in Newport OR. Then we took off for ten weeks and visited 37 States and 7 Provinces, I bought as many sixers as we could carry thinking my Brother would come to our Summer home in the Eastern Sierra for a week and we would taste to our hearts content. I can't remember all the names but my Bro couldn't get away and that beer was getting old, so I drank it all myself. I got tired of most dark, heavy brews and started going more to the European Pils and Lagers. Then I realized, I like heavy beers during the fall and lighter beers the rest of the year. I also remember the aroma and taste of slightly warmer beers, 40 degrees or better brings out the flavor and aroma. Then my wife found out how much I came to love beer and so I cut back. Now I like to try whatever is favored locally. Third Coast Brews, Rogue, Fat Tire, Fosters, both Lager and Ale... What's a sunset on the Pacific, the AZ desert, the rim of the big ditch, the Badlands, the Columbia River.. without a cold brew to match the season. I just keep tasting and traveling. I'll find my perfect beer someday.
D.E.Bishop 06/21/15 08:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Lightning Strike/Power Surge

I worked in the traffic signal field and one of our intersections took a direct hit. The area around every screw on every terminal block was burned out. You could lift the terminals from between the barriers. Needless to say we didn't even try to assess the damage to the electronics. The 50amp inline noise filter on the service input looked like a tincan that someone set off a cherrybomb in. Opened up the seams and just charcoal inside. All but the non-bundled wires in the underground conduit were ready for the recycler, insulation burned off. The commons for the non-bundled wires were badly damaged while the positive wires for the signal lamps were pretty good. If you get a direct hit, just buy a new rig, don't try to find all the gremlins and replace them
D.E.Bishop 06/21/15 07:18am Tech Issues
RE: LED light strip for lighting up steps

Jeff, I bet your garage is neat as a pin. I have never seen a step assembly as clean as that. I don't think new RVs have such clean steps. Looks good.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/15 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Refer Fire Extinguisher??

I think it may be a ounce of prevention sort of thing, like during overhaul of the submarine I was on we had to verify that al hull valves and backup hull valves were capable of experiencing pressure that was 110% in excess of the pressure of our test depth. Don't know why you installed the automatic fire suppression system but you're glad you have it.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/15 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: A New Noise And Source

When you step on the gas or stop the space between the engine and differential changes and to keep things from breaking the u-joints have splines where different drive line parts are connected. The constant movement back and forth of the different parts sometimes form wear in the splines and will cause a clunk when stopping and starting, and then again it could be something else.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/15 09:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where does the propane go?

I want to thank all of you who were involved with this discussion, for making me think. One of you has a tagline similar to “Sometimes I like a good think”. So do I and resolving this issue was truly a good think, on one hand we had the “the propane leaked out of this closed system and on the other hand we had the group that believed the propane was still in the system. I believe now that both are correct. I am not ignoring anyone, I am just going to use two seemingly experts in the area of RV systems, Chris Bryant and OldBiscuit. First a little background, I am 75 years and three days old and have tried to listen to the advise that the wonderful guy who raised me gave me. He believed in the Golden Rule, that things are not always as they seem and that you can add apples and oranges, it’s just that it is then fruit salad. I’m not an engineer like my DOD(Dear Old Dad) was, I am severely dyslexic so often I have a extremely difficult time explaining what I think. Sometimes I seem really weird, like saying propane somehow becomes an inert gas, I know that is probably impossible. OldBiscuit is not really an old curmudgeon like me, he is just mischievous and as he told me, “don’t take anything we say here personally, we’re just having fun”. So if I offended any of you, you deserved it(now I’m having fun). After THINKING about it for a while, and finally realizing that there were valves in the circuit other than the on/off valve on the tank, the solenoid safety valve that is part of the Propane detector and the on/off on the range, there are the electrically controlled valves on the fridge, water heater and furnace, and as Chris showed us, these are not the positive stop valves like the stop valve on the tank. They do and always have and may always continue to leak propane in minute amounts. On the other hand, Old Biscuit said there was still propane in the lines and could blow a match out without igniting, until flow through the regulator was re-established and the correct fuel to air ratio is reached. Both guys are, in my beautiful and totally logical mind, correct. And in part validate my inert gas comment. Some or most of the propane leaks out through the individual appliance control valves and the remaining propane does not have the correct ratio of fuel to air to combust but it is still propane. It isn’t truly accurate to say it is inert, but, sometimes my beautiful and logical mind doesn’t have the correct words to express what I envision. Therefore, in my exalted position as an elder statesman, I have determined that our RVs have closed propane systems which leak and yet, they always have propane in them. “Case closed” and so my fellow RVers, we were all correct but we just explained it differently. Not to be corny, but, thank you and may who ever made your RV bless you.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/15 08:40am General RVing Issues
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