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RE: Weber Q Gas Regulator Upgrade

All the times I replied to post about how great "Q"s are and how much I hated mine from day one because I couldn't sear a steak or hamburger, no one mentioned that the bloody regulator sucked. Thanks. I gave it back to my brother who gifted the problem to me when it was still in the sealed carton. He's never used it but swears by his Genesis for several hundred dollars more and without a Weber Regulator. Go figure.
D.E.Bishop 01/20/17 05:17pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Oregon Coast

This is a great place to stay towards the southern end of the coast. I am a morning person, as such I make a pot of coffee and sit in my recliner with my laptop while the DW sleeps for a couple more hours. It is my favorite time of the day, sort of like having a beautiful spring day everyday. Winchester Bay Resort is one of my favorite places to do this and last June we were visiting and I sat there in my chair and watched a Greater Blue Heron land down in front of us and hunt for breakfast. He was very good at finding those little black crabs that are in most tidal pools up there and small fish in the grasses and he just kept eating and eating. The DW woke up and sat there with me and watched him with me. To me something like that is so serene and quieting, it sort of makes it hard to ever get upset during the rest of the day. There are several drive to spots around the Bay that are quiet and beautiful places to watch the Bay and Harbor wake up. The town is really nice, very small but lots of great friendly folks. The little store is one of those places that have a little of a lot of things. While Reedsport is just a little North and Coos Bay is a little South, those little stores are a fill in place and carry so many necessities it is amazing. If you happen to see a tall, slender gray haired guy around a house with a ton of STUFF in the yards, stop and ask him what he's working on. He is a real friendly guy and the exact opposite of his wife, looks wise. Go drive around and visit the light house, lovely spot, lots of things to look at. Nice gifty shop downstairs. Going to 101 from the lighthouse, use the back road, a couple really nice campgrounds there. After a week there I'm so recharged, I just want to do things. Maybe find a place in the woods where the view from my recliner is as peacefully exciting as Winchester Bay.
D.E.Bishop 01/20/17 10:24am Beginning RVing
RE: The dreaded potty burp, can't eliminate it

To Wind Surfer, I have no idea what fitting was used to accept the usual 1.5" vent pipe so this may just be impossible but as diagnosed, the is a gas built up so it's not venting. If the fitting on the top of your black tank is a simple slip fitting without a stop, yes they do exist, the pipe may extend down into the tank instead of stopping inside the fitting. This is just a guess. I am not a plumber and I have never bought the fittings but mine look like flanges, sealed to the top of the tank and screwed down. What I would do if it is a straight drop into the tank, is to extend a 3/4" or 1" measuring tape down into the vent pipe and try and hook the end on the bottom of the pipe. Record the measurement and then extend it fully into the tank and when it touches the bottom, record that measurement. Compare the two measurements. The answer should be obvious, if they are very close, it could be the rising water in the tank is sealing off the vent. In atperci's problem, measurements are impossible because, from his description the vent is combined with his grey water tank. His easy test is to use a tapered sewer hose fitting to adapt the stinky slinky to the sewer line, adapt a wet dry vacuum hose to the fitting, place the tapered fitting in the drop hole in the toilet and attach the hose to the exhaust of the vac and turn it on. If the air from the vac flows out the vent, add say 5 gallons of water until it won't vent any more. This would give him an estimate of what the volume of his tank really is and show that the vent is working. I would appreciate any feed back you might have if you try my ideas. David
D.E.Bishop 01/20/17 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: An older class A for a single traveler

The DW and I have traveled to all 49 continental states in a Bounder 27D and loved it. Today with the Winnie, it would be hard to go back to that era but darn, that was a great RV. Remember unless it was garaged, it will be sunburned and the plastic trim and there was a lot in those days did not have UV protectors and will show sun rot. Those aren't big problems but esist.
D.E.Bishop 01/19/17 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Comparing Quality from a Manufacturer?

I'm a Class A owner and happy with that, when we were looking for our first RV it did include TTs. We first looked at an array of floor plans and decided what we wanted and what we would accept. We next narrowed our search to a price range. Then we stared the really tough part of checking the various rigs out on Owner Forums, there are one or two for each manufacturer. The ones with Owner Clubs are very good as you usually get happy people and why they are happy, forums seem to have mostly problems mentioned and become tedious after a while. I'm surprised anyone who reads the forums only would buy any RV. Then we looked at the product to get a feel for fit and finish, color schemes and exterior graphics. I would say we like plain graphics but someone would point out we added a 32'X32" graphic to the primarily blank white rear cap. All the fit and finish things mentioned in earlier posts are good for the final details but in my opinion ruling out a manufacturer for a component choice is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Almost ALL RV's have MDF or plywood used in their construction specs. Something that is really handy to know, is if the manufacturer provides PDFs for download for the systems schematics and maybe even the parts manuals. Eventually something is going to fail and being able to look at a manual is really helpful. Remember to keep all that stuff you get when you buy. Good luck and trust you instincts.
D.E.Bishop 01/19/17 07:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Portable Gas Grill

KISS theory. I've tried them all and trust me once you get going on RV'ing. "space" how much room something will take up, will become a priority with your RV! BBQ grill and burner. Folds flat for storage and doesn't take up a lot of room in storage bay. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/graphics/product_images/pDSP1-18345041p275w.jpg I agree with Rockhill manor. I use a very old cast aluminum Toro table top model and we've never had problems with cooking on it. My DB bought us a Baby "Q" for our condo and I hated that thing. You could not sear a steak with that thing. Hooked the Toro back up worked fine for hot dogs, sausage links, kielbasa and searing hamburgers and steaks, any heat you wanted. The "Q" was a space hog to boot, took 3 or 4 times as much room as the Toro.
D.E.Bishop 01/19/17 07:22am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Wiring a DP for towing a toad

It is wired already with a 7 pin round plug, but lights are dim and sometimes are difficult to get to work... That is exactly why I suggested removing all the add on converters. :W I have found that those 3/2 converters are not always a trouble free as they advertise.
D.E.Bishop 01/19/17 07:09am Towing
RE: Motorcycle on back of Fifth wheel

RoyB, thanks, I kind of like that for a solution to our problem. The DW will soon have to have a scooter and keeps wanting one of those break apart jobs where the heaviest part is less than 50 pounds. I don't like filling up the towed with that when we're on the road. There are a lot of times when I would like a scooter too, but not to carry two inside the towed for sure. Both cars we have came with tow bars and with the Idaho Tote style would add negligible weight to the hitch and little more to the overall weight.
D.E.Bishop 01/19/17 05:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wiring a DP for towing a toad

I too would assume that you have a standard 7 blade trailer light connection. So here is what I would do which can also be done with a flat four coming from the RV. Remove all the convertors and add on stuff between the RV's stock harness and the socket. Now you're back to where you were when you bought your rig. Buy and install two separate sockets for the turn signal cans and wire your flat four, right and left turn signal wires to those lights. You will also have to install two more diodes for those lights. If you buy a new towed and it has combined parking/brake lights, your good to go, if it has the separate brake/parking lights you just buy two new sockets and install them in the brake light cans. Simple and only two very simple and "reliable" electronic devises to install, the two additional blocking diodes. If you are like me and use another vehicle that I use to tow the Sidekick with flat four wiring, it's good to go. You have just had an example of K.I.S.S method applied to your problem. PS; Nice rig, a couple we met fell into a deal on a Beaver, owner died, wife sold it for the balance on the loan, $103,000. Nice.
D.E.Bishop 01/19/17 05:30am Towing
RE: Oregon Coast

I'll add a couple, Seaside SP, South Beach SP(near Newport), Honeyman SP(Florence), McKinney, Marina and RV park(Waldport) not near beach but maybe 4 miles.
D.E.Bishop 01/17/17 08:40am Beginning RVing
RE: furnace

It certainly sounds like a relay or controller with maybe a little dirt between the armature and actuator arm. Does your rig have ducted heat and AC? There may be a door than directs the air flow and is just not quite making it opened or closed. I'd be more concerned with the furnace not working properly than a buzz from some part of the HVAV system. The two could be connected but probably not. I've not been much help but not being there to see and hear makes it hard to solve a mystery that people who are there can't solve.
D.E.Bishop 01/17/17 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: TV Mount

I changed both TVs in our first rig and added patio sliding door lock for locking in place. I am in the process of finishing off the two boat anchor cabinets openings so they will look like the rest of the cabinetry. I will use the face frames for a mounting location. Everything I'm using to fill the hole is 3/4" oak. I am going to pop for the very pricy mounts used in newer MoHos because they have a lock built in to hold the TV against the wall. Lots and lots of acceptable mounts out there and for once I'm not going cheap, like the cheap mount for my 43" set in my office. $16.99 on sale at Harbor Freight.
D.E.Bishop 01/17/17 07:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entry Steps

First off, what Brand of steps do you have? What year is your rig. If they are Kwikee, you're in luck because there are an untold posts on what to check. If you do not have a DMM or an AMM use a test light and follow the trouble shooting instructions to find the problem. If you do not have a manual, search for Kwikee Manual #888 or PM me and I forward you a PDF copy of the manual. The Kwikee steps are simple, in MNTBHO, the new owner screwed up a great product. I know nothing about the new steps and don't care to unless I win the Lotto and buy a new coach. David
D.E.Bishop 01/16/17 08:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cedar Creek Secret Cable Switch

Looks like you're doing well Miss Ellie. Don't you just love it when they hide something and don't tell you. Reminds me of a time out in the French Frigate Shoals and one of the Auxillarymen was looking for a seawater filter on an AC system in the sternroom. Took him several months to find it. It was in the plans and had been verified before construction was completed and it was buried by other systems.
D.E.Bishop 01/15/17 09:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The RV Name Game or How to Traumatize Your Customer

How about a Hele(Travel) Hale(House), with coconut palms and Polynesian dancers in the graphics for the full timers. And yeah, I'm old.
D.E.Bishop 01/15/17 09:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camper Wiring question

I just found a set schematics for my F150 that show all the Trailer Tow Circuits to help me rewire a damaged 7 blade socket. and find the associated fuses. Even in a F350 or E350 with the diesel engine, the charge line is really not to CHARGE the batteries, it is to maintain the batteries for loss associated with towing. At least in my case the 40amp fuse does not go to a relay for charge only. It supplies power for the turn signal functions as well. The charge relay is for a max of I believe 30 amps, enough for maintenance but not for charging. I have seen and read about running a completely separate circuit with a truck to trailer connection that will carry more power and requires a larger alternator for full charge capabilities. I don't think that a standard 7 blade socket/plug combination will carry 40 amps.
D.E.Bishop 01/14/17 09:09am Truck Campers
RE: iPad

One of the nice features of Imgur is it automatically resizes for you. The Mod set it up that way for our convenience and so he wouldn't have to keep reminding me to resize.
D.E.Bishop 01/14/17 08:50am Forum Technical Support
RE: Spare tire cover

I bought a $15 cover for my Sidekick from Cabelas. Nothing fancy but it did last about 4 years.
D.E.Bishop 01/14/17 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Which Screw Gun for Jacks?

I have several different cordless drills, all but the 4 volt have adjustable clutches all but the HFT 12v are two speed all except the 4 volt are variable. All but HFT have lithium ion batteries. My Makitas were all the long battery packs and after twenty or so years the batteries were unavailable at a reasonable price. They were the best I ever had. Now everything I buy is Ryobi and the 1/2", 18v drill/driver is so powerful on low speed it will , could actually, twist your hand around at the wrist. I bought the 1/2" drill for the batteries. On sale it was cheaper than just buying two batteries. The 3/8" was a set with a flashlight and small saw from my brother. There are I believe three different levels of Ryobi power tools, buy the 18 volt w/lithium batteries in black and chartreuse, great tools. The best all around flashlight I have is the HFT that comes with on battery and the 3/8" drill for $16 on sale.
D.E.Bishop 01/14/17 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: Hot water issues .

Wow, water systems are pretty basic and usually if hot water flows in one spot it flows everywhere it is plumbed. A bypass valve would stop water from going to the WH, the city fill vs water pump supply would be on the supply side. An open or partially open shower of sink valve would dilute the hot with cold. It really seems odd. Has the vanity and/or shower ever had hot water flowing? The toilet wouldn't be in the equation. Have you been able to or even tried to contact the manufacturer? Here is kind of a test to see if water is even flowing past the kitchen, if you have a single valve vanity faucet, turn it on either hot or cold and then slowly change to the other temp. The volume should be virtually the same at either extreme and greater when mixed 50/50. The other thought is there may be shut off valves for the fixtures not getting any hot. It would be helpful to see a diagram of your specific plumbing system. I, like you am just stumped. Keep us updated.
D.E.Bishop 01/14/17 08:17am General RVing Issues
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