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RE: Anyone not want to retire?

I'm a little late on this one but here is my take on retirement, I got out of the Navy, got married about 18 months later, got a secure job in local government, worked for 32.913 years there starting as an electrical apprentice, rose as high as I could in my field, during that time I graduated from college with a degree in Management and it came in handy as an electrical supervisor. I was sitting in my office one day reviewing a proposed change in our procedures manual and realized, I was out of date. I went to the computer and calculated my expected retirement salary and decided that we could live on that as long as the DW kept working, figured if she retired, we would have to sell one of our properties. My 55th birthday happened to be a month away and it also was the day the pay period ended and a day before Habitat For Humanity started a 22 house project in South Los Angeles. I filed for retirement, that same day. It will be 20 years in 21 days and I am glad I did it, my job was eliminated about seven years ago. A big group of us get together a few times a year and find out who has died, lost their job and all that other stuff I'm avoiding. I don't miss the work at all and we were lucky to have some good investments a great retirement plan that lasted up until 65 and Medicare kicked in and now with the fees we will have to pay on our Cadillac health plans we paying more for our healthedare. It's still better than being old and not up on all the technical stuff, now I'm just old and seeing the country.
D.E.Bishop 05/27/15 01:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Grand Canyon to improve handicapped access

To me it just sounds like a whole lot of Government-speak. From the "we have a lot of work to do" to "need to obtain funding", all the way to "unauthorized run that couldn't be stopped without bad press". That is all just a bureaucrat saying "sorry, but there is nothing we can or will do about it". I have found individuals working for the park service to be truly great. They will go out of their way to help you, just as you found. But as an entity, the park service is a monolith that cannot act. Any proposed changes will be met with a litany of studies, public comments and the inevitable lawsuit challenging everything. The environmental wackos will attempt to block any handicapped access accommodation that moves a rock or displaces a blade of grass. The activists will push for every possible accommodation to be the gold standard and the costs will balloon from a few hundred thousand dollars to multiple millions and the whole thing will just collapse upon itself. Don't book your reservations yet. I can understand part of what you are saying but you're not being realistic. The comment was a private one made in a staff meeting and I mentioned it because the ranger after spend part of his day in a wheelchair found out how many obstacles the are and what a huge job it is to list and prioritize them. You may be able to say I'm going to change something in your park of a few acres but s park the size of the GC has a lot of hidden problems and identifying them and funding them cannot be done overnight. I would suggest you go to the Park and contact Dave or Diane Chalfant about what they are doing. Obviously Dave wants to know what needs to be done or he would not instruct his staff to use a wheel chair instead of walking. Now the staff is more acutely aware that there is a problem and it is big. The multi million dollar improvement to Bright Angel Trailhead is but one improvement that has been talked about for years and Dave in partnership with the GCA raised the money for plans and construction. There are now restrooms there along with benches, shade covers and water for filling water bottles. Dave gave permission to the GCA to use the Kolb Studio as a gift shop and venue for special events. The conditions was that he GCA restore the studio and residence. The restoration had to follow Park Service guidelines and regulations. And at a cost several millions of GCS funds, the restored building was opened and dedicated last weekend. To recognize the many Indian tribes that have called the area home a medallion was designed and the designed was transferred to concrete in a plaza by the newly built Mather Amphitheater. The biggest problem with the medallion's design was not any of the things you mentioned but getting the Tribal names in an order that satisfied eight sovereign Indian Nations. The amphitheater looks like it is a natural feature of the park. Care and planning like this takes time and is proof that the Park Service is not a monolith. As for the Rim to Rim run, the organizer insisted that it was not an organized even, as fines were levied against the organizer it was noted that his statement was BS. How could 250 runners all wearing identical T shirts be a coincident? Sorry Mr. Park Owner, the completions of so many improvements in the last four years were not a fluke. They may take time but nothing unusual. Rant over, please visit the park, you can park you car and take free shuttles almost everywhere but the Phantom Ranch.
D.E.Bishop 05/25/15 12:33am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Walt's RV Surplus Has Moved and has a new owner

Due to having had several BCCs and other malignancies, my wife and I drive from our home in Eagle Rock CA to Rialto to see our dermatologist and for me to spend some time at Walt's RV Surplus. On our trip a couple of months age as we approached Walt's location on Sycamore in Rialto we found that the yard and building was construction scaffolding company. A small sign advised us that the ne location was 1275 Railroad St. in Corona about 20 miles from their old location. Last week we had an appointment with our dermatologist and decided to go to Walt's also. Looked for the listing several ways but not success. I had programmed the address in my GPS earlier and we took off after the DRs'. Not only is the location sort of hidden bur after talking to the new owner we found out several things about the move. Ron the new owner said the deal was sort of a fluke, he had as the old owne about selling and received a call and was asked to make the owner an offer and it was accepter and the move was very chaotic and hurried. There is a problem with the new owner using the name Walt's and the domain name but the Green Walt's sign is on the building. The other name is Stardeck Industries Inc. They perform RV service/repair and manufacturing. They custom build trailers and now have a huge inventory of surplus items and some salvage items. I got a NEW Hong bathroom exhaust vent with everything but the screws and caulking for $41 dollars. MSRP IS $91.19 and the usual sale price is about $75.00. Bought a couple of other items and saved a substantial amount on all items I bought. The address is 1275 Railroad Street, Corona CA and the phone numbers are 951 270-0015 and 270-1107, and 909 421-1107.
D.E.Bishop 05/24/15 11:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Grand Canyon to improve handicapped access

I couldn't agree with you more. There is no swimming pool at the GCNP so no problem there and the project is one being developed by the Park staff not the "Government". Funding needs are not yet determined and will be both budget and donation funds. Dave is concerned about achieving real advancements and his staff has begun the improvement needs list and the DW and I are both in need of walkers and wheelchairs, our input has been noted and we along with DAV and others will be needed as well as historical architects and the legal community. The focus will be access without changing the appearance of historic features. The plan should be shovel ready in about three years. Remember that the Grand Canyon Association will be fund raising starting now and Dave is reminding Washing DC that compliance with the AWD Act is mandatory as is maintenance of the historical nature of the Park. This will not be a "shoot from the hip" project.
D.E.Bishop 05/23/15 10:53am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: RVing with Spinal Stenosis

I am a recent stenosis patient, I had on again off again episodes for the last 25 years but they were always better after a few days or weeks. About a year ago when I got up from our sofa, I saw bright flashes of white light and felt severe back and leg pain. When I realized I was on the floor and had no recollection of falling, I went to the DR. Long story short, MRI followed several visits to the Conservative Back Clinic. Things continued to get worse and finally I was given a Spinal Epidural. Five days later I had soreness but no pain. I have had two more epidurals and I am pretty much back to the status of two or three years ago. This past weekend was our first trip in more than a year and other than a little discomfort from going from our bed at home to the one in the RV, I feel great. I have stopped using any meds for pain other than Naproxen and I don't sleep as much as when I took the Hydrocodone. There has been no talk of operating since my first visit to the pain DR and I was told that operating was a last resort for me. It is a medical decision due to age and the number of operations I have had in the last 6 years. I am so happy and enjoyed the trip this weekend that we are now planning an extended trip from late June to Late Sept or mid October. Good luck with your treatment and keep us informed as to you successes and help received. We all need backup plans.
D.E.Bishop 05/23/15 10:36am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
The Grand Canyon to improve handicapped access

Good News from the RIM. There are a lot of us or that have spouses that are either using walkers, canes or wheelchairs and find many attractions that are difficult to see due to our disabilities. Well here’s something you might find interesting. David Uberuaga the Superintendent of Grand Canyon NP recently instructed his staff to spend at least part of the day in a wheelchair getting around the park. One Ranger said at the follow up meeting, “we’ve got a lot of work to do”. Everyone at the Park is involved and working at improving the experiences of the visitors. Determining what needs to be done is just part of Dave’s responsibility, obtaining approved plans and getting the project funded is the rest. He has found that he is spending much of his time, he feels too much, fighting for funds for projects like handicap accessibility. This means a lot of time in Washington DC while his Deputy Superintendent Diane Chalfant helps to carry on in the Park. The entire staff is involved in identifying not only how better to provide access to everyone but also in helping visitors on a one to one basis every single day. My wife and I were on a rim walk with the number one geologist at the park when I ran out of steam and could no longer push her wheelchair. A member of the GC Association Board of Directors, the civilian branch of support for the GC came to my aide and pushed the DW’s chair. All weekend long paid NP staff and GCA staff were helping visitors in every facet of exploring the park. It seems that Dave’s leadership has been the focus of improving everything that occurs in the Park. Someone planned and organized a non-sanctioned Rim to Rim Run for last Sunday. The Park could not stop the run without a lot of bad press so they organized medical care, food and water, and other safety functions with only a few days notice. The organizer has been identified and fined for his actions and may not yet be off the hook for costs to the Park but everyone was safe and had a good time even though they severely overloaded the Parks resources such as the overload of the septic systems. None of us noticed any changes in the park staff available to aid us and no permanent damage was done. So you can look forward to access improvements for everyone and especially for the handicapped.
D.E.Bishop 05/23/15 10:10am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Dometic RM2801 Fridge ** UPDATE**

I have a 1989 RM2801, two way power. Propane and 120 VAC. I just discovered that the fridge draws 1.31 amps on the 12 vdc circuit with the power selector switch in the off position and in the gas or electric position. I am just a little befuddled over this. What would be using 1.31 amps? If the selector switch is off, shouldn't all 12vdc be turned off to everything? I haven't had time to look for the point at which disconnecting the input power kills the draw. By that I mean, I haven't had time to trouble shoot down to the component level. I did move the selector switch from OFF to GAS and then to ELEC. with no change in the draw. Got any ideas before I tear into the rear panel to the circuit board or the front trim to check the input out put at the selector switch. We're leaving for the Grand Canyon Thursday and would like to find out if this is normal before we leave. I have not had time to turn the gas on or the 120 VAC on to check operation as I've been checking the SOC after a full charge, that's when I discovered the vampire draw. UPDATE Well I wish to thank all of you who responded, I am eternally grateful for all the help I have received since joining the Forums. Now for what seems to be the problem, when I updated the converter, I did not upgrade the distribution panel. While I was taking measurement with my meter I was having a problem keeping the 12 v panel door open so I decided I would remove the bezel. I forgot the bezel was part of the DC distribution panel and as I pulled it away from the steel housing, I saw one of the output lugs move and the vampire must have seen his reflection in the mirror and he is gone. My distribution panel is both the 120vac breakers and the 12vdc fuses and is original to the RV, that means it is 26 years old and the way the output lugs were attached to the circuit board was by rivets. I did have a problem with the 12volt supply lug and added a brass machine screw and nut to hold the lug tightly to the PC board. I should have done all of them. As a temporary fix I am using Stay Bright solder on each lug. Stay Bright is 4% silver but has a very low melting point. I will add screws when we get back next week. Another problem I discovered or maybe it's not a problem is that the entry light by the interior steps is connected to the Fridge circuit. The circuit fuse is 15 amps and the fridge light is on a different circuit. There are two switches for the fridge light. the door activated switch, which was turning the light on and off when the door was opened and closed and a toggle switch to turn the light off altogether. It has worked good for 26 years and hopefully it will continue to work at least until the motor home breathes it's last.
D.E.Bishop 05/12/15 05:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Left Hand Wheel Bolt Needed

What about a Heli-coil. May not be correct spelling but drill out the hole, tape with right hand tap(provided with the kit)insert threaded coil in correct size and use either a stud or wheel bolt. Helicoil is correct, coils only, part number is HECR1185-8. Try auto parts store, used for stripped stud threads.
D.E.Bishop 05/07/15 01:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on 30 amp Install at Home

Just a note about the box you have installed. I bought one from Lowes made for an RV hookup. Two things missing, first was a disconnect switch, the other was a 20 amp outlet. I am an old electrician and forgot these two things. Most here suggest turning off the power before plugging in the RV. I agree. A CB somewhere else is not a disconnect switch and should not be used as one. When we had the house built, code called for ONE 15 amp duplex outlet in the garage and no exterior outlets. I upgraded to an outlet every six feet all on GFCI outlets and one 15 amp exterior outlet. I should have gone with multiple 20 GFCI's including a 20 amp exterior outlet. I pulled #10 and #12 wires and have now upgraded. Would have been easier to do it all the first time.
D.E.Bishop 05/06/15 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Help plan my family's Western States tour for 2016

First off, let me welcome you to the forums, "Welcome to the Forums". There are far too many posts regarding this subject to pick one or two for you to read, but I would suggest that you read the Mods instructions on doing searches first and then do some and read posts that seem compatible with your trip. Next I think you are really a grandparent and not a parent. I didn't learn about kids not wanting to camp with Mom and Dad after the inevitable march of puberty and becoming social animals, my wife knew and I just follow her lead. I do remember the first summer the tent stayed packed away in the garage and we rented a place at the beach for our daughters and a friend each. So good luck with the inevitable. Oh yeah, this is the first year the 15 and 13 year old DGKs are not going with us on a summer trip. Next, Dennis is right, you are trying to see the West in one tenth the time you need. Try splitting up your trips into small areas, I know you want to have the DKs see as much as possible but I think you packing ten trips into one. We split trips up by features, we did a trip(far too long a trip) from Los Angeles to the Ingles homestead in Nebraska and back and then down the Oregon Coast. Should have skipped the coast. Our first really relaxing and truly remarkable trip is the one we called "The Canyons Tour". Grand Canyon, Powell, Brice, Zion and some extra time to explore the Grand Staircase. Three weeks and the kids wanted more time. A really nice trip is just California. Two different redwood forests, Ferndale, Eureka, Tahoe, wild horse at Mono Lake, Ancient Bristlecone Forest, Whitney, Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree, Sequoia/Kings Canyon/ Yosemite and a couple of days where the kids can skate, swim, socialize with other kids. Washington/Oregon Coast, start with our newest NP in Cali, Pinnacles, Crater Lake, Columbia George, Reiner and the over to the Coast. Too many places to list here. I hope you get the idea, to many fun, yet educational places to show them and trying to do everything in the west in four weeks is possible but stressful for you and the DW. If you want more ideas, or just help doing what you first posted, PM me and we'll talk. I have used some shorthand that you will see often on here, google some of them or maybe someone else has a link to what they are. I could tell you but you need to learn how to search. Also, don't develop a thin skin. Almost 100% of the members here are really helpful, it's just that sometimes we get cranky and seem rude, we're not really. Dave
D.E.Bishop 05/06/15 09:25am Roads and Routes
RE: What are these wires for?

I'm with Jeff, it seems like someone has rewired your rig and you now have 6vdc supplying your trailer. My question is do all the DC circuits in your trailer work? It looks to me like the battery cables were home made. Look at "The 12 volt side of life" website. It will give you all the information you need to set things up properly. I suggest this site because it is what everyone will tell you anyway and because for me having the drawing in hand is easier than having this thread printed out and in hand. Everything is on one page. Good luck and try using some quality cables from NAPA or high end part store or automotive electrical shop.
D.E.Bishop 05/02/15 06:01am Tech Issues
RE: exterior US map stickers - protocol?

We just wing it. If we're in a hurry and don't, we usually count it any way. Next month we're heading out for the Grand Canyon and we will be doing so with our second map on the side. Maybe we'll camp in some we didn't before, maybe not. Time Will Tell.
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 11:20am General RVing Issues
RE: one again wife proves she's smarter than me

Not RVv related, but "doing things simply" related. I recently had cause to copy information from a dry erase board to my note app on my phone. Showing how Techy I have become (at 67) I opened the app and typed in the information where I could find it again. Feeling pretty smug, I turned to see my son-in-law snapping a photo of the same thing with his phone! Duh!?! Well, I never claimed genuine "techiness" only a desire to struggle valiantly to keep up with electronics we use so universally, now. oldtrojan, X2 what you said. I'm almost 75 and a few months ago I got a "Smart Phone", now there is something beyond me. I asked my 13 year old DGS a question or two about what do I tap on the screen to do what I want to do on my phone which he had never seen and he did some magic things and said, "GDude, technically you don't tap the screen, you touch and drag". Who knew.
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 06:59am Truck Campers
RE: Black Hills

All of the above. The black Hills are mostly national forest, with Wind Cave national park, Jewel Cave and Mt. Rushmore National monuments, and Custer State park within the national forest boundaries. No pass is needed to pass through the cave properties, there is a fee to tour the caves. Mt. Rushmore is free to visit, but there is a parking fee. Custer State park requires a pass. Actually, Mt. Rushmore is a National Memorial. Not a big distinction but it is a difference. As far as Campfire Time's Disney comment, come on...
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 06:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Macerator vs Sewer Solution

How do you dump with Sewer Solution if no water hook up? If you are driving a lot, the waste usually breaks down enough to us just like a slinky. If you have been parked for several days then you find a place with water.:S Come to think of it, I've never been to a dump station without water.:W How do you dump and flush if there isn't any water and just so I can avoid it, where did you find a dump without water?:h
D.E.Bishop 05/01/15 12:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snake Bite Kit

Forty five or so years ago we were rock hounds and ventured into some remote areas with our kids when they were under ten. Snakes bites were on our minds constantly and we contacted our family DR, she recommended an Anti-Venon kit. Her take was that it would give us a few minutes more getting the kids to a hospital. It was not a total solution and would just help gain a few minutes. Our pharmacist said the same thing. For the DW it was something she could do, and hopefully would help calm her and the person bitten. Staying calm and limiting exertion are the two most important things if bitten, that and getting to a hospital as quickly as possible of course. I don't know if the anti-venen kits(a single injection) are now up to $2000 apiece or if it is just the total cost of emergency treatment, but regardless of the costs, it is worth it.
D.E.Bishop 04/30/15 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling with cats

Spike did well on a three month 13K mile trip to AK and home. Never tried to get out and never fought when I had to hydrate him due to renal failure. Oh yeah, he was 16 then and lived two more years. He hated being boarded but in AK he was for 10 days and loved his nurse. Gained three pounds. Great traveler.
D.E.Bishop 04/29/15 11:02pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Couple of questions,lights and stove hood vent

Danny I don't mean to be a smart a$$ but how about just getting a new lens? Your is 11 years old and it probably is pretty brittle and replacing it might be a good idea. Good luck with your quest and happy camping.
D.E.Bishop 04/28/15 08:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Travel souveniers

D.E.Bishop 04/27/15 11:43am RV Lifestyle
RE: 4,603 miles 8 states 1 month some reflections

We took the Shafer trail road a few years ago and the DGD was a little nervous but her brother, the DW and I loved it. We took our Sidekick which is stock and didn't find any need for four wheel drive. That road is a blast to drive. The next time we go, I'm going to stop and take lots of pictures. We did meet a tour driver as he was headed out in his big ol Burb and we said high and then he sniffed the air. He commented he didn't smell brakes so I asked him if had been having trouble and said we'd help if he needed it. He was not amused but his tour group was. If I still had it, I'd take our 1971 VW Class 2 down there just to see the look on folks faces.
D.E.Bishop 04/26/15 09:27pm General RVing Issues
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