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I agree with the post from Stew 47. When buying something from a company that deals in an item like CW does, there is a "reasonable expectation" that the product being sold is safe to use and will not hurt you. "Buyer beware" has certain validity when buying from a private party or in an "As Is" sale. In either case a judge a/o jury can assign liability on a percentage basis, say 50/50. I don't think that any reasonable person or company would could be fully responsible for knowing there was a hidden defect that allowed CO to enter an RV or where a detector should be placed to be near that leak. I think that most here are condemning a distraught and angry father in a flippant and unreasonable manner. I think that allowing for the fact that he did not give the background in RVing of his daughter and himself(didn't seem like he was involved in the purchase) or the age of the rig or where the CO came from, that assigning responsibility is unwarranted. After all, how much did you know when you entered the arena of RVs? There are a lot of good suggestions and comments in the responses, but flat out saying it was solely her responsibility is as wrong and hurtful as the rude way saying using all caps is rude. I noticed that apparently he learned his lesson about yelling as he turned off all caps. Just the opinion of another father whose daughter's diagnosis with cancer cause him to yell.
D.E.Bishop 09/26/16 08:18am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Etiquette in Camping

I have some rope lights I almost never use. Bad purchase on my part. I keep them for such situations. First try is on the ground. If it continues, they get strung up about chest high. That said, I've seen an increasing trend in commercial campgrounds to not leave pathways to services between rigs. I was at a campground recently were there was no break for almost 1/2 mile to get to the bath house. If you had the spot in the middle of the back row along the edge of the CG, you would have to walk 1/4 mile to the end of the row, 1/4 mile down the next row to reach the bath house not 200 feet from your rig door. We were just in a CG in Oregon that was laid out in such a way that it was not really adventitious to walk through anyone's campsite. It is not a new CG but it was well designed. I also noticed that the sites were separated by native plants but most were open on both ends(pass throughs). Lots and lots of folks out walking together or with their dogs. Now that I think about it, the roads and paths were designed so they allow folks to walk by your space but are a little lower that the adjacent pads. It seemed to me that folks didn't really come into view as they passed your site, sort of like an infinity pool, they were there but kind of the landscape. I don't know why I posted this other than to confirm the above quote. My second biggest pet peeve is trash. Not just the litterer but also the folks that sometimes move a cigarette butt or gum wrapper out of their way and walk on. When I was in Boy Scouts our TM had a hard and fast rule, noting was to go into your right hip pocket unless you found and picked up litter from the ground. He was not unreasonable and doggie doo was not included but the occasional bottle cap or gum wrapper were. Taught my girls that and now my grandkids. I now keep my left hip pocket for trash but I always was a rebel.
D.E.Bishop 09/26/16 07:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Worth stopping in Yellowstone Park at end of October?

It is well worth the stop if sites are available and on or near your route. Yes stuff is closed and crowds are small. Critters are out all year except for bears and some small stuff like Picas. The wolves will have moved more northerly within the park and may be hard to find. Other big guys are out and about. Lots of elk near Old Faithful geyser. OF Lodge may be closed but the Snow Lodge will be open. Be careful and head the weather reports as the snows can be heavy in that time frame.
D.E.Bishop 09/25/16 07:35am Snowbirds
RE: Converted Stove to push button ignition

My stove has a knob to turn for the igniters, it is very loud and wakes the DW up if I use it and that ain't good. My CharBroil Grill has an electronic igniter and I have thought of buying one for the stovetop burners. Has anyone converted to a igniter with a 9volt battery? Guess I should start a new thread but I'm lazy.
D.E.Bishop 09/25/16 07:25am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: The Old Avion is heading for the Dakotas - advice?

I would love to visit the gathering. Heck, I'd love to be on the road. You seem to be going well prepared and relaxed. Only suggestion, spend lots of time there and give lots of attention to the two who are with you. I too am waiting for the reports including those photos you'll take.
D.E.Bishop 09/24/16 07:41am Truck Campers
RE: Was retirement for you a good or not so good choice?

I'm getting into this fray late but here is my reason why I retired and how it's been. I was once a young vibrant kid that wanted to learn and hopefully advance. I was successful and became a policy setter. I loved setting up new policies and procedures, absolutely loved it. Then I had things running smoothly and life was good. Then along came a bunch of mini-me's. I didn't like their policies and procedures, mine were better, right? No I was unalterably resistant to change. I figured it was time to go. Has it worked out okay?, dam right, have I been bored?, NOT FOR LONG, I'd find a new project or revive and old interest and I'd be off again. Twenty One years so far.
D.E.Bishop 09/24/16 07:24am General RVing Issues
RE: what is "glamping'?

We have done all those things from shelter halves to our Winni too. We raised two girls who love to be outdoors, and we have two DGKs who don't care what it's called just as long as they can do it. Whether it's a long week end at the beach or ten weeks seeing this unbelievable Country in the RV, two weeks at Havasu Falls on Havasupai Creek, a week in a thatch roofed hut in Amazonia, when we're out seeing the outdoors and living with it(meeting new folks, getting bit up by all sort of bugs, trying to find a dry spot below a bush for a latrine, you know what I mean), it's Glamping for us. What could be more glamorous than seeing M42 just below Orion's belt, a pair of Redtails falling at about 100 mph in a mating ritual, maybe even leaf cutting ants hauling green bits home. Think of all the people who have never seen anything more wild than a house finch or someone's pet gone feral. Our hobby is glamorous and I happy with that. Oh yeah, we're in our mid seventies and our working years total 33 for me and including raising the girls, more than forty for the DW, we're willing to pay for it because we deserve it.
D.E.Bishop 09/21/16 07:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Onan carburetor float has fuel inside of float

My first Onan was built in 1989 and sometime this century it started surging. I found a rebuild kit and cleaned and rebuilt the carb, no problem. The first CARB carbs just had caps over the adjusting needles. I removed the caps first, rebuilt adjusted and it's still going strong. Kit was an Onan and so dusty you could see where the seller wiped it off to read the part number. $27 at the time. And thanks to Chris for the link, you came through again.
D.E.Bishop 09/21/16 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: Route from I-5 to Oregon Coast

With the info we dragged out of you it seems he wants to get to the Oregon coast and drive a short distance to Newport. If he is in a hurry and isn't interested in the views or quaint settlements, the answer is 126........ If he wants a great drive and will be returning to Redding, I-5 north to the highway that follows the Columbia River from Victoria, WA to the Astoria Bridge South to Newport. That way he can see the entire coast by leaving Newport and continuing south to 299 and then over to I-5 and north a few miles to Redding. I have been going up to Florence since 1949 and the DW and our DDs have been doing it since the mid sixties and we had a cottage in Yachats for a long time, we've driven everything from a VW bug to our current rig with a tow. Non of the roads are a big deal, it's only big deal on how fast you drive.
D.E.Bishop 09/20/16 06:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

I think maybe if you drive a motorhome at 70 you are safe, but pulling anything behind it is not safe. For someone who does not say how old he is, what he is towing and with what nor does he say why he is asking the question, he isn't supplying much information to get a good troll going. So...
D.E.Bishop 09/20/16 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Winegard Woes

Put a dollop of white lithium grease on the spring that pushes against the directional dial and it should stop. The friction from the steel spring and plastic components causes your problem.
D.E.Bishop 09/18/16 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: East Coast Gas Shortage

WE left Charleston on Sunday and gas next to the hotel where our reunion was, showed $1.89 at the pump.
D.E.Bishop 09/18/16 06:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing an Analog Thermostat with a Digital

When you spring, spend a couple extra bucks if you have to to get the tstat that has a face that illuminates when you posh the buttons. I did my first one without and it was a PITA. With the illuminated face you can do it in the dark or low visibility, and you will not have to listen to, "turn that blankety blankety light off. :W Best suggestion you have so far(not including the link from Brirene). I have a digital and programmable that was OEM in this rig, once I get it all sorted out and the TV cabinets finished, I will install a backlit residential unit.
D.E.Bishop 09/11/16 07:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Problem starting generator

The Mod made one little error a period or a word but whatever, don't use the OHM setting to check voltage. Actually, I would start at the switch and check for voltage, then to the generator. I don't know for sure that the start stop switch is fused, check the manual. If it is remove it and check for voltage and reinstall the fuse and then move on to the switch. If no voltage to the first thing in line, check the battery connections. Always start at the source and go one item at a time until you lose power.
D.E.Bishop 09/10/16 10:11am Toy Haulers
RE: Cracked Windshield - DANG IT!

How would he not be close if he were passing?
D.E.Bishop 09/10/16 12:41am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Grease on the ball?

A little dab'll do ya (for those of us old enough to remember) Watch who you're calling old.
D.E.Bishop 09/09/16 08:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner mounting wedge

Durb, Here is the part description; Camco 25071 14" x 14" Universal Roof Air Conditioner Gasket Kit. You can Google that description and you can also Google youtube for several videos on installing RV AC units. I would agree that you should look for obstructions in drain path.
D.E.Bishop 09/09/16 12:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is it?

Send the picture to Sizemore in Amarillo, he knows a heck of a lot about RVs. I owns the Bus conversion seen in the Robin Williams move RV.
D.E.Bishop 09/08/16 09:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Follow uip to California Speed limits

I thought I said that these were the speed limits. This is a political statement so it may get puffed, we have a one party congress in CA. They make the rules and it is immaterial if the rules make life inconvenient. On this subject I would like to see a small change or two. There are other problems caused by the slow speed of trucks but not all States have the amount of truck traffic on streets and highways that we have. I have driven in all 50 states(while living in Hawaii I drove an XK120 not an RV) and I find the very high speed allowed by some States scary. I also have noticed that in MOST States truckers travel to the right and while faster than I personally feel is good, there does not seem to be a lot of truck accidents occurring. I would like to see the towing speeds raised to 60 MPH here in CA. If statically proven that accidents do not go up at 60, we should keep it at that speed. Several improvements in motor vehicles including, brakes and suspensions, and with wider lanes and truck safety inspections it is logical to assume that the speed can be raised safely. To steer completely away from why our roads in CA are so bad, I will only say that not all of them are really bad and that I drive an alternative route and steer clear of the interstates as much as possible. Several years back, a large part of I-5 was not resurfaced but reconstructed and I switched back to North - South using I-5. The last time we drove I-5 most of the road was broken and would vibrate the RV so badly, that I have decided to switch back to 101, 1, 99 and 395 for North-South travel.
D.E.Bishop 09/07/16 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: California Towing Speed Limit

It was suggested that I post this here even though I posted it as a separate thread. Last week in "Roads and Routes" was a thread about California Speed Limits and here is what the guys in the California Highway Patrol Office told me. I made a comment regarding lane usage and today I found out it was not 100% correct. Starting with the speed limit for all vehicles towing, it is 55MPH. All of the signs in CA are being changed to say “All Vehicles Towing” and an accompanying sign says, “Vehicles with THREE or more axles” the speed limit is 55 MPH. Now slightly more complicated is the definition of the lane for Semi’s, and vehicles towing. Actually it is quite simple, semi’s and vehicles towing are restricted to the right hand lane except to pass another vehicle and then they must return to the right hand lane as soon as it is safe to do so. It does not matter how many lanes there are. Another exception is when there is a directional change in the lanes such as, an off ramp on the left side of the highway or if the highway for example splits into a Northerly direction and a Southerly direction. Even if you are towing and must move over to the left into the fast lane, your speed is still not to exceed 55 MPH. Signs that are stating a legal restriction will have white backgrounds with black letters or numbers, signs that are for safety such a suggested speed for a curve are yellow background and black letters, symbols and numbers. White with Black are laws and yellow with black are suggestions. Driving at 5 MPH over a suggested 35 MPH curve is ticket able as being unsafe depending on the vehicle, load and condition. Oh yeah, and the opinion of the CHP officer who stops you. The 5 MPH grace is more of a legal thing than the discretion of the officer. In court cases shown that the accuracy for two identical vehicle’s speedometers can be several MPH out of sync with one another and the law enforcement agencies must be able to show that the accuracy of their speedometers has been checked within a reasonable amount of time and the officer knows of any corrections that may be needed. So it is pretty much accepted that 5 MPH is an acceptable to the courts as a realistic grace on the speed limit. smkettner sent me a link which validates my original statement in the post in the Roads and Routes forum that the far right and the lane immediately to the left of the right hand lane of a four lane road can be used by the vehicles limited to 55MPH. The CHP Officer was wrong. I was wrong in stating that the same use applied to three lane roads. Thank you smk.
D.E.Bishop 09/07/16 07:42am Roads and Routes
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