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RE: Ridiculous lack of payload....

Just remember that especially at shows, the salesmen came from Cragslist. I ask one about the CCC, his reply, "What's that?". Couldn't be important, EH!
D.E.Bishop 02/16/17 06:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mosquito repellent tests

thats true, but deet will kill you sooner or later. I agree with the Moderator, while I have no scientific study to base my opinion on, I do have a real life study. I met a old Alaskan homesteader in 2000, he was in his eighties and owned and operated Tolsona Wilderness Campground. He was watching his great, great, granddaughter and she her mother and all of the family had been protected from skeeters since birth by using DEET and none of them are dying or have died from exposure to DEET. Good fishing in the campground, best fly for grayling, Mosquito.
D.E.Bishop 02/16/17 11:57am RV Lifestyle
RE: When do you know....?

I am older than the fathers of a couple of you responders and I have kinda given up some repairs. I will say that I do have a couple of infirmities that require that I get help but I just bought a hobby truck to restore. I rebuilt an engine with my dad at ten, but this one is being done for me while I'm sitting at the beach watching the waves. I'm also doing most of the little fixer uppers on the rig as problems arise. Of course you find those while you're on the road and it is easier to fix than find a mobile repair guy. The biggest reason is while at the show in "Q" last month, I realized that when Vietnam vets call you SIR, you're getting older.
D.E.Bishop 02/15/17 08:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Quick question about propane shut off

The CCI propane detector in our old Bounder had a on/off switch that turned on the detector and actuated a solenoid to allow propane to flow, IF the manual shut off valve was open. For storage I turned the detector off and shut the valve. The problem with that set up is they "SHOULD" be replaced every 5 years at a cost close to $300. I believe that Saf-T-Alert has replaced CCI and of course changed the solenoid so you cannot use their detector without changing the solenoid. While I don't like "qualifiers", here is one, I feel that the five year rule is a CYA rule for the detector makers. I know that there is an element of validity to the suggestion but I have tested 20 year old detectors, both propane and smoke/fire with aerosol cans of gas used by home inspectors to test them. Yes I did that as part of a home inspection for RE buyers or sellers and of course we added the requisite disclaimer that "date of detector installation was unknown".
D.E.Bishop 02/15/17 08:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Captain Cook state park

To answer you questions, YES. I assume you mean is kayaking in Cook Inlet good, it's pretty calm and I've seen two man rubber boats used at Deep Creek St. Park which is pretty close. Fishing in the Inlet is usually excellent. Depends on time and tides, when the salmon are running watch out for being tired from hauling them in. I know a 110 lb woman who caught a 300 pounder up near there. Her husband started Deep Creek Fish Club.
D.E.Bishop 02/13/17 09:49am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: GPS route using "No Left Turn" algorithm?

Simple, every time the GPS wants you to make a left just make three rights instead. Lets see, you approach an intersection and the GPS says turn left, you don't make left turns so you make three right turns instead. After the third right turn the GPS will tell you to make one more right turn and then a left turn. :h :S :W Got it Scott?
D.E.Bishop 02/11/17 08:01am Technology Corner
RE: GPS route using "No Left Turn" algorithm?

Both of our Garmin as well as the one someone stole had "no left turn" and "no u" turn settings. I think all Garmin do.
D.E.Bishop 02/11/17 07:51am Technology Corner
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

Oh how we enjoy the lifestyle and I wish I was only 70. When we bought the Winnie last Feb, it was my first over 86" in width, that did take some getting used to. The Big ole V10 did too. Darn that thing doesn't know I can't think seventy MPH. Oh well, when one of the kids or grandkids wants it they can fight me for it. PS: DGD an I are starting a 10' teardrop trailer built next year so she can take off for a getaway after she graduates from High School next June. Maybe she is to young to tow a teardrop.
D.E.Bishop 02/10/17 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: OTA TV reception at "Q"

Okay so I'm about on a par with everyone else. Gonzo I'll try that app and just keep it around. I guess I wasn't clear that I have digital flat screen TVs, and my antenna does pull in over 100 clear channels at home and a lot of marginal channels. So thanks for the info on "Q" area reception.
D.E.Bishop 02/10/17 09:38am Technology Corner
RE: Champion 3400 vs 3500 Watt Generator

I don't know if they are trying to fool you but try calling SupergenProducts, they are in Newark NY and Glendora CA. The owners are father and son and very easy to deal with. They have the 3400 with a numbers 100222 I believe less than a grand.
D.E.Bishop 02/10/17 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Off road ??

Sure it is possible with either one but I'm not inclined to do it with my own rig. I drove from Fairbanks, AK to just above the Arctic Circle in a class "C" rental unit(permission granted by rental firm w/ conditions on speed) without any problem. Most of the way was graded and half of that was freshly graded so not much washboard. Things will loosen up a lot if you do it frequently no matter if "A" or "C". I found that out long time ago with our VW Type 2.
D.E.Bishop 02/10/17 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
OTA TV reception at "Q"

Our rig has a 32" Sharp FSTV in the LR and a Insignia 19" in the bedroom. We had a badly damaged Winegard Batwing which I replaced with a older batwing with a mfg date of 1989. All "F" type connectors have been replaced and at home I get 185 channels on the rear TV and 190 on the front(not all are really stations, bounce suspected), they range from Riverside on the East, Santa Barbara on the North and San Diego on the South. My TVs in our old rig had built in signal strength meters, these do not. Just randomly turning the antenna to get the best picture, then do a new search for best signal. So during the show in "Q" last month we were at Hi Jolly CG and I could get three stations to tune in at best and only one was reasonably good with very little pixilation. Is this pretty much how it is there? I can live with it, if that is what it is. I'm not into buying a SensarPro, I may upgrade to a Integrated Sensar VI replacement head in the near future, the DW hasn't really complained so it isn't a requirement. I am just asking, I know SCJeff was/is there and hope he may answer too.
D.E.Bishop 02/09/17 07:47am Technology Corner
RE: Generator choices

A pair of these in parallel will work for you. Won't break the bank and not as noisy as an open frame generator. My Lion's Club just bought two of these from Home Depot at just over 1K each. They are dual fuel and work off propane. I own two honda 2000 and they are the same as far as being quiet. How long the Stator lasts who knows. Call Paul Sr or Paul Jr, I forget where Paul Jr lives, Paul Sr lives in Glendora CA. Nice guys great customer service and super products. These are not the old open frame generators of years gone past, they are really guiet. I'm very happy with my 2000 and keep it full of gass and in the rig. David
D.E.Bishop 02/08/17 10:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What I learned about big DP's at the FMCA rally.

I will go along with not liking the dark interior, never been in a S&B as dark as most big rigs. What scares me is we visited with some folks in "Q" last week and their Monaco gets 1 to 3 MPG towing their full sized chevy pickup with a Razor in the bed. Over $700,000 and really poor fuel consumption.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/17 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: SoCal attractions and HWY1 help...

Gonzo, close but no cigar, Kalyzoo is correct. To use the 126, continue on the 5 past the 118 and Magic Mountain to the 126. In my opinion during heavy traffic time on the 118 and 101, I prefer 126, the DW won't even try it. It used to be a local St Hwy but now it is pretty much freeway. Prettier that 118/26/and the 101 through Thousand Oaks.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/17 09:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Generator Recommendations

I recently bought a Champion 2000 inverter type from Supergen I dealt with the Glendora store which is close to my home. I bought a reconditioned generator and if you bought two and the parallel kit it would be cheaper than one Honda iu2000 or whatever the number is. The specs are pretty close to the Honda, although many will argue that.
D.E.Bishop 02/06/17 08:58am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: To tow or not to tow?

First off, Al is Alabama not Alaska (AK), second it is easier to answer questions if all the parameters are covered. What are you driving. Perhaps no one told you about signatures but they serve quite a few purposes like identifying what size and class of rig you have. Personally, we have RVed AK three times, twice fly/drive and once drive up and back. I will never go again without a towed. I would even use it for overnights to distand locals with roadhouse stays. Like they say, to each his own and that's mine.
D.E.Bishop 02/05/17 05:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Utah National Parks

I will join the rest, five days may be long enough to see the roads, but not enough to see the features off the road. If you are happy with just saying you have been there, it may be enough time. Island (singular)in the Sky, Dead Horse Point SP, and Arches are doable but you would be limited in what you see. Your schedule is like trying to See the Olympic Peninsula in 5 days. Won't happen.
D.E.Bishop 02/03/17 09:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground Reservations

I have to disagree with the assessment that the commercial CGs in the North are much like anywhere else. How many places anywhere else have sites with a view of a lake where you can see moose feeding 24 hours a day, where beaver swim past your site and where front office service is really conducted on the honor system? I agree that there are a couple of CGs within a 30 minute drive of the Anchorage Information Center and the downtown area that are what are considered Commercial campgrounds. Riverfront in Fairbank, Bearpaw in Valdez and many others are laid out in a similar way but are anything but "like anywhere else". Maybe I am more gregarious than some but half of the great things we saw were recommendations from others and seemingly a lot of other folks use CGs as a social gathering place. We tried to find a "commercial CG" every so often to recharge and refill our rig and none of them were like anyplace else. I will say that all the public campgrounds we used were every bit as good and scenic as the commercial ones.
D.E.Bishop 02/03/17 09:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Walk od Shame. Long!

Phil I hope your right about mistakes in the future. By the way, I have about twenty pounds of SS fasteners. Even my hold down bolts are SS all-thread. SS and Monel are used extensively in Submarine equipment and I learned to love it while serving on a couple. Thanks for the kind words and support.
D.E.Bishop 02/02/17 04:21pm Tech Issues
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