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RE: How difficult is 27' motorhome to drive in city traffic?

We have a27' Class A and we have driven it to and through all 49 continental states without any real on road problem. I say on road because my DW wanted to go tone of the world's largest something or other and sure enough, too steep and too narrow. Hard to disconnect the towed but made it out. Just two weeks ago the DW was off quilting and I loaded up went camping. Easy to do. DW drove to Cherry Hill Park in rush hour traffic on the belt way. Reconsider a "A" and towed
D.E.Bishop 10/04/15 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping World RV.NET

I believe that all the stuff on RV.net fall under the umbrella of Affinity Group Inc. Marcus owns Affinity.
D.E.Bishop 10/03/15 10:09am Good Sam Club
RE: mammoth cave national park?'s

Why not stay in the park itself for the best experience? Do you really need hookups? X2
D.E.Bishop 10/01/15 08:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Midrange propane griddle

I just googled the 2 burner and one 14" griddle, both for $99.00 at various places.
D.E.Bishop 10/01/15 11:40am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: AAA RV auto club

We have had AAA auto club for years for the cars, truck. Just signed up for the RV service. Anyone out there have it and are they happy with it? We have always been happy with AAA and I hope the RV service will be the same. We have the PLUS so we are covered for up to 100 miles, which out west 100 miles is nothing between service. Please let me know if your happy or sad about AAA RV Plus. The best way to answer your question is to do a side by side comparison of 2 or 3 EMRS service policies: Good Sam, coach net, and AAA. Based on what I have read from various posts from RV.net this are my concerns and observations: 1. AAA primary business or focus is not providing RV Emergency Road Side Service. 2. AAA EMRS service is not universally consistent from area to area and state to state. 3. check and compare the various limitations of each policy. I'll go with what djgarcia said about comparisons. However, there isn't any way to conduct a blind study. After saying what you should do, he posts his negative opinion about AAA. He didn't provide an analysis of AAA, GS and CoachNet, or any other service policies. Just as he does say, it's just his concerns and limitations. I have AAA RV Plus and have been an SCAC member for over 50 years. My PERSONAL experience has been very good, djgarcias opinion is from reading about someone else's experience. The other two carriers mentioned may be fantastic, but honestly, I have no first hand experience with them and cannot form any concerns from other folks complaints. Maybe dj ought to do a spread sheet and compare the complaints and kudos.
D.E.Bishop 10/01/15 09:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Remco

My used towed had a speedo disconnect(illegal now) but the switch was in the towed. I would for no other reason than I was curious follow the load side wire and see where it went. You might find it by looking at the wires on the switch and then the towed connecter on the receiver hitch. If it doesn't effect when turned on, you can probably just ignore it, me I'm curious and it would drive me nuts.
D.E.Bishop 09/30/15 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: When to leave for fall colors

Four years ago we departed Los Angeles on Sept. 15 and returned November 20 something. Traveled across to CO and into NE. Up through the Dakotas and into Can, across southern Can. We zigged and zagged across the boarders and into the Maritimes down into Maine and then to Hershey on Halloween. From Colorado on we had fall colors, not the height we had experienced on another trip but bloody fantastic. I am sad to say our expression of "oh look at the Fabulous Fall Foliage" to somewhere near to our getting on I-10 heading to L.A. changed and became, "enough with the F#$&@ng Fall Foliage, I want to see a cactus". Don't get me wrong but it isn't what we were use to, it was constant from mid September to early November. I think the wonderment wore off somewhere along Skyline Drive and BRP. So sometime between Mid September to Mid November was our experience.
D.E.Bishop 09/30/15 08:03am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Crossing Canadian Border

Have your travel documents in your hand or the hands of the person in the passengers seat. The DW has a folder that is well organized and has trip info, passports,insurance papers and pet's papers are in my hands. I don't know about now but the pets papers had to include a statement regarding being in good health and vaccinations. Our Vet had a form he filled out. If you have a long gun or sport shooting handgun with you, you should have the proper forms issued by their customs office indicating why you have a gun and if the gun is locked up someplace have the key as well. No sunglasses on anyone in the RV. Best to let the BG see that you're were wearing and removing before approaching the station. Look at the BG's face, your eyes tell them a lot. Answer quietly and quickly, usually a yes, no, USA type response. Always be truthful and don't joke or volunteer info. Don't answer for others who are asked questions. Those guys are just working stiffs with a thankless job. And if you are forthright and respond quickly their job is easier and theu appreciate your help. You should be just as respectful to our BGs and have all the papers you need to cross back into the country ready for them too.
D.E.Bishop 09/30/15 07:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: Shurflo 200-220-39 replacement or repair

Ribeye, I kind of go with the guys here that believe, fix the one you're using now so that is working really good for you and so you don't have as many worries, don't cut corners because you will someday down the line replace it. I've been trying to trade mine off and get a newer one for several years and we still have.
D.E.Bishop 09/30/15 12:38am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: The first six months

Glad the trip was successful, and the return was safely done. When you are ready to head to the West, Pacific NW, Southwest, PM us, we love folks that speak with an accent. We would be glad to confer with your planned route. Out here things are spread out a lot more than back east and some folks try to travel too far.
D.E.Bishop 09/29/15 05:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Washington DC

If you are RVing into the area Cherry Hill is my recommendation too. The Smithsonian is I believe 11 different museums. They require a lot of time to see. We have been there but not enough time. We plan on 11 days with the DGKs maybe next summer. Darn Eagle Scout program and DGD's social life. Just kidding.
D.E.Bishop 09/29/15 11:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pomona $10/10 foot

Call Gloria Reeder at 818-248-6600 or ask at info@thebestrvshow.com. I've always had great responses from Gloria and the office staff.
D.E.Bishop 09/29/15 11:35am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: General Purpose Cleaner

Before and after every trip I wipe down everything inside except, glass surfaces with one oz. of Spick-N-Span LIQUID with about a gallon of warm water. Glossy surfaces like plastic or SS on stove I dry immediately, cabinets and other wood or laminates, I let air dry. Windows I use water and ammonia, the DW uses Glass Plus. Stubborn things like oil or grease, I use a little SnS on a terrycloth bar towel. When I was a Navy mess cook, we used vinegar and water on all the SS. No film or odor and leaves the SS "sparkle clean". Outside I use McGuire's car soap.
D.E.Bishop 09/29/15 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: How do I figure out my height?

A variation on the 2x4 hanging over the edge and measuring to the ground. Measure to the top edge of the RV add this to a measurement from the top edge of the RV to the bottom of a piece of 1x2 or other light weight piece of lumber laid across the highest point on the roof. It is easier than the one measurement method and only requires one person. I have a 4' yard stick(oxymoron) and it is adequate and weighs ounces instead of pounds. Mine was 11' 2" and so I quote 11' 6" when asked. I tried to measure the difference between the heights with 80lbs tire pressure and 100lbs and that is not worth the effort. With airbags how much will they add between recommended pressure and max pressure. I could have added 6" but 11' 6" sounds better and more easily visualized than 11' 8", besides my DW can remember it.
D.E.Bishop 09/29/15 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is such a low cargo carrying capacity possible?

If you think that is bad, try this, 31' Motorhome, CCC of just under 500lbs. Subtract an additional 200lbs for actual passenger weights. Less than 300lbs for all our stuff.
D.E.Bishop 09/29/15 10:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Progressive Dynamics 9160A

There is a guy that is mentioned ofter on here that has great deals on the converters. I don't recall his name but with a few different searches about replacement converter his name will come up. He seems to be among the most knowledgeable regarding converters. I would stay with PD. My OEM lasted over twenty years and I still have the original distribution panel.
D.E.Bishop 09/28/15 03:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Building my own sofa

Either my post was poofed or I dumped somehow, but, that is fantastic work. I often hace to make up full scale mock ups so my DW can see what I have come up with. Yours out of pine was excellent. I think that is worth a article in either MoHo mag or Trailer Life. A drawing with measurements is something I would support. Great Work!
D.E.Bishop 09/28/15 03:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Self defense while traveling

The original post was about 4:00 pm out here on the Left Coast and there are seven pages of comments. It has always been a hot topic issue on here but there are a lot of more interesting posts on here with far fewer responses. I have guns, I am trained in how and who to shoot and I could if threatened, but come on, how many articles about a RVer who has shot someone in relationship to nights camping? Even accepting that there are 10 times more occations where the presence of a gun has sent an intruder on his way than actual shootings, there just aren't that many. I think the average person could with a can of Wasp and Insect Spray, would be better off. On top of everything else, if you had sufficient provocation to use a gun, and you used wasp spray, the self incrimination is not as bad and even if the bad guy sued you, he would be wearing a orange jumpsuit and most likely be laughed out of court. Besides, no holes to repair in the RV and no blood to clean up. And do I carry, just be sure if you threaten me in my RV that you have goggles and a Kevlar vest. To the OP, if you carry in the RV, Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip and short barrel, very scary looking.
D.E.Bishop 09/27/15 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Natchez Trace; mid-October; entire lengh; where to RV camp?

Check this months issue of MotorHome Magazine, there is a good article in it. I would look elsewhere as well but it is a good article.
D.E.Bishop 09/27/15 11:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is it the television or antenna or both.

All other topics aside, I think the OP has done everything correctly, in fact a little overboard in checking all the connections. Assuming that everything is OEM and working correctly,the two things that I would do is, with the amp, on check for 12vdc on the center lead AT the antenna connection. If that exists, I would swap out the Jensen for one in my house. There are proponents of Jensen, I am not one. I would have swapped it out with one in the house first but as long as he has verified visually that everything looks good... K.I.S.S.
D.E.Bishop 09/27/15 11:33am Travel Trailers
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