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RE: What can I run with 30amp vs 50amp?

wow that's great news. Yeah I don't actually have the new coach in my hands yet. Get it on Tuesday. In a whole new ball game with this sucker. That's great about the residential fridge. Glad I have it now :) Well. Look at the bright side. Ya got 4 days to get the 50 amp installed.
Kiwi_too 07/25/14 04:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What can I run with 30amp vs 50amp?

If you do a search you will find a lot of discussion on 30 vs 50. You can run 1 major appliance (i.e. AC, MW, Space heater, elec WH) and if you have an EMS you might get away with 2. Running the fridge at the same time as one of the major appliances should not be a problem. The reason I say SHOULD NOT is because I do not know how many start up amps your AC and fridge require. Look the starting mps up for your appliances. Anything over 30 won't work. If you have 2 major appliances running and the fridge kicks on, you will probably throw the CB.
Kiwi_too 07/25/14 12:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Exchanging a couch for a chair

In our last coach, we replaced our sofa bed with 2 swivel recliners. They did not match exact style or color but were close enough to compliment. We were happy. Mix or match the way you want. You will have to live with it and my opinion will not be sitting on the chair so my opinion does not matter.
Kiwi_too 07/25/14 09:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: keeping passengers in back of class A cool

We Absolutely do, if it gets that hot. We always crank up the air before deprting to get the cabin cool. That helps for a while. Not always enough. If you have the inverter outlet by the passenger seat, you can run a fan to blow air back. That might help, if you do not want to run the genny.
Kiwi_too 07/25/14 09:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 10 Year Refresh

Well, next week marks the 10 year anniversary of our Coachmen Aurora 3480DS purchase. It has taken us to many national attractions and all across the south from Arizona to Florida. She is still in excellent shape with only 21,000 miles on her. However, the tires were overdue to be replaced and the rubber roof was showing its age. First up was the roof. I checked with a local coach rebuilder and was advised to skip replacing the roof but rather apply Thermo-Seal. The work was done in less than 2 days, all seals restored, and a beautiful bright and durable coating that actually looks better than new. It has a Rhino Lining type texture and insulating properties that are supposed to help reduce interior temperatures in direct sunlight. Next up was replacing all 6 tires with Hankook AH11 19.5" rubber. I passed on the balancing beads and opted for the spin balance. Nice and smooth ride. I performed all the maintenance on the engine and the generator myself. Lastly, the Meguiars RV/boat 3 step fiberglass refresh process. The kit contained an oxidation remover, polish, and carnuba wax, 3 applicator pads, and 3 microfiber towels. Using an inexpensive 7" polisher from Harbor Freight and several hours of elbow grease I got a shine I haven't seen in several years on the front and rear caps. After servicing the tow bar, a complete interior and exterior detailing I am optimistic I can get another 10 years out of the rig. Total outlay for everything was less than $3500. We really liked our 04 3480DS. Replaced couch with swivel recliners, added a Travel'r and dinette with credenza and table/chairs. Unfortunately 1 year ago someone else liked it better and stole it. Oh well, we got another MH and are enjoying it. The work you did sounds great. It will give you a lot more fun. Hope that 2100 miles a year had a lot of weekends in it at the local lakes. Ya need to spin those wheels a lot more in the coming years. The new tires will need a lot of exercise.
Kiwi_too 07/25/14 09:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are large gas motor Rv's underpower?

Most gassers come with 5,000 pound rated hitches and are not able to tow quite that much... Read on however Most Diesel pushers the hitch is rated for 10,000 and yes, they can do it. That said... I have only had a problem one time with my 8.1L Vortec V-8 Gasser where I could have used about 1 more horse power... This was on a mountain road I should never have even attempted (More of a mountain goat trail than a road, in places the road was NOT as wide as the motor home) I had one peak where I had to drop the 4,000 pound plus cargo towed and drive it over under it's own power.. I will never take this RV (Or any other) down that road again.. Way too narrow.. Yes, Narrow.. I may some day take a Jeep though, was a lovely drive. Are you Robin Williams?
Kiwi_too 07/22/14 04:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which Flat Screen TV ??? recommendations...

Vizio, Samsung, Panasonic
Kiwi_too 07/22/14 10:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground Question

I agree with the OP. He paid for it and it was his for the duration. When he was shown to the site and it was designated as his for two days, there was a perimiter set for his occupation. He was entitiled to come and go all he wanted through the rental period. Now, he could have left something in the sight, which usually works, but who's to blame when, upon his return, it is missing and someone is in his sight. Though not obligated, he could have stopped by the office and let them know he was coming back, but again, not an obligation. The real frustration has to be that when faced with someone else in your site, which you paid for, the on duty clerk take a ho-hum attitude. As someone else said earlier, good customer service, with at least what appeared to be a sincere appology, probably solved this quickly. BTT, Write that letter to the CG owner. The owner may not know what is going on and that the service was less than desirable.
Kiwi_too 07/22/14 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are large gas motor Rv's underpower?

At the risk of getting someone angry for me asking the same question they don't want to see again, that no doubt some people feel has been discussed enough. Not irritatated, but yes. It has been asked and answered many times. Are gas Class A's underpowered to tow a toad in any area with mountains or large hills. No. See my sig. We go from WA to IL and LA regularly, with toad and do well. I have read people with gassers say that they are powerful enough for them to tow a toad anywhere. And I have read that no gas motor Class A has the power and that you need a diesel motor. Sounds like unfounded opinion and contrary to what we do regularly. What is the truth, not opinion on this? This is my truth. You have to decide what is not true or what is unfounded opinion, for yourself.
Kiwi_too 07/22/14 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Low voltage at campgrounds? I found the solution.

Pedestal to Hughes autoformer to PI to ATS. Works great. I am really glad to see that there are not a lot of autoformer bashers out tonight.
Kiwi_too 07/21/14 08:14pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Two Similar 12V battery in parallel and other questions

To answer some of the questions,.....hook them in parallel,.....less chance you will run them down beyond the 50% rule. If you use more power than 50%, charge them,...one way or another, even if connecting jumper cables from TV. x2 50% is 12.24v. If they get less than that, you are sucking the life out of them
Kiwi_too 07/21/14 10:11am Tech Issues
RE: No excuses, no backup, but would like to recover HD data

Freezing has worked or me.
Kiwi_too 07/21/14 10:04am Technology Corner
RE: Best state to register a Class A RV in?

Your home state of residence.
Kiwi_too 07/21/14 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Setup/Takedown Checklist

Welcome and congrats. Turn off the electricity, at the pole, before plugging in and unplugging, to avoid arcing.
Kiwi_too 07/21/14 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: AC or generator???

Turn your water heater off. Or switch it to propane. WHAT??? What makes you think I have my water heater on? DUH! Mick. This does not encourage help. There is no way we know your experience and what a "Duh" moment is. There are bound to be a number of what you think are "Duh" questions because to help we need to know a baseline. Do you have or have you added an electric water heater element? If you have one, is the WH set to LP? Have you turned off the converter? Is all 110v eaters turned off? Have you added any power cords? Have you looked at them to see if they are burnt or melted?
Kiwi_too 07/20/14 10:22pm Tech Issues
RE: converter questions

Once you verify that the magic smoke has really left the coach, call Randy @ www.bestconverter.com. He will help you fit the best, current converter for your rig and use. Great help.
Kiwi_too 07/16/14 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: running ac or micro unit on tt while parked at home ??

Do not go below 104 watts, period. That is when heat damages start to occur. Get a (digital plugin meter) Kill-A-Watt.
Kiwi_too 07/16/14 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: sewer valves

Agree with Black tank closed. You can leave the grey open until, let's say, the day before you leave, so you can shower freely, wash clothes, etc, than capture a tank of grey to rinse after the black is dumped. I would leave all valves closed while gone.
Kiwi_too 07/16/14 09:48am Tech Issues
RE: Our First Motorhome

Put plenty of water in first. 3-5 gals. Do you have a tank flush in your wet bay? If so, use it to finish filling the tank. Once it reaches full and the wife yells it out the window to you), leave it on when you pull the black valve and wait ffor the water to get clear. Close the black valve and let the flush run for a couple minutes to add water for the next trip. At the end of the season, after the last dump, I use calgon liquid water softener to clean the tank. I add 6 OZ and fill the tank with the flush. This helps free deposits and clean the tank.
Kiwi_too 07/15/14 08:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Our First Motorhome

Our rig is a 2003 Coachman Cross Country Elite. It's 36'6" and seems to fit us well. In retrospect a bedroom slide would have been nice but not mandatory. Nice rig. Sounds like you have a good handle on what you are doing. . . . and didn't have to dump the tanks again. I would not let a sludge sit in the black tank for long. We dump after every trip.
Kiwi_too 07/15/14 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
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