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RE: slides first or stabilizer jacks first?

Level and stabilize first... Then deploy the slides Yup, that's what I do too, per my manual.
PackerBacker 05/26/16 06:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black tank chemical

I'm still able to get formaldehyde based Campa-Chem at Walmart; bought a 6-box of 8oz bottles this past Friday at the Plattsburgh NY Walmart. I've also been able to get it at the Kings Road Walmart in Myrtle Beach when we were down there in March.
PackerBacker 05/23/16 02:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Penalties for Under Declaring

Canada can set any requirements they wish, I just don't get why people get upset with some of us that don't like any thing illegal entering our country including people. You're right, it's their country and their laws, yes there's a but. When my wife and I decided on a trip to Alaska via Canada, it was a nightmare trying to find the does and don't on what we could take across the border on the Canadian government website. If it wasn't for this forum we wouldn't have known about the ban on raw chicken and some other items that had just been declared as banned item just a day or two before we cross into Canada. We cross weekly and unfortunately things can change by the hour. That is why there are disclaimers on websites for both sides of the border saying to contact them for up to date information. Typically websites provide information that is the 'norm' and not the exception. Each week, I ask if anything is new but we still get caught on occasion. It's the nature of the beast! ... Eric
PackerBacker 05/20/16 11:31am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Myrtle Beach Travel Park specific question

That's exactly what I was looking for, but now I have noticed on their website that they won't gurantee a specific site but a general area. I'm going to call them to make sure but, I don't want to drive 12 hours only to be disappointed. This is correct. They will NOT give you a site number. They have always acted like site numbers are a top level NSA secret. We book every year for the same site and time when we arrive, so a year out, and they still won't confirm the site number. :S I doubt you'll get a site with a true view of the ocean but I wouldn't let that deter me. The wind can be bad right up front sometimes and being a few spots back isn't always horrible. I agree, that's the one thing that ticks me off with MBTP. We've been going there for almost 15 years, have several friends who are part of the staff and the only time we can get 'some' assurance on a specific site is when we book for the 6-month winter span. I must admit that we have almost always gotten our 1st choice of site, and have been told when a specific site is just not available. I usually book 8-12 months ahead. ... Eric
PackerBacker 05/19/16 05:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leave slides in or out?

Mine stay open at our seasonal site from May through October unless we're not going to be there for 2-3 weeks.
PackerBacker 05/18/16 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Myrtle Beach Travel Park specific question

Sites 96, 97A at the end of Georgia Trail and 292, 329 at the end of Memphis Trail all have ocean views through the flat openings. Check MBTP site on Google Earth to see the images. Every now and then an extremely high tide will bring water through the openings but short of a hurricane or tropical storm, it never really gets onto the sites.
PackerBacker 05/17/16 09:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ram Truck Owners

I tow an 8,100-lbs TT with a 2014 Ram 1500 without any sway and rarely any movement with a semi or bus passing me. I use an Equal-i-zer 12K hitch, no airbags. Must be something in your set up causing sway.
PackerBacker 05/16/16 08:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Walmart etiquette?

To me there's no issue leaving a slide open overnight where it doesn't interfere with anything. :C I draw the line at actually trying to camp, i.e. putting chairs out, the awning out and a grill! :M
PackerBacker 05/15/16 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: I-95 Fredericksburg VA to Rte 17 north

I would also recommend the Fredericksberg KOA, it's our stop-over of choice.
PackerBacker 05/14/16 05:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: anode wearing strange--thoughts??

As most have already stated, it 's just normal wear and there is lots of sacrificial material left; bit of Teflon tape and put it back.
PackerBacker 05/14/16 05:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Question on frozen meat into Canada

I'm really surprised they would take beef because poultry from Ontario is the only restriction now. There hasn't been beef issues for about 3 years going into the US. .., Eric
PackerBacker 05/13/16 09:18am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Awning rolls wrong?

The correct way is the tube should roll clockwise when you bring it out and counter clockwise bringing it in. That's according to which end your looking at I've heard that on an electric awning if you hold the button too long when its extending, once it reaches the end it will just continue rolling therefore retracting back to it's resting spot against the trailer. In that case the next time you hit the button it would be in the reversed order. Could that be the case? My thoughts exactly, I've actually done that on mine. ... Eric
PackerBacker 05/13/16 06:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Question on frozen meat into Canada

they only took our wood, but coming back into USA they took all our meat Where (which crossing) and when did the US agents take the meat? What kind of meat was it? .. Eric
PackerBacker 05/13/16 04:32am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fires in Canada

There has been a fleet of 27 planes and 15 helicopters dropping both fire retardant and water since the beginning. The Russians have also offered aircraft to battle the blazes. The issue is a need to avoid too many aircraft flying within a specific area that could be an added danger. In particular an aircraft flying low with another above dropping retardant/water. It's not as simple as throwing more aircraft at the fires. ... Eric
PackerBacker 05/09/16 12:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: North Carolina

Well Ron you're not alone, my neighbor here in Montreal thinks l'm nuts; he winters in Arizona. :C ... Eric
PackerBacker 05/08/16 07:20pm Snowbirds
RE: North Carolina

Compared with Montreal, only having snow 45 times in 74 years is a gamble I'll take! :B Over the past 4-5 years, I can recall seeing snow three times and it was typically gone the next day. This past winter, February and March were really nice. ... Eric
PackerBacker 05/08/16 06:34pm Snowbirds
RE: self contained RVs???

I agee, your definition is what I thought was self-contained. The only thing I can think of is maybe it requires a generator.
PackerBacker 05/06/16 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Anonther Atwood Fridge Failure

I know you are talking about a 2015 refrigerator, but if you have a flame it should be cooling. It isn't any electrical problem. You may have developed a leak in the refrigeration system. Yes even on a new unit. That's what the warranty is for. One tell-tale sign of loosing the coolant is a gurgling sound unless all the coolant is gone. But these units don't require any electrical components other than the electric heater element to produce cooling. And you have stated both the electric and gas are working and not getting it cooled. Look at your Atwood warranty to see how long it covers and go to an RV dealer. I had a bad refrigeration unit on mine that I had to diagnose for the dealer before getting it replaced. I agree, it sounds like it no longer has helium in it if everything else seems ok. Going to a dealer is your best bet. Mine is a 2014 and it has worked flawlessly; it's on 6-8 months a year, mostly on electric.
PackerBacker 05/04/16 05:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Two found dead in RV at talladega

Really sad to hear. We camp at a lot of tracks and so I'm anxious to hear what happened.
PackerBacker 05/03/16 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: North Carolina

Last year it was $2800 tax-in from October 1st to April 1st. Includes water, 50-amp (non-metered), sewer, cable, wifi, plus indoor heated pool. Didn't bring the trailer this past winter but spent February & March in a two bedroom villa for $1,050/ month. Our friends here in Montreal spent January in Sarasota Fl in a similar type villa for over $5,000/month. .. Eric
PackerBacker 05/02/16 01:30pm Snowbirds
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