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RE: Scam Call Alert! PSA

I get those calls often. It goes something like this: Caller: I am with Microsoft, and we note that your computer has a virus that we need to fix. Me: Which computer? Caller: the one with Windows. Me: OK, which one? Caller: the one that is connected to the internet. Me: OK, which one, we have five computers in the house, and they all can be connected to the internet. Caller: If you will go to your computer and enter this number... Me: No, that won't happen. My computers are maintained by an IT professional. Caller: hangs up.
mowermech 05/28/15 03:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Survey-How do you reserve?

If we make reservations at all, it is usually by phone. Many of the campgrounds we go to do not have reservations, they are strictly first-come-first-served.
mowermech 05/28/15 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can I tow my trailer with Propane on ?

I leave it on all the time for the frig. When fueling, the gas filler door is about 20 feet behind the frig, and the frig is about 5 feet off the ground. Gas fumes are heavier than air. If the fume level is that deep, when I start the engine, the sparks from the cranking motor commutator/brushes will ignite them, and there will be a huge fireball. I have never heard of that happening. Yes, there was (is?) a video making the rounds showing a Class B going up in flames when the owner was beginning to fuel it, because (supposedly) the frig was operating on propane. There are two things to notice about that video: 1. The frig was about a foot above the fuel filler. 2. The gas nozzle was locked OPEN, and the owner sprayed fuel directly into the frig! That was a one-time freak occurrence, yet it has become the "poster child" for the "We're all gonna DIE if you don't fuel up properly!" folks. Fuel station explosions are really VERY rare!
mowermech 05/28/15 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: USPS package delivery...

You show "Out for Delivery" on May 26 yet you except delivery Saturday? No, I don't "except" anything. The original delivery date in the tracking WAS Saturday, the 30th. The package arrived in my mailbox TODAY, 4 days ahead of schedule. As I said in the OP, the Post Office done good in this instance!
mowermech 05/26/15 07:19pm Around the Campfire
USPS package delivery...

Since I hav3e complained more than once about the USPS package tracking and delivery, it seems only fair to give credit when credit is due! Here is the latest: 5/26/15 8:43 AM BILLINGS, MT 59105 Out for Delivery 5/26/15 8:33 AM BILLINGS, MT 59105 Sorting Complete 5/26/15 5:10 AM BILLINGS, MT 59105 Arrived at Post Office 5/24/15 10:22 PM BILLINGS, MT 59101 Arrived at USPS Origin Facility 5/24/15 4:16 AM NASHUA, NH 03063 Departed USPS Facility 5/24/15 12:37 AM NASHUA, NH 03063 Arrived at USPS Facility 5/23/15 11:15 AM ELLSWORTH, ME 04605 Departed Post Office 5/23/15 9:58 AM ELLSWORTH, ME 04605 Acceptance Anticipated delivery date was to be Saturday, 30 May. I'd say they done good. VERY good, in fact!
mowermech 05/26/15 12:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do you carry water hoses?

I coil the hoses, connect the ends together to keep the bugs (if any) out, and toss them in the basement storage compartment.
mowermech 05/26/15 09:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Can I tow a 2007 Jeep Commander 2wd on a tow dolly

DO NOT use the built-in steering lock! 1. It may not be possible to lock the steering with the wheels straight ahead. 2. The lock pin is not designed for the forces involved, and will probably break eventually. Tie the steering wheel firmly with the wheels as close to perfectly straight as you can get them. Please note that while such towing has been done, and will undoubtedly be done again, every dolly manufacturer that I know of says DO NOT DO IT! If you do, and something goes wrong, it is completely YOUR responsibility! IMO, it would make more sense to put the front of the Commander on the dolly, then get under it and remove the driveshaft from the rear differential yoke, put the loose parts in a bag, wrap the U-joint with tape to hold the bearing caps in place, and tie the shaft securely to the underbody. Good luck. Edited to correct typographical errors that I missed in the first proof-read.
mowermech 05/26/15 07:29am Dinghy Towing
RE: Class A and boats

How wide is you trailer/fishing boat. If it's to narrow to see in your mirrors, it will be very difficult and you won't be successful... I did not find that to be true. the boat: Vintage Bell Boy 16 foot fiberglass, on a tandem axle trailer. The motorhome: 1995 Class C. No rear view camera, no rear window. Could not see the boat when it was straight behind the motorhome. Taking it slow, I could see the boat in the left or right mirror as soon as it got out of line. It was easy to correct. When the boat disappeared from the mirrors, continue backing. Not very problematic at all!
mowermech 05/26/15 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer

For some interesting reading, search out the MSDS for the two products. then, just for grins, search out the MSDS for some other "favorite" fuel additives. You may be surprised to find that nearly all of them consist mainly of Naphtha and Light Machine Oil. However, yes, I add Sta-Bil to all my outdoor power equipment fuel, and to the motorhome fuel tank at the last fill up of the year, following the instructions closely.
mowermech 05/24/15 08:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Backing up with toad

All right, children, play nice or go home!
mowermech 05/23/15 02:55pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Moving

Make sure your trash cans are empty. Movers have been known to pack and ship cans with contents. On a long move a kitchen trash can can get NASTY!
mowermech 05/23/15 06:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Making Sure I'm Setting My Tire Pressure Correctly

Unless you compare your pressure gauge to one that has recently gone through calibration, you still don't know if it is accurate. "New, high quality" does not mean accurate! When I was an active aircraft mechanic, ALL of my PME (precision measuring equipment) had to have an annual calibration check. That included my tire pressure gauge (a Blue Point from the Snap-On truck). It passed every year. Sadly, after nearly 30 years of use and abuse, my half inch drive torque wrench failed calibration, could not be recalibrated, and had to be replaced! Although my tire pressure gauge has not been verified since I retired, I still trust it.
mowermech 05/23/15 06:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Why don't all electrical plugs work on inverter only??

Does the inverter have enough capacity to support all of the outlets? The answer is maybe. Remember the load has nothing to do with how many outlets you have. As long as you do not have an appliance plugged into it and turned on, there is zero power consumed. But, I will say, it is very common to only have certain outlets powered by the inverter, on the assumption that not everyone is "electric savvy".Quite right! But I would still prefer all outlets to be powered by the inverter if I had one in my TT, which I don't. That way I could pick and choose what and where I could plug in electrical appliance. In reality I never felt the need for an inverter. My sentiments exactly! When dry camping, it is either 12 VDC or generator, and the generator rarely gets used except for battery charging. Even our CPAP machines are 12 VDC (6.7 amps each).
mowermech 05/23/15 06:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Of interest to Ham Radio Operators...

Pre-registration closes June 15th. After that, one can still register, but will not be eligible for the Pre-Registration Prize Drawing. In the past, that prize has been a Yaesu FT-857 all band/all mode radio! Go to http://www.gwhamfest.org and click on the "Registration" button.
mowermech 05/22/15 02:46pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: How necessary are aftermarket gauges in gas motorhome

My motor home has no extra gauges. I do not notice the lack. I find that engine oil temp and, to a certain extent, transmission oil temp, will be reflected in the engine coolant temp. Therefore, I keep a close watch on the engine coolant temp when driving in the mountains. If it begins to climb, I know to pull over and let it "catch its breath". I do miss the EGT gauge I had in my old Dodge 3500 CTD! Of course, I don't have a turbo, so it really isn't all that critical, but it would be nice to see what is going on. I don't miss it enough to spend the money to get one installed, though.
mowermech 05/22/15 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Locked? unlocked? TT and 5th wheel RV's

I have had the door come open when traveling. On a paved highway! Therefore, usually the last thing I do before driving off is set the deadbolt so the door will not open. "Once bit, twice shy!" I have never had a basement compartment door come open, so I rarely lock them.
mowermech 05/21/15 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Backing up with toad

I tried backing up ONCE with my Jeep hooked up. Never again! I carefully parked at a burger joint so I could drive straight out. then several people parked next to me and in front of me so I could not move anyway except backwards. So, believing what I had read on this forum, I decided to just back up. After all, others have done it! I made it back about 4 or 5 feet when the Jeep steering SLAMMED over against the stops in a full left turn. Luckily, the parking lot was gravel, so the wheels just slid, and caused no damage. I decided right there that no matter who says it can be done, I will never try it again. I will unhook, get straightened out as needed, and reconnect. I was by myself, so having somebody hold the steering wheel was not an option. Since then, I have read several reports of people trying that and ending up with broken bones. SO, IMO, I will unhook and get set to go then reconnect. It is, IMO, all around safer!
mowermech 05/21/15 10:06am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing a little heavy

Personally, I would not worry about it. I weighed a rig once. Found it to be UNDER all ratings EXCEPT GCWR! It was 3000 lbs OVER that one. Since I had driven over the Rockies and the Sierras several times by then, I didn't worry about it. Nothing bent, nothing broke, nobody was injured or died. As long as your tires are not overloaded, IMO you are good to go.
mowermech 05/21/15 07:38am Towing
RE: Are these legal as a subtitute/replacement?

According to Montana Code Annotated 61-9-208 (6) (a), any trailer over 3000 lbs GVW must have safety chains OR CABLES of not less than 1/4 inch diameter. However, there is a "catch-all" law (MCA 61-9-504) that allows "The Department" to make such other rules as may be determined necessary for public safety. What does YOUR state law say? That's the thing I will be traveling all over and I want to be legal everywhere. In that case, IMO you will have to contact the appropriate authorities in every state or province you plan to enter. I would not rely on any of the various lists of laws found on the internet. They range from slightly inaccurate to grossly inaccurate. I also would not rely on information given on this or any other forum. Many people have no idea what the law in their locality says, they only know what Joe Doaks down the street told them, but they joyously pass it on as gospel! If given a statute reference so you can read it for yourself, it is probably factual. Good luck.
mowermech 05/21/15 07:32am Towing
RE: towing 1995 blazer on tow dolly

Yes, but ONLY if the rear driveshaft is removed at the rear differential yoke, and tied up to the body securely. If that is done, be sure to wrap tape around the universal joint caps to keep them on the U-joint cross, and be sure to put the hardware in a bag so it can be found when you want to put it back together. Personally, I would rent a trailer. For one thing, you will be able to back up if necessary!
mowermech 05/21/15 07:20am Dinghy Towing
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