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RE: Generator is not charging house batteries

120v from shore or generator to transfer switch From TS to breaker panel From panel to converter There are two possibilities that I can think of Somebody wired the converter in front of the TS directly on the shore input Or Your converter electronics do not like the generator output wave form, and is refusing to turn on This is the much more likely possibility IMO, this is likely the problem. Have the generator tuned up and checked for voltage and frequency. The output of the generator should be 115 (110 to 120) volts @ 60 Hertz (cycles). If it is an "inverter generator", the wave form should be at least modified sine wave, preferably pure sine wave. These tests require calibrated special equipment that the average RVer does not have. If you have it tested, be sure to ask when the equipment was last checked for proper calibration.
mowermech 01/21/17 10:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where to park your Tow Dolly?

We towed our PT Cruiser on a dolly from Montana to Georgia and never had a problem with where to put the dolly. we stayed primarily in KOA Kampgrounds on the way down, and several different campgrounds on the way back. The only time we encountered a problem was at a county campground one night on the way back where we had to accept a back-in site. I had to unload the car, disconnect the dolly, back in, put the dolly in front of the coach, then park the car in front of the dolly. then, of course, in the morning it was move the car and the dolly, pull the coach out onto the road, hook up and load up, and hit the road. Every other campground we stayed at on the trip had enough room in the pull-through sites for the dolly. At our destination KOA I had to disconnect the dolly and put the tongue under the back of the coach. A definite aid to handling the dolly is a two wheeled "trailer dolly" with a handle. It makes moving the dolly very easy, even for an old out-of-shape guy like me. There are various models available. I got mine from Harbor Freight. It works great for moving our little flatbed ATV trailer, also. As always, I recommend reading the Operating Instructions for your new dolly. IMO, the DEMCO Kar Kaddy is the best dolly out there. It is not inexpensive, but it is a great machine, IMO. Selling mine was one of the more incredibly stupid things I have done!
mowermech 01/21/17 09:48am Dinghy Towing
RE: LP Tank Gauge?

My propane distributor has magnetic gauge/OPD valves available for small propane cylinders (10, 20, 30 lb.). The gauge snaps on the outside of the OPD valve, and magnetically senses the float position. I have one on a 20 lb. cylinder. It works great. When I get the other cylinder re-certified I will have the new OPD valve and gauge installed in it. A propane "filling station" probably will not have the valves. It is likely that one would have to go to a propane distributor to get the valve changed.
mowermech 01/20/17 07:40am Beginning RVing
RE: Fullsize Chevy truck as a toad

Behind my motorhome (see sig.) I have towed a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (modified), a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab short box 4X4, and a PT Cruiser on a dolly. No, I have no idea what any of them weighed. I am tempted to try towing my current truck, but I know it weighs too much. I think if I modified the hitch it would work, but I would have to get a 10K capacity towbar. A good used dolly for the PT would be cheaper...
mowermech 01/19/17 11:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Seafoam Test....

Save money, do this: http://hildstrom.com/projects/seafoam/ I have never used anything but Sta-Bil. No problems with any engine for a long time. For 2 cycle engines, I use either Opti-2 or Stihl 2 cycle oil in the mix, with the recommended amount of Sta-Bil. Since the only 2 cycles I have now are a mini-tiller and a chain saw, a 2 gallon can of fuel will last me a long time. The can of fuel I have now is about 3 years old (87 octane E10). It shows no sign of deterioration. I, too, have certificates that I could hang on the wall. The B&S factory certification and the Tecumseh/Peerless certification have expired, but the Kohler has no expiration date. I agree, a "chemical overhaul" just does not work on some carburetors!
mowermech 01/19/17 10:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Best and Worst Feature of your truck

Best: Cummins/5 speed, and the massive aftermarket front bumper/grill guard. Worst: I wish it wasn't quite so high, and I wish it had a rear diff. lock, and I sure would like to have a 6 speed manual. However, it was the best I could do for the money I paid.
mowermech 01/19/17 10:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can a jeep Wrangler be towed on a dolly

The Owners Manual says "NO". However, the correct answer is: It is your vehicle, do what you want. If it breaks, the warranty will not cover it. Good luck.
mowermech 01/17/17 07:53pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Grease Ram Front 4x4 Drive Shaft

I remember some vehicles having instructions that you were supposed to remove the plugs, install grease fittings, lube the tie rod ends (or whatever), then remove the fittings and reinstall the plugs. Most often, the instructions were ignored. Either the plugs were never removed, so the joint never got lubed, or grease fittings were installed and left in place. I have a vibration from the front of my truck when it is in four wheel drive. I suspect the CV joint has never been lubed, and the centering ball is loose. When I can get under the truck without laying in snow, I will check it. If it is the driveshaft, I will replace the whole thing with a new or (good)used part rather than messing with rebuilding it. I will, of course, make sure it is properly lubed before installation!
mowermech 01/17/17 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV tech. help on what sealant to use?

If you want "forever" sealant, go to your local airport and visit the parts department at the FBO (Fixed Base Operator). Ask for Proseal or PRC. that is the sealant that is used on aircraft, often on lap joints for pressurized cabins. It comes in various types, depending on the intended use. there is even a type approved by the FAA for use in fuel cells! I glued a Pratt and Whitney badge to a nickel silver belt buckle in 1970, using the white sealant.. It is still there, and the sealant shows no deterioration at all. Of course, being an aircraft product, it isn't inexpensive. The special gun for the tubes is also pricey. It is paintable, and forever, if properly applied.
mowermech 01/16/17 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

I went out and looked at the mercury filled hi/lo thermometer this afternoon. I almost wish I wouldn't have done that. It was indicating that at some time in the recent past it was 28 below zero! I reset it. No wonder the truck wouldn't start the other day! It is 31 degrees right now. The truck and the ATV started just fine.
mowermech 01/13/17 03:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: VIN replacement tag on utility trailer

All problems solved with two trips to the County Courthouse! Which might end up being two trips TOO MANY. Call first. The State DMV or local Sheriffs office. Note that I specified "here in Montana". I don't need to call, because I have done it. Several times, in fact. Of course, if YOU do not know how it all works in YOUR state, you definitely should call somebody who does know. But, ask the question of somebody who knows, like the office where you do title transfers. It is unlikely any law enforcement officer will know, unless you are lucky enough to find one of the few who have "been there, done that". Many times, when I call to have a VIN inspection done, I have had to guide the LEO through the process, because he had never done it before. I even had to show one of them where to sign the form!
mowermech 01/13/17 02:49pm Towing
RE: Anyone know if I can tow my 07 GMC 1500?

I towed a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab SWB behind my motorhome. I have no idea what it weighed, all I know for sure is, it worked just fine. The receiver on the coach is rated at 5000 lbs, the towbar is rated at 6000 lbs. It went up the mountain, over the pass, and down the other side with no trouble at all. Nothing bent, nothing broke, nobody was injured or died. Success is a wonderful thing. That does not mean I am willing to try it with my current truck. That diesel weighs just over 7000 lbs. That just might be too much of a stretch!
mowermech 01/12/17 07:24pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing two trailer at one time

Came across this triple setup in Utah, the first we've ever seen. Owner said it was 81' overall and no problem to tow. He does have one problem: he's only legal in Wyoming and New Hampshire. No other state (Utah included) permits more than 75' overall length. Utah's limit is 61'. State laws Much of what that link says about Montana is inaccurate, also. I have never found any such "List of Towing Laws" that is really accurate! Don't trust them!
mowermech 01/11/17 12:38pm Towing
RE: Warming Up Your Car in the Cold Just Harms the Engine

I'm with 'Ventrman'. (It's not the atomized gas that is the issue) It's the difference in temperatures between the front and rear of the engine that is the cause of problems. The thermostat is on the front of the engine, allowing cold fluid in from the radiator. And consider the 'wind chill' factor when driving, it now cools the radiator fluid even more. Cheers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_chill https://www.quora.com/Do-vehicles-feel-wind-chill Note that the Wiki definition states "on exposed skin". Wind chill has no effect on metallic objects like radiators or engines where there is no surface moisture. See the second reference. When it is close to or below zero F, I let my vehicles warm up for a few minutes before driving off. If for no other reason, to allow the oil pressure to stabilize. It can take several seconds for the pressure to come up, and then it will often be at the upper end of the normal range until it warms up a little. Excessive oil pressure is not a good thing!
mowermech 01/11/17 12:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

The "January Thaw" may hit next week. Temps are forecast to finally be above freezing. In the meantime, daytime highs will be in the single digits above zero, and overnight lows will be below zero. At the present time it is 2 degrees above (up from 1 below), with about an inch of fresh snow. I'm ready for spring....
mowermech 01/10/17 08:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Should 2 Wheel Drive Low Range be a option??

There have been many vehicles that could be put in 2LO. AFAIK, it has always been recommended against by the manufacturers, because of the excessive torque that could be applied to the rear driveshaft and axle shafts. The driveshaft and/or axles shafts could be twisted it two. Yes, it can happen. I have seen the results in trucks and electric forklifts (lesson learned: NEVER use reverse to stop when the brakes fail. That 2 inch axle shaft WILL twist in two!)
mowermech 01/09/17 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: VIN replacement tag on utility trailer

If it were me, and I had that trailer here in Montana, I would just go to the courthouse and get a VIN for a new home-built trailer, then go to Harbor Freight and get the 1/4 inch number/letter stamps. Stamp the new VIN on the trailer as directed by the instructions that came with the new VIN, get the stamping inspected by a Law Enforcement Officer (City Police, Sheriff deputy, Highway Patrol), take the signed paperwork to the courthouse, get the registration and license plate, and in 4 to 6 weeks I would have my new title. All problems solved with two trips to the County Courthouse!
mowermech 01/07/17 12:52pm Towing
RE: Towing two trailer at one time

I believe that to tow 2 trailers, one of them has to be a 5th wheel. At least that's the law in AZ. The guy with the camper towing two trailers needed to be stopped in his tracks. In some states, that is true, the first trailer has to have a fifth wheel hitch. In other states, a truck/ball hitch/ball hitch is perfectly legal. As with so many laws, it is VERY state specific. In many states, towing RV doubles (truck/trailer/trailer) is simply not legal under any circumstances. Some states require a special license, some don't. At least one state apparently requires a Class A CDL with Doubles Endorsement. It seems that is the only license that can carry a Doubles Endorsement in that state! Reciprocity Agreements do not usually apply. Just because it is legal in your state does not necessarily mean you can cross the state line!
mowermech 01/06/17 08:05pm Towing
RE: Which Cargo Trailer To Buy

I have a 7X14 to carry our two ATVs. It is a tandem axle, and I would not have it any other way. IMO (based purely on my experience), a tandem tows better and is easier to back up. Braking is not an issue in this state, because the law (MCA 61-9-304) requires brakes on ALL wheels of a trailer of 3000 lbs. GVW or more, and a trailer must have a breakaway system that will hold the brakes applied for at least 15 minutes if the trailer breaks completely away from the towing vehicle. It is worthy of note that any vehicle being towed in driveaway or towaway operations is exempt from that requirement, IF the combination of vehicles can comply with the provisions of MCA 61-9-312, Braking Performance Requirements.
mowermech 01/05/17 08:47am Towing
RE: Hitch it Safe

I suppose, as they say, "It is just cheap insurance!" My insurance consists of "check it, then check it again before I leave, then check it at ever stop!" I have never had a trailer jump off the ball in 60 years of driving. It is a neat idea, but I will not be buying one.
mowermech 01/02/17 05:27pm Dinghy Towing
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