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RE: Is this bad?

Yes, it is BAD!!
mowermech 04/17/15 07:52pm Towing
RE: Propane Certification in Ontario?

In the US you might run into an issue with the tank if it's over 10 years old. It'll need recertified in the US too. The way around that is take it to a propane tank exchange site i.e. Home Depot for example and just exchange it for a full one. It'll cost a couple $ more but then you'll have a tank that's new enough to not require recertification. Did you miss the point that he is talking about the frame mounted tank in a Class C motorhome? There is NO exchange for such frame mounted TANKS! The age of such TANKS is not an issue in the U.S. However, Portable CYLINDERS (less than 100 lb. capacity) must be recertified at 12 years of age, and every 5 years thereafter
mowermech 04/17/15 07:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: How much do you use your generator?

If the generator failed due to an "overspeed" while in use, there may have been a voltage and/or frequency spike. Both overvoltage and overfrequency can damage modern electronics. I wonder, what else is in the coach that has failed or will soon fail?
mowermech 04/17/15 08:51am General RVing Issues
RE: toad hook-up

In spite of all the naysayers, I used a fixed arm Reese 5000 lb. capacity towbar for many years on various Jeeps. IIRC, it cost about $145 at Walmart many years ago. Just for grins, I looked at a similar Reese bar at Walmart a while back, and it is now $165. It is very similar to the $65 Harbor Freight towbar. That old towbar did the job just fine. I was even able to hook it to the coach by myself! Since so many people do not want one, security at a campsite was not a problem. If I did worry about somebody walking off with it, I just wrapped the safety chains around a tree and padlocked them! Now, since I felt it necessary to have 6000 lb. capacity, I have a Roadmaster Stowmaster folding towbar. I'm not impressed by it. The major saving grace it has is that it was $250 on craigslist, and it has a capacity of 6000 lbs. While it is "easy" to hook up to the coach, UNhooking can be a total PITA! But, it does the job it was made to do, that is what is important.
mowermech 04/16/15 07:40am Dinghy Towing
RE: Grey water disposal with no sewer connection

Uilleann - not getting upset, just trying to keep things clear. While you may only be dumping 8 buckets in 3 days, I think it's important that other readers understand that they can't dump their 30+ gallon grey tank every 3 days. Not only that, but how many others are dumping 8 buckets in those three days? How many buckets of water per day are actually being dumped in that cesspool? That IS what the "system" actually is, you know. Just a hole in the ground, filled with gravel. It can handle a limited amount of water. Oh, sure, it MIGHT be a full-on septic tank with drain field, but I doubt it. I don't think you will see one in Montana. If somebody does, please tell me where it is, and what the rules are for its use. In fact, I would be interested in seeing a picture of the posted rules for the waste water dump shown!
mowermech 04/16/15 07:15am Beginning RVing
RE: 6 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Supermarkets

#3 isn't always true. Many times I have found an empty shelf and asked an "associate" if there were any more. the associate went to the back room and returned with the item I wanted. If you don't ask, you will never know.
mowermech 04/15/15 06:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Typical RV annual budget

Budget? If/when it is needed, spend whatever it takes to get it done. Don't overthink it. Go camping.
mowermech 04/15/15 11:11am Beginning RVing
RE: Opinion on trailer brakes

Personally, I don't spend a whole lot of time worrying about whether my equipment will be legal in another state. However, while there are Reciprocity Agreements in place between the states (most of them, at least), such agreements usually only apply to Drive Licenses, Insurance requirements, and registration. Equipment laws usually do not have reciprocity. If it is an area of concern, one should NOT rely on what a salesperson has to say. Instead, check with the appropriate authorities in the state where you will be traveling and see what THEY say about the issue. It IS, of course, highly unlikely that anybody will ever be stopped for a trailer brake check. That 1900 pound trailer without brakes would be legal in Montana.
mowermech 04/15/15 11:06am Beginning RVing
RE: General rule for tire pressure?

There is, of course, the old-fashioned "chalk test". Go to a large parking lot, make a chalk mark across the tread of the tire. Drive a few feet, then look at the mark. If it is worn off mostly in the center, the tire is over-inflated. If it is worn off mostly at the edges, the tire is under-inflated. If the mark is evenly worn, the inflation is just right.
mowermech 04/15/15 10:56am Towing
RE: WDH Explained - from 1969 - No Rear Wheels

Did anyone notice the diagrams on page 136 of that Popular Mechanics article? I don't think they build hitches like that these days!
mowermech 04/15/15 10:48am Towing
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

10:35 AM. 35 degrees. Rain gauge shows 0.56" precipitation. I don't have to worry about watering the dry spots in the lawn!
mowermech 04/15/15 10:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

High winds last night as the front came in. Now it is 34 degrees and snowing. VERY wet snow, of course, and it will be gone later today. But, no work outside today, I fear. A good day to stay in and read or watch Doctor Who.
mowermech 04/15/15 07:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Flat Towing

Jeep Wrangler (I would prefer the Rubicon) Manual transmission Subaru (the automatic transmission versions are NOT towable in any way!) Any front wheel drive, on a dolly.
mowermech 04/15/15 07:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trying to make a short list Honda, Toyota, Subaru or?

Just my personal opinion, of course, but I would not own a Honda or Toyota. IMO, the best on your list is the Subaru, either the Forester or the Outback. Of course, for sheer fun, the WRX is hard to beat! I once had an Outback SUS (Sport Utility Sedan). I wish I still had it, it was a great four door sedan. However, even though it is not on the list, I agree the best toad is a Jeep Wrangler. Preferably the Rubicon model.
mowermech 04/14/15 07:51am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2wd vs 4 wd?

Yes, I spent a great deal of time enjoying the "show" at Pismo Beach in CA, sitting on the dunes watching the people with 4X4 trucks and camp trailers sitting on the beach, and giving hundreds of dollars to tow operators getting their rigs off the beach. Often the gyrations they went through before getting the tow truck were the most entertaining, especially when the tide was coming in, and they were below the high tide line! At that time, we had two 4X4 trucks sitting back at the campground. We resisted the temptation to go play in the sand. We knew we could not afford the towing bill! Common sense works!
mowermech 04/14/15 07:44am Towing
RE: Opinion on trailer brakes

California Every trailer and semitrailer manufactured after 1940 with a GVW of 6,000 lbs. or more and operated at a speed of 20 mph or more must be equipped with brakes; trailers and semitrailers built after 1966 and with a GVW of 3,000 lbs. or more must have brakes on at least 2 wheels; every trailer or semitrailer built after 1982 and equipped with air brakes must be equipped with brakes on all wheels. Every trailer coach or camp trailer with a GVW of 1,500 lbs. or more must be equipped with brakes on at least 2 wheels. Nevada Every trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer at least 1,500 lbs. and manufactured after July 1, 1975 must be equipped with service brakes on all wheels. Trailers, semitrailers, house trailers, or pole trailers, manufactured before July 1, 1975 and weighing less than 3,000 lbs. need not have brakes on all wheels. Mississippi Every trailer carrying over 1 ton, when operated on a highway, shall be equipped with brakes adequate to control the movement of the trailer and to stop and hold the trailer. Brakes on a trailer should be designed so that the driver of the towing vehicle from its cab may apply them. Brakes on a trailer should be designed and connected so that in case of an accidental breakaway of the towed vehicle, the brakes shall be automatically applied. Every new trailer, except a trailer of 2 axles of less than 2,000 lbs. GVW towed by an automobile, hereafter sold in this state and operated on the highways, shall be equipped with service brakes on all wheels of every such vehicle.
mowermech 04/14/15 07:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Opinion on trailer brakes

If you're comfortable that you can safely stop in an emergency then I think you are fine. You're getting in the weight range that would me question it too. Laws requiring trailer brakes vary by state, most are around 3000#, but a few are 1500#. http://drivinglaws.aaa.com/laws/trailer-brakes/ FINALLY! A "List Of Laws" that apparently is accurate! This link should become a "Sticky" in the "Towing" section!
mowermech 04/13/15 03:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Opinion on trailer brakes

Are you worried about legalities or a successful trip? The legalities vary from state to state. Some states require brakes on any trailer over 1500 lbs. UNLADEN weight (trailer only, no cargo). Some states require brakes on any trailer over 3000 lbs GROSS weight (trailer plus cargo). Then there is Alaska, which throws 5000 lbs. GVW into the mix. Perhaps just to be different. Some states have a "Braking Performance Standard", such as Montana does, in that you must be able to stop any "combination of vehicles" within 40 feet from 20 MPH on a clean, level, dry, hard surface. Montana also requires brakes on any TRAILER that has a GVW of 3000 lbs. or more. IMO, you will probably be OK with a trailer gross weight of less than 2000 lbs without brakes. However, if it gives you ANY concerns, for your own peace of mind, get the brakes. You don't need the additional worry. Electric or surge brakes will work just fine.
mowermech 04/13/15 03:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

"Red Flag Warnings" all over! Dry and high winds, no burning allowed! But then, they don't have to burn the irrigation ditch this year. they brought the Trak-hoe in and dug it out. It was pretty silted up, it needed cleaning! But, I am getting things ready for the Nevada trip at the end of the month. Replaced the trailer connector on the back of the truck (now I have both 4 pin and 7 pin), took the 1 7/8 inch ball off of the adjustable ball mount, removed the Grade 8 bolts, drilled them for hairpin cotters, and put them back (now I can adjust the hitch height without wrenches).
mowermech 04/13/15 10:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Disinfecting Water Connections

I sanitize my RV water system every spring by putting 2 cups of bleach in the 100 gallon fresh water tank, running the solutions all through the lines, let it sit overnight, drain, flush, and fill. We very seldom buy bottled water, except for distilled water for batteries and CPAP machines. Those who carry a bottle of bleach solution for "disinfecting" the faucets and such might want to research how long the germ killing qualities of their solution lasts. It just might not be what you think it is! To the OP; you say you have a nice new trailer. I know it is considered rude, crude, and obnoxious, but have you read the Owners Manual for your new rig? There is a wealth of information in there about how to get the most enjoyment from your RV. While it is true that much of the information is of a general nature, and does not directly apply to the model of trailer that you have, it IS good information, and it will answer many of your questions. Have fun with your RV.
mowermech 04/13/15 07:50am Beginning RVing
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