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RE: travel trailer registration

Registration and related terminology is VERY state specific. I can tell you that here in Montana ALL trailers are given PERMANENT license plates, regardless of type or size, so it doesn't matter what it is called on the registration, and ALL trailers over 3000 lbs. GVW must have brakes on all wheels. But, that doesn't do you a bit of good, since you are in Kentucky. The Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles or Motor Vehicle Department or whatever it is called (that is different in different states, also) will be able to answer your questions.
mowermech 09/03/15 08:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Are the 2016 Ram HD’s Output Figures Bogus?

Are the numbers bogus? Quite possibly, yes. Chrysler Corporation has historically set their horsepower numbers below the actual dynomometer numbers. Take the 440 Magnum and 426 Hemi, for instance. In actual dyno tests of bone-stock engines in the late '60s/early '70s, they were shown to have much more HP and torque than the advertising claims. The Cummins engines have always been capable of a great deal more HP and torque than Dodge set them for. So, yes, there is a good chance the numbers are bogus, but on the low side!
mowermech 09/03/15 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bad Gramer

Even worse than "like", IMO, is the incessant use of "UH"! I know a very nice gentleman that use "UH" about every other word, sometimes between every word. It almost drives me nuts to listen to him. He is a great guy, though.
mowermech 09/02/15 04:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: What was BrakeBuddy thinking

Personally, I would get rid of the Brake Buddy and get a ReadyBrake system. Oh, wait, I take that back; I would not have to get rid of the BB, because I would never have bought/used one in the first place. Yeah, I'm narrow minded.
mowermech 09/01/15 06:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow Dolly

Get this one: http://www.americancardolly.com/ It comes with electric brakes, and for $120 extra you can get a brake controller installed on the tongue that controls the brakes without having a controller installed in your towing vehicle. That would make the price $1515 delivered right to your door! If I ever get another dolly (and I just might), it will most assuredly be this one!
mowermech 09/01/15 06:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Cleaning out a cast iron block

The absolute BEST way to clean the block is to remove it, strip it down to the bare block, including removing all plugs, and put it in a hot tank for a day or so. Then steam clean it thoroughly. Then replace the cam bearings (the hot tank chemicals will eat them), install new plugs, hone the cylinders, and reassemble it with new rings and bearings. while you are at it, might as well strip the heads down and soak them, too, then do a three angle valve job. Since you probably don't want to do that (I wouldn't), get the best, strongest, cooling system cleaner you can find, and follow the instructions to the letter. The stuff will probably be caustic, so following the instructions is a MUST DO! Good luck.
mowermech 09/01/15 07:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reciprocating Saw... opinions?

IMHO with about 35 years in the General Construction industry the Milwaukee "SuperSawzall" is King! You will not wear it out. Get the corded model. You WILL thank me! EXACTLY!! Check the local pawn shops. They often have good used Milwaukee Sawzalls at very reasonable prices. That is where I got mine. You might find one under "Tools" on craigslist, as well.
mowermech 08/31/15 03:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: what coaches have plastic/fiberglass storage bins?

Mine has plastic.
mowermech 08/31/15 07:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ovenight in a Truck Stop

When the truck stop parking lots and interstate rest areas are signed "Commercial Vehicles Only", I will quit using them. IMO, the trucking industry needs to start lobbying the government to see to it that there are enough places for truckers to stop so that they can comply with the government regulations. There was an article on the local PBS station the other day about this issue, especially as it applies to female truck drivers (too many places where truckers stop are crime and drug ridden, the females don't feel comfortable). I can understand your concerns, but 99% of the people on the highways know nothing about the problems. You can bet that if the two RVs hadn't been parked there, there would have been two or three more trucks, and you still would not have had a place to park! The trucking industry is going to have to step up to the plate and demand action. NObody else will do it for you!
mowermech 08/31/15 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Braking systems

This would get better responses if it was posted in the "Dinghy Towing" section. Moderator notified. Not to disagree, but I think most viewers click on the "Newest" and get all the latest posts regardless of the forum it was posted in. Ron I don't. I start at either "Class A motorhomes" or "Around The Campfire", then proceed up or down the list checking only those forums in which I have an abiding interest. "Dinghy Towing" is one of them. To answer the OP, IMO the Ready Brute Elite integrated towbar and braking system is the best of the bunch. Second would be the Ready Brake system, if you already have a towbar. IF I ever buy a braking system, any electrical/electronic system will not even be under consideration!
mowermech 08/30/15 02:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: OMG!...

I guess it is too difficult to look at the instrumentation. I haven't seen a vehicle that wasn't equipped with a tachometer in years. A glance at the instrument panel tells me the engine is still running. The tach shows idle RPM, the oil pressure gauge shows pressure (or the idiot light is not illuminated), etc. Situational awareness is a wonderful thing. Too bad so many people don't have it!
mowermech 08/30/15 08:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Firearms in RV's

Where we normally camp there are wild animals. 4 legged, not 2 legged. Bears, moose, assorted sizes of cats, (from feral house cats to cougars), skunks and racoons that may be rabid (but probably not), rattle snakes, and other dangerous critters. Yes, I just might have a fire arm (or two, or more) of some kind in the motorhome. I have been known to carry a .45LC revolver in a hip holster while fishing some streams way back in the boonies. Open carry is legal here.
mowermech 08/29/15 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Great to see you here again, Rosie! We been doing pretty good. We figure if we wake up breathing, it has to be a good day. Carole just stepped into the room and said "Good, good, good!" when I said "Rosie's back!" Our only trip this year has been to Glacier Waterton Hamfest. Good thing it isn't going on now, we couldn't get there! the highway is closed due to a big fire. The nearby community of Essex, MT, is under evacuation orders. What with the fires all over Northwestern Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, it is very smoky here. As always, sure could use some rain; not only to help control the fires, but to wash the smoke out of the air! That smoke sure doesn't help my shortness of breath! Well, I gotta go browse around a little bit, then go get the papaer and fix breakfast. Y'all take care. Hmmm... Let's see... Jim, Kathy, Rosie, and Art in a convoy to Montana for fishing, wildlife watching, shopping, etc. Sounds good!
mowermech 08/29/15 07:06am Around the Campfire
RE: RV Toilete paper

I love these "what toilet paper" threads. Have fun doing the little useless test about how long it takes to brake down. You have a HOLDING tank not a septic tank. I use Charman ultra strong. It brakes down just fine. I have never had a problem. Bill Toilet paper has brakes? What kind; surge, electric, hydraulic, or mechanical? ANY paper that says "Safe for Septic systems" on the label is satisfactory to use in your RV. Yes, it IS a holding tank! NO, it is NOT a septic tank. Therefore, putting Rid-X or any other septic tank "enzyme treatment" in it will do no good at all! Oh, and by the way, while we are on the subject of RV holding tanks, do NOT put any "Flushable Wipes" in there! They will NEVER break down! Think about it; they are soaked in a water/soap/disinfectant solution. If they don't break down in that solution, what makes anybody think they will EVER break down in the municipal waste treatment plant or a septic tank? THEY. WILL. NOT. BREAK. DOWN!! When I purchased my current coach, I did a through flush of the black tank. The coach had been sitting on the dealers lot for 6 months to a year. I got about 6 of those wipes out of the tank. Even after being in there all that time, they were in perfect condition!
mowermech 08/28/15 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How does the Jacobs Extarder work?

There is a bleed hole in the flapper valve. If that hole has eroded, and is larger than it should be, the braking power will be reduced. If the flapper valve edges are eroded, the braking power will be reduced. If the flapper valve is not closing all the way, the braking power will be reduced. IMO, you need to take it to a good Cummins shop and have it checked out by someone who knows what to look for.
mowermech 08/27/15 06:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: wrangler toad

Actually, you CAN tow a Jeep on a dolly. All you have to do is get under it and remove the rear drive shaft. The same applies to a 4X2 Jeep. If you are lucky enough to find an older Jeep that has had the Warn hub kit installed on the rear axle, you can just unlock the rear hubs. Towing a 4X4 Jeep 4 down is so easy. I used an inexpensive Reese fixed-arm tow bar on Jeeps for years. You can find them at Walmart for less than $200!
mowermech 08/27/15 06:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Bad Gramer

I like the ads that say something like "2006 Jeep for sale. Custom bumpers, 2" lift, wench on the front! REALLY??? Apparently, quite a few people do not know what a "wench" is!
mowermech 08/27/15 06:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Why do passing trucks suck instead of blow?

Actually, in my experience, they do both. So does your trailer!
mowermech 08/26/15 06:26am Towing
RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Sewage Disposal

I bought one of those totes years ago. I used it once, at home, then it sat under the bench in the shop for 5 years or so, until I dusted it off and sold it in a garage sale for $15. Why did it sit so long? Because I was reminded that most of the USFS campgrounds and State Parks we go to do not have dump stations! If I filled the tote, I would have to figure out how to take it home with me! When the nearest dump station is 10 to 40 miles away, one tends to be VERY conservative about water usage!
mowermech 08/25/15 07:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a 1984 BMW 325e manual

The issue is, does the transmission output shaft get lubricated when the vehicle is moving in neutral without the engine running? If it does, then you are good to go. If it does not, then eventually the output shaft bearing and seal will be damaged due to lack of lube. It may take a while, but it WILL happen! some say it can be solved by towing with the engine running. that is probably true, but I would not do it. Some say it can be solved by installing an elbow in the transmission fill port, pointing up, and filling the transmission to the top of the elbow, thus increasing the lubricant level in the transmission. Yes, on some transmissions that does work, although it may cause leaks. I do not know if it will work with a BMW. What does the Owners Manual say about towing?
mowermech 08/24/15 10:47am Dinghy Towing
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