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RE: Odd comments

Whatcha doin'? Mill doin'!
mowermech 07/31/15 07:29am General RVing Issues

Dodge didn't make a 460. A 318 is unlikely to be in a 24 foot coach. It could be a 360, or a 413, or a 400, or a 440. I have seen Class C and Class A coaches with those engines. Look under the hood, and on the radiator frame. There may be data plates there that will give the engine model. Under the hood might be a "build sheet" that lists what was put on the cutaway chassis by Dodge. On top of the radiator frame there might be an emissions sticker that tells what emissions equipment was built on the engine, and what engine it is. IIRC, the engine model is stamped on a flat surface at the right front of the block. It will probably be impossible to see in a Class C, unless you are used to using an inspection mirror. A 360 may have a 4 barrel carb. A 400 will probably have a 2 barrel carb. A 440 will have a 4 barrel carb. I'm not sure about a 413.
mowermech 07/29/15 02:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: Video: RV types: Class A, B, C. What's the difference?

Basically a good video, with good explanations. Not entirely accurate, perhaps, but nothing major. Thanks.
mowermech 07/29/15 02:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: I'm completely discouraged after reading these posts...

This was posted in Class A motorhomes primarily in response to this thread. Maybe it is time to refer to it here... http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28485234/gotomsg/28489668/p/1.cfm#28489668
mowermech 07/28/15 07:38pm Beginning RVing
RE: Trip report

Maybe there is a Schwab in Billings. I don't know, Tire-Rama is closer, in fact it is the first tire store I see when heading into town. I don't count Big R or Walmart or Tractor Supply as "tire stores".
mowermech 07/28/15 07:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Parks w/older RV restrictions

Yepper, you merely suggested that I tell a deliberate LIE! I make no claim of being totally honest at all times, but that is beyond the pale, IMO. Yes, I would rather go on down the road than LIE about the age of my coach!
mowermech 07/28/15 07:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Bar Shields

In all the miles I have towed vehicles, I have never used a towing shield. Oh, wait, I do have a full front cover specifically made for the PT Cruiser. It worked. When towing the Jeep I had, or the truck I have now, no protection, other than the fringe on the back of the coach. It seems to be adequate, I haven't noticed any damage.
mowermech 07/27/15 04:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Storm warnings, severe thunder storms. 25 to 30 mph winds, heavy rain, lightning, all that good stuff. I hope the lightning doesn't start any more fires. We have enough at the moment!
mowermech 07/27/15 03:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trip report

Schwab country? No, Tire-Rama is where I bought the tires for my coach. I sense a bit of sarcasm in mayo's post... There is no CW in Montana.
mowermech 07/27/15 10:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Parks w/older RV restrictions

Their property, their rules to make. They don't want my 2002 coach, I don't want to give them my money. That means we are both happy. I have been lucky, I guess, I have never encountered such an RV park. But then, I only go to places that identify themselves as a "campground" or "RV park". If it says it is a "resort" or "gated community", I figure they aren't my kind of people. I try to stay with the sirloin steak, baked potato, and Budweiser crowd, and avoid the Filet Mignon, caviar, and champagne bunch. Well, not quite. They are still bound by non discrimination laws and this is the real reason for the age limit. They cannot legally pick and choose individuals for preemptory refusal. This could be construed or actually used to discriminate on the basis of Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disability etc. But what they can do is say...everything over TEN years. This is non-discriminatory and applies to all equally. So instead of considering each vehicle on it's own merits (which opens the door to discrimination towards it's occupants) they have to have a general rule like age of the vehicle. It seems to me that if your TT or motorhome is somewhat modern looking, just lie to them and tell them its 9 years old. I bet they dont know the difference. So, telling a LIE is preferable to just going on down the road? No, sorry, I just can't see it that way! The park owner made the rule. I will be glad to assist them in enforcing THEIR rule! THEY don't want rigs older than 10 years, that is fine, I will not ask them to break the rule that THEY made! I do not CARE why they made the rule, nor do I care what their criteria is for ignoring the rule. The fact that they have it is all that matters to me. I will happily take my 14 year old coach and 15 year old truck and 10 year old ATVs and my old money elsewhere!
mowermech 07/27/15 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Dinghy Back Up

I had to back up once, with a truck camper towing a Jeep. In about 4 feet (maybe 5), the front wheels of the Jeep SLAMMED hard against the stops in a full left turn. The wheels did not gently turn to the stops, they literally SLAMMED over. Since then, if the situation arises where I must back up with a toad, I have disconnected the toad, moved it, moved the towing vehicle, reconnected, and gone on my way. I was by myself, so there was no one available to hold the steering wheel. The way the wheels moved, that is probably a good thing. Any body trying to hold the wheel just might have ended up with broken bones! Yes, some say they do it all the time. Good for them. Personally, I will never try it again. I had one educational experience, that is enough for me!
mowermech 07/27/15 07:13am Dinghy Towing
RE: Fisherman's funeral

Eminently logical!
mowermech 07/26/15 04:27pm Around the Campfire
Trip report

In view of a current thread in "Beginning RVing", I felt it might be a good idea to make a report on our last 700+ mile trip, with three adults and two dogs. The chassis battery, which I had been watching, expecting failure, finally did fail. It has been replaced. One of the tailgate latches on the ATV trailer broke, probably due to the rough detours on the highway construction areas. I haven't fixed it yet. There are a LOT of bugs on the front of the coach. I need to wash it. That's about it for bad things. No tires blew out, nothing else bent or broke, nobody was injured or died, I did not get anywhere close to the fires, and having partial hookups instead of dry camping in the meadow was great! As always, the coach handled the Continental Divide (Marias Pass) with ease. I do like that V10!
mowermech 07/26/15 11:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator and Ethanol

I use 87 octane regular unleaded with 10% ethanol in everything. In the fall, when I put the motorhome to bed for the winter, I put Sta-Bil in the tank (following the directions for the proper amount for 75 gallons of fuel), then run the engine and generator long enough to get it distributed throughout the system. No problems. For my outdoor power equipment, I put Sta-Bil in the gas cans every time I fill them, so the fuel is treated all year long. Again, no problems. The ATVs, chain saw, pressure washer, lawn tractor, air compressor, portable generator, and weed trimmer have been working fine.
mowermech 07/26/15 10:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter liveingf in RV

Yes, it CAN be done. Yes, it has been done. Yes, I have done it! In MONTANA! In a 32 foot Suncrest motorhome. And, in a 32 foot triple slide Monaco McKenzie fifth wheel. First, you should have some kind of skirting around the coach. DO NOT use hay or straw bales! They are a fire hazard, and they attract rodents. I used Reflectix insulation (aluminized bubble wrap). I also covered the grill and the windshield with it. Second, the plastic "storm window" covers work fairly well. Also, the pillows that can be put in the roof vents are great. Third, the water supply line must be heat taped and insulated. There is a right way and a wrong way to install heat tape. Read the instructions and be sure it is done right. I built my water line out of hard copper tubing, then installed the heat tape and wrapped it with pipe insulation. No problems to 20 below! I found no special consideration was needed for the sewer hose. The hot water running through it seemed to keep it from freezing. Fourth, an auxiliary propane tank is a wonderful thing. In the motorhome, I bought a 100 pound cylinder, and refilled it as needed. In the fifth wheel, I leased an 80 GALLON tank, and the propane company came out and filled it as needed. That was MUCH better than rassling that big cylinder myself! The tech who brought the tank to the trailer did the hookup. That, too, was a plus! If you will have full hookups (I would not be willing to "winter over" without them. It can be done, I simply would not be willing to do it.), a small electric heater can be very handy.
mowermech 07/26/15 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 63# Propane Last......?

IMO, that is like asking "How long is a rope?" It is, quite simply, an unanswerable question! How many meals will you be cooking per day? Will you be baking anything? How much hot water will you use? Do you practice water conservation? Will you need to use the furnace? Will you have full hookups, or will the frig be running on gas? Personally, I have never run a motorhome propane tank empty. But, that's me. "Your Mileage May Vary"!
mowermech 07/26/15 06:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Flat wheel towing

ALWAYS read the Owners Manual for the vehicle being considered for use as a toad! ALWAYS! It is the ONLY real source for information about the towability of the vehicle. However, it is also true that people HAVE towed vehicles that are not considered towable by the manufacturer. They are willing to take the chance that the transmission will not self destruct due to lack of lubrication. In truth, ANY vehicle, with ANY transmission, CAN be flat towed, IF the owner is willing to pay the price in transmission repairs or replacement. The destruction of the transmission may take place in 100 to 500 miles, or it may last for thousands of miles. There is simply no way to tell! Vehicles I know to be towable: Subaru AWD, maanual transmission (automatic transmissions NOT towable) Almost any Jeep (there are exceptions, read the Owners Manual for instructions) Almost any 4X4 that has a Neutral position in the transfer case (again, there are exceptions, read...) Volkswagen original Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Thing Good luck in your search.
mowermech 07/25/15 06:29am Dinghy Towing
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

OK, the motorhome is fixed! Of course, the budget is about $200 lighter... Installed an Optima Red Top. It cranks that V10 just fine!
mowermech 07/23/15 08:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: It's hard to believe people are that dumb...........

So true!!! Somewhere along the line we have lost "Common Sense" as Common Knowledge!No, WE did not loose "Common Sense". I still know better and have survived through the years using common sense and better judgment. And I am sure others have too! a LARGE portion of modern American populace has lost common sense regarding animals and nature in general I disagree. They do have a modicum of "common sense", but they are of the Disney Generation. The only "wild" animals they have seen are the squirrels in their City Parks, and birds. Mostly pigeons. They have only seen real "wild animals" on television and in the movies. They believe that all such animals are cute and cuddly, with nary a mean bone in their body. It is shocking to them when they find out the real wild animals would just as soon kill them as look at them. Not because they are mean or vicious, but because they are actually WILD animals! They are also the ones who often ask "What time do they turn the geysers off at night, and when do they turn them back on in the morning?" They just have no concept of Nature. Like I said, Disney and City Parks is all they know!
mowermech 07/23/15 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Shut off water at home???

We also are on a well. No, I don't shut anything off when we will be gone for a few days or even a couple of weeks. My parents didn't either. In my 70+ years of life, I have never had an incident or occurrence, nor have I ever known anyone who did.
mowermech 07/23/15 08:13am General RVing Issues
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