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RE: Question About Pontoon Axles ?

Yes, a good fabrication shop with trailer experience should be able to install a second axle under your trailer. It will, of course, require the installation of an equalizer between the springs on each side, and many states require brakes on ALL wheels of a trailer, so the new axle will probably have to have brakes. It can be done. It has been my experience that you will be very plaesed with how much easier backing the trailer is once it has tandem axles!
mowermech 09/02/14 09:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Service unavailable

It's hard to complain too much about a free service. A friend of mine frequently comments about the Internet that it's no wonder that it occasionally acts up - the real wonder is that the thing works at all. I guess Al Gore did a good job of inventing it. bumpy Just because he invented it is no sign he can make it work 24/7!
mowermech 09/02/14 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: TV Tire Pressure Question

You could also do the old reliable "chalk test". take the truck to a large, relatively empty parking lot. Make a chalk mark across the tread of each tire. Drive the truck a hundred yards or so. Look at the chalk marks. If the mark is worn evenly across the full width of the tread, the inflation pressure is just right. If the chalk is worn mostly on the sides of the tread, the inflation pressure is too low. If the chalk is worn mostly in the center of the tread, the pressure is too high.
mowermech 09/01/14 10:14am Towing
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Thunder storms around the area, but none overhead. They are close enough to worry the dog, though. T The little Corgi just does not like loud noises of any kind! didn't do much today. Vacuumed up the dust bunnies (actually, dog hair), then went out and vacuumed the motorhome, and moved it over by the fence. I still want to take it up to Dead Man's Basin and spend a couple of days before it gets really cold overnight. That might have to be quick, it was 38 degrees in west Yellowstone the other night. Of course, that is somewhat higher than here, but still... It will be interesting to see if we set a record for the earliest below 32 degrees temperature, or the earliest snowfall that stays on the ground. Or both.
mowermech 08/31/14 07:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Selling of MH

Yes, get everything you want to keep out BEFORE advertising it for sale! Just imagine that somebody drove up, said "OK, I want it, I'm in a hurry, here's the cash, give me the title and a Bill Of Sale, take your license plates, (that's what we do in Montana) I need to get going!" when you say "I need 15 minutes to get our stuff out." He says "I don't have time to wait, if I can't take it now, the deal is off!" there aren't many people that are in that much of a hurry, but it does happen. Good luck with your sale.
mowermech 08/31/14 01:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Parks

Some do have the rule, so I have heard. I have never encountered one. When and if I do, one of the benefits to being on wheels is that I can go on down the road. They question the age of my rig? On down the road! They only allow one pet in an RV? On down the road! They have any other rules I don't like? (no firearms, no beer, whatever) On down the road! (actually, I seldom have firearms unless going to the mountains, but I almost always have beer. I just object to them trying to tell me what I can carry in my traveling home!)
mowermech 08/31/14 01:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: towin

I had a Datsun pickup many years ago that I had to do that with. It only took a couple minutes to slide under there, take the four bolts out of the rear driveshaft yoke, wrap the u-joint with black electrical tape to keep the bearing caps in place, tie the shaft to a cross brace on the bottom of the bed with a piece of wire, and bag the bolts and clamps in a zip-lock bag. The bag went in the glove compartment. It didn't take long to put it back, either. Yes, it CAN be done, IF you are willing to do it.
mowermech 08/31/14 01:15pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 2014 Wrangler Requires battery disconnect - What do you use?

I wonder... Of all the people who are towing newer Wranglers which have NO steering lock, and have been confused by the outdated instructions in the Owners Manual, how many have called (or written) Jeep Customer Service and told them about the incorrect information in the book? Maybe if Jeep gets enough informative calls, they will issue a correction!
mowermech 08/31/14 07:35am Dinghy Towing
RE: towin

There is a big difference between "it has been done" and "it is a good idea." Towing a rear wheel drive vehicle backwards has been done, successfully, but it is not a good idea. If it causes problems, e.g. the steering wheel lock breaks, the wheels turn, and the car swerves sideways and hits something, you will be liable. Well, if we are going to play "WHAT IF"... What if the left front wheel of your car comes off and goes across the street into the 7-11 parking lot? It actually happened to me, in high school, but the wheel didn't hit anybody. What it both left rear wheels come off your rig at 50 MPH, and roll down the highway? That happened to the school bus I was in once. The wheels didn't hit anybody. What if the receiver breaks away from the frame of your motorhome and leaves your toad sitting in the middle of the road? That was reported on these forums a couple years ago. What if the whole front end of your toad breaks away, leaving the car in the middle of the road and the bumper attached to the motorhome? That was also reported here, with pictures. What if an airplane lands on the back of your car? That happened many years ago. The car was a 1959 Chevy. What if some fool drops a bowling ball off a freeway overpass, and it lands in the middle of your windshield? That happened years ago, too. What if your trailer breaks away, runs across the median, hits a car, and kills someone? That happened right here in Billings a few years ago! Yes, "WHAT IF" can be carried to ridiculous extremes. But remember, EVERY ONE of the things mentioned REALLY HAPPENED! If one is going to worry excessively about WHAT IF, perhaps one should just stay home. BUT WAIT! Consider all the accidents that occur at home. It is not safe there, either! Oh, what to do...
mowermech 08/30/14 08:50pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Florida cracking down on out of State plates ?

I have been encouraging DW to return to Travel Nursing like we were doing 10+years ago. If the states are going to crack down on out-of-state registrations, I guess we can forget that idea. NO WAY am I going to change registration every 13 weeks! If you have a business you operate out of the MH, the MH stays at a CG, you are a fulltimer, I doubt this will have much affect on you. While I do not think it JUST a scare tactic, they are looking for local, with external reg and expired licensing. DW was employed by a travel nurse agency. We were not an independent business, nor were we independent contractors. We were smart enough that I took her to work and picked her up,so the truck with Montana license plates was never overnight in the hospital employee's parking lot (yes, they DO check those lots for out-of-state plates!) I wonder, can the hospitals afford to lose the Travelers? If not, it behooves them to see to it that their state legislators don't make it difficult to BE a Traveler! It isn't just nurses, there are travelers in nearly ALL medical disciplines!
mowermech 08/30/14 02:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

the mulching blades arrived on time, so I installed them and the mulching blocker, and mowed the front half of the lawn. finished up with the headlights on the tractor, then yesterday remowed it to get it more even, and cut the back yard. I haven't done any trimming yet. One of these days. The left headlight on the truck was fogged and had water in it, so I ordered a new one. I broke the old one getting it off the truck, but managed to get the new one in place with no damage. It looks like the front bumper is tweaked just a little bit; high on the driver's side, and low on the passenger side. Now, looking at the headlights, it looks like I should have ordered the passenger side, too! Again, one of these days.
mowermech 08/30/14 02:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Card security

My cards all have "see picture ID" then first initial last name. the receipt is always signed first name, middle initial, last name (my "legal signature"). There isn't much of a comparison. Not that anybody ever looks. Or asks for ID. I have fun telling cashiers "This is a test, and you failed! You did not ask for ID!" I get some very strange looks...
mowermech 08/29/14 09:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Florida cracking down on out of State plates ?

I have been encouraging DW to return to Travel Nursing like we were doing 10+years ago. If the states are going to crack down on out-of-state registrations, I guess we can forget that idea. NO WAY am I going to change registration every 13 weeks!
mowermech 08/29/14 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: towin

Is the stopping every few hundred miles and driving it a viable option? That depends entirely on what YOU want to do! Some would say "Sure, I would be willing to do that!" Others would say "NO WAY! That is simply too much hassle!" Way back about 1968 I towed a Corvair Spyder, manual transmission, fro Northwestern Montana to Seattle. I had to stop every 250 miles (more or less), start the engine, and let it idle in Neutral for 5 minutes. Yeah, it got annoying. Especially since I was towing it with a 6 volt truck, and I had 6 volt bulbs in it for the lights, and every time I started it, without thinking, I would step on the brake and blow the bulbs! (You won't have that problem, I'm sure.) Anyway, if you are willing to do what is necessary to tow it, it is a viable option. If you aren't willing to mess with it, then it isn't viable. good luck.
mowermech 08/29/14 07:25pm Dinghy Towing
RE: towing

Not ALL manual shift transmissions can be towed four down! Some are splash lubricated. When the engine is not running, the transmission is not getting lubricated. Towing such a transmission can (and eventually will) cause severe damage to the bearings. the applicable section of the Owners Manual is usually labelled "Recreational Towing (towing behind a Recreational Vehicle)". If the book does not have such a section, there is a better than average chance that such towing is not recommended. Tow the vehicle at your own risk. Good luck.
mowermech 08/29/14 02:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: run tt off home power

For quite a while I ran the coach with a 75 foot extension cord with three 10 gauge conductors, plugged in a 20 amp outlet. It worked. Then, I installed a 30 amp RV outlet on the side of the garage, connected to a 30 amp breaker in the box. The 50 foot extension cord that is now required is also three 10 gauge conductors! I have run both air conditioners, no problems.
mowermech 08/29/14 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: towing

1. You are welcome. 2. If you say so. 3. Go here to download the manual. Recreational towing instructions will be found on pages 146-148 (I looked at Print 3) http://owner.ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Owner/Page/OwnerGuidePage&year=2003&make=Ford&model=Ranger 4. If you are towing it behind a motorhome, it is a dinghy or a toad or a frog 5. good for you.
mowermech 08/28/14 08:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: towing

From the REMCO website: 2003 Ford Ranger XL RWD V6 3.0L cyl 5-Speed Manual Manual 2003 Ford Ranger XL RWD V6 3.0L cyl 5-Speed Manual Manual Notes Towable as is with speed and/or distance restrictions. Please see Owner's Manual for confirmation and procedures. It is not recommended to tow this vehicle over 55MPH When towing for an extended period of time, start the vehicle as often as possible and allow it to run for five minutes to prevent battery drain. Follow prescribed towing procedures outlined in your Owner's Manual. It sounds like you need to read and heed the Owners Manual.
mowermech 08/28/14 12:55pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RV anti-freeze

We don't put RV antifreeze into the fresh water system. The lines are blown out with air and all faucets, and drains are left open. RV Anti freeze is only used in the sink/shower p-traps, and toilet bowl... Me, too. I figure if it good enough for the underground sprinkler system, it is good enough for the RV. I been doing the blow-out for about 30 years, with no problems.
mowermech 08/28/14 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Golf cart

Personally, since I used to work for an E-Z-Go dealer, I would look for one of them. Keep in mind that if one battery goes bad, you should change all of them. We had one customer that insisted that we just replace the bad battery. Not long after that, he was back in with a dead golf cart. the electronic controller did not like the unbalanced battery pack. IIRC, it cost him over $400, plus the 6 new batteries! There used to be a company that would rewind the motors, giving more power and speed. We modified a couple of carts with their motors, and it really made a noticeable difference! I don't know if they are still doing the rewinds or not. good luck in your shopping.
mowermech 08/28/14 10:27am Around the Campfire
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