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RE: Can you back up with a toad 4 down

SDcampowner has no problems backingup. Trouble is he is backing up a 5th wheel not a toad. Check his postings He thinks a toad car is just the same as a four wheel trailer that has a steerable axle in the front like a wagon. Look at his original post, He thinks it's the same. He doesn't realize that in a toad car the tow bar does not turn the front wheels like the tow bar on a wagon.
msmith1199 12/20/14 10:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can you back up with a toad 4 down

But sometimes you have to back up? Don't you find it very unpleasant to be stuck with something you cannot back up unless you unhook? I will check this out and think a lot before I take a decision on a toad. Don't get yourself into a situation where you have to back up. In 12 years I've only got myself into that position three times. Tried backing it anyway only once and the wheels slammed to one side. The next two times I disconnected.
msmith1199 12/20/14 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can you back up with a toad 4 down

From all the post, it seem mostly not doable, too much risk either to the toad or to the poor driver sitting in the toad. I also read somwhere that even a dooly is pretty hard to back up. I do not have a toad yet, I bring my scooter on a platform. I do not like the idea of not being able to back up. Of course, you can allways disconnect, how much of trouble is it? Any advice on the type of hook up? Correct. You notice there is only one person trying to convince you to do it and he thinks it's the same as backing a trailer. Clearly he does not know what he's talking about.
msmith1199 12/19/14 11:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can you back up with a toad 4 down

Of course you can. Its no different than backing a short trailer behind a long wheelbase truck, except for the front wheels of the towed. For them, have a spotter watch them or. even get behind the wheel to keep them in line while backing. For the naysayers that claim hitch damage could occur, how do you justify the hitch pressure that occurs when braking the MH when the towed does not have braking power? Go to an empty lot. Try it. You can do it, noone will get their arms torn off, wrists broken , as suggested when I opened a thread on this same subject. Go read it. search for ' backing' in my posts. Max Nobody told you it would tear the arms off, but you were told you could break your wrists. There was an article in a motorhome magazine with an example of where the wife broke both her wrists. There was also a person on this very forum who told a torn of his wife breaking both her wrists while trying to hold the steering wheel straight while backing the toad. You are once again being very dangerous telling people there is no risk.
msmith1199 12/19/14 08:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

Likely one of the few that did! Did they refund all the over tax money you paid before they finally lowered your value/assessment??? In California County Tax Assessors are elected officials. The tax assessors office and the tax collector are two different elected officials. (Some of the small counties may combine the two, but most don't). The tax assessor generally is not going to try and screw anybody and assess their property too high. Not if he or she wants to stay in office. That is exactly why many assessors lowered assessed values on their own. The other government officials can complain all the want, the assessor doesn't answer to them, he answers to the voters.
msmith1199 12/19/14 07:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

In the case of new construction, if you are building your own home for instance, the value is based on construction costs. So the initial valuation could very easily be less than what the actual fair market value is. Now if you sell the house then the new owner is assessed according to the purchase price. .. I don't believe this is accurate. If you build your own home, once you get your final occupancy sign off, the assessor will appraise it at the current fair market value. They aren't going to let you bring in a shoe box full of receipts and add them all up. Otherwise it would be very easy for me to be my own contractor and then I can pay everybody else to build my house, but lose a few receipts and just tell the assessor I did that work myself.
msmith1199 12/19/14 07:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

Makes no sense the way California establishes "fair market value" as it's an unknown until the property is actually sold for what amount! Do they give back the amount of assessed taxes paid over the amount the property actually did sell for? I'll bet not! Therefore they stole the extra tax money from the owner on falsely claimed "fair market value". That's plain fraud and stealing which is a crime committed on the owner and is against the established written laws on the books! Same fraud in play for the owners of properties that now sell for about 1/2 of what they are being assessed and taxed at each year. We have that happening right in my own family down there. Just try to get your taxes lowered due to actual market value dropping or the over valued taxed amount paid each year and you'll see what happens. Okay! They do an assessment based on comparables. There are ways to challenge their assessment. And if you house went down in value you can have it re-assessed and pay the correct taxes. I think most tax assessors in California re-assessed properties whether the homeowners asked or not and lowered the property taxes. And many of those people are getting surprised now because values are going back up. And if your value goes back up after it was lowered, then the Prop 13 limits don't apply until your house value gets back to where it was before they started lowering it.
msmith1199 12/19/14 07:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

California is going to tax everything they can and they go for fair market value for a house. Now if you're adding other structures like a pole barn, I have no idea how they do that. You may be able to get away with actual expense there. I've never dealt with that issue.
msmith1199 12/19/14 11:49am Around the Campfire
RE: RV driver charged in fatal accident in Tennessee

Without being there, I just have a hard time concluding contempt for the law. I have a ton of hours video recording from my helmet cam on my motorcycle. One of the things I have learned is how difficult it is to get any kind of accurate perception of speed or distance based on the video, especially on the freeway. Put this together with a way overly sensationalized media reporting, and I don't believe you get an accurate perception of what really happened. There have been a lot of tests that show how certain suggestions will cause a normal mind to see things that are not there. For whatever made him think that the lane he was in was clear, (he commented on misreading the warning sign) at what point did he realize the lane he was in was not clear. From that moment, what options were available to him? Assuming he would need to be traveling at the same speed as the rest of the traffic to enter into the traffic lane, slowing down was not the best option. Once one looks for a spot, and realizes that option does not exist, you brake. If there is not enough distance to get stopped, he is only left with 3 options. Merge into traffic and wipe out several cars, run into the back of the cop car, or swerve into a lane which at least has the possibility of not hitting anything. Again I would contend that the perception of speed and distance from the video is not accurate, based on my experience. I do remember the photo of the accident scene which showed the motorhome still between the 2 vehicles. If he was able to stop while he was still between the 2 vehicles, there is no way possible that the guy could have been going very fast, or he would not have been stopped till long after he had passed between the 2 vehicles. It is also obvious that he would have to have been braking the whole time. Choosing to go between the 2 vehicles was probably the best solution compared to rear-ending the cop car, or wiping out several cars in the lanes of traffic. The other 2 options would have guaranteed an accident and most likely injury. At that point, he picked the lessor or 3 evils. The only real question is was he doing anything out of the ordinary. If he was traveling the same speed as the rest of the traffic, then the rest of the traffic is just as guilty as he is. I would suggest the next time you are driving on a multi-lane road in an RV, see how many miles it takes you to do a simple lane change. Now factor in that everyone is slowing down, so if you are trying match the speed of the changing traffic, you are chasing a moving target. You can eat up a lot of road really quick. He was not stopped between the two vehicles. He proceeded well past the two vehicles and pulled to the right. The video showed that other traffic was traveling very slow past the two vehicles blocking the traffic lanes. He couldn't merge over because they were going slower than he was. Therefore, he's the one that shouldn't have been going so fast. He also claimed it was a "blind curve" and he couldn't see the vehicles until he came around the curve and by then it was too late to slow down. This is a freeway and it was not a blind curve.
msmith1199 12/18/14 11:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

In new construction in California, once it's built and you get your final sign-off to move in, you get appraised by the tax assessor on that date. They are going to hit you with fair market value even if you did all the work yourself and cut your own lumber and only actually paid a fraction of fair market value.
msmith1199 12/18/14 11:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Do you think this is a scam?

If a crook gets the account number and routing number, it is quite easy to forge a check, maybe even have legit-looking checks printed with the victim's info on it. Happened to a classmate when I was in college, and the bad guys managed to drain her college fund a day after her purse was stolen. As far as I know, she never recovered that money, because a check means the account owner is responsible for the entire amount, unlike credit card or debit card fraud. Not true. If somebody forges your checks it's the bank's loss, not yours.
msmith1199 12/18/14 04:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Do you think this is a scam?

Got one of those yesterday, and into the trash it went. I wonder how stupid do they think we are? But then again I suppose they get a few that fall this type of crap. They would have quit sending these emails a long time ago if people quit falling for them.
msmith1199 12/18/14 04:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

Paying HOA yearly fees on property you own yourself and being restricted in life and living in and around your own home is beyond total ignorance. Why own land and a home that restricts and prohibits your using your own property to use as you wish as long as it's not unsafe or encumbers your neighbors lives, safety, and reasonable living ability on their owned property? Prohibiting boats, RV's, some even your pickup trucks or cars being parked in your own driveway or backyard or even behind the front facia of your home and must be inside a garage or parked/stored at another location/lockup with having high additional monthly/yearly costs? Mind numbing!!! I fail to understand why some home "owners" are so gullible and allow themselves to be pupets yanked around by these tatics. Don't people have a real spine anymore to mandate control their own lives and living or do they just like being submissive conscripts and being told/forced as to what thay can to do by others??? A huge factor in considering where to build or buy and it comes first for a real thinking person once the locality is decided upon. Cuts both ways, J. Maybe having a subdivision free of RV's, boats, etc. is what real thinking people prefer and they think through the benefits of having a neat and clean appearing area. Maybe a thinking person evaluates this sort of issue before having a knee-jerk reaction and casting aspersions on others' insight, intelligence, and backbone. Yup! Although I'm an RVer, I like the RV restrictions my City has. I don't want a bunch of trailers parked on the street or in driveways. I keep mine behind a fence and out of sight. And even though I'm allowed to park it on the street for up to three days while preparing for or unloading from a trip, I rarely leave it on the street at all. I don't like the looks of it and I doubt my neighbors do either.
msmith1199 12/18/14 04:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Building Permit Cost per State and City for New Home

Is your question about annual property taxes, or costs of permits to build originally? In California (as I'm sure is true in many places) permit costs can be huge. You may be paying $20k or $30k or even more in all the various permits. Even if you buy a tract home you're still paying all those fees but they are built into your purchase price as they were originally paid by the developer. These fees are largely designed to recoup the costs of the City to provide you with services. If you build in an area where you are doing your own well and septic your fees may not be as much. But in a City they are going to want you to pay your fair share for the sewer plant and the water system just to hook up to them. You're also going to be paying for your share (and probably more) of police and fire services and other public works. Now property taxes are based on the value of your property which is either determined by purchase price, or if you build yourself the tax assessor will appraise the house once complete. That figure will be your base value. Property tax is then 1% per year of that value and thanks to proposition 13 that assessed value is only allowed to increase by 2% each year. So if you purchase a house for $100k in California your property tax in year one will be $1000. Assuming the value of your house goes up the next year, the assessor can change your taxable value by 2% to $102,000.00. So your property taxes the next year would be $1020.00. Also on your property tax bill you may find other things like special district fees and bond payments. I currently pay about $4200 a year on my house and I think about $3200 of that is property tax. The other grand is added fees for street lights, parks, a bunch of school bonds, and who knows what else they may have added on.
msmith1199 12/18/14 04:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV driver charged in fatal accident in Tennessee

You guys are arguing semantics. rgatijnet I understand what you mean, but you said it wrong. You said "The grand jury determined that he was negligent and should be punished." What Dutch is telling you is that isn't what happened. The grand jury determined that there was enough probable cause to hold the man to answer at trial. They did not determine he was negligent, and they did not determine he should be punished, those two determinations will be up to the trial jury if it goes that far. They only determined there is enough evidence to suggest he may be guilty of the charges, so now it's on to the next step in the process.
msmith1199 12/18/14 03:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV driver charged in fatal accident in Tennessee

Pogoil, I do tend to agree with you, however, I don't think driving at unsafe speed was as much to blame as was his inattention and negligence. If you followed this story when it happened, you know he probably wasn't speeding in regards to the posted speed limit. What he mainly did is ignored warning signs and slowing traffic and he did not take the proper defensive actions. I recall when he tried to blame the highway department because he admitted seeing a warning sign that said "Right Lane Closed Ahead." He claimed that if the warning side had said "Two right lanes closed ahead" then he would have known to get over. With this statement he admits to knowing that there may be congested traffic ahead and yet he doesn't slow down like everybody else. And he doesn't keep his eyes open for flashing lights or emergency vehicles. So yeah, he was obviously going too fast when he came upon the emergency vehicles, but it was his negligence in failing to head to the warnings that caused this accident.
msmith1199 12/18/14 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel prices finally falling !!

For you California people, look around for diesel prices. I'm seeing everything from $3.29 to over $4 per gallon. I drove by a Shell Station today and it was $3.29 there and two blocks over is a Chevron that was $4.09. Flying J was about $3.75 this morning. Prices seem to be all over the place for some reason.
msmith1199 12/18/14 11:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV driver charged in fatal accident in Tennessee

If I recall correctly, the general consensus was he would get charged, regardless of his statement which was he was coming around a "blind" corner and had "no where to go." That simply did not match the evidence.
msmith1199 12/18/14 11:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Panic averted

If you have a friend you don't like, then every time you see one of those contests to win a new _________ (fill in the blank) then fill out the form with your friend's name and address. It won't take long before your friend won't even be able to find his real mail in the middle of the tons of junk mail he'll get every day. All those contests are is a way to collect current names and addresses for advertising.
msmith1199 12/14/14 06:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Newbie from Scotland looking to Tour USA Canada

I wonder if you could find a dealer who had used RV's on the lot and work out some type of one year lease or rental with them? I've never heard of it being done, but if it's profitable to them you may find somebody to go for it.
msmith1199 12/13/14 11:21pm Class A Motorhomes
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