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RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

The rest of us knew what you meant Rollnhome. You didn't say MH required a commercial license, that was a guy that responded to you. The "Passenger Carrying Vehicle" is what requires the CDL, not the MH. You're statement was just that they required different licenses, which is 100% accurate. Bligh is just doing anything he can to provoke things.
msmith1199 09/30/14 05:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

I believe that you will find that you never "declared" any weight information in the registration process. Normally, all registrations use GVW information. Normally "declared" weight information is used for weight fees only when vehicles want to avoid weight fees knowing that they will always operate under the GVW of the vehicle. Yes, I did not declare any weight because my coach is not commercial. However, when I registered my work truck when I trucked for the local Cat dealer, I had to declare a weight which was printed on my registration. To me this is the main difference on how this tax pertains to different vehicles. That clearly is an indication that it was the intent of the legislature not to apply this tax to RV's.
msmith1199 09/30/14 04:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

Arizona DOT definition of Recreational Vehicle taken from: Arizona Revised Statutes - Title 28 Transportation - Section 28-3102 "Recreational vehicle" means a motor vehicle or vehicle combination that is more than twenty-six thousand pounds gross vehicle weight rating and that is designed and exclusively used for private pleasure, including vehicles commonly called motor homes, pickup trucks with campers, travel trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers used exclusively to transport personal possessions or persons for noncommercial purposes. Here is the list of "use vehicles" A "use class motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle that uses use fuel on a highway in this state and that is a road tractor, truck tractor, truck or passenger carrying vehicle having a declared gross vehicle weight of more than 26,000 pounds or having more than two axles. A passenger carrying vehicle is defined by USDOT as: simplified... A bus or motorcoach ( tour bus) designed to carry 15 or more passengers. RVs are not on the list therefore no need to exempt. The listed exemptions are exemptions to vehicle types listed as "use class motor vehicle. Therefore RVs pay 18ยข fuel tax. Seems like this discussion is over if the definition of a "passenger carrying vehicle" is correct as stated above. That is correct. A RV does not fit into any of the other three categories of vehicle. "Passenger Carrying Vehicle" is the only possible definition they could be putting them under, and in my opinion it doesn't apply either. Edit: After reading this one more time, I notice that in the definition of Recreational Vehicle they specifically say that has a GVWR of over 26,000 pounds. (But they also list travel trailers and pickups with campers and other things that are never going to be 26,000 pounds?) In any event, since RV does have a specific definition listed in AZ law, I think it could easily be argued that since RV is defined, if the tax was intended for RV's then RV would have been specifically listed in the statute. The very fact that RV isn't listed, even though it has a legal description, tells me the use tax wasn't intended for RV's at all.
msmith1199 09/30/14 03:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

Let me ask this. On the pump sticker it says the "Declared Weight". I looked at the definition and it says that this is the weight that is posted on your registration when you licence the vehicle. Even though my coach's GVW is over 26k my registration declared weight is zero. Does this mean anything? According to some information I found on an old thread, somebody was told by an AZ official that motorhomes registered in AZ were exempt if the declared was listed at 0 since apparently that's what most are. However, that still raised the old problem of every time people post what they were told my AZ officials, they are getting different answers. "Declared Vehicle Weight" is a term that is used in the commercial trucking industry. In California the statute specifically says Declared Weight only applies to commercial vehicles used for hire. In AZ the stature apparently says if your vehicle doesn't have a Declared Weight then the GVWR is what applies. So according to the one source on here since AZ does give you a declared weight of 0 on motorhomes, then the tax doesn't apply. But take that for what's worth. My California registration for my motorhome doesn't have a weight of any type listed on it.
msmith1199 09/30/14 03:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A positive experience.

Hey what are you doing putting this kind of trash on here??? We're only on this forum to complain about everything and anything, not compliment people!!! Just kidding, glad it worked out for you. I've had a few similar experiences with companies that stand behind their products when they know the product should not have failed. (Just not with Ford Motor Company)
msmith1199 09/30/14 02:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

In case people don't know, for most credit cards you can sign up for text message alerts. There are a lot of variables in how you can set it up, but I set mine up to notify me of every single use the card. For my regular credit cards, I get the notification almost instantly. For my ATM Visa, for some reason the notification is delayed by an hour or more. When the waiter at a restaurant takes off with my card, I'm getting a text message with exactly how much was put on the card before he even gets back to the table. On a side note, my wife hates this feature because when she's off shopping with friends I can practically track her every move with the text alerts whenever she buys something.
msmith1199 09/30/14 02:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

I like the fact someone is looking out for us with all the breaches going on. Just last month Barclays called me (text from fraud unit) that they had denied a catering bill in Chicago for $235. I'm in California. So they cancelled my card which by the way had a zero balance since last year and sent me another with a new acct number. I asked them how my acct could have been compromised when not being used. They really didn't have an answer. The same card was compromised over 2 years ago at a Loves gas stop, but I know how that happened. So when we travel we use credit cards not debit and some small cash. Ever since the Target mess, I monitor our credit card accounts every few days, I don't wait for the statement. There are soooo many ways they get compromised. You may never even know.
msmith1199 09/30/14 02:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

We never call the bank and it has never been rejected, I don't know if we're doing something right or wrong. You're doing something predictable.
msmith1199 09/30/14 01:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

I have been working in the IS arena of major banks for 20 years and have worked specifically with some of these risk score models and AML (anti money laundering) programs. As others have said, it's all for yours and the banks protection against fraud, theft and AML. The solution is very simple, let your bank know you are on vacation and travelling and to where. The risk models are set up to automatically flag accounts with suspicious activity using about 1000 points of data to create a behavior score as well as transaction types and transactions at certain types of business that are inherently high risk. Deviate from the behavior score and it gets flagged. Frankly I think it makes perfect sense. While perhaps a small inconvenience to alert them prior to travel, the inverse would (and has been) catastrophic where these risk models are not in place. Most if not all is OCC and FED mandated now. You explained that much better than I did. I travel on a regular basis and I never notify my bank of the travel and other than the one time I talked about in Vegas, I've never had a card turned off that didn't need to be turned off. I'm sure it's because the computer knows how I travel and knows what I spend money on and how I spend it when I travel.
msmith1199 09/30/14 01:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

We really shudder when we have to use our credit card. There are so many simple ways for thieves to get the card info. We try to get cash from our local bank to cover some of the initial big expenses like fuel and campground. Our card is from an east coast bank and since that is where we travel most, we go to the bank's mac machine where ever we are camping. No fees and no retailer with your card number! Not always possible to find our bank. My DW is not a fan of letting strangers at the CC companies know when we are leaving town. Kind of opens the door for thieves too. So you're worried about the credit card being compromised but as a solution you go get a chunk of cash to cover the initial big expenses???? You do realize if your credit card gets compromised you have to make a few phone calls and maybe sign a declaration, but in the end you will likely lose nothing! If that big wad of cash gets lost or stolen you aren't getting a dime back. Even insurance won't cover the loss of cash. Trust me on this, I spent a career in law enforcement with much of that working fraud, use your credit cards. I only use cash for small stuff like fastfood, coffee at Starbucks, and other petty cash type items. Otherwise everything goes through the credit cards and normally it's always the ATM card unless I'm at a restaurant where the waiter is going to take the card and come back. In those cases I used a regular credit card not because you can't get the money back on the ATM Visa, but because that money comes out of your bank account first and then has to be replaced. (Usually they do this fairly quickly) But at least with a regular credit card it's never any of my own money that's lost for any length of time.
msmith1199 09/30/14 01:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

Yep, it's happened to us too. I used to get embarrassed but now it seems normal. I will call the CC company immediately right there to get it straightened out. I'm sure the clerk is amazed sometimes that the card will now work. The part I hate is when the CC will re-issue a new card because of the CC number being compromised at a retailer (not our fault). The CC company will 'next day' a new CC where ever we are. Sometimes things just happen. MM. If they don't reissue a new card then the old card (or number) that is in the hands of thieves, stays valid.
msmith1199 09/30/14 01:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

The banks have got these real fancy computer systems that look for fraudulent uses of the card. The computer isn't just looking at being away from home (although that is one of the criteria) but is looking for a lot of things. For example if you are 500 miles from home and you go into an electronics store to buy a flat screen TV, the fraud computer is going to flag something like that almost immediately. That's because credit card fraudsters just love to head to the electronics store first thing. Huge red flag. Also if you make a really small charge, and then attempt a bigger one a short time later you may get flagged. For example you go to Starbucks and charge a $3 cop of coffee and then go buy your flat screen TV. The reason that gets flagged is because fraudsters often test the card first to make sure it works, before trying it on the bigger purchases. I was in Vegas once and got my ATM card shut off. I tried to use it at an ATM in a Casino and when the little screen popped up that said they were going to charge me something like $5 for the transaction, I canceled it because there was a Branch of my bank right across the street. I figured I could cross the street for $5. So I walked across the street and the card wouldn't let me have any money from the ATM. The fact I was in Vegas and the way I used it alerted the fraud computer. In the OP's case, he was away from home and buying tires. Now us RV'ers know that may be a common thing, the fraud computer is just seeing a big charge for autoparts a distance from the card holders home and is shutting it down. And obviously Visa talks to MasterCard so that's why they all got shut off.
msmith1199 09/30/14 01:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A different type of RVing memories

That's nice having a 182 to do that in. That's big enough that you can carry all the comforts you need for some extended camping. I'm guessing you don't have that plane anymore? Those things seem to sell for a small fortune now.
msmith1199 09/30/14 11:46am RV Lifestyle
RE: Here is my damage

You know the damage to the trailer would also be covered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance.
msmith1199 09/30/14 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: 20K and 2.5 yr fight secures a win over HOA for RV parking

I agree with the last 2 comments. I also live in a neighborhood with a HOA and I am allowed to bring my rig home to load and unload only. I signed the HOA contract before I purchased the home so I have no one to kick but myself. These people knew the rules ahead of time and I call total BS on there explanation. They stated that the RV was needed in order for there son to live in case "The primary systems fail" . I really do feel for this family but would a whole home generator not provide the same safety net as that class A MH? I agree. How stupid to spend $100,000 when $8000 would have provided what they NEEDED, but not what they WANTED. Exactly! They wanted a motorhome, but needed a generator.
msmith1199 09/30/14 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Today is the day

September 30th 1961, My bride and I were married. WOW 53 years. Another 20 years would be nice. They said back in those days that a teen age marriage never works. Marilyn was 18 and I was 19. We met on the school bus when we were 15 and 16 years old. That was in 1958. We both dropped out of school.They said that doesn't work either. Some people ask us how did we do it. Not all of them like our answer. When were married 11 years we got joy in our lives. the Joy is Jesus first,others second and you last. What you did was beat the statistics! By the way, I was an infant when you got married!
msmith1199 09/30/14 09:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Will that ladder and roof hold a 300-pounder?

What kind of roof? I have a one piece fiberglass roof and I've been on it quite often and it seems very sturdy. I'm not 300, but a little over 200 and I think it would hold a 300 pounder. I wouldn't make a habit of going up there. If you have a rubber roof that may be a different story the rubber is distributing the weight like the fiberglass does. But I've never owned a rubber roof RV so I don't know how sturdy they may be.
msmith1199 09/30/14 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

Seems like the best would be if AZ would come out and say, one way or the other, if RV's are exempt or not. Of course, that would require a gov't employee to actually make a decision, and that is asking a LOT! It will probably stay muddled, until either the legislature steps in, or someone who gets fined takes them to court, and a judge decides what the law actually means. As we have discovered here, it can really be taken two ways. One part conflicts with the other. You're right and it's not that complex for them to fix this. The head of whichever agency is actually in charge of enforcing this law can simply put out a directive in writing saying whether privately owned motorhomes are included or not. That is how most issues like this are solved.
msmith1199 09/30/14 07:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

Here is something I found posted on another RV forum from 2012. Obviously this debate and the fuzzy answers from government officials in Arizona has been going on for a while: "I called the State of AZ fuel information number and asked if motorhomes were exempt from paying the truck rate despite their weight or number of axles. I got an honest answer. This is a grey area! A motorhome with two axles that is registered is Arizona is clearly exempt BECAUSE their Arizona registration says they have ZERO weight. I told her my SD registration shows over 34,000lbs. She said, as I said before this is a grey area, but in reality nobody is going to ask. Next I asked about 3 axles. Same answer - this is a grey area, but for now they are not enforcing the truck rate against motorhomes. She confirmed that the stations that gave me a credit for the 8cents were correct and that I cold ask for the credit at any station. The law says they have to give you the credit if they don't have any pumps with the auto tax rate, but doesn't seem to make it mandatory if they have both auto and truck pumps. So as of yesterday it was OK to fuel large rigs at the auto pumps, but who knows when a tax starved state will change their minds."
msmith1199 09/29/14 10:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wrong Pump in AZ

Here's an interesting thread on this very subject from 2012: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/25936142.cfm People on this thread are saying RV's are exempt, yet nobody offers legal authority for why they say they are exempt. But what I found the most entertaining was the second to the last post in the thread posted by "lbligh" and states the following: "NOT true. The AZ fuel tax being discussed applies only to commercial vehicles. RVs are exempt. If you fill at a truck facility you simply go inside and advise them that you are a non-commercial vehicle and they will deduct/refund the $0.08 per gallon tax."
msmith1199 09/29/14 09:57pm Class A Motorhomes
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