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RE: California Towing Speed Limit

I hear stories of people who say they've got tickets, however, I have lived in California all my life, have towed either a boat, a utility trailer, or a car behind the motorhome for the last 35 or so years, and was a cop for 28 years. I have routinely fractured the 55 mph limit when towing and have never been pulled over for doing it. In fact, for all my years of driving my RV and my dad's RV before that, I've only been pulled over one time and that was when somebody stole my electric adapter from the trailer I carried my motorcycle on so I couldn't plug in the tail lights for the trip home. In my time as a cop I never enforced that law either, but then again I was a City cop so there wasn't really places to enforce that section as the fastest speed limit on any road in town was 55 anyway. So if it is heavily enforced, I sure have lucked out over the many years. But also, I don't make unsafe lane changes, and don't follow other vehicles too closely. CHP tends to notice your speed more when combined with things like that.
msmith1199 08/30/16 04:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Looks like it can't be towed four down. Four wheel drive vehicles generally aren't supposed to be put on a dolly. My guess is this one can't since it is AWD. But there is a 2WD version. Not interested in that so I didn't even look at that.
msmith1199 08/30/16 04:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Tag axle pros / cons

When I was looking for our DP, I asked a long time Cat Service Tech what he would recommend. He advised me to avoid the C7, as it is a non-sleeved block. I ended up with a 400HP Cummins ISL in a 36'.Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is the disadvantage to the "non-sleved" block is it is much more expensive come rebuild time. So after you've put two or three million miles on your motorhome the rebuild would be more expensive?An engine with wet sleeves, such as the DT466 in my International truck, can be rebuilt with the engine still in the frame of the truck. The block doesn't have to go to the machine shop for boring the cylinders. You pop the head off, drop the oil pan, remove the rod caps, pull the pistons and rods, pull the sleeves, and put it back together with new gaskets, pistons/rings, bearings and new sleeves. Also with a wet sleeve engine, because the whole circumference of the sleeve is surrounded by coolant, the sleeve expands and contracts evenly, holding a constant diameter, which extends its usable service life. With cylinders cast into the bock, there are hot and cold spots in various places on the cylinder. This causes unequal expansion and contraction, which makes the bore out of round, which wears it out sooner. But again the point being, wears it out in two million miles versus three million miles? If you buy a DP and absent some failure of a part, what are the odds you are going to put enough miles on that engine to wear it out and cause it to need to be rebuilt? I guess there are some people who may put a few million miles on a RV, but not most.
msmith1199 08/30/16 04:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline The ability to tow it four down is not listed in there. Already looked.
msmith1199 08/30/16 11:46am Dinghy Towing
2017 Honda Ridgeline

I just saw the 2017 Ridgeline is coming out. It actually looks like a pickup for 2017. Has a lot of nice features and looks to be cheaper than the Chev Colorado. I've never considered it before because I never liked the looks of it, but it looks nice for 2017. But in some quick Google searches looks like the older Ridgelines have not been towable. The 2017 looks like it comes with a full time all wheel drive system that has selectable modes so I'm guessing it is not going to be towable either. Does anybody know for sure?
msmith1199 08/30/16 11:21am Dinghy Towing
RE: After years of going straight my DP is making right turns.

If you've been driving like that for 2500 miles, I'm surprised you have any front tires left. Things come loose and a vehicle can get out of alignment without hitting anything.
msmith1199 08/30/16 11:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Camera information and reviews

https://www.lifeenroute.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/IMG_20160521_172354616.jpg height=480 width=640 Garmin Dash Cam 35 here. Works great. Quite a but of your view blocked with that setup.
msmith1199 08/30/16 11:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hit a tree in the rv park

In defense of the OP here over the crazy attacks, many of you are missing the point of why he hit the tree. He admitted it was his fault, and it was. Should have been watching better no doubt about it. But he was apparently told the site was for a 39' motorhome and his was 36'. He should have been able to fit his motorhome in without hitting the tree. Sounds like the space should have been listed as 35 foot, not 39 foot! Now don't go jumping on me, because no matter what you're told about the size of the site, it's up to the driver to watch and make sure. So I'm not giving him a pass, just pointing out you can see how this happened. And like I said, I hit a stack of wood with my motorhome while backing it into my shop. Not only did I know the stack of wood was there, I was the one that put it there!!! I was just trying to get the motorhome within 6" and I succeeded. Luckily all I did was knock my wood over, dent my tail pipe, and put some rub marks on the gelcoat.
msmith1199 08/29/16 05:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Washington State to Vegas via stops in California

Looks like we will be heading out on Sept 10th. Can I get recommendations for places to stay in the Santa Barbara Area? We don't mind 100 mile return trips for day sight seeing in the car. That being said, if I want to see Malibu Beach, Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach along with the walk of Fame, can I get suggestions for parks for the Motorhome please...between mountains & the city grid it looks daunting to find something. I've gone down and stayed in the parks around Disneyland a few times in the Motorhome, but never stayed up in the Santa Monica area. That's all a very congested and populated area, so there may not be much to chose from. If you do the Walk of Fame, go in daylight hours. Hollywood Blvd is basically a cesspool. I wouldn't go there at night and I'm a retired cop. Then again, I probably wouldn't even go there in the daylight! There are quite a few RV parks in the Ventura area. I'll let somebody more knowledgeable of the area give you that advice, but I consider keep the RV in that area and then just driving the toad down into Los Angeles. Just keep in mind commute traffic will be a pain. But then again every time I go down there traffic is a pain regardless of the time of day or day of week.
msmith1199 08/29/16 04:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Washington State to Vegas via stops in California

After having the first trip under our belts we are looking for suggestions on the route to Vegas returning Oct 31st. to beat the snow. We plan on the I5 from the Canada/USA border to the 505 for San Francisco. The 101,85,& 17 to Santa Cruz. The 1 to Monterey The 68, 101, 46, & 5 to Santa Monica The 405 to Long Beach 91 & 10 to Palm Springs & the 15 to Vegas. The route home is the 95 to Virginia City & Reno. The 395,139,97,58 back to the 5 & home. I know there is lots more to see but these are the stops for this trip as we need to be back by Oct 31. Does anyone have any concerns with the plan that I am unaware of ? Thanks for your help! Keep an eye on the weather. Snow is very possible by October 31. Like somebody else said, unless you are afraid of heights, you can take Highway 1 south from Monterey. Best bet is to leave at first light, and take all day to make the drive down to Pismo or Morro Bay. I've taken my 35' DP down that stretch many times, and although it is windy, it's very doable.
msmith1199 08/29/16 04:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon Coast to NAPA, Ca. with 45' MH

Did it on a motorcycle. It was very twisty and tons of fun. Wouldn't want to drive it in motorhome for the same reason. Friends of ours won't take their fifth wheel on the 101 for the same reason. 101 is the main access to 300 miles of the Northern California coast! Some of the most scenic parts of our nation are off that section of 101. I couldn't even begin to say how many thousands upon thousands of RV campsites are located in that part of the state. And you tell somebody not to take a motorhome there? And you have a friend that won't take a 5th wheel to the Northern California coast??? Do you camp at Walmart off I-5 a lot?
msmith1199 08/29/16 04:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hit a tree in the rv park

Wow, give the poor guy a break. We all make mistakes. Sorry about your mishap, glad it was not worse and you get it fixed properly :) And as for the kid comment...nobody's "kid" should be playing, cutting through or running around a Site that they are not assigned to and that someone is backing up in. Totally uncalled for. ANNOUCEMENT: All people who have ever struck an object with your motorhome, please turn your keys in to the nearest law enforcement agency and give up your motorhome! You are a danger to everybody! And I'll have to be first in line to give up my motorhome because I backed mine into a stack of wood in my shop once. Guess I'm just too dangerous to have a motorhome.
msmith1199 08/29/16 02:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tag axle pros / cons

Wow, lots of great info here !! Thanks to all who responded. I am definitely looking for more HP than I would have thought necessary. I was kinda thinking anything above 300 would be way more powerful than my current Ford V-10 but I see just about all the pushers weigh more than my gasser. It looks like they are made with higher quality materials . I am now posting another topic on which rigs come with solid fiberglass roofs. I am having trouble with the ads ..... I have to call each ad to see. I have the 330 hp Cat in my 35 foot DP. It is adequate for my driving, but I think I'm right at the edge as far as having enough power. I have a Dodge Dakota toad so it's on the heavy side, but there are some grades on Freeways in California where I'm down to 45 mph with my foot on the floor. The Grapevine for example.
msmith1199 08/29/16 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: NHTSA& EPA want to limit speedof vehicles over 26,000 lbs

Truck speed is dependent on fuel price. More Federal control is not the answer. And that would be true if truck drivers were paid by the hour. I know some are, but aren't most paid by the mile or by the load? I know during Tomato season the drivers get paid per load they deliver. The extra cost of fuel is more than made up by driving like a mad man and getting as many runs in as possible. The tipped over tomato trailers become proof of that.
msmith1199 08/29/16 11:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: NHTSA& EPA want to limit speedof vehicles over 26,000 lbs

Regarding the original topic I have not seen anything suggesting privately owned coaches would be affected. Seems to be focused entirely on commercial trucks and buses. Still, the topic will bear watching. The article I read in U.S.A. Today said nothing about commercial vehicles! It was all about vehicle weight and, all vehicles 26,000 lbs. and over it will effect. This is about a Federal requirement. The Feds only regulate commercial interstate commerce traffic. So this new regulation, if it happens, would only apply to private RV's if each state passed a law that parroted the Federal law. Even back during the 55mph speed limit days each state had to pass their own 55 mph law to make it apply but they all did so because the Federal Government threatened to withhold Federal highway funds if they didn't.
msmith1199 08/29/16 11:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wifi Thermostat

The Wi-Fi themostats I've used in my house don't always have to be hooked to WiFi. They only need to be hooked when changing the settings, or if you want to check the temperature from a remote location. I personally have both a iPad and an iPhone. If I wanted to set up a WiFi thermostat in my motorhome I'd simply set it up to hook to the built in WiFi hotspot on the iPad. Then just leave the iPad in the motorhome with the hotspot on and you can control and monitor the temp from the iPhone. You do need the iPad with the high speed cell service to do this. This actually isn't a bad idea if you leave pets in the motorhome in hot climates. This way you can check in every once in a while and make sure the temp is staying low enough inside the motorhome.
msmith1199 08/29/16 10:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tag axle pros / cons

When I was looking for our DP, I asked a long time Cat Service Tech what he would recommend. He advised me to avoid the C7, as it is a non-sleeved block. I ended up with a 400HP Cummins ISL in a 36'. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is the disadvantage to the "non-sleved" block is it is much more expensive come rebuild time. So after you've put two or three million miles on your motorhome the rebuild would be more expensive?
msmith1199 08/29/16 10:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tag axle pros / cons

One reason for tag axles is the max allowable single axle load (per the Federal Standards) is 20,000 pounds. And that would be total weight including cargo and any weight a trailer may put on the axle.
msmith1199 08/29/16 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Money transfer

A cashiers check is paid for with cash and when presented is the same as cash. The funds won't be in his bank because he will have used those funds to purchase the cashier's check. It is not a check - it is cash. And they are very easily forged. In fact, most Craigslist frauds are done with fake cashiers checks. Or they can even be a real cashiers check that somebody buys, then reports as lost or stolen, and has it voided out.
msmith1199 08/28/16 12:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Whoa, how much to wash my rig again...???

I got tired of washing mine by hand with the extension pole and brush. Hard on my older injured back too. And car washes that can accommodate our Class A are few and far between in our area. I picked up a gas powered Simpson pressure washer. At $425 at Tractor supply it will not take long to pay for it considering the costs to drive to a car wash and pay for the wash. http://www.pressurewashersdirect.com/Simpson-MSH3125-S-Pressure-Washer/p6598.html This unit comes with 5 nozzles which determine how much pressure is applied. I only use the soap/siphon nozzle to apply soap and then the lowest nozzle which is recommended. The highest nozzle etches concrete from 4-6' away and will most likely harm the finish on cars and such. I bought a much cheaper electric power washer that has plenty of pressure for cleaning the motorhome. But even using a pressure washer it is still a lot of work to wash and wax it.
msmith1199 08/28/16 09:58am Class A Motorhomes
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