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RE: RV Parking Restrictions - Santa Cruz, CA

There is a dump station at the gas station at 1500 Soquel Drive in Santa Cruz. Costs $10 to dump there which is exactly why some people are dumping in the gutter. They don't want to pay the $10. There are also several full service RV parks in the area and many state parks with RV sites. I'm sure Santa Cruz would love having people use those sites versus trying to camp on the street. What I do find humorous about what Santa Cruz is doing is they are the ones with the liberal policies that encourage homelessness and vagrants. Then when they get those homeless and vagrant people they try and pass laws like this to get rid of them. You know good and well the problems they are having are not with the average RVer like the people on this board. The problems they are having are with the people who have managed to buy a motorhome for $100 out of some field, and get it running long enough to get to the beach where they sit for days or weeks at a time. The want to live in their RV on the street because they don't have rules like the shelters have, yet they can still go get their free food and EBT cards and all the other handouts people in Santa Cruz give to the homeless.
msmith1199 11/19/14 08:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Parking Restrictions - Santa Cruz, CA

I have taken the RV to Santa Cruz many times. The solution is simple. Stay in an RV park and drive your toad into town. Never had the desire to park the RV down on West Cliff Drive. Much better drive in the road.
msmith1199 11/19/14 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: hot water heater

Some water heaters have a heat exchanger from the engine's radiator to the water heater. If you have been driving, the coolant from the radiator goes through a line in the water heater heating the water in the heater. When you get to your destination, the water is not really hot, but it is very warm. If you haven't been driving, then disregard. It's a 5th wheel.
msmith1199 11/19/14 03:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying silver and gold

What's a favorite site to keep track of G & S? If you just want to track prices you can just put "price of silver" in Google and it will give you the daily price along with links to websites that will show you the price history. Today it's a $16.19 per ounce. It went down to $15.34 per oz earlier this month. The last time they were this low was Feb of 2010 and they have gone up to over $30 per oz since then. It was down below $10 in the middle of recession. So it's possible it could go lower than today's price, but it does look like it's on the way back up.
msmith1199 11/19/14 03:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV Parking Restrictions - Santa Cruz, CA

The PROBLEM isn't RVs, the PROBLEM is the Santa Cruz City Counsel. These are the same nuts that nearly jailed their local balloon blowing clown, because he was feeding expired parking meters that were occupied by vehicles that weren't registered to him. Metrer revenue wasn't enough, they wanted the fines. EDIT. Google "Mr. Twister Santa Cruz" for tons of news coverage. Lots of cities have similar laws and it's not just about collecting fines. When cities put in parking meters or time limited parking spaces, they do so because they only want people using those spaces for shot term parking. That's because businesses need places for their customers to park. What often happens is you will get a mix of retail businesses and professional offices in the same areas. The retail businesses need the parking spaces available for their customers who come and go. The professional offices don't need all the available parking for customers so the employees of those offices take up all the time limited parking spaces and then send somebody down every couple of hours to feed the meters for everybody. So it's not the city that wants the revenue so much as it is the retail businesses that don't want people taking up the same parking space all day and instead make it available for customers.
msmith1199 11/19/14 09:43am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Parking Restrictions - Santa Cruz, CA

Only time I ever got a parking ticket as an out of country tourist was in Santa Cruz; They'll never see me again. Here in Alberta most municipalities won't parking ticket a tourist from out of state or province. We want them to stick around and spend money, not get mad and leave! So long, Santa Cruz! You lose. Down here in the States it would be called corruption for the police to play favorites and allow people to break the law based on their status as a tourist.
msmith1199 11/18/14 09:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying silver and gold

I heard a guy on the Internet say it was on it's way to $50 so if it was on the Internet it had to be true! But one thing is for sure, it's currently a low that it hasn't been too in a very long time. Probably won't go much lower. Good time to buy!
msmith1199 11/18/14 09:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Buying silver and gold

But if you buy in 100 oz bars you get a better per ounce price. Based on my studying of it, looks like because of that the 100oz bar is probably the best way to go. You can get 1000oz bars, but then you have the problems with trying to sell as everybody can't take the bigger ones like the smaller ones. I don't have to worry about selling anyway because I'm not selling until it hits $50 an ounce! So it will be at least a couple of more months before I have to worry about selling any! :)
msmith1199 11/18/14 05:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: freightliner service vs RV dealer

I'm new to the DP world having previously owned a gasser. I took my new DP back to the dealer for some minor warranty issues. One of the issues was that the turn signal would not hold in a right turn mode unless you held the arm up. The dealer told me I would have to take it to a freightliner service center for the repair as this was a chassis issue. Is this a normal response to issues involving the chassis? I could understand it if it was a major problem but it seems crazy to me that the dealer can't fix a little problem like this and now I have to drive hours to the nearest Freightliner shop. Appreciate the thoughts of you experienced DP'ers. . Yup, it's normal. The dealers don't have certified mechanics on the payroll. They have RV repair guys that maybe can work on the components in the house if you're lucky. Some will go oil and filter changes on a Freightliner, but anything over that and you're going to the Freightliner facility. They probably should have told you that when you bought it if they didn't. The very first time I brought my RV back with a punchlist of items, the dealer fixed some and then the dealer took it to Freightliner for the other items, one of which was the turn signals not working at all.
msmith1199 11/17/14 03:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many ways does the earth rotate ?

The earth remains still in space and everything else rotates around it. I read that in a astronomy book published in 1524 so it must be true.
msmith1199 11/17/14 03:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Buying silver and gold

I got no kids and it won't be in the house anyway.
msmith1199 11/17/14 03:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Buying silver and gold

Yes, I definitely want the stuff in my possession. Will give me something to put in the safe deposit box. And having it in your own possession means you can liquidate it in a day if the need arises.
msmith1199 11/17/14 01:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV Parking Restrictions - Santa Cruz, CA

Looks reasonable to me.
msmith1199 11/17/14 09:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Can I vent while we sit around the campfire ?

When I got married in 1970 my parents gave us a 5 year old Kenmore washer and dryer. We still use it I have probably replace every part except the cabinet on both. As long as I can still get parts I'll keep them both going. BTW I have a 1950 fridge that still works also. Gotta love the old stuff! You could probably pay for new appliances with the savings on your electrical bill alone over a year or two. Those old things are probably sucking up the power.
msmith1199 11/16/14 07:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Buying silver and gold

I Bought a 100 oz bar for $1.00 over spot price. The dealer said he would buy it back for $1.00 under the spot price. The trick is to sell it when you can make a profit on those terms. I have never had a 1099 issued when I sold any. So a buck in either direction when buying or selling sounds like a reasonable price to pay? So basically the price has to go up by $2 before you reach a break even point.
msmith1199 11/16/14 04:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can I vent while we sit around the campfire ?

Costs money to stock parts in a warehouse and have sales people and a distribution system. When you sell a million of one part you can sell it for a cheap price. When you only sell a few dozen of one part, you have to charge to cover your expenses. If you ever bought parts for a small plane you'd notice they are super expensive. Part of the reason is because it's an airplane, but most of the reason is because they may only be making a few hundred copies of each part.
msmith1199 11/16/14 02:56pm Around the Campfire
Buying silver and gold

I know there are people on here with experience in about everything, so I'm assuming some of you must be buying and selling silver and gold. I want to start doing that, especially silver since it's at a very low price right now. I ordered a 100 oz bar from what appears to be a reputable website. (And if it's not I paid by credit card so no problem). Anyway, my total price including shipping was about $1 an oz over the market value on the Silver Market (or whatever the name is of the exchange that sets the prices.) I figure $1 is probably reasonable for such small purchases like that. Is there a way or place to buy where you can do better than $1 an oz over the market value? When it comes time to sell, where is the best place to sell? I stopped in to one of those shops with the signs that say they buy gold and silver and they said for silver they would pay 70% of market value. So no way does that sound like a good deal. What's the average take by the buyer when you want to get rid of silver or gold? Seems to me like the best deal may be to try and sell to a private investor versus using a broker so you could sell at market value. Is that possible? When you sell are there 1099's involved? I assume technically you owe capital gains taxes assuming you make a gain, so is it a voluntary reporting or is the IRS somehow keeping track of gold and silver sales?
msmith1199 11/16/14 02:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Driving and reaching all controls

I think it could be a problem. Once you find a motorhome that you think you might be interested in climb into the driver's seat, adjust it, and make sure you can reach the pedals, use the mirrors, and see the instruments and backup/side view monitor. My CEO/Navigator controls the radio, navigation system, and heater/air conditioner from her seat allowing me to keep my eyes on the road. We would not want a coach whose controls could only be viewed and controlled by the driver. That eliminates a lot of Class A's then, especially the DP's with the front door. My wife can't reach anything from her seat. But she could stand up and reach things that way.
msmith1199 11/16/14 02:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driving and reaching all controls

I can see being short causing problems with maybe reaching controls or pedals, etc., but how would being short keep you from seeing a monitor or your mirrors? Unless you're so short you can't see over the dash? My motorhome came with a 30 way adjustable seat! Okay it's not 30 way, but it goes up and down and front to back and tilts and even swivels around to face backwards.
msmith1199 11/16/14 01:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Montana LLC

If you're a full timer and are not staying in any one state longer than whatever their limits are, you should be able to establish a residence where you want and change everything to that state. The LLC is deal where people try to avoid taxes in the state they live in and many, if not most, states have closed the loopholes that allowed this.
msmith1199 11/16/14 09:39am Class A Motorhomes
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