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RE: Roundtrip PA to CA in the fall??

People often get worried about snow in the mountains and it is definitely something to be concerned with. But some of you east coasters get used to rapidly changing weather conditions like you get back there, and that doesn't happen so much in the mountains of the west. Or I should say yes, the weather can change fast, but the change is highly predictable. Snow in the mountains almost always comes from storm fronts that come in from the North. That means the weather man can tell you days in advance whether it's going to be storming or not in the mountains. The time of year you will be traveling is still fall. Although there is a chance of snow that time of year, you'll be able to watch the weather reports and know if it's coming or not. So you can always plan to take a mountain route, and if the weather man says there is a storm on the way, then just change your plans and head south.
msmith1199 08/20/14 11:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Second or Even Third Generator Remote Switch

I should have Googled before asking. Yes they do make wireless remote switches for generators. You attach the receiver end to the generator and then you have a remote switch that can operate from up to 100' away. Lots of different types out there depending on the generator you have. May be a lot easier than trying to run wires for a new switch.
msmith1199 08/19/14 05:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Second or Even Third Generator Remote Switch

Does anybody make a wireless remote starting system for generators? My only switch is on the dash and when boon docking I often go to bed and watch TV with the generator running. Before I fall asleep I have to go walk up front to turn it off. Would be nice to have a wireless remote switch so it can be turned on and off from anyplace.
msmith1199 08/19/14 05:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toxigenic C. difficile

msmith1199, That thought has been on my mind. I'm 72 and was hoping to reach 100. This could lessen my chances. About five years ago I had a back surgery and there were some complications during the surgery related to the dermal and the doc cutting it. The dermal layer takes time to heal and while it's healing you are really in danger of getting an infection that can be serious and having it go to the brain. I had to spend some time in the hospital but my doc told me on several occasions that he wanted to get me out of the hospital the very second I was able to because he was worried about all the germs in the hospital. He said I was in danger by staying because hospitals have all kinds of infectious diseases. So I got out as soon as I could!
msmith1199 08/19/14 03:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Toxigenic C. difficile

Hospitals are very dirty places and you can get a lot of stuff in them. I would contact a lawyer who specializes in medical cases and at least cover your basis that way. There is a chance the hospital could be liable here.
msmith1199 08/19/14 10:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Golfing question

Spikes aren't needed if you don't swing that hard.
msmith1199 08/18/14 08:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: thousand trails explained

Are there any penalties at all for buying used versus buying from TT? For example I bought a Marriott Time Share on the resale market. Because I bought it as a resale there are some things that I'm not allowed to do that people who bought directly from Marriott can do. I don't even recall now what those were other than there was a huge charge if I wanted to convert to a points based system that people who bought direct didn't have to pay.
msmith1199 08/18/14 07:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Golfing question

I can't speak for FL or AZ, but I am a golfer in California and none of the courses allow metal spikes anymore. I have seen one person get away with it, and that's Tiger Woods. I don't know if he still does, but he used to wear metal spikes and even Pebble Beach let him wear them. But if you or I go try and play Pebble Beach we have to wear soft spikes. On Edit: Your question caused me to do some research and Tiger isn't the only one still wearing metal spikes. They say about 25% of the PGA pros still do. But the rest of us wouldn't be allowed to on most courses.
msmith1199 08/18/14 05:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can the roof AC be recharged ?

Yes, they can. BUT, to NEED Freon, there has to be a leak in the metal sealed system. There are no rubber or any type seals that can leak like a home or Auto type system. So, if you need Freon, then you must FIND the leak, fix the leak, then install Schrader valves and evacuate and charge. THAT process takes more time and money than just replacing the upper unit. RV units have had this design for over 50 years. Doug Thank you, I was going to ask that very question. So if it's low on Freon then there has to be a leak. Is it possible for the Freon just to go bad over time and need to be replaced?
msmith1199 08/18/14 01:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Route advice

The most direct route is to come down through Salt Lake City and just take 15 all the way into So Cal. That is mostly on the freeway but it's also a very scenic route with lots of stuff to see and do, especially if you like desert.
msmith1199 08/18/14 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: dual pane side window shattered

Is there an actual hole in the window where it's clear something hit it? Other things can cause tempered glass to break such as heat. And even if it is a heat break you'll be able to see where it started and fanned out, but there won't be a little chip where it's obvious something hit it.
msmith1199 08/17/14 05:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: dual pane side window shattered

The velocity of whatever hit it is not relevant other than something hit it hard enough to shatter it. It's tempered glass so if it breaks that's how it will break no matter what. You can use a center punch to easily break tempered glass and it's only a spring doing it. So although it may have been your neighbor's pellet gun, the fact that it shattered like that doesn't prove it. However, if it only broke one pain and not the other, and if it was the pellet gun, then there should be a pellet either stuck in the glass or laying on the ground close by. If it were me I'd remove the broken glass and if you have to go without replacing it you probably can, but don't get into any rain. I would think water may be able to get inside your wall without the outter pain of glass there.
msmith1199 08/17/14 04:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RIP Colossus!

I never liked that wooden roller coaster. The ride was too bumpy. I liked the roller coasters for the speed and all that, not to get my teeth vibrated out of my head. The coasters that run on the tubes with the rubber tires are a much smoother ride.
msmith1199 08/17/14 12:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why buy out of California

On Publication 52 and getting out of the California use tax, how people use it, in my opinion, is a loophole. What the law allows is for a person who is a California resident to purchase a vehicle or a vessel that is intended for use in another state. For example it would not be unusual for somebody in California to purchase a yacht that they keep in Florida intended for use in Florida. In that case the yacht would be registered in Florida and Florida would get the taxes. The same could be true of a motorhome. The intent of the law is to allow California residents to purchase these items out of State if the intent is for them to remain out of state and be used mostly out of state. The law then goes on to tell you what you have to do in order to prove that is your intent and currently that now requires the 12 month stay out of state. So in my opinion, if you are using this law simply to avoid paying the sales tax and you fully intend to bring the vehicle into California as soon as your 12 months expires, then technically you are violating that law. However, it would be an unprosecutable violation as even though you did not comply with the spirit of the law, you did comply with the letter of the law. So you can use this loophole to avoid California use tax. When I purchased my Class A the sales tax was $13k. At the time the requirement was only keeping it out of state six months and I could have easily done that. But I read the law and I saw that wasn't the intent of the law, and since I myself was a government law enforcement employee at the time, I choose to pay the sales tax on the vehicle.
msmith1199 08/17/14 12:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

most of us know that a lot of our IRS taxes are being funneled to California to help a state that has never figured out how to live within their means. :h Say what??? Since the link you provided makes no such assertion, perhaps you'd be kind enough to provide some other source for that remarkable statement. Sure, I'd be glad to. States that get the MOST in federal money Another link: Federal bailouts Did I misinterpret your statement? I thought its implication was/is that California gets a lion's share of Federal Money due to some profligacy you perceive. The factual link you provided only says that since California is the most populous State, it gets the largest of fifty shares of Federal spending. Naturally! But it doesn't even make the top TEN when it comes to per capita Federal spending. And there's no indication whatever there that "Californian profligacy" has anything at all to do with its apportionment. Yeah I think somebody forgot to read their own link. I'm not one to defend California's government spending because the political party in power is currently out of control here, but California is also a huge economic engine that benefits the entire Country. Clearly from the links posted, California funds a lot more of the Federal Government than is uses on a per-capita basis. Not to mention all that military spending that's factored in there is for services that benefit more than just California.
msmith1199 08/17/14 11:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

most of us know that a lot of our IRS taxes are being funneled to California to help a state that has never figured out how to live within their means. :h Say what??? Since the link you provided makes no such assertion, perhaps you'd be kind enough to provide some other source for that remarkable statement. 12% of the US population lives in California. Californian's also pay more Federal taxes than other states so it makes sense that Federal dollars also come here. But people often misread that stat because a lot of those Federal Dollars that come back to California are Military spending. We have a huge number of military bases here as well as manufacturing facilities for military equipment such as aircraft and ships. At least we used to have ship building here, I'm not sure if any of the ship yards are still active, but we still have a lot of Navy ships that are based out of California.
msmith1199 08/17/14 11:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

Why would anyone want to live in that State? I understand its beautiful but you can always visit. Well you'd have to ask all your former neighbors who moved here. Yeah we get taxed out the rear, but there's also good money to be made here too. 1 out of every 9 American's lives in California and yet it's still not the most crowded state as long as you stay out of Los Angeles County. If Los Angeles County were it's own State it would be the 8th largest state by population in the Country.
msmith1199 08/17/14 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

Some of you guys from out of state love to bash California taxes without really knowing what they are. For starters, the sales tax is 8% to 9% in most jurisdictions. How does that compare to YOUR own sales tax? I know Oregon does not have a sales tax. Registration cost on a new vehicle is about 5/8 of one percent plus roughly another $100, and then decreases every year. To put it in context, if you buy and register a $50K motor vehicle or RV in California, the registration fee will be around $412 for the first year. How does that compare to YOUR state? Those of you that live in states without sales or income taxes end up paying much higher property taxes and other fees to make up for the difference. There is no free lunch...and no state is perfect. When all the various taxes are factored in California is not the highest tax state, but it's pretty darn close to it. We moved way up the list with the increase in income taxes that we voted on ourselves a few years ago.
msmith1199 08/16/14 10:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

You folks in CA will have it made when you get the high speed rail. Hope on board in LA and about hour be in Vegas and pick your RV up out of storage, stop and buy food and pay Nevada prices. RV never in CA to pay taxes or lic. What a deal. The High speed rail they are talking about doesn't go to Vegas. I think some people in Vegas have discussed a high speed rail between there and Los Angeles, but that isn't even out of the discussion stages yet.
msmith1199 08/16/14 10:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are fivers roomier than a motorhome

foot for foot, yes. no wasted space for a engine. Also the slides can be deeper. Don't have to get from the drivers seat to the back of the 5th wheel with the slides in. Foot for foot - no. Math is math and it calculates the same. Engines on DP don't take up space in the living area. They are under the rear bedroom in most cases. Front engine MH - yes. Engines and drivelines take up space that could have been used for storage which could free up more space in the RV for living space. You know kind of like why 5ers have that extra space.
msmith1199 08/16/14 04:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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