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RE: RV Driver killed racing at NY Racetrack

They did what? Darwin award?
msmith1199 07/01/15 11:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV and trailer lenght.

Bob, just keep in mind that one of the dangers of towing over length like that isn't just a ticket. Law enforcement could potentially declare it an unsafe vehicle and order you to unhook the trailer and make other arrangements to have the trailer towed away. Just keep that in mind and have a plan for it does happen.
msmith1199 07/01/15 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV and trailer lenght.

Can you get a permit for being 80ft?ONLY if you are a "commercial" vehicle, then you are in a whole new realm of driving, licensing, registering, insuring, etc. NO, you do not want to go there. Also, I'm pretty sure if you get a permit for an oversize vehicle, the permit will be for a specific move of that vehicle. You'll have to list the date and time and the route to be taken. Kind of hard to do with an RV.
msmith1199 06/30/15 09:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV and trailer lenght.

In a case like this don't you have to comply with your home State law and not each individual State you travel in? There was one State that allowed 80 ft. Looks like you are moving your residence! Nope. Individual states rules apply on length limits.
msmith1199 06/30/15 09:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV and trailer lenght.

I have a 40 ft RV and will be pulling a 32 ft trailer. 80 ft total lenght. Is that legal? Just curious on your math, 40 and 32 is only 72 feet. Is the extra 8 feet all in the hitch? Have you measured everything? Usually the hitch is not 8 feet long. 72' is too long anyway, but the closer you are to the limit the less chance you will be checked.
msmith1199 06/30/15 03:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV and trailer lenght.

I have seen quite a few longer Class A's pulling trailers that clearly exceed the max length requirements. It is probably something that doesn't always attract the attention of law enforcement, but if you get in a serious accident you can bet it's something that will be checked.
msmith1199 06/30/15 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The scammers will try anything....

Hmmmm, Wonder how many people ya gotta call before you find one who DOES have a grandson named "Michael Poe?" They often get inside info from various places on the Internet. The scammer probably knew the info in advance.
msmith1199 06/24/15 06:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

You know, if you see water pouring out of somebody else's motorhome, I don't think anybody would complain if you went and turned the water off at the faucet. But it sounds like the damage was already done to their motorhome anyway.
msmith1199 06/24/15 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: When do you know to get out?

10 years after buying my motorhome I'm still making payments on it and paying to fix little things. No where near the problems you're having, but I bet my annual costs are still more than yours. If I wasn't so set on buying my stuff new, then I think it's a much wiser decision to buy used units and use the money that you would have spent in payments to fix them up (at least to a certain point). But if you're buying a 20 year old motorhome because that's the limit of your budget and you can't afford the repair bills, then maybe a motorhome isn't for you.
msmith1199 06/24/15 05:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

I learned a lesson, the only problem is will I remember that lesson! I've flooded my campsite 3 or 4 times now by forgetting that I was filling my fresh tank and water flowed out the vent. You'd think I'd learn!!!
msmith1199 06/24/15 09:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

You are lucky, The day we picked up our Motor Home, we parked it in the dealers camp ground and proceeded to serialize the Potable Water Tank. Not wanting to dump the bleach water on the ground, I turned on the bathroom sink faucet and opened the Gray Tank Dump Valve to flush the water into the park sewage system. I did not know the Bath Room Sink drained to the Black Water Tank. We found out when the water started running down the hallway. The SeaLand Toilet has an over flow port so if the water valve leaks the water will overflow to the Black Tank. In my case, the Over Flow Port allowed Black Tank to over flow into the bowl and then over the rim. We had to get the carpet cleaned and when we finished the season, I ripped the carpet out and replaced it with Alure Flooring. I learned a valuable lesson that day, Open BOTH tank drain valves on a new to you unit until you know what you have. I was actually worried about that, because I thought the sink that is in the lav compartment drained into the black tank. So I thought when I went into the motorhome even if the toilet didn't overflow that the sink surely would have been back up. But it did not. So now I'm not sure if it drains to the black tank or not.
msmith1199 06/23/15 08:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

At least now you know the roof vent was not plugged. What did happen? In many cases the vent pipe extends a bit into the tank,, once the contents reach the bottom of the tank it can no longer vent.. So pressure builds as breakdown happens and you get a bit of a bubble. It means TANK NEARLY FULL DUMP NOW!!! Tank was no where near full. Only used it for a day and it had been emptied.
msmith1199 06/23/15 08:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

As we get older we tend to forget things I have found. The biggest thing I forget to do is turn off the water when filling the fresh tank. Because of the pressure regulator it takes my tank probably 20 minutes to fill. So I always forget until I come out and see all the water on the ground flooding out my campsite.
msmith1199 06/23/15 03:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

The real error would have been if my wife had flushed the toilet before I got around to pull the black handle as what was in it would have come up instead of gone down. Then I would have had to have thought real quick as to how I could blame her and tell it was her fault for doing something wrong! :)
msmith1199 06/23/15 02:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disaster Strikes

I have a Golden Retriever who would always get into the drivers seat when we were gone if I forgot to put the arm rest back down. I always tried to put the arm rest down because that blocked him and I didn't want him in the seat anyway. Never once did I even think about him stepping on the parking brake knob and releasing the brakes. I'll remember that now, but it will be for the next dog. The Golden is old now and couldn't get into the drivers seat anyway.
msmith1199 06/23/15 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My latest error on the motohome!

I read his story and he heard a pop before water came off the roof. I'm betting his air vent really was clogged good and the damage to his toilet was done before the blockage popped free. Or his vent could have got clogged as the tank filled and something already in the tank clogged the vent line before popping free under the pressure. In mine the water just started to trickle, and then run freely so if there was a clog it came out pretty easily. I don't see any sign of damage to anything.
msmith1199 06/23/15 02:29pm Class A Motorhomes
My latest error on the motohome!

My latest mistake over the weekend almost cost me, but I really lucked out. The toilet was starting to back up a little and when you opened the valve, sometimes you would get a bubble back indicating some pressure build up in the black tank. I assumed that my roof vent may be blocked. So when it came time to pack up and empty the black tank I decided I'd try and do a really good clean out of it. So I ran quite a bit of water into it and then opened the valve and drained it out hoping to get as much debris out as possible. I closed the valve and left the water running and got distracted and forgot about it. I was over on the right side of the motorhome when I noticed water start to drip from the roof. I had the A/C's running so I thought it was from them. Then all the sudden the flow increased to a small waterfall from the roof. As soon as that happened I knew exactly what I had done. I ran over to the other side and turned the water off as fast as I could and pulled the black tank handle at the same time. I was almost afraid to go inside the motorhome because I was anticipating that I had made a huge mess. But I went inside anyway and was very happy to see the toilet valve held! There was a little backup into the toilet but no overflow. So no mess and everything worked fine and if in fact the roof vent was clogged before, it is most certainly cleaned out now! I do not recommend that method for cleaning the black tank vent however.
msmith1199 06/23/15 01:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What to do with an old Nordic Track

When a workmate offered me $25 my wife didn't think that was enough. Every time I see it still in the basement, I KICK myself. Donate it to the Goodwill and claim a value of $300 on it and write it off on your taxes. Probably worth more money that way than trying to sell it.
msmith1199 06/22/15 10:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Our local Wal-Mart was hiring

Sam died 23 years ago. A lot changed at Walmart since then. I wouldn't count on anything being the same.
msmith1199 06/22/15 10:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cat C7 starts, idles, but won't rev up in gear.

msmith1199 06/22/15 02:30pm Class A Motorhomes
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