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Topic: Can I connect rv to house power?

Posted By: barboc117 on 06/19/08 10:22am

I want to spend the weekend in the trailer in back yard with my 4 year old autistic granson just so he can get used to eveything before we go off on our vacation. Can I connect the trailer power cord to the house current as long as I don't use the air conditioner? I will need some type of plug adapter, right? This is a 26', 2004 Sunline Solaris. I know I can connect water hose as I have done that many times before but have never connected trailer to house power. Thanks for helping me with this. Barb

Posted By: downtheroad on 06/19/08 10:29am

Sure. Just get an adaptor like this one (Ace Hardware). There are many different styles..this is the basic idea.
I also suggest that your extension cord if you use one be at least 12AWG.
Enjoy you camp out.

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Posted By: Bearnkat on 06/19/08 10:29am

Yes, you'll need a 30 amp to 15 amp converter. You should have no problems at all.

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Posted By: campercajun on 06/19/08 10:29am

You will need a 30-amp to 20-amp adapter plug to plug your trailer's 30-amp cord into a common 20-amp household receptacle. These are available at RV dealers, and even Wal-Mart has them in the RV section of the automotive department.

You can even run the air conditioner while plugged into a 20-amp household plug, just don't try to run too many other electrical things inside the trailer, or you'll trip the 20-amp breaker inside your house. In some houses and areas of the country, depending upon the gauge of wire run to your household electrical receptacles, your receptacles may be on 15-amp breakers (mine are on 20-amp breakers, and run the A/C fine using a 12-gauge extension cord). If yours are 15-amp, running your air conditioner may be "iffy", depending on how many amps the A/C draws when it is running. Don't try to use the A/C with an ordinary household 16 or 14-gauge extension cord between your trailer's plug and the household 110-volt outlet. Use only a 12 or 10-gauge extension cord if you plan to use the A/C.

"Camping" in the back yard is an excellent way, not only to familiarize yourself with your trailer, but also to discover things you'll need to bring along with you on a camping outing, while you're still at home to fetch them. Good luck to you and your grandson, and we hope you both will have fun using your RV.

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Posted By: chi6488 on 06/19/08 10:30am

yes, you can run on house power. Buy an adapter from wally world, $10. Now if wanted to run the a/c you will have to see if a/c will run on 15 amps. If not you can install a TT plug and 30 amp breaker. Installing the 30 amp breaker is not hard to do if your house box has the room.

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Posted By: Rolling Condo on 06/19/08 10:32am

Yes you can connect it to your house. You will need a 30 amp. to 15 amp. plug adapter. You are correct that you will not be able to run your airconditioner. You should be able to find the adapter at a local RV store and I've even seen them at some Wal-Marts.

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Posted By: barboc117 on 06/19/08 10:36am

Thanks so much to everyone, I will take off to Wal-Mart right after work. My little guy loves watching his vhs movies/cartoons so I will be able to "fix him up" with the tv and vcr in the trailer. I can't wait, we are going to have a ball. Thanks again!!! Barb

Posted By: time2roll on 06/19/08 10:39am

Actually you probably can run the air conditioner. Once the battery is charged and you put everything else on propane turn on the air. Once running measure voltage in the RV is 110 or more and don't use the microwave. If you are not using a light duty extension cord and not too far from the breaker box there is an excellent chance it will have good voltage and the air will run fine.

I wish you the best of times with your grandson.

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Posted By: 4perks on 06/19/08 11:23am

We have our trailer plugged in at home and run the air, two TVs and lights with no problems

Posted By: mich800 on 06/19/08 12:00pm

It is not only what is running in the trailer but also what is on the same circuit the trailer is plugged into. I used to plug into my garage but I also have a freezer on the same circuit. I could not run the air so I installed a dedicated 30 amp outlet outside so now I have no issues running everything.

Posted By: MotherOwl on 06/19/08 12:51pm

Back in my just starting out days, I was asking the same question. I got the adapter but when I tried to run the A/C, it would blow the fuse after a few minutes. Someone on suggested that I plug it into the same circuit with the washing machine. I did and it hasn't blown a fuse since. Something about that circuit not have other things on it and also being able to carry more load. The only time I really run the A/C at home is when I am getting the trailer ready to leave. On the few occasions that I've needed to run it all night, I've used my pretty red generator.

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Posted By: time2roll on 06/19/08 02:02pm

Wash machine circuit is often a dedicated 20 amp connector with #12 wire.
Mine is even split, 20 amps top and 20 amps bottom on separate breakers.

Posted By: tvman44 on 06/19/08 02:38pm

Yes by all means just get a 20 to 30 amp adapter and a heavy extension cord and enjoy the camp out. Have camped out in the driveway a couple of times because one of the grand kids wanted to sleep in the camper. We had fun. [emoticon]

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Posted By: rwmmdj on 06/20/08 08:33am

DH camps in the backyard all the time,however we have a dedicated breaker just for the camper and have no problem running the air. He did this himself.

Posted By: dlturner00 on 06/20/08 12:40pm

Be very careful about running the AC. I think some of the kids turned on the air in our trailer and I now have a 30-15 adapter permanently welded to an extension cord. Before this I checked the voltage with the AC running and it dropped to 98 VAC. If you don't check the voltage drop don't try running the AC.

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Posted By: TechWrench on 06/22/08 04:53pm

mich800 wrote:

It is not only what is running in the trailer but also what is on the same circuit the trailer is plugged into. I used to plug into my garage but I also have a freezer on the same circuit. I could not run the air so I installed a dedicated 30 amp outlet outside so now I have no issues running everything.

Did the same thing with my 'new to me' TT. Installed a 30 amp breaker in the main panel box, and ran 10 gauge wire to an outside covered receptacle mounted on the front of the garage. Now I can plug in when ever I need to.

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Posted By: CJWalt/PU on 06/22/08 06:27pm

You have all the answers about the plug/cords just wanted to say,"Have a Blast'' camping with your Grandson.......carol

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