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Topic: 2005 Keystone Everest

Posted By: murry1946 on 11/18/08 05:46pm

We are contemplating purchasing this unit. We are going to check it out on Saturday. Information is very scarce here. It is 38 feet in length. We presently have a TT but would like to upgrade to a bigger trailer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted By: DutchmenSport on 11/18/08 06:11pm

Here's a link to the Keystone (Everest) web site.

Here's a link to the Everest 2005 models specifications.

This is a start. Good luck.

FYI, I am very pleased with my Keystone Springdale.

2005 floor plans and specs.


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Posted By: Mile High on 11/18/08 07:16pm

I'm on my second Keystone, never regretted it.

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Posted By: boatdoc on 11/19/08 07:13am

Check them axels as was said before!!! We had a Keystone product of the same vintage and had some axel problems. Nice rigs though.

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Posted By: ngreen on 11/18/08 08:09pm

Try the Everest owners forum

You did not say what model you are looking at. We have a 2006 343 fifth wheel - the one thing we had issues with was the remote thermostat - otherwise we love our Everest

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Posted By: N9MB on 11/18/08 09:39pm

We owned a 323K and really enjoyed it and had very few problems with it. As posted earlier, check out the Everest Owners Club. Nice folks with lots of good information.

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Posted By: chipper on 11/18/08 10:20pm

It is a sister to the Montana. A good middle of the line unit.


Posted By: FastEagle on 11/19/08 12:55am

ngreen wrote:

Try the Everest owners forum.

I agree with the quote above. You can go to that forum and talk with folks with the same model.

We have a 2003 363K. Had it since it was new and have somewhere between 45-50K miles on it. Very sturdy unit. Listed as 37'1" but is actually 37'10" We call it 38' when hunting for parking places.


Posted By: bearsnob on 11/19/08 01:59am

Check the tire wear to make sure it is even. There was a problem with axles on some '05 Everests. That said, we've been fulltiming in ours for more than two years now and are very happy. We liked the Everest floor plans more than the Montanas and it seemed like you got a lot of nice features without having to spend a lot of extra money to get them.

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Posted By: murry1946 on 11/19/08 10:59am

The model we are looking at is 364Q.

Posted By: forte88 on 11/19/08 12:17pm

No real complaints with our Keystone Challenger which is like the Everest's little brother. I concur with the remote control thermostat as stated earlier. It's not very user friendly, and you have to be really close to the unit for it even to register. I only wish there were more insulation. You might want to check the refridgerator and see if it has a safety recall.

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Posted By: FastEagle on 11/19/08 12:52pm

Here you will find some nice pictures of a 2005 Everest 364Q. The owner of the web page is also the creator and owner of the Everest Owners Club (EOC) web page.


Posted By: FastEagle on 11/24/08 07:45pm

here you will find the factory specs and floor plan for the 2005 Everest 364Q.

Keystone gets it's tires from the lowest bidder each year and here you will find that this model year 364Q should have LT235/85R16E tires on it. Those tires are rated at 3042# each, just matching the 6000# axles. Our Everest is about the same weight and we have upgraded to the ST235/80R16E tire that is rated at 3460# each. You will find a lot of discussion about tires at the Everest Owners Forum (EOC).


Posted By: richfaa on 11/25/08 07:20am

The Everest is a fine unit. We have the 06 Montana 3400 and the Montana and Everest are sister units, very similar,IMO the Everest has some better interior features such as the shower enclosure. As with any unit do a in depth check of all systems. If it has the OEM tires I would suggest new tires as part of the deal. The Everest ownes club is a good place for input.

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Posted By: smurf on 11/25/08 09:15am

We have a 20005 364Q with all the options available and have pulled in the neighborhood of 35000 miles and have no trouble with the rig.
Might check belly pan screws as they work loose . If you have the stock alum.
wheels they need to retorque then about every 500 - 1000 miles as the nuts will work loose I torque mine to 115 pounds. Some cracks may show in the nose or tail cap these are most generally only in the gel coat and don`t hurt the integrity of the caps.
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Posted By: Jusnew on 11/26/08 10:06am

We have a 2005 Everest, 344J is the model. 4 slides, 37 ft long.
We bought it new and have had nothing but problems with it. Most associated with a lack of quality control at the factory. Slides have all leaked withing the 1st 2 years, fresh water tank actually fell out while traveling.
If I had it to do over again I would have bought a Hitchhiker.

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Posted By: sand crab on 11/30/08 01:57pm

I have an 06 323K Everest, like it fine. Have gone up West coast 3mos from Fla. Up East coast 2 months fm Florida, N Ga 4 times. No problems. Had water pressure too high in N Ga, had to tighten all connections in basement, b ut not a big job. Only problem ever had. Not a good unit for really cold weather tho. Anything under 29 deg would be uncomfortable. If you plan on winter camping get a better unit for cold weather camping. Not a keystone.

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