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Topic: differences between Fleetwood Discovery and Excursion?

Posted By: tqracn on 12/20/08 07:01pm

I am looking at both which are 2005s.Both 40 feet.I really like the floorplans and the outside style.The Excursion is 30k more.I am more interested in the Excursion.I have no idea what is good or bad in a DP, or what to avoid beside a Fleetwood product.My 96 Southwind has servered me well.Of course a would get a warranty plan.

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Posted By: moisheh on 12/20/08 07:52pm


Have you done any research. If you go to you can download the "flyer" for both units. In that particular there is really not a big difference between any of the FW DP,s. They are both on a Freightliner with a Cat C7 engine. The Excursion has a 31,000 GVW comapred to 28,000 on the Discovery. The Excursion will have better fabrics, more wood and a few options that are not on the Discovery. The basics are all the same. Soemone is trying to cheat you. I looked up the NADA Low Retail for both units. I did not have the model of each but they are all very close. The Excursion shows approx. $106,000 and the Discovery $98,000. I did not add any options as this how the dealers price a trade. They pay zero for the options. New the difference in price before options is about $14,000. You should be able to buy either for 10% less than low retail as a minimum. Maybe a lot lower. Perhaps someone else will give you a better idea on what would be a good offer. Good Luck!


Posted By: CT51 on 12/20/08 08:16pm

I had an 06 Excursion, and it was on a Spartan chassis, while the same year Discovery was on a freightliner chassis. Both had the C7 Cat. The Spartan chassis was very smooth riding. I had no problems during the year and a half I owned it. Other than that, the motorhomes appeared similar except for the many items mine had that Discovery's did not. (Recessed overhead lighting, trayed ceiling in bedroom, aluminum wheels, etc.)


Posted By: moisheh on 12/21/08 06:09am


The Excursion changed chassis manufacturers a few times. In 05 it is on a FL. Or at least that is what is on the FW website.


Posted By: jones4110 on 12/21/08 09:22am

I believe that a major difference is the 330 vs 350 CAT in the excursion. You will find that the discovery adds up to nearly the cost of an Excursion when you add the frequent options which were standard on excursion. I have always thought the excursion was a better value when all is said and done. the list price maybe 30K less but actually MRSP tend to be much closer. Go for the extra horses.

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Posted By: Boomer719 on 12/21/08 08:22pm

In 2005, both the Excursion and the Discovery were offered on the Freightliner chassis. Both had the 7.2L Cat motor and Allison transmission. The only difference being that the Excursion had 350HP/950 ft/lbs of torque vs. the Discovery's 330HP/860 ft/lbs of torque. They had identical features as far as floorplan and equipment with the Excursion basically having some standard features that were optional on the Discovery and some upgraded trim features. They would both live in exactly the same if identically equipped and it would be very difficult to tell any significant difference in the they way drove if they were both in similar condition.

Posted By: SunflyerA on 12/21/08 10:10pm

Check and see if the excursion is on a Freightliner or a Spartan chassis....They were both offered....I bought because of the Spartan and would have passed on the Freightliner....It had less ccc and I had another coach in my sights at that time also.

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