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Topic: List of older vehicles that can be towed

Posted By: mbd06jayko on 05/12/09 01:34pm

I am looking for information about what is the best toad as far as an older vehicle is concerned. Older meaning 2000 and older. Let me know what you are towing and if any mods had to be performed. I am looking for the least amount to modify. Does not have to be 4X4 . The family were looking at Geo Trackers/Suzuki Sidekicks with soft tops (for fun fact) But it is hard finding ones with manual hubs( owners manual states only way to flat tow) Any info would be great. Thanks

Posted By: mockturtle on 05/12/09 01:49pm

We towed a 1996 Chevy Blazer 4X4 automatic with our DP. All we had to do was put the manual transfer case in neutral. We actually towed a 1987 Toyota Celica (manual transmission) with our first Class C.

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Posted By: NORM WADDELL on 05/12/09 01:57pm

1999 Saturn......put it in neutral
and key to 'accessaries' and the
odometer does not register...4 down.


Posted By: PopBeavers on 05/12/09 04:11pm

My younger brother has dad's 1953 Willys Jeep. It can be flat towed, especially if both the transmission and transfer case are in neutral.

A friend has a Jeep, MB as I recall. WWII vintage, not real sure of the year. Besides having two neutrals, you can remove both rear axles without removing the wheels. By unlocking the front hubs and pulling the axles the front and rear differentials both will not be turning, so you could theoretically leave it in gear.

But those might be older than you were thinking about.

Annual registration is pretty cheap on both of those.

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Posted By: mnoeltne on 05/12/09 06:35pm

Pretty much any Jeep with a transfer case that has a neutral position can be towed 4 down. Most older Saturns can be towed as well. Most, but not all, cars with a manual transmission can be towed also.

I personally have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee that I tow, and I know that all the four wheel drive Cherokees can be towed, and I think the same applies to all the Wranglers of the 90's.

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Posted By: mowermech on 05/12/09 07:15pm

ALL of the early VW Beetles, Kharmann Ghias, and Things can be flat towed. In fact, there is a VW accessory towbar available for them!
Jeep 4X4s, of course, are towable, but there may be variations, so it pays to read the Owner's Manual! For instance, on some models the book says if you have lockout hubs, you should lock the hubs IN while towing four down.
If you are not adverse to modifications, almost any vehicle can be towed four down, using a Remco driveshaft disconnect or lube pump.
Good luck in your search.

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Posted By: robatthelake on 05/12/09 07:32pm

We have Flat towed Our 2 WD 5 speed Tracker (1992) for well over 75,000 Km with No problem and before it We Towed a 1990 Tracker 4 WD Automatic with Automatic Hubs about 20,000 Km. also No Problem!Just be sure it's in 2 wd before hooking up!
There are "Manual" Hub Conversion Kits available fairly cheap!

There are lots of these Fun to drive little vehicles out there!

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Posted By: rv2go on 05/12/09 07:36pm

I am presently towing a 1995 Geo Tracker 4x4 with manual hubs. If you find a Tracker that you like, you can add the manual hubs for just a few hundred dollars.
The 4x4 Tracker and it's brother, the Suzuki, make a fun go almost anywhere vehicle.

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Posted By: crrroger on 05/13/09 09:46am

I made a study of this several years ago too.

As someone posted, all stick shift VW's are fact most older, stick shift, 2WD vehicles can be flat towed and some of the smaller ones make excellent toads.

I looked for a Ford Pinto or a Ford Escort but I couldn't find one in reasonably good shape. There are other cars that would work but I stumbled on my 1990 Daihatsu Rocky and have used it for several years.

I also have a dolly and use it to tow a PT Cruiser on occasion. I can argue both sides of the tow dolly/flat tow question from direct experience.

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Posted By: mbd06jayko on 05/13/09 02:47pm

Thanks to all that responded. The info was much appreciated.

Posted By: overdrive75 on 05/20/09 10:25am

My parents up till they sold there Winnebago, towed a 2WD manual '95 sidekick 4 down with no problems, 50,000 miles. So the 2WD manuals are an option. The people that bought the RV bought the toad with it and occasionally I see them going somewhere, they live local to me, and that toad is still being toaded.

Posted By: jetenbu on 06/24/09 08:45am


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Posted By: rustysylvia on 06/24/09 04:30pm

We pull an 02 Intrepid around in Canada and a 91 Alfa Romeo around in Florida. Both on a tow dolly. Both front wheel drive. don't want the expense of fitting both with tow plates. Enjoy your ride however you do it!

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