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Topic: Building a RV storage shed

Posted By: daddydaniel on 08/04/09 06:28pm

I am amazed at how much knowledge there is on this site as well as how many people get involved and try to help others.

I am going to build a shed to put my motorhome in while I am at home. I want to build an open air metal structure with a concrete pad. I want to do this right the first time, my class A is 38 feet long. What size shed do I need to build, ie how long and how wide to make my concreted pad. Any help appreciated.

Posted By: OkStateRV'er on 08/04/09 06:34pm

Make it long/tall enough for any future purchases. I had a 30x50 steel frame insulated barn built last fall.

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Posted By: Joy on 08/04/09 06:35pm

With enough room to walk around it, open the bins, stack "stuff",& work on things.

See ya' down the road!

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Posted By: Ken451 on 08/04/09 06:48pm

It's also nice if it's wide enough to let the awning dry out. And to put the slideout out, if you have one.

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Posted By: Ultralife on 08/04/09 06:57pm

I have been looking at the same thing for up in the Northwest. I have a couple of quotes and will pass my reseach on if you send me a PM.

There are some good and not so good out there. And I have looked at a lot of them. There are only a few major players and their prices are manageable. Most sites are for the middleman and some to be avoided.

Stopped to Home Depot and Lowes today. There prices are third tier and about 30% higher than the market and lesser quality from their specs.

Where you are is where your at!

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Posted By: BIKERK9 on 08/04/09 07:13pm

Sounds like you speaking of a Pole Barn.
Don't forget to run pvc under the concrete for TV, telephone, water, compressed air
(if needed) and fuse box for 220v.
Floor drain is optional depending upon slope and county ordnances.
Check with your County Planning Department regarding restrictions, permits, and mandatory
things like sprinkler systems. Total square footage makes a difference in these matters.

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Posted By: Ivylog on 08/05/09 06:40am

Any time I'm building something, I call around to all of the truss companies to see what they have in left over trusses close in size to what I need. Even in good times they can be bought for 1/3 their normal price. Build it bigger, wider, and higher than what you think you need. Also, think about how you will put on a door when you decide to enclose it and how much higher that would require if you use a roll up door. Mine is only 16' wide but it is part of my house.
As you can see, 16' will work, but it's on the tight side with the slideouts extended.

This post is my opinion (free advice). It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.

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Posted By: Georgew48 on 08/04/09 07:19pm

I'm getting ready to build a 24 X 41 foot RV port and I will be using one made by Carolina Carports, Inc. The one I am having built is going to be 12 foot tall on the side walls and have Vertical steel roof. It has a wind load rating of 135MPH and snow load of 30 PSF. The cost not including the concrete is around $5100.00. You can also have them close in the sides and ends if you want. Check out their web site,

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Posted By: JCat on 08/04/09 07:33pm

Go with the previous suggestion 30X50. That is the size of mine and I can put my 40 ft RV next to my 20 ft trailer, with the slides out.

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Posted By: Semi retired New guy on 08/04/09 07:37pm

Ken451 wrote:

It's also nice if it's wide enough to let the awning dry out. And to put the slideout out, if you have one.

Thanks, i didn't think about the slide. Something to think about when I build mine.

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Posted By: wa0mqe on 08/05/09 06:38am

12' side walls may not be high enough. Because you need at least a 14' high door. As mentioned earlier make it big enough for future purchases. And most newer moho's are just under 13' high.

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Posted By: okgc on 08/04/09 07:46pm

About 3 years ago we had a 16 x 41 steel RVport built with 12' side walls. Originally the sides were open and I have since closed them in to protect from winter snow/wind. The 16' width seems to work for us with our MH and I didnt want to go wider because of snow loads.

Our zoning considers the RVport a temp building as long as it is not fully enclosed.

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Posted By: bfacklam on 08/04/09 07:53pm

We also built a 30' x 50' insulated shed four years ago. It is nice to be able to pull the motorhome in when you are done with your outing. My biggest mistake was not installing a waste dump. I could have hooked it into the sewer system and never thought about it. Make sure you also set it up to run electricity, cable and phone into the shed. The 30 foot width allows you to open the slide, and still park another vehicle beside it. Also make sure that your door is appx 13 foot high.

Posted By: jocat54 on 08/04/09 08:02pm

I am in the middle of putting up a 30 x 50 x 16 metal building with 14' door from Icon Metal Buildings (right at $8000 delivered). They have been great to work with-had to have a smaller truck deliver because of some tight turns across the river and they were very accommodating.

BTW our 38' Diplomat actually measures 40' from the mirrors to the ladder.


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Posted By: halfcab on 08/05/09 07:06am

Build it as big as you can afford.

The best thing I ever done for my MH was get it out of the weather.

Posted By: Yaj on 08/05/09 07:14am

You can't build your toy box to big, so make it as big as you can!

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I wasn't thinking this far ahead!

Posted By: Big Katuna on 08/05/09 07:43am

And don't scrimp on the pad. At least 5 inches of 3500 PSI (minimum) concrete. Six inches and rebar would be best.

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Posted By: Ivylog on 08/05/09 07:54am

More than likely the MH is only going to drive/park in one area and this is the only area that needs to be 5" thick with rebar. 3500psi with fiber, a full 4" thick is more than enough strength everywhere else. I only made a 2' wide lane for each set of tires to run on that was extra thick and reinforced. Sawing the concrete so it will crack where you want it to is very important as once you go over about 12' x 12' it's going to crack. Pouring the concrete in 8-10' wide strips makes it a job two people can do themselves and controls where the cracks will be.

Posted By: LittleJimmy on 08/05/09 10:30am Hopefully you can go to this link and see what we are building

Posted By: CurtisG on 08/05/09 12:15pm

I recently had a 20'wide X 40' long X 14' high metal garage built with fiber reinforced concrete. It has a 14'X14' roll up door, although I only ended up with 13'2" inside height it is plenty as my motorhome is 12'4" tall. I wired it with a 50 amp service as I leave it plugged in all the time. It is plenty wide even with the slide out. I sometimes wish I had made it 45' or 50' long as I would like to someday get a diesel pusher . I could still get a 36' or 37' pusher in it. My suggestion is to build one as large as you can.


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Posted By: wa0mqe on 08/06/09 06:22am

ivylog... that is really neat. I like your rv garage/room. Have you got any other pictures showing the wall/door closed and maybe the side and other end.

I never thought of adding a room to your house but making it a garage instead.

By the way, what did you use for hinges?

Posted By: Ivylog on 08/06/09 06:42am

The hindges are 2" pipe nipples threaded into floor flanges except at the bottome where the nipple is in the concrete 8" out from the wall.There is a cable running from the top hindge to the bottom outside cornor with a turnbuckle so as I added weight/siding to the door I could pull it back level. width=640 [image]

Everything in the MH bay is set up so that a false floor can be put in level with the rest of the house when we no longer have a MH.

Finished product

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Posted By: Hjudge49 on 08/06/09 07:41am

I built a 30x48' Pole Barn, enclosed on 3 sides, using 6x6 pressure treated posts and have a 13'6" plate height which gives me lenty of clearance. I originally built this barn to house my 37' DP and a 32' Whaler Outrage offshore boat. The only drawback to mine is that I used center posts and hand framed roof structure instead of trusses, so I'm limited in opening the slides on our present coach. I agree that your should pour at least 5 inches of concrete and thicken the area under the wheels. 50 amp electric, H2O, and a waste dump make storage and travel prep much easier. I leave the coach plugged in at all times with the ac's and fridge on. Since this barn is sided vertically with 1x8 rough cut pine, I can safely run the engine or genset and the fumes disperse immediately thru the cracks between the planks. Your coach will love being covered!

Posted By: ralbert3 on 08/06/09 08:44am

I have a 45x30 Morton building that is too short. We had to buy a 40' coach do to the building lengh. Do not make my mistake in your future building. I went with 45' do to not wanting to remove a tree which hides the buiding from our home. I guess you can not have everything. Also go wide if you can. I also have a 945 Lance truckcamper so things are tight. Rob

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