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Topic: 86 Fleetwood Bounder P30 454 --- Heater Core Rplcmt

Posted By: Ranchpig on 09/04/09 06:55pm

Anyone know what the "make & model" of these heater cores are? To buy a replacement at any autoparts store they look it up by M&M and this isn't under any chevy so far.

Dimensions are nominally 6 1/4"x 17" x 2.5" it is with AC.

Any help or direction to find would be appreciated.

Posted By: eddieelk on 09/04/09 08:25pm

I just logged onto Oreilly Auto parts, and they have your core for $27/57.00. Just check for 1986 Chevy P-300. Good Luck. Eddieelk.

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Posted By: Gale Hawkins on 09/04/09 08:58pm

If the cover reads EVANS like our 1992 P30 look here.

It was like 1993 before Chevy shipped the full heat/air system with the P30 MH chassis from what I can tell so on a MH no parts store may be able to insure what the RV factory actually used.

Posted By: Ranchpig on 09/05/09 12:22pm

Gale is right... this isn't actually a Chevy P30 Heater Core... it's from some other vehicle. That's why the dimensions are important but it seems nearly impossible to look up aftermarket heater cores by Sizing.

The Evans stuff might work...but not sure how to get it?

Posted By: garry1p on 09/06/09 01:08pm

From what I have found the parts replacement the MH P-30 chassis is to order the parts for a P-30 VAN.

Every time they (parts people) tell me I need the 1 ton Chev PU part I have had to reorder.

Disclaimer; I have not ordered every part but starter, alternator, brake lines and other parts have always been for the P-30 Van.


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Posted By: Ranchpig on 09/08/09 02:09pm

Well, i took the heater core to the radiator shop and they want nearly $300 to basically build a new one.... but i found a RV parts manufacturer that has one that is nearly identical. It's slightly smaller which is fine. The company is SCSFrigette and they only want $100. Hope this helps anyone else out.

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