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Topic: mud flap/road guard

Posted By: Azsouth on 02/22/10 05:52pm

We are looking to install one of these on our Class A gasser. We found one (Ultra Guard) at Camping World for about $70? Is this a good deal or are these junk? We also looked at the "grassy look" ones as well.

We are mostly interested in protecting our toad, but are also concerned with flapping, interference with exhaust, etc.

Any input on which ones we should look at or avoid would be most helpful. Thanks!

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Posted By: The Texan on 02/22/10 05:57pm

Take note of how many small stones you find on you toad now.....then after you put on the med flap, take note again of how many you find. You will be surprised just how bad it is to have this mud guard installed, unless you know where to put it and how much distance to leave between the road and the bottom of the guard.

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Posted By: rvten on 02/22/10 05:58pm

I tried different types of full rear guards. I had more damage to the toad with them. I just use mud flaps now on last class A and this class C.

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Posted By: bamcote on 02/22/10 06:23pm

I installed the Ultra Guard from Camping World on our Fleetwood Bounder 36Z and it works great. I installed it about 18 inches forward of the receiver. A friend of mine told me to stay away from those "grassy" type ones.

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Posted By: Jack M. on 02/22/10 06:24pm

The Ultraguard will work fine but it is very important that it is installed correctly. We prefer the solid mount, bolted to the frame, at least two feet from the rear and at least 4 inches above ride height. If it is too far back it will hit the pavement, and even pick up gravel, when on an uneven roadway. Our coach has a stainless steel guard that is chain mounted, but it is adjusted as high as possible, and I have installed a cable lift, especially for backing on rough terrain. I use the cable to fold the guard up, forward, against the frame. If you value your toad vehicle you also need a bra, deflector, or netting.

Jack & Nim Myton
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Posted By: okgc on 02/22/10 06:29pm

I got tired of stone chips on the toad and installed an Ultra Guard from Camping World about five years ago. I think it helped.
Be very careful on gravel roads if you have the flap mounted to close to the ground.

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Posted By: dav5942 on 02/22/10 06:32pm

Forget the mudflap(more damage with than without) and install a Protect-A-Tow!

Posted By: drifterpilot on 02/22/10 06:34pm

LazyDays installed an Ultraguard on my coach when I purchased new in 2003. After traveling to Alaska, down into Mexico, all of the "lower 48" and through the Maritimes, I have nothing but good to say about the Ultraguard. It has never been removed and I have not experienced any noticeable rock or debris damage to our (previous) Saturn.

I would go with an Ultraguard again.

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Posted By: DeanLinAZ on 02/22/10 08:12pm

We had an Ultraguard on our previous motor home (an Itasca Sunrise) and it worked great. It was installed about halfway between the rear wheel mud flaps and the rear bumper cap. It was mounted directly to the motor home frame and cleared the ground by about 4 to 5 inches. We towed a Miata and never had any road rash during the four years we owned both.

Ultraguard is a good choice--as said above, be sure it is mounted correctly with several inches of ground clearance.

Good luck.

Dean L
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Posted By: Viewfinder on 02/22/10 09:45pm

Lots of good two cents.... I got the one with the slits (not grass) hoping to save some weight. Do they work ? Same answer.... they are great when installed properly. Fully loaded and ready for the road, make sure that it's is 4 inches above the road. With a gaser, I don't worry about front to back distance. Pusher would be another story.


Posted By: Executive on 02/22/10 10:16pm

Having had both, I like the solid ones better than the grass type ones. My experience has been the solid ones protect better........Dennis

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Posted By: rockylarson on 02/23/10 04:02am

It was a DIY project for me. All accesssories for it, angled mounting bar, full width stainless plate from CW. 6 years and showing no wear. Used 1/2inch stainless bolts directly to the frame. Probably higher than most at 5 to 6 inches. No scraping or throwing of road debris. Had two mechanics, at different locations, on the Alcan try to convince me to remove it, so you will find people in both camps on to its usefulness. Go for it.....
Good Luck.

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Posted By: spitfirepete on 02/23/10 05:01am

dav5942 wrote:

Forget the mudflap(more damage with than without) and install a Protect-A-Tow!

Anyone who has actually tried both should agree with this post.

Peter and Linda
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Posted By: Azsouth on 02/23/10 07:55am

Thanks for all the input! This is very helpful to us!

Posted By: The Beave on 02/23/10 09:09am

We had the grass type and it had no value. on our current DP we have only the mud flaps behind the rear duals. After 30,000 miles of towing there are no stone chips in the paint. We avoid dirt or gravel roads.

We have had some very fine windshield pitting, however that could be from wind driven sand. The only protection I would consider is a vinyl cover over the windshield.

The Beave
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Posted By: Sully2 on 02/23/10 07:51am

I have the CC factory installed rear guard on my Allure...along with the factory installed rear wheel "mud flaps" and have been towing my 2002 Jeep Liberty since I first purchased it...and I DONT HAVE "rock chip one" on the front of my Liberty!

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