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Topic: V10 Gas Mileage

Posted By: Campincarters on 07/25/10 03:41pm

Hello, Driving a 2009 Georgetown 350TS from Ct to Sandusky Ohio. What couls I expect for Gas mileage.

08 Thor Four Winds 5000
23A Chevy
naugatuck, Connecticut

Posted By: barnaclebill on 07/25/10 03:43pm

Anywhere from 7-10+ MPG. Many factors can affect mileage, towing, speed, head winds are just a few.

2003 41' Newmar Mountain Aire
400 Cummins
Jeep Liberty
Blue Ox Brake Buddy

Posted By: rr2254545 on 07/25/10 03:54pm

I would say 6-7

2012 Winnebago Journey 36M Cummins 360
2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited, Air Force One, Blue Ox Avail tow bar
263 Campgrounds,59K miles driven in our motor homes and 1229 nights camping since we retired in July 2009 - 39 States and 29 National Parks

Posted By: barnaclebill on 07/25/10 04:03pm

I owned a 2003 35 foot M/H built on a 2002 F-53 chassis with the V-10 and never got below 6.75 MPG and as high as 9.5, I always towed a Chrysler T&C minivan on a dolly. The 6.75 was up in the Copper Harbor area of Michigan with all that hill climbing in the Keweenaw penninsula.

Posted By: kalynzoo on 07/25/10 04:08pm

My Ford V10 on the flat at 60mph or less was rather consistent at 7-8mpg. The current Workhorse does about the same. Faster, less mpg.

Posted By: Belgique on 07/25/10 04:21pm

rr2254545 wrote:

I would say 6-7


Hickory, NC
2007 Fleetwood Discovery 40X

Posted By: 427435 on 07/25/10 04:24pm

Belgique wrote:

rr2254545 wrote:

I would say 6-7


Same here----unless you're not towing anything and have the wind at your back.


2000 Itasca Suncruiser 35U on a Ford chassis, 80,000 miles
2003 Ford Explorer toad with Ready Brake supplemental brakes,
Ready Brute tow bar, and Demco base plate.

Posted By: ArchHoagland on 07/25/10 04:51pm

Use 7 mpg for calculating fuel costs.

If you do better..Hallelujah.

2004 Monaco La Palma 36DBD
Workhorse W22 8.1 Gas Allison 1000, 7.1 mpg

2000 LEXUS RX300 FWD 22MPG 4020 LBS
US Gear Brakes

Posted By: DLP1947 on 07/25/10 04:59pm

Just completed a 1000 mile trip avg. 7.389 mpg. I also use 7 mpg to do my gas expense planning for trips.

Donnie and Barb
1999 HR Vacationer 33PS
Ford V10
2001 Tracker LT

Posted By: lryrob9301 on 07/26/10 07:56pm

Here is a long term fuel mileage report on a 2008 Damon 371 Ford V-10 362HP.
Total Miles 8108
Total Gallons 1207.9
Total Cost $2966.43
Cost/Mile $0.366
Cost/Gallon $2.456
Miles/Gallon 6.71

The above is driving all types of roads towing and not towing, hwy cruise 62MPH, including generator usage of approximately 55 hours.

2013 Tiffin Phaeton 40QBH
2016 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ AWD V6

Posted By: gone2dadesert on 07/28/10 09:39am

I get about 7mpg with 6K miles on the odometer. I keep track, because I want to have an idea of how far I can go on a tank of fuel. [emoticon]

Now I know, I can go about 500 miles on a tank of fuel [emoticon]

2011 Hurricane 31J
2008 Jeep JK Unlimited Rubicon

Posted By: EndeavorV10 on 07/28/10 10:19am

JIH wrote:

I no longer check my mileage. I hope there are no mileage police out there to scold me. [emoticon] I just do not care anymore. [emoticon]

I had a "young lady" scold me for buying a gas eating smog producing pig when mother Earth is dying from "global warming" and I'm helping kill her.

I asked if she drove a car, she drives an SUV, I asked her if she knew how ironic she was, she said I was mean. [emoticon]

Anyway, I have no idea what my average is yet because I haven't had to fill up. I'll know by next week!

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Posted By: B&Bw/Arv on 07/25/10 05:03pm

We have been getting between 7-8 and as high as 9 with ours towing a Grand Vitara

Brian & Barb">
'04 Damon Daybreak 2960
'08 Suzuki Grand Vitara "Toad"
United 250CC Scooter
Geocache: doublebk

Posted By: DandSW on 07/25/10 05:28pm

7 mpg is a good average for most 30+ foot Class A coaches with a V-10.

2010 Newmar CS3647 / 2010 Ford Escape

Posted By: tps0424 on 07/25/10 05:30pm

How many miles on your coach? I have noticed that mine seems to be getting better and better - relatively speaking, of course. I used to be happy to get 7 and usually got 6.5 or so. Now that I have about 18K, I am disappointed if I don't get at least 7.5mpg and routinely get 8.

Warren, RI
2005 National Sea Breeze 1341

Posted By: havin fun on 07/25/10 05:31pm

we get 5 - 8 mpg .not being a wise butt. the last thing we wonder about is the fuel mileage. we have the MH to travel and have fun in. if you are worried about fuel mileage .just eat in the MH more often ,and not eat out .that will save you some money for fuel .as i said not being a wise butt.

havin fun with 1999 georgie boy 3515
and the wife too .
V-10 ford ">">">">">">

Posted By: bugs53 on 07/25/10 06:10pm

7.5 mpg ,32 ft, pulling Jeep Wrangler. [emoticon]


08 Tiffen Allegro, Wrangler Shahara.2dr std, Us Gear Breaking
Mango 3speed cruisers
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Posted By: Finally Fulltiming on 07/25/10 06:32pm

OK, I have to ask: Why are you asking?

You're driving a $100K RV & you're concerned about $600 worth of gas?

Posted By: Campincarters on 07/25/10 06:39pm

Thanks all for your responses. I am just trying to get an idea for budget purposes for the trip.

Posted By: JIH on 07/25/10 06:42pm

I no longer check my mileage. I hope there are no mileage police out there to scold me. [emoticon] I just do not care anymore. [emoticon]

2000 Southwind 36Z
2004 GMC Canyon, Toad

Posted By: camperkids1025 on 07/25/10 06:44pm

We're making our way from Maryland to Maine and have gone about 450 miles and are in Mystic CT KOA and we averaged about 6.5 MPG and thats with a toad. With a 38' with a V-10.....JIM

The Camperkids Jim & Lois
3 Grandkids Maria, Christian, Antony (part timers)
1999 Newmar Mountain Aire 37.5ft, Ford V-10, F-53 Chassis, Bilsteins Shocks W/ Bilstein Steering Stablizer, HWH Levelers

Posted By: craig1959 on 07/25/10 07:22pm

I get slightly less than 7 MPG towing a 3100 lb toad..

Our gas is $4 per US gallon so I calculate differently:

It costs me $1 to go 3.5 km or if you prefer $1 to go 1.6 miles.

Doesn't sound good any way I say it [emoticon].


2008 Class A Gulf Stream Independence Ford V-10, 2010 Ford Fusion toad, Blue Ox Aladdin, Brake Buddy Vantage, TST 507 RV TPMS

Posted By: fortytwo on 07/26/10 12:15am

I had a $10 hill today - 10 miles at 3.3mpg using $3.00 gas.

On average it's been 7.5 for 118k miles. 2000 V-10, 35ft class A, towing Jeep. Max CVGW most of the time. V-10 seems to "break-in" and achieve best mpg around 10-15k.

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Posted By: teebee1 on 07/26/10 03:20am

Between 7.5 and 8.0 mpg with or without toad, flatland or hills. Often folks (non-campers) at gas stations will ask about gas mileage. I tell them that noone can justify a camper, motorhome, or boat. You do what you enjoy.

2007 Four Winds Hurricane 34B
2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser turbo, convertible
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Posted By: Captain_Happy on 07/26/10 05:11am

7 MPG on our 2000 34 foot Damon Intruder, V-10. I was surprized to find out the newer V-10's really don't get much better MPG's then the eariler V-10's. Just more power. We drive around 60 MPH, or really windy days, we drive a little slower.

Posted By: Belgique on 07/26/10 05:56am

JIH wrote:

I no longer check my mileage. I hope there are no mileage police out there to scold me. [emoticon] I just do not care anymore. [emoticon]

You're right. I do it sometimes for curiosity but what am I going to do about it either way? Not going to sell it and not buying another one. The police will say you need to know to know how your engine is doing. If I can't get 350-400 miles on a tank THEN I have a clue.

Posted By: pkunk on 07/26/10 09:56am

My V10 has 61k+ and for the past couple of years the average is 8.1 mpg. I do not tow, I do run with the traffic at the speed limit, and don't use the generator much. The majority of the milage has been at over 7000ft and using regular gas.

* This post was edited 07/26/10 08:47pm by pkunk *

1999 Coachman Mirada 34 ft.V10-F53 chassis
12ft.LR slide-2 gp31 AGM 12V @220AH

Posted By: Goldencrazy on 07/28/10 10:36am

Yes people are ironic or just confused when it comes to methods for decreasing our use of fuel. Rv's are a very small part. I get about 8 to 9 and it can change dramatically with speed and then road conditions such as hills and wind. I tow a Smart Car and put on a lot of daily miles when the moho is parked and I get around 45 mpg on that. If more people would car pool just think of the difference it would make. If we shipped more by rail than by semi it would be huge. A person who trades there 20 mpg SUV for a Prius at 50 mpg more than doubles there fuel efficiency. I determined 6 years ago that a regular motorhome getting 8-10 ( I bought a BT Cruiser) was acceptable as opposed to a Rialta which is smaller but got 16mpg if I improved my regular daily vehicle fuel efficiency so I traded my Grand Cherokee for a Prius. Overall I decreased my carbon foot print by a lot and still had a wonderful motorhome. So it is a matter of choices and we can all reduce our use of fuel if we understand how much we are using and then make changes that have the biggest impact on efficiency and least on our quality of life.

Posted By: fourmat on 07/28/10 10:37am

8-9 not towing / 7-8 towing

2009 Challenger

Posted By: GTN_and_Catz on 07/28/10 12:32pm

In the flatlands of west Texas without a headwind I'm pretty consistent at 7 mpg & towing the jeep. I've been as low as 5 when towing and in the hills.

Averaged 6.2 over 3,500 miles on the last, long trip with the toad.

2003 36' Rexhall RexAir
2009 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
Demco Kar Kaddy SS
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Posted By: phnguyk on 07/28/10 01:59pm

Newer V10 with the 5speed, don't be suprised if you get closer to 9-10, if you keep it under 65 and not towing. But 7 is a good place to start. Oh and don't use the tow mode unless towing or pulling steep grades, you won't hurt anything not running in towing mode all the time, just uses more gas.

Posted By: teebee1 on 08/03/10 03:32pm

Just completed a 6,900 mile trip from South Louisiana to Halifax, Nova Scotia; then across to Buffalo, NY; then wandered our way back home through North Carolina and Tennessee. We towed the Grand Vitara all the way. 88 nights with an average campground cost of $33.00 per night. The range of fees was from free (4 nights in a friends driveway and one night @ Camping World while having service) up to $70. Average mileage was 7 mpg.

Posted By: Todger on 08/03/10 03:52pm

2008 36' driving 60/65 i get in the 7's.

Posted By: wolfman01 on 08/03/10 04:37pm

KlipschHead281 wrote:

JIH wrote:

I no longer check my mileage. I hope there are no mileage police out there to scold me. [emoticon] I just do not care anymore. [emoticon]

I had a "young lady" scold me for buying a gas eating smog producing pig when mother Earth is dying from "global warming" and I'm helping kill her.

I asked if she drove a car, she drives an SUV, I asked her if she knew how ironic she was, she said I was mean. [emoticon]

Anyway, I have no idea what my average is yet because I haven't had to fill up. I'll know by next week!

I would have told her that my RV burns far less gas than her SUV. Watch the TILT meter go off on that concept. [emoticon]

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1996 Tiffin Allegro Bay 31' ga$$er motorhome (42k)
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Posted By: Baby Mo on 09/19/10 07:42pm

You have all convienced me to stick with my View and it's 16 MPG. I wanted to go a little bigger with a Georgetown 29 foot gasser but at 5 to 8 mpg it is just too low and a comparable diesel is about 20K more.

Posted By: RayChez on 09/19/10 08:13pm

I used to get about eight miles per gallon on my V10 on a 36'motorhome.

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330 HP Caterpillar 3126-E
3000 Allison Transmission
Neway Freightliner chassis
2017 GMC Terrain SLE
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Posted By: JIH on 09/19/10 08:39pm

Because at every stop it seems, at least one person asks what my mpg is, I respond with this: Moving $160 per day. Sitting $0 per day. I sit more than I move. [emoticon]

* This post was edited 09/19/10 10:55pm by JIH *

Posted By: driveby on 09/19/10 09:00pm

I get better mileage than m Dad's boat. We both have a big smile on our faces at the end of the day. That is worth it [emoticon]

as for the OP - 7 give or take

2008 Itasca Sunova 35J Class A
1997 TJ Sahara, hard and soft tops and AC
Held together via Roadmaster Falcon 2 tow bar and stopped by US Gear Unified Brake system.

Posted By: bigred1cav on 09/20/10 08:36pm

I have a 2000 Pace Arrow, get 8/9 depending on terrain. Keep at about 2500 rpm I think mileage is best there.

Posted By: Howdja on 09/22/10 06:04am

Wow, what a bunch of honest replies. Missing from the replies is the occasional post claiming 10 t0 13 mpg. I have found that our 2000 v10 coach has averaged about 7 mpg after approx 26,000 miles. Our new to us 2006 Damon Challenger V10 has so far averaged about 7 mpg on a trip of 700 miles. The mileage has remained about the same, but the increase in HP and the 5 speed transmission make a big difference in performance.

Bruce, Dennie and Riki the Spoiled Chihuahua
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1999 Honda CRV Toad
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Posted By: ressless1 on 09/22/10 06:43am

Once out of the mountains and maintaining 63-65 mph, we got 7.8 going south to Florida and 7.3 going north back home, which makes sense if you look at a globe because, going south is downhill and north uphill[emoticon]

We got almost 9 mpg traveling east across South Dakota with a tailwind all the way.
We always tow the trailer.

I have also found that if I hit the rolling hills at 65-70 mph and let it gradually loose a little speed, it rarely downshifts and the whole rig feels happier.
Using cruise control it downshift a lot, so I only use it when on level stretches of road.

And, if I don't worry about mileage and roll along with the traffic enjoying the trip, it gets 7-7.3

My friend with the Neptune diesel, consistently gets one more mpg on the same roads and speed.

Jerry and Diane
2001 Pace Arrow 34N F53 V10
2005 Harley Davidson Road Glide(mine)
1998 Honda Shadow 1100 Tourer(hers)
2001 Crest Pontoon(ours)

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