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Topic: Generator Honda EX1000 governor adjustment-maintenance

Posted By: sambert on 08/20/10 07:13pm

I have a Honda EX1000 generator which starts + runs well, but the output voltage drops if any load is applied.

This is not critical in most cases, but as I wish to charge my RV batteries with a separate big charger, I want to have at least 50% of the 1000 watts capacity of the generator(being 40 amp x 12 Volt max plus some losses) but even at 25% load, the voltage drops below 100 v so my charger does not work.

There is a screw that adjusts the speed I think on the generator, and if I screw manually to get the 110 v with some load, then I can get 15 amp plus charging with the charger which then works, all is well, BUT when I disconnect, the voltage climbs up very fast, past 130 volts.
Not ideal, as I need to keep a constant eye on what voltage is output, depending on the load, and adjust the screw accordingly.

I suspect the governor is not working well.
a) Would anyone know where to get a repairs manual ?

b) Do you think it is a question or maintenance and adjustment, OR would I have to replace the governor (or is the problem elsewhere)?

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Posted By: Beltone Magoo on 08/21/10 06:59am

I personally would suspect a maintenance problem. Those are classic indications of fuel/carburetor problems and where I would start looking first. Operator manuals can be downloaded on Honda's site. Service manuals can be ordered from any Honda dealer or from one of the online dealers such as Wise or Maynberry's etc. A couple of years ago mine was $35. (USD).
Good luck, safe travels and happy camping!

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Posted By: JFG on 08/21/10 09:06am

Just a thought... look at the specs on your charger.What are the input amp specs.... most converters draw between 7 and nine amps... you say big charger... it may need more amps than the generator can supply.


Posted By: sambert on 08/22/10 10:12am

Thanks JFG

you are quite right, a big charger may mean anything and I was not precise. Mine does 40 amps on 12 volts, so the watts put out are 12x40 =480 watts, plus some losses, still well below the 900 watts recommend for full load on the generator.

I had a 2nd go, and cleaned out the carburetor externally and inside the float and bowl etc, all seems fine, not much deposits.

I tried the generator again, works as before. If I adjust with the screw on the carburetor to get say 125V zero load, and then plug in the charger, charging 4 amps(12 volt), I get a drop to about 105 volts, if I switch to 12 amps, the voltage drops further and the battery charger goes on the blink.

I turn the screw up again (with the charger load at 4 amps)to get 130v and then put the charger to 12 amps, I again get around 100v+
and so on, I did get well past the 28 amps for charging by adjusting the screw while on the go. But the screw is in an awkward place to get at, and given the charger automatically lowers the amps once the battery is charged, I would have to keep a look constantly over hrs ...

If the load is taken off the volts scream up, and I have no intention to blow the charger.
I can now understand that other people had 240 volts while they should have 110 v !

Am still searching for a service manual, but wonder if such exists. Owner's manual is there, but not helpful.

Posted By: PaulJ2 on 08/22/10 10:19pm

I'll try here no promises. I have adjusted governors on small engines and on some tractors before. First look closely at the linkage between the carb and the governor arm, make sure it works freely and no binding. Usually it is a stiff wire or rod connecting the two. To make it more responsive you basicly have to shorten the distance between the two connections. Many times there will be a loop in the connecting wire linkage to squeeze together (shorten) or spread apart (lengthen) the distance. You my get lucky and have a threaded rod to adjust between the two. Shorten for more response and lengthen for less response.
Now this is for several various small engine types, but I am not familier with the Honda specifically at all. At this point I am assuming it works the same way.
If you get it too sensitive it will surge/hunt, if so lengthen back out a bit.
This is a trial and error thing so good luck.

Posted By: sc3283 on 08/23/10 10:56pm

be sure to check the HZ as well....HZ is more important than a couple of volts. HZ is directly related to engine RPM as well

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Posted By: PaulJ2 on 08/24/10 02:16am

Yes, after you are able to get the sensitivity correct you will need to adjust the speed screw for 62 HZ and 130 volts with no generator load. This should put it about right with load.

Posted By: Beltone Magoo on 08/24/10 07:17pm

There is a service/shop manual for the EU2000 listed on Ebay at this time. (Monday evening 8/24/10)Maybe they have an EU1000 one?
Good luck, safe travels and happy camping!

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