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Topic: entegra anthem or allegro bus

Posted By: rv fun123 on 09/17/10 02:16pm

Does anyone out there own an entegra coach? Just got back from hershey and wanted to upgade from my phaeton to a bus, but now I'm not so sure. The entegra had some great features, flush slides, radiant heat, air sealed door ect. Tiffin makes a great product, and I talked to Bob Tiffin at the show. GREAT GUY!! Would like to talk to someone and find out what types of problems they had. Also Would like to know what percent off list. They were doing 25% off list which seems to be about standard anymore. Thanks

Posted By: turninghawk on 09/17/10 02:33pm

Personally, I'd have a hard time walking away from the quality, not to mention customer service, offered by the Tiffin line.

Plus, I'd be a little concerned if I had to resell it for whatever reason, that the Entegra brand wouldn't be as well-received or well-known as the Tiffin brand, and consequently would have poorer value retention.

Just my opinion.

Posted By: goforjoe on 09/17/10 05:50pm

I agree with Gatlinburg, my next coach is going to be a Tiffin for just that reason!

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Posted By: Bruce Brown on 09/17/10 05:51pm

If the Entergra has retained the quality of the Travel Supreme I'd take it over the Bus hands down.

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Posted By: chastho on 09/17/10 06:50pm

Bruce Brown wrote:

If the Entergra has retained the quality of the Travel Supreme I'd take it over the Bus hands down.
Does the entrega have comfort drive and hung wall construction?????

Posted By: billsenick on 09/17/10 09:45pm

Entregra is now owned by Jayco, previous Travel Supreme. Does not get much better than that, both for customer service and quality of construction.[image]

Bill Senick
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Posted By: LVJ58 on 09/17/10 10:03pm

Without question, Tiffin builds a fine coach and from all indications has excellent factory backing for their product.

However, If the Entegra coach company maintained the same quality of the Travel Supreme coaches, my choice, if I had the $$$ would be either the Anthem or Aspire.

I would have a difficult time choosing between the side aisle and rear bath models.

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Posted By: 1492 on 09/17/10 10:58pm

Having looked closely at the Entegra lineup, and spoken in detail with Jayco reps when they were first introduced, I still believe they are one of the best coach values in their respective price range.

Posted By: Out to Lunch Rver on 09/18/10 10:28am

I would look at a used 08 or 09 Travel Supreme models as well. I understand that the Entegra Line is built very well. but for the money
i would check out a later model of TS. I own a TS so if you have questions PM me .

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Posted By: Nomadac on 09/18/10 10:35am

We recently toured the Entegra Coach factory in Middlebury, IN. and saw many of the same Travel Supreme people employed, working on the line. It appears that Jayco/Entegra has made several improvements to the basic construction and quality to Travel Supreme designs, etc. I recognized the history of Tiffin Products and have inspected several of their units, but would take an Anthem or Cornerstone over any Tiffin model. I have not seen any comparable Tiffin model that compares to my T.S. for quality and workmanship, either inside or outside. Plus I prefer my Spartan Mountain Master chassis to Freightliner used by Tiffin.

In addition Middlebury, IN. would be closer to NJ then Red Bay,AL. if you ever wanted to take it to the factory for service.

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Posted By: MotorHomeGuy on 09/18/10 06:00pm

I've owned two Tiffin Allegro Buss', I haven't decided as of yet what my next coach will be, but Tiffin is definitely not at the top of the list. The American Coach seems to be a great quality machine, the more I read and the more I see the better I like...

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Posted By: chastho on 09/18/10 08:10pm


Plus I prefer my Spartan Mountain Master chassis to Freightliner used by Tiffin.
Why do people think Tiffin only uses Frieghtliner chassis?? If you don't know what chassis they use how can you know anything about the rest of the motorhome??

Posted By: Bruce Brown on 09/18/10 09:52pm

chastho wrote:

Bruce Brown wrote:

If the Entergra has retained the quality of the Travel Supreme I'd take it over the Bus hands down.
Does the entrega have comfort drive and hung wall construction?????

It has hung wall construction so its 1/2 way there. [emoticon]

Don’t knock either until you've tried it. We've owned laminate construction and we've been without CD. We've also experienced delamination and I've enjoyed the benefits of CD. Have you?

I've also worked on my parents Tiffin (05 Allegro) enough to know I don't want one. [emoticon]

Posted By: sp8gold on 09/19/10 07:58am

Agree with above. Here at the Hershey show and looked at the new Entegra. We are very happy with our 06 TS and it appears the Entegra is as good if not btter. I also visite with Bob and think Tiffin has a great product. I would think it would come down to floor plan likes ad pricing.

Posted By: Fulltimer63 on 09/19/10 10:35am

I have looked the Entegra over pretty good,and all I can say is WOW! If I was in the market for a new coach I would make sure it was on the short list. I wouldnt worry about resale traditionally Jayco stuff has great trade in value.
I think the Anthem is pretty amazimg, I would love to have one,oh well maybe next year
Good luck!

Posted By: homelessdrue on 09/24/10 12:50pm

Our choice was Allegro Bus or Entegra Anthem; Entegra won. We purchased at Hershey.

Posted By: BudsBus on 09/28/10 04:38pm

I wouldn't own anything other than a Tiffin. This is based on my own Allegro Bay and now an Allegro Bus. The personal service I get from Tiffin is fantastic. The quality and ride of the coach is the BEST. And I have driven so many RV's I can't count. I just got back from Alaska in the bus and it's made of steel, I swear. No damage on all those roads, great ride, great gas mileage, quality in every detail. You cannot go wrong with Tiffin.

Posted By: Bridge Man on 10/06/10 12:46pm

We bought our 2011 Anthem 42RB at the Hershey show. This is our 4th motor home and our second diesel pusher. The workmanship and quality in the Entegra Coach far surpasses anything that I have experienced in any of our other motorhomes and in my opinion ranks with any of the top of the line luxury coaches. One of the things that is most important to me is the relationship with the dealer and the manufacturer. At the Show in Hershey we were introduced to and had the opportunity to speak with the National and Reional sales Managers for Entegra Coach and with the owners of RV One the dealer we purchased our coach from.

I have never been treated as well when I purchased our other motor homes. RV One even made a 400 mile round trip to pick up my dinghy vehicle in order to outfit it with a tow package and delivered it to our home along with our new motor coach and then proceeded to spend the entire day demonstrating all of the coaches features to us. The folks from Entegra Coach have been in contact with us and their message has been "we are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you have about the coach".

As far as I am concerned The Entegra Line of Motor Coaches equals or surpasses their predeccesor "Travel Supreme" and at a price surprisingly lower than what you might expect to pay for a true "Luxury Coach". This is not a sought for or paid endorsement; it is an honest opinion from someone who has spent a great deal of time and money on RV's and has never been treated as well as we have from RV One and Entegra Coach the manufacturer.

Posted By: J-Rooster on 10/06/10 01:21pm

Out to Lunch Rver wrote:

I would look at a used 08 or 09 Travel Supreme models as well. I understand that the Entegra Line is built very well. but for the money
i would check out a later model of TS. I own a TS so if you have questions PM me .
I agree with this post my friend owns 08 Travel Supreme Select, 45', 525 HP Cummins and it was the nicest Class A that I've been in! Very Very Nice Luxury Coach IMHO! John

Posted By: Steve HCI on 10/30/10 08:17am

Bridge Man: How do you like your Anthem so far ?


Posted By: oneolddog on 10/30/10 12:12pm

Entegra would be my choice if you are looking for a 42'. I'd buy one if they made it in a 40' or less. Their Aspire doesn't cut it for me. I'd be worried about Tiffin's un-official recall issues with sagging floors and roofs that could seriously effect re-sale as the problems grow.


2009 Allegro Bus 36QSP (Sold March 2011)

Posted By: oneolddog on 10/30/10 06:21pm

Quote: Sagging floors and roofs ?? on what years and models?

Hot topic on: the tiffinrvnetwork site. Floors are sagging when fresh water tank is full. There is a fix that I have seen which requires new metal supports under tanks. When I learned of this I inspected mine and I clearly need the extra metal supports.

Apparently some late model Tiffin floors are rotting out under the tanks due to the fresh water overflow leaking and Tiffin is offering a fix free of charge in Redbay. I have it on my list to remove the panel that covers access to the tanks, inspect and upgrade my overflow pipe even if I don't have rotted floors.

After 18 months of ownership I am convinced that Tiffin's need some better engineering and quality control. I would have to see and hear about improvements in these regards if I was ever to consider another Tiffin.


Posted By: riggarob on 10/30/10 10:20pm

I spoke w/ an Entegra Rep today, and a lot of people are overlooking the 2 year bumper to bumper warranty. We went to the Tiffin factory 2 weeks ago, as we were comparing the American Rev, and the Allegro Bus 43 QBP. My wife didn't like the Tiffin at all. She left the tour 1/2 way thru. However, when we hit Tampa a few days later, we went to Lazy Days, and went into an Entegra Anthem 44SL, and she loved it. It looks likes that's the coach we may pull the trigger on. Robbie

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Posted By: Rob-Jen on 10/31/10 06:39am

Allegro Bus

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