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Topic: Winnebago Rialta 2000

Posted By: rosyroxy on 01/11/11 11:52am

just purchased a 2000 Rialta and we are first time RVers. We got it home and noticed a rotten egg smell and also some mildew smell. We just took it to be winterized and a generator service, any other suggestions for it. So much too learn.

Posted By: ksg5000 on 01/11/11 12:16pm

Hot water tanks can exude an awful smell when they sit unused and aren't properly sanitized - flush out the hot water tank a few times and it should clear up.

I think this is a common problem with Rialta's - might be associated with it's unique all electric hot water tank. I came across a Rialta RV forum once and I know this subject is posted more than once.

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Posted By: turninghawk on 01/11/11 12:43pm

Congrats on the new RV!

Just as a matter of information, if you post on the Class B forum you'll get more interest & responses than on the Class C forum.

Happy travels!

Posted By: Handbasket on 01/11/11 02:06pm

The Rialta is a class C. There's a lot more info about them on the Yahoo auto groups that's called 'Rialta'. Sorry I don't have a link, but it should be easy enough to find with Google.

The odor may come from the tanks via dry sink & shower traps.

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Posted By: ksg5000 on 01/11/11 02:25pm


The Rialta is a class C.

I am unsure if Class C has a specific definition - however I suspect most people would associate a cab over bed with a Class C - the few Rialta's I have seen do not have a cab over bed.

Posted By: Handbasket on 01/11/11 03:36pm

There's a very specific definition of a C... 'built on a cutaway', and of a B... 'built in a van'. This is pretty much RVIA's wording when they originated the classes. Cab-over has nothing to do with it. The Rialta came into the US as a cab-only.

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Posted By: turninghawk on 01/11/11 06:13pm

To many people (myself included), the Rialto looks much more like a 'B' (such as a PleasureWay Excel/Ford; single rear wheel) than it does a 'C' (cabover bed design as 99% of them have; dual rear wheels).

Still say try a post in the Class B forum & see what you get in the way of responses.

Posted By: ron.dittmer on 01/11/11 08:23pm

We store our motor home in our garage, which is attached to the house, actually under it. Our master bedroom is above it so "Smells" are carefully managed. We don't want to be smelling sewer gas upstairs that escapes out the vent pipe on top of the motor home.

It sounds like you have to disinfect all plumbing, fresh water plumbing, drains, and sewage. Keep in-mind that foul odor will get in your Rialta if the sink traps have dried up.

We disinfect/deodorize all plumbing with bleach which works great, though people say if it stays in too long it will damage metal plumbing parts. I don't leave the bleach solution in my motor home for more than 6 hours before flushing everything with fresh water. We've owned ours 4 years and all is well and smelling fresh.

Another source of interior odor is dampness and any accumulated moisture. Where you live down in South Carolina, it gets humid on a regular basis, so I suspect much of your troubles is sourced from trapped humidity. Consider placing a dehumidifier inside with a drain hose to the outside when your Rialta is not in-use. My brother does that with his Starflyte motor home and it solved his musty/mildew smell troubles.

Of coarse, a clean motor home makes a clean smelling one. Being ten years old, it is probably due for a good steam cleaning of all fabrics and carpet. Especially if children, pets, or smokers were in there before.

Congratulations with your 2000 Rialta. We considered one before deciding on getting what we have today. The Rialta is quite unique, with much to offer in the way of mobility. We might have bought one if close enough to where we live, and cheap enough too. In 2006, I had my eyes peeled out for a 2002-2005 with the 201hp V6 engine, model 22FD Standard, but they were very expensive back then. For $10k-$15k more, we special ordered a new 2007 PC-2350, which turned out for the best for us with our needs and desires. But still, a 22FD Standard looked like one sweet little motor home.

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Posted By: PaulandMarie on 01/11/11 08:58pm

Congratulations :-) and Welcome :-). The best advice I can give you is ... stay with this site and fire away with the questions. We are all here to help :-). Marie

Posted By: Dusty R on 01/12/11 06:11am

An anode rod in the water heater can make the hot water smell like rotten eggs.


Posted By: rosyroxy on 01/12/11 07:12am

thanks for all the information, it really helps to have experienced people give advice. I am glad to join the group.

Posted By: Handbasket on 01/12/11 07:29am

Rosy, here's a link that may or may not work for the Yahoo group I mentioned... Looks like a fairly active group, and there are more links to relevant stuff on the opening page, including one to a 'Rialta-tech' Yahoo group.

I'd suspect that between here and there, you can get pretty much any question answered. My one comment here would be to be aware that while a lot of independent VW specialist shops have the knowledge to work on the drivetrain & cab electrical, but they may not have a bay or lift big enough. The places with the bigger lifts won't usually have the VW knowledge.

Enjoy your now toy!

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Posted By: ron.dittmer on 01/12/11 09:10am

About the Rialta and Vista, I thought it was quite remarkable how the chassis were purchased. VW literally shipped half a vehicle to Winnebago. Just behind the driver and passenger seats was ......"Nothing". Everything from that point on back was 100% Winnebago supplied.

I recall seeing a picture of the incoming VW half chassis, but cannot find it now. Can anyone post that pic?

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Posted By: ron.dittmer on 01/12/11 09:12am


You will be very interested in this. CLICK HERE

It is a Rialta owners club. The opening website has every model year sales brochure in PDF format. You can find out all specs, capacitities, etc. right there.

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