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Topic: 96 Ford Ranger and Flat towing confusion...

Posted By: itsmeMars on 11/22/11 06:26pm

Hello All,

The confusion is to see if a 1998 ford ranger standard cab, manual transmission, electronic transfer case "push button 4x4, not lever on floor" can be flat towed, and if so what is the procedure and does the truck need modifications? "disconnect, pump"

I have been on what seems like a endless search, even remco's all mighty website couldnt give me a straight answer.

There seem to be answers both ways. on any ranger, but nobody really addressing this one, just ranger towing clarity would be helpful.

Thanks for any help, and understanding!!

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Posted By: mkirsch on 11/22/11 06:49pm

Manual 4x4 is a rare oddball. That's why you don't see any information.

Have you called Remco?

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Posted By: itsmeMars on 11/22/11 07:05pm

Im going to try in the morning. they were already closed when I tried earlier.

Posted By: Loren Ross on 11/25/11 12:03pm

I have Neutral Tow Kit installation instructions for all Explorers from 1996 up. But Ranger isn't mentioned in the pre-2001 manuals.
Look under the dash next to the steering column and see if you can locate a gray electrical connector with just one wire in it. It'll be attached to the steering column or one of the supports next to the steering column. I can't tell for sure what color this wire is, but it may be plain black. If you can find this plain grey connector, you should be able to make your own Neutral Tow Kit for under $10. You will still have to take it to a dealer for computer programming, and the dealers all charge different amounts for this service so I can't tell you what that might cost.

Posted By: tatest on 11/24/11 10:12pm

Do you know which manual transmission it has? What does your '98 owner's manual say?

For the Mazda-sourced M5OD, Ford's towing restrictions have been 55 mph, 200 miles. For the Mitsubishi-sourced 5-speed overdrive (from having one in '92) restrictions were more like 35 mph, 50 miles, not so useful for recreational towing.

In model years when either transmission might be used, the owner's manual cited the restrictions for the Mitsubishi transmission, as transmission identification is not easy. Once Ford was using only the Mazda designed M5OD, the manual cited the restrictions for that transmission. There was a long period of manufacture using both transmissions, depending on what else was in the drivetrain.

If you do have the Mazda M5OD, the procedure for 4WD is to put the transfer case in 2WD and the transmission in neutral. That's what my 2001 manual says.

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Posted By: mowermech on 11/23/11 08:59am

"96 Ford Ranger and Flat towing confusion.."

Message body:
"The confusion is to see if a 1998 ford ranger standard cab, manual transmission, electronic transfer case..."

Confusion? Right!

Does the truck have the neutral select kit installed? If so, put the transfer case in NEUTRAL, then it can be towed. If the Neutral kit is not installed, I have read that Ford no longer makes them, but there may be aftermarket kits and instructions available. You must be able to put the Transfer Case in NEUTRAL to tow this vehicle, is my understanding.
Good luck.

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Posted By: gbopp on 11/22/11 07:21pm

Did you check the Remco Towing Application Charts?

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