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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 05/27/14 09:00pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Please humor me this venting rant. If your are guilty of the two items I mention below, I'm sorry for my name calling. If you, like I, are one of the people that try to be prepared when it is your turn at the dump station, a big thank you for being considerate to your fellow RVer's.

When I go camping for the weekend, especially a holiday weekend, I expect that there will be significant lines for the dump station. I know some people that get up at the crack of dawn to get camp broken down so they can beat the rush at check out time. That kind of "hurry up" mode kind of kills the relaxation I hopefully had during my camping trip so I've never been one of those folks.

I got up, woke the daughter, ate a little breakfast and we started our leisurely breakdown of camp and got hooked up. Pulled around to the dump station around 1130 (1300 checkout)and surprisingly, it wasn't that bad of a line. About 10-12 units I'd estimate. Kicked on the tunes and did the position crawl, moving up a spot about every 3-5 minutes or so (two dump hookups).

So as I get close enough to the dump station that I can see the people dumping, I'm watching and see some of them as they are next to dump, come out and get their compartment door opened, some even pulling their sewer hose out and putting it in the back of their truck and getting their gloves on. Tip of the hat to those folks for being ready when it was their turn!

I also see two people that go in their camper and not even aware the people that were in front of them are gone and it's their turn to pull up. I'm not talking about 30-45 seconds. I mean the person behind them had to go knock on their camper door after about 3-4 minutes and inform them they needed to pull up and dump or get out of line!

I also witnessed someone take out the screen from their window to their bathroom I'm assuming to run a hose through it for a tank wand flush, that they must have run for 7-8 minutes if it was a second. How clean does your black tank have to be? 25 minutes this guy was at the dump station while 4 people dumped in the station next to him. The most frustrating part was his female companion (Wife/Girlfriend/Whoever) had to come talk to him about something about every 3-4 minutes at which point he stopped whatever he was doing at the time.

My term for such people are Obliviots. Again sorry for the name calling but you really need to be more considerate of others. Maybe you can be observant and be ready when it's your turn like 95% of people do? Maybe you can skip the snack or drink refill from inside the camper until you pull out of line after dumping? I'm sure someone will say, I'll take as long as I need when it's my turn. And I have no problem with that. Just don't take multiples of what you need, please? Show some consideration for the folks behind you?

No Obliviots we killed or injured in preparation of this rant. If I can convince one Obliviot to look in the mirror, self identify and make an effort to be more considerate of others, this has all be worth it.

Thank You!

2011 Silverado Crewcab 4x4
2012 Passport 238ML

Hope your travels are safe and the friendships made camping are lasting.


Western New York

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Posted: 05/27/14 09:08pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

X2- I am one of those that likes to flush my tank between trips and I know how long it takes to do it correctly. Can take 15 minutes or longer. When I have the urge to do this, I wait until the line at the dump station has gone. I can't deal with people who have no consideration for others, but it is what it is. It is like avoiding rush hour traffic, just have to leave before or after the crowd.
I usually choose after when it comes to dumping.

Steve Rinker
Rochester, NY
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Take my posts for what they are, opinions based on my own experiences.


Acworth GA

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Posted: 05/27/14 09:23pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

This is my cue to post how glad I am to have a macerator with a long hose, and a sewer cleanout where we can dump at home straight into the sewer. It won't help on long trips, of course, but it's great on one of these holiday weekends.



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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 05/27/14 09:24pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

X3.....We were waiting in line one time.....family of 4 in front of us. They got in and gee, dad decided now would be a good time to teach sonny boy how to do it. Obviously sonny boy had a hard time understanding cuz dad went thru it a # of times. Then after all was done, dad went into the RV and mom came out and started washing windows!!!!!!!!!!! We suffered thru that, then dad and son came out and then #2 son went into the RV!!!!!!!!! I'd had it.....went up and told them to move their damn rig that others wanted/needed to use the dump station. Dad said "we can't help it, sonny boy has to use the restroom". I informed him that SONNYBOY was at least 10 yrs old and COULD have used it before they were in line or down the street or in the trees, I didn't care. and btw MOM could wash those windows when you get home, not when there are 10 rigs wanting to get out of there and to kindly move the rig before my husband moves it for them. yeah, they moved....... [emoticon] No, I've never been sorry for confronting the Obliviots....... I love that name!!!!

My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds

Dee and Bob
plus 2 spoiled cats
On the road FULL-TIME.......see ya there, my friend


Bothell Wa.

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Posted: 05/27/14 09:30pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Obliviotes! Post of the day!!

I like to flush my tanks but I will not do it if I'm in a line. It really doesn't mean the end of the world if you don't.

Heck, I don't even rinse my sewer hose. If running 40 gallons of soapy grey water through it doesn't get it clean enough then nothing will. And it just doesn't need to be any cleaner.

Scott, Grace and Wesly
2003 Dodge 3500 4x4, 6 speed Cummins (lightly bombed),
2004 Forest River 25RKS many, many mods.
H0NDA eu2000i



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Posted: 05/27/14 09:45pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Ran into this on Monday afternoon of Memorial day weekend with 10+ rigs waiting. Guy has hose in window for over 45 mins. When asked if there was a problem, he says no just trying to clean a tank sensor. You inconsiderate SOB

I like to flush my black tank also but the whole procedure only takes 8-10 min start to finish. Its not rocket science, but to some its a project.


1989 26' Jayco class C E350 460cu



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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 05/27/14 10:56pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Like others I usually like to clean my tank however I don't do it while at a dump station. Even though I can dump at home I usually prefer to dump before heading home. Once at home if I think I need to I can clean my tanks to my hearts content.

I have posted this here before but I did have one incident at the dump station that tried my patience. A guy with a brand new 45' class A was dumping. He then decided to pull up just enough to reach the fresh water fill and block everyone in. He proceeded to use a very small hose to fill his completely empty fresh water tank while we all got to sit there and wait on him. What made it even worse is that he had just left a camp site that had a water hook up. While waiting we also found out that along with his new motorhome came with a new blonde wife who was at least half his age. He was very proud of both of them. Can't say that he made much of an impression on those of us waiting.

2007 Rockwood 8315SS
2004 GMC 2500HD Crew Cab Duramax Diesel
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Bermuda & Maryland

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Posted: 05/27/14 11:42pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

CG dump stations, boat ramps, inconsiderate people are everywhere.

My favourite is watching he do all the work, at the dump or setting up, no matter, while she sits in the passenger seat & does nothing or walks around watching him while she hold the rediculous little yippy dog.

Then there are those at the dumps that are inline who don't go to the far one so that 2 cannot dump simultaneously. Too much of a thought process for them I guess.

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Somerset, Kentucky

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Posted: 05/27/14 11:43pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I dump and get moving. I clean everything when I get home. Life's too short to spend it at a dump station.


Pacific Northwest

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 05/28/14 12:05am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

In this situation I will dump the tanks the day before leaving and take home 1/3 tank grey and 1/6 tank black. There is a (usually empty ) dump station at the treatment plant a few miles away and can turn on the car stereo while waiting for the black tank flush to do its thing .

2006 Jayco 28', E450 6.8L V10, Bilstein HDs,
Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars, Blue Ox TigerTrak

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